AS IT HAPPENED: Oscar Pistorius trial, day 15

2014-03-25 09:00
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Oscar Pistorius in court - day 15

See pictures from Oscar Pistorius's 15th day in court for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

Get all the highlights from day 15 of the murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius. Get Monday's updates here.

14:55 - Thats it for today's updates, we'll be back on Friday. Take care

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14:49 - See all the latest pictures from court on day 15 here.

14:38 - Court adjourned till Friday 28 March.

14:36 - Barry Roux requests adjournment until Friday morning. The defence would like to consult with state witnesses that have not been used. Nel does not object.

14:34 - Nel says the state has closed its case. Roux asked to furnish information on earlier CCTV footage.

14:32 - Nel asks about top mark and if it broke the door. No further questions.

14:30 - No further questions from Roux

14:28 - Roux trying to show that JV deliberately tried to omit evidence.

14:27 - Roux puts it to JV that the top mark matches the cricket bat. JV is not convinced. Roux says the defence will prove it.

14:25 - Roux asks why the photos of bat and top mark were not included in the album. JV says he had no reason to not include the photos.

14:23 - JV maintains that he could not match cricket bat with other marks on the toilet.

14:22 - Roux presents photographs of when JV held the bat against the door. JV says he forgot about the photographs.

14:21 - The court sees photographs of the bat lodged in the door.

14:20 - Col Johannes Vermeulen takes the witness stand and is sworn in...

Adv Roux has requested to re-examine the witness

Roux questions JV on marks on the toilet door. Roux puts to JV that the ...

Roux asks whether other marks other than the two were examined. JV could not relate other marks to the cricket bat.

Roux: There are no photographs showing JV examining other marks. JV: I did not physically try to match cricket bat with other marks.

14:18 - Court has resumed, due to technical issues updates have been delayed. Apologies

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12:55 - Court adjourns for lunch.

12:54 - Cross-examination of AM completed. Nel asks for an adjournment.

12:53 - Nel back for cross-examination. AM provides various reasons of why OP's incident reports may not have been recorded.

12:52 - AM acknowledges that a security complex does not necessarily guarantee protection.

12:51 - AM: I can only record reported crime. Roux asking about crime incidents of which AM does not bear knowledge.

12:49 - Roux back to cross-examine AM. Roux asks about crimes that were not reported.

12:48 - Just one house robbery in 2011

12:46 - Crime statistics shown for Silverlakes Jan 2011 - April 2013. Maritz asked to analyse.

12:44 - The court is shown an aerial map of Silverlakes. AM points out all the hotspots for crime as well as spots for house robberies up till April 2013. Then armed robberies and lastly the Pistorius murder case.

12:43 - Nel asks if OP was ever a victim of crime and if AM could find anything on the police system.

12:41 - AM a policeman for 24 years. Nel outlines AM's duties.

12:40 - Warrant officer Adriaan Maritz takes the stand

12:40 - Court resumes

12:35 - FM is excused. Nel asks for a 5min adjournment because the interpreter has left the court.

12:32 - Nel now focusing on the longer msg in which Reeva speaks about her feelings and brings the court's attention to the fact that Reeva sends the following msg and OP responds 'baba'. Nel has no further questions.

12:29 - Nel back to the stand. Nel asks about the msg in which she offers to cook. He also refers to a msg that was skipped. A msg whereby Reeva asked if she should stay the night. OP wrote "you don't have to but stay tonight if you like".

12:27 - Roux end his cross examination with a final last loving message from Reeva followed by a long pause.

12:26 - In her next msg Reeva seems to be consoling OP about something.

12:25 - Roux now focuses on 13 Feb. FM asked to read the last three pages

12:21 - Roux continues with loving exchanges... A further msg refers to a msg in which Reeva speaks about an appointment with her ex, Warren.

12:21 - 

12:18 - Roux now reading loving banter between the two in endearing language.."I love you"..."I love you more" etc etc

12:17 - On 13 Feb Reeva asked OP if she could cook for him on Thurday [Valentine's Day].

12:12 - Roux requesting FM to read a further loving messages...11 Feb OP asked Reeva to visit him.

12:09 - Roux says it carries on and on..."baby I love spending time with you and sleeping next to you" - Reeva sent to OP. OP responds and ends with "kiss kiss"

12:06 - Roux continues with loving message exchanges...a 4 Feb email.."I'm waiting for you at the gym boo"...the same day of the CCTV footage.

