AS IT HAPPENED: Pistorius on trial, day 19

2014-04-09 08:36

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Will Oscar be able to finish testifying?

2014-04-11 11:30

What happens if Oscar Pistorius is not emotionally stable enough to finish testifying? Criminal law expert William Booth weighs in on the possibilities. Watch. WATCH

Get the latest details as Oscar Pistorius's murder trial continues for a 19th day in the North Gauteng High Court.

15:43 - OK, we're leaving it there. We'll be back tomorrow with more updates from 08:30. 

15:26 - And two hours earlier, Carl Pistorius tweeted: " 'Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.' - Isaac Newton Some are artists, others aren't. Is ego an inhibitor of EQ?" Maybe he's subtweeting about Gerrie Nel. Maybe not. Who knows.

15:09 - As Pistorius is under cross-examination, he may not consult or speak to his legal team, says attorney Cherise Hansen.

15:08 - "Oscar Pistorius sits with his family, rubs his head. Looks exhausted, frustrated," writes Nastasya Tay.

15:04 - Social media reacts to Reeva's bloodied image. WATCH: 

15:02 - And that's where court adjourns today. Whew. Watch a full summary of day 19's court proceedings here:

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15:00 - Nel reads from OP's bail application: "I felt trapped as my bedroom door was locked...I fired shots at the toilet door..." Nel wants to know why he said that. OP tells Nel he never said he didn't do it just that he didn't do it deliberately.

14:59 - I unfortunately have to show you something, says Nel... 

14:58 - I didn't have time to think... I didn't intend to shoot anyone, says OP who sounds as if he's crying again.

14:58 - But Reeva doesn't have a life anymore because of what you've done, Nel tells OP after he said his life was on the line. 

14:57 - At that time I didn't know what to think... I fired into the toilet door...

14:56 - Nel asks why OP is emotional NOW, judge stops him and says OP has been emotional throughout. Nel to OP: "I'm not going to go away." Sounds like a threat.

14:56 - Before thinking out of fear, I fired four shots, OP says.

14:54 - When I fired my firearm, I believed someone was coming out of the toilet at me. June Steenkamp looks straight-faced.

14:54 - I didn't have time to think about shooting or not shooting an intruder, says OP. The court will not accept it, Mr Pistorius, says Nel.

14:53 - Nel asks if OP's gun accidentally went off. OP says what happened was an accident. He shot before he had a chance to think.

14:51 - What's wrong, says Nel irritably. OP is breaking down again. OP: I shot because in those seconds I thought intruders would come after me. I had fear.

14:51 - I shot out of fear, says OP.

14:51 - I shot at that split moment because I was afraid. I thought there was an intruder.

14:49 - I went to the bathroom to put myself between what I perceived was danger and Reeva.

14:48 - Now onto shooting... OP says the discharge of his firearm was accidental. He says he never intended to shoot anyone. He got a fright from a noise in the toilet.

14:48 - OP: I can remember I brought in two fans that night.

14:47 - OP says he doesn't remember where the fan shown in the photo was plugged in.

14:46 - You've got looong answers, it's not good for you, Nel says to OP.

14:45 - The truth is, there were two fans, says OP. I'd rather place all the evidence in front of the court now, even if it's not in my favour. Nel: Mr Pistorius, I know you rehearsed that answer...

14:45 - Nel: in your bail application you said one fan, in the plea explanation you said two. Why?

14:44 - Pistorius: I’m not saying the police deliberately moved the fan, but I didn’t place it there.

14:43 - OP says he may have tripped on fan lead and unplugged it when he ran to the balcony.

14:42 - You didn't run from the door, says Nel.OP explains... "When I ran from the bathroom I went to the balcony and shouted for help... "I don't remember unplugging a fan."

14:42 - OP on fan: "I agree at the time of this photo it would have been impossible to put another two pronged plug into this extension."

14:41 - Unfortunately I have to deal with this a little further, says Nel.

14:39 - I don't remember which fan was plugged in which source, says OP. "This is not where I moved the fan that evening," says OP looking at photo. 

14:39 - 

14:37 - Nel raises his voice as he disputes that how fans were plugged in is not insignificant. "You are lying!" he says.