12:05 - Roux now focusing on loving msgs after the 28 Jan argument.

12:04 - Roux referring to several messages where OP wants to know if she's arrived safely.

12:03 - OP sitting motionless in the dock staring ahead

12:00 - In another msg Reeva asks "can I where my leopard dress boo". OP: ya I love that and you look amazing in it.

11:58 - FM asked to read 4 emails. Reeva refers to OP as 'boo' and sends kisses.

11:56 - In another msg OP asks whether Reeva has arrived home safely. Roux says there are many such msgs.

11:54 - "You are a very special person you deserve to be looked after"...FM reads a msg Reeva sent to OP.

11:53 - Court watches CCTV footage of OP and Reeva in a shop standing alongside each other, sharing a kiss.

11:51 - Roux explains that it is CCTV footage. Masipa grants provisional admission. Roux enters it as an exhibit.

11:47 - Roux reiterates FM's statement that 90% of messages were loving. Roux tells of a clip he'd seen on Sky News of OP and Reev....Nel suggests that there may be a difficulty in showing the clip...Nel insists he doesn't understand why the clip needs to be shown. I.o.w what is the basis for it being shown.

11:45 - Roux asks FM to read some of Reeva's Twitter activity showing her interest in motor cars.

11:44 - FM: Reeva and OP commented on certain aspects of the vehicles. Contents of emails Roux refers to deals with motor vehicles.

11:43 - 

11:41 - Reeva had a web history including a variety of car websites

11:38 - Roux has asked FM to look over some documents during the tea adjournment.

11:38 - Court resumes

11:32 - "The imposters at fake FB page (Oscar Pistorius Official) now fraudulently soliciting money "on behalf" of "TeamOscar". Plse ignore this scam," tweets Factual Updates.

11:31 - "Pistorius hands sister Aimee Breakthrough Prayer: The Power of Connecting with the Heart of God by Jim Cymbala, with some parts underlined," tweets David Smith.

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11:11 - Court adjourns for tea

11:10 - Reeva also sent emails relevant to motor vehicles. Roux asks for the tea adjournment.

11:09 - Roux will now draw an interest shared betw OP and Reeva: motor vehicles

11:06 - 23 Jan 2013 msg: I'm just in the physio baba. Roux draws attention to the fact that this has relevance to OP's shoulder and eventually which side of the bed he slept on.

11:04 - Msg from Reeva to OP that reads "morning Ozzie [smile]" and a reply saying "morning baba"

11:02 - After the argument betw OP and Reeva it was resolved with back and forth kisses Roux shows.

10:59 - Roux shows the court and FM a msg photo of Reeva blowing a kiss to the lens. Roux placing heavy emphasis on the loving nature of the discourse.

10:57 - Roux refers an exhibit that was not part of FM's bundle. Roux draws attention to friendly communication betw OP and Reeva.

10:56 - Roux refers to Reeva's having seen [rabid] things in OP's house.

10:54 - Roux does not want to read the contents of a msg he is referring to because "it deals with Reeva".

10:52 - Roux asks FM to find a msg where OP asks Darren Fresco to take the blame. Roux reads the msg in which OP tells Reeva that Fresco took the blame and that she should not say anything to anybody.

10:51 - Roux speaks louder and asks why he selected the four msgs he selected. FM suggests he could sense the 'something' was going on in those msgs.

10:49 - Roux emphasizes the large amount of messages betw OP and Reeva. Roux asks how FM decided to choose messages.

10:49 - Roux asks about the later calls and if FM knows who made the calls. FM says his analysis does not allow for that.

10:47 - Roux taking FM through OP's call log from about 03:00 onwards.

10:45 - Roux asks about the voice mail call and puts it to FM that OP may have accidentally made the call. FM agrees that it is a common occurrence with the iPhone.

10:44 - First call was made by OP. Return call was made by security at 03:22.

10:42 - Roux takes FM to the chart dealing with the call made by OP in the early morning of 14 Feb. Roux asks when OP made the call to security. FM: 03:21

10:41 - Roux focusing on the calls made by OP after to the security Mr Baba.

10:40 - The camera turns to OP who looks bewildered.

10:37 - Roux takes FM to exhibit QQ - the call to security. Masipa asks Roux to slow down...correction Q1 Roux says.