14:36 - My memory isn't very good at the moment... I'm under a lot of pressure. I'm fighting for my life. I'm not trying to lie, says OP with emotion clear in his voice. He might be close to tears. Again. 

14:35 - OP unsure which fan was plugged in as Nel shows close-up photo of plugs and wires.

14:33 -  Nel asks if a hair clipper was on the floor... OP: it's possible, plugged it in to charge...

14:32 - Nel says (rather sarcastically): That's excellent, Mr Pistorius. You know this album by heart.  OP: I know there were photos that were different.

14:30 - OP shown a photo of his bedroom showing fan and ipads on floor. Nel asks if anything is out of place. OP: Other photos shows some things moved...

14:29 - Nel: You didn't want to use the word "reworked" your evidence? OP: That was a mistake. Nel: It's interesting that you did.

14:29 - Pistorius: when I leave court I’m tired, I don’t consult with them. I gave my version months ago. 

14:28 - 

14:27 - Nel wants to know if he's consulted the experts. OP says no but admits he's sat in on meetings "because I was the only person there".

14:27 - OP appears to have regained calm. No tears. Yet.

14:26 - I don't have the knowledge to tell you what items were moved...

After that long argument, do you remember my question, Nel asks OP. You're not listening, Mr Pistorius, he says.

14:25 - It is clear the scene was tampered with. It was disturbed, says OP.

14:24 - OP says experts will take the stand but he doesn't know who they are. "I don't meet with every expert my counsel has met with." 

14:23 - OP: It's not my evidence that items were evidence - we will have experts testifying about this...

14:22 - My understanding is that some of these items might have been moved. tampered with, disturbed...

14:22 - Nel: How did police disturb the fans? OP: Mr Nel asked if they were tampered with, not if they were disturbed.

14:22 - OP: There is a picture of policeman unplugging fan to plug in cell yes, I'd say it was tampered with

14:19 - Nel asks OP if he believes the fans were tampered with. OP says he remembers the fans were running that night... Then yes, the scene was tampered with.

14:19 - OP: My counsel through experts will show that things were moved, I don't have the knowledge...

14:17 - OP now reads a large excerpt from his plea explanation.

14:16 - I'm not saying the state tampered with the scene, things were moved, says OP. Nel says to OP he's got "lots of answers in your head. Who said anything about contamination?"

14:16 - Nel: Police moved the phones? OP: Someone moved it.

He explains evidence presented to court about phones.

14:14 - Nel says repeatedly: "Let's take it slowly..."OP says Reeva's cellphone and his were moved. Not sure if it was by the police.

14:13 - Nel: Let me put you on the spot. Tell me one thing that was tampered with.

OP: If we go through the photos I can show you many.

14:13 - Nel: Was the scene tampered with? OP: Yes. Nel: Where?

OP then indicates there will be witnesses to testify in future.

14:12 - OP: It's not the sole reason I pleaded not guilty. I pleaded not guilty because what I'm accused of did not happen.

14:10 - OP: I am not pleading not guilty because the scene was contaminated.

14:10 - Nel moves on to the plea explanation. “I will deal with lots of these, but just one this afternoon.”

14:08 - "I'm not saying Mr Botha made a mistake. Mr Roux made a mistake," says OP. But then... Nel asks: "Did Roux make a mistake?" OP: "I can’t say that."

14:07 - OP: I didn't go onto the balcony to fetch the fan, I was partly on balcony but could reach for it from door.

14:06 - Nel: that’s strange, because Roux challenged (Hilton) Botha on this…

14:04 - Nel: Why is there this difference? Pistorius says he wasn't there when statement was written, he may have added more details.

14:03 - Nel: "Mr Pistorius, was it ever your version that you went onto the balcony?" OP says he never went onto the balcony he got fans from balcony.

14:03 - Court resumes. 

13:26 - Reeva's friend Gina Myers in court today. (Photo: Sapa, Pool)

13:20 - Mandy Wiener tweets: "I'm told June Steenkamp was warned last week already that the photograph would be shown and that she 'wanted him to see what he has done'."

13:19 - As the court gasped at the photo of Reeva's bloody head, Sapa reported, Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux SC jumped up and said: "That is uncalled for."

Even hardened reporters in the gallery were seen wiping away tears and muttering under their breath.Read more here.

13:08 - Week 5 of the Oscar Pistorius Trial continues and DStv Premium, Extra, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers can follow the trial on Channel 199. Get the details here.

Also, at 20:00 tonight on Channel 199, experts from various fields talk to David O’Sullivan about the Oscar Pistorius Trial on The Round Table Debate.

13:05 - "Pistorius slips glasses into his inside jacket pocket. Roux beckons his sister Aimee and talks to her earnestly,"tweets David Smith.

13:03 - Court adjourns for lunch. 

13:02 - Nel reads Pistorius's bail application: "I woke up, went onto the balcony to bring the fan in and closed the sliding doors." OP now concedes: "I didn't go out onto the balcony."

13:00 - Nel into bail application record, trying to show that it was OP's version that he was on balcony when he heard a noise.

12:59 - Nel and Roux dispute what's in the bail statement...

12:58 - Pistorius concedes he did not go onto balcony to fetch fans. Inconsistent with bail statement. So he was inside but didn't hear Reeva?

12:56 - Nel picks up that the bail application only refers to one fan.

12:55 - Nel reads from OP's bail application about OP bringing the fans in from the balcony.

Nel has two problems. Bail affidavit says OP went onto the balcony to get a fan. (OP just said incorrect to say he went onto balcony.)

12:53 - Nel: "Is that what you heard, I said somebody saw you on the balcony? Just answer the questions."

12:52 - Nel accuses him of sitting there 'not listening to the questions' but 'thinking of evidence' and 'that's the danger'. 

12:50 - If you were on the balcony would it be difficult to hear noises in the bathroom, Nel asks. OP says he wasn't on the balcony when he heard the noises.

12:49 - OP says he was at the amplifier when he heard noises in the bathroom. If someone says you went onto the balcony to fetch the fans that would be untrue, Nel asks. OP confirms.

12:48 - And your evidence in court was also true, Nel asks OP. He confirms. Nel asks if OP where he put the fans on the night of Reeva's killing.

"The fan was more or less in the middle of the doors. The floor fan I put in between the legs," OP says.

12:48 - OP: At the time of the bail application, I was at the Brooklyn police station. I was very emotional.

12:46 - Nel tells OP he said there are certain things counsel did not put in his statement.

12:45 - OP tells Nel he has read through the bail application a few times. OP said earlier that his version of events hasn't changed since the bail application.

12:44 - Roux says it's his duty to bring aspects to the judge's attention. Nel says he expects objections.

12:43 - Roux interjects and says Nel's questions need to be more specific. Judge says it's up to OP to say he doesn't understand the question.

12:41 - OP says the state's case "has changed many times", mine hasn't. Nel says OP is arguing and not answering questions. "Why are you arguing and not answering?"

12:40 - Nel: "Did you take into account other evidence to form your version?" OP says his version of events hasn't changed since the bail hearing.

12:39 - Nel asks about the night of 13 February 2013. OP says there are some things he can't remember such as calling security or sometimes carrying Reeva downstairs. 

12:38 - There's an element of reconstruction in your statements, Nel tells OP. The athlete agrees.

12:37 It's a mixture of what I remember and reconstruction, says OP.

12:37 - Nel: Was your evidence what you can remember or a reconstruction? Pistorius: "What I remember."

12:36 - Nel insists OP is lying. Says he wanted to check what it would be like on a human brain.

12:35 - Nel: Why don't you admit you shot the melon to see what effect it would have on a brain. Why don't you admit it?

12:34 - The inference I'm drawing is that you wanted to see the effect on brain, Nel asks OP.

The comments I made after were in regards to a zombie, not to a human. I don't see how you can confuse the two.

12:34 - You said it's a lot of softer than brain, Nel tells OP.

12:32 - Nel asks Pistorius about the reason for the video of the shooting: "What was the purpose?" OP says: "We were spending an afternoon on the range with a group of friends. Someone suggested we shoot the water melon."

12:31 - Court resumes. Nel asks about the 'zombie stopper' shooting. OP confirms he was at the shooting range with Francois Hougaard.

12:29 - "Prosecution tells me that they warned June Steenkamp - Reeva's mother - in advance that they would show the horrific picture," tweets reporter Debora Patta.

12:25 - That photo of Reeva was shown on screen for quite sometime. I still can't get the image out of my head. Doubt many others can.