10:35 - Roux questioning about continuous GPRS activity. FM: apps could be open etc.

10:34 - Barry Roux asks FM to explain GPRS connections on the chart [as an expert]

10:34 - Court resumes

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10:21 - Judge Masipa calls Roux to cross examine FM. Roux asks for a 10min adjournment.

10:19 - FM started work as a cellphone analyst in 2002. Since 2006 he has worked on the investigation of data across all platforms. He has received training locally and abroad.

10:16 - Nel and PM sorting out reference numbers for the data charts along with Judge Masipa.

10:15 - OP staring towards the ground as he sits in the dock.

10:13 - The last successful voice call was to the number saved under Peet.

10:12 - The phone was removed from the area at around 08:00.

10:11 - Three calls were made to a number saved under Peet at around 04:00.

10:08 - OP made an outgoing voice call to the security of the estate at 03:21. At 03:55 a call was made to a number saved as Justin Devaris. At 04:31 a call was made to Heinrich Pistorius.

10:04 - OP called a number saved under Johan Silverwoods for 24secs on 14 Feb...his first call for the day. He also called an ambulance service later on.

10:02 - At 20:25 OP made his last call from one of the the phones before the incident despite further internet connections. 

10:00 - Reeva called OP at 17:54 while he was in the region of the 'The Mint' tower in Midrand.

9:57 - FM's analysis shows movement from Midrand to Silverlakes towers.

9:56 - FM now presents communication and movement analysis for OP...two cellphones or target numbers.Starts at 17:30 and ends at midnight.

9:55 - Nel asks whether it could have been whatsapp that was used. FM says it is possible.

9:53 - Nel asks about GPRS connections made to the internet...the last connection made at 20:04 at Silverlakes tower. 

9:51 - FM providing a detailed record of calls between OP and Reeva.

9:50 - 

9:47 - OP phoned Reeva on 13 Feb after 13:00 for 241 secs using a signal tower outside the Silverlakes area.

9:45 - FM highlights a GPRS connection on the 13 Feb 2013 at 12:11pm and also names the tower.

9:43 - FM provided detailed billing record in Pdf format to avoid tampering. FM now discusses a timeline of the deceased's phone record. Chart is shown to the court.

9:42 - To retrieve whatsapp FM needed the handset and needed to perform an extraction...charts were used for a summarisation and visualisation of datasets.

9:40 - FM: for movement data I used the cellphone towers which is also indicated on the detailed billing record...the phone will always connect to the closest tower with the strongest signal.

9:39 - FM: for communication analysis I used detailed billing records obtained by the service provider...voice communication, text messages, GPRS data.

9:38 - 2nd extraction on one of OP's phones done by Apple in the US.

9:36 - FM summarises the analysis he carried out. An extraction using XLY software.

9:35 - Adv Nel continues questioning...Capt Francois Moller made data available to the defence. 

9:34 - Court resumes on day 15 of the OP murder trial.

9:34 - 

9:29 - "Batchelor may be one of those witnesses whose pic we can show, since he's also been a TV presenter so, like Kevin Lerena, is a "personality"," tweets Aislinn Laing.

9:24 - Police cellphone specialist, Capt Francois Moller, will continue his evidence today and the court is likely to hear more message exchanges between OP and Reeva.

9:19 - Sky News reporter Alex Crawford  has tweeted that Reeva's mother June Steenkamp has arrived at court. OP is already seated in the dock.

9:14 - 

9:14 - The Pistorius family members have arrived at the North Gauteng High Court.

9:10 - In her latest analysis piece for the Daily Maverick Rebecca Davis discusses "Why Oscar Pistorius has no other choice but to testify"

9:08 - 

9:07 - "Former soccer player Marc Batchelor just arrived at court. #OscarPistorius allegedly threatened to break his legs in an argument," Sapa tweets.

9:02 - 

8:59 - According to Sapa OP has just arrived in court

8:50 - "Reeva Steenkamp's friend Gina Myers and her mother just arrived at court for day 15 of the Pistorius murder trial," Sapatweets.

8:49 - 

8:42 - Day 15 of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial kicks off today after a tense court session on Monday in which cellphone messages between OP and Reeva Steenkamp were read to the court.

In one message Reeva is quoted as saying she was scared of Oscar sometimes. Although police cellphone analyst, Francois Moller, said 90% of the messages were 'normal and loving" conversations.

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