"OP is completely still on the witness stand now, waiting for the judge to return. His head is bowed," says EWN's Alex Eliseev.

12:23 - Pistorius is back in court, says eNCA's Karyn Maughan."Roux puts a hand on his shoulder, pats him on the back and speaks a few words," says David Smith.

12:23 - "Barry Roux and Andrea Johnson now deep in conversation. Gloves are very much off here. Oscar has left the room," tweets Mandy Wiener.

12:20 "Pistorius family clearly appalled by the latest turn of events, feeling that Nel's aggressive use of photo was uncalled for," tweets David Smith.

12:18 - Court has just been adjourned as, the Guardian's David Smith puts it, Pistorius "descends into uncontrollable sobs. Sister Aimee and psychologist go to comfort him on witness stand."

12:17 - Reporters in court say prosecutors were seen explaining to the Steenkamps why the photo was shown. "Response by June Steenkamp was of understanding that the photo needs to be seen and shown," tweets Charl du Plessis.

Even so, one can't help but feel for Reeva's mother.

12:14 - "Reeva's mum looks composed in the public gallery," tweets reporter Nastasya Tay.

OP had earlier told Nel of the photo of Reeva's bloody head: "I am tormented by that... my fingers touched her head. I don't have to see a picture. I remember it."

12:10 - "As usual, Aimee's the first to get to him and is cradling him. Kim Martin, Reeva's cousin, looks distraught. Can't see June Steenkamp," tweets Aislinn Laing.

"Uncle (Arnold) is consulting Barry Roux. Athlete comforted by sister and personal psychologist," says BBC's Andrew Harding.

12:08 - "I know you don't want to because you don't want to take responsibility," Nel tells OP. 

12:05 - Nel says he can see that OP is distressed and that he SHOULD be distressed. Court adjourns to allow him to recover.

12:05 - Nel: "You saw how the bullet made the watermelon explode. You know that the same thing happened to Reeva's head." June Steenkamp bows her head. OP extremely emotional. 

12:04 - Photo shown on screen of Reeva's shot head. Mistakenly shown on TV.

12:02 - OP explains what ammunition he used in the video. Says he applied for a licence for it but he didn't take possession of it.

12:01 - OP says he doesn't see the relevance of the video. Can't compare shooting a watermelon to shooting a human being.

12:01 - OP recalls watching the video. Says it wasn't him laughing in the background.

12:00 - Court now watching the video. Loud laughter is heard. Someone mentioned the term 'zombie stopper'.

12:00 - Nel agrees with submission. Requests that court now view the video.

11:59 - Defence not persisting with objection against footage being aired.

11:57 - Roux reads letters the defence sent to the prosecution.

11:57 - Roux makes a submission which he believes will resolve the issue.

11:53 - Reporters in court say proceedings are about to restart.

"Oscar wiping his brow as he waits in the witness stand. Staring at the door, fidgeting with his hands," says EWN's Mandy Wiener.

11:16 - So everyone went back to court only for the judge to adjourn 30 seconds later. 

Judge Masipa says both sides had a point, the matter is standing down till defence has had a look at the video.

11:10 - Nel's cross examination of Oscar will be the crux of case William Booth tells News24's Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath. 

11:08 - "Oscar standing by himself for first time in a while.He swigs some water, rubs his hands heavily over his face. Psychologist goes over to him," tweets the Telegraph's Aislinn Laing.

11:03 - Pistorius walks to court. Photo by Media24:

10:59 - Adjournment extended to 11:30 for tea. 

10:52 - Court adjourns to allow judge time to decide.

10:46 - Roux: You cannot belatedly in ambush introduce evidence not introduced.

10:44 - Nel says the witness has said "please show me the video".. I'm doing it not as evidence, but as cross-examination, says Nel. 

Nel is referring to this video (if you can't watch it below, click here):

10:41 - Nel is asking if OP has ever heard the term "zombie stopper", he says no. He's now asking about Sky video of him shooting a watermelon.

10:41 - Nel asks if OP knows what a "zombie stopper" is. This is an unexpected turn...

10:40 - Nel: As a Christian you will not lie? OP agrees.

10:39 - OP says he is here to tell the truth. As much as he can about "that night". Nel: You will not hide anything about that night. 

OP's starting to break down again.

10:39 - OP says he doesn't read or watch media about himself. Nel says let's talk about the past.

10:39 - Nel" Say it. You shot and killed someone. OP agrees.

Nel sure isn't taking any prisoners...

10:38 - OP says he made a mistake in killing Reeva. Nel says: You killed a person!

10:37 - Nel to start cross-examining. Here we go... Pistorius agrees that he's one of the most recognised faces in the world.

10:30 - Roux asks for five minute adjournment to consult with colleague Kenny Oldwadge.

10:29 - OP says he did not intend to kill Reeva "or anyone else".

10:29 - Pistorius says "what they must have seen" was him as he came into bathroom to kick the door with his legs on, then run to get cricket bat.

10:29 - Pistorius on witness: "He would not have been able to see my torso if I did not have my prosthetic legs on."

10:26 - Roux asks if OP walks in the bathroom would his body be visible through the window. OP says only his head, maybe his shoulders would be visible.

10:25 - Roux now goes over Mrs Stipp's evidence. She heard the shots fired by OP. Just before when she was on the balcony and then went inside and heard the three thuds. She saw a man walking inside OP's house.

10:25 - Woman living in 2nd house also says she heard "loud crying" and not a woman screaming, says Roux.

10:23 - OP shows where his bathroom is. Pistorius: my bathroom window is facing west, Mike's (neighbour) bedroom also faces west.

10:22 - OP says he does not socialise with these neighbours but knows them well.

10:20 - Roux says another neighbour says he didn't hear a woman screaming. This neighbour says they only heard crying. These neighbours lived right next door.

10:18 - His kids sometimes play in the street. We chat sometimes but I don't know him that well, says OP. They've never been inside each others houses.

Roux says this is a witness not called by the state.

10:17 - Court now shown a photo of the property. Roux asks about a neighbour OP calls "Kenny". "I gave him some trees as a welcoming gift," says OP.

10:16 - OP says he hit the door with all his might. I doubt I remained in the same position, had socks on prosthetics. Doubt shots were similar, OP says.

10:15 - "Pistorius shows how he used the bat...downward sweep of the bat toward the door?" Oscar Trial Channel.

10:14 - Pistorius: "I watched the demonstration. To say it was in an unnatural way is very true. But I used my entire body, hard for me to demonstrate now."

10:13 - Not shown on TV but reporters in court say "OP does the kick. Hits the door just above the handle". 

10:12 - Roux asks OP to do demonstration of him kicking the door. How high he can lift his prosthesis.  

10:10 - Roux asks time between gunshots and cricket bat hitting the door. OP says about five minutes.

Pistorius: I marked out distance that I walked on stumps, how fast I could walk - five minutes between cricket bat, fired weapon

10:09 - Pistorius says he was walking through the bathroom on his prosthetic legs when he kicked the door, getting the cricket bat.

10:08 - Roux: What were the three sounds at 03:17am? Pistorius: The cricket bat hitting the door.

10:06 - State alleges Oscar was on his stumps when he hit the door. OP says he can barely stand on stumps, let alone wield a bat.

10:05 - "Weird. I was journalist waiting outside OP house. I recall he was taken to Boschkop police station first, not hospital," City Press reporter Charl du Plessis says of the morning of Reeva's death.

10:04 - Roux asks for OP to show court how he used the cricket bat on the door.

10:04 - Didn't realise where he was going to but said he was taken to Mamelodi academic hospital. Various tests were done there. 

10:03 - Labuschagne told me there was a lot of media outside so I should keep my head down.

10:03 -  I was put in police car on the driveway. I was told there was a lot of media outside and I should put my head down.

10:02 - Another officer then told me I was under arrest.

10:01 - From the garage I was taken to the foyer/ reception area of my home. A cop, Mr Labuschagne introduced himself. He told me I didn't have to worry about anything else.

10:00 - I asked the cop to take all the photos he needed because I wanted to take my clothes off because they were all stained (with blood).

9:58 - When Mr Botha went up the second time, Cnl Van Rensburg told me to go to the garage and a police officer would photograph me there. There was a police officer who stayed in the garage the whole time, I think it was the same gentleman who was at the bottom of the stairs.

9:57 - He went upstairs and came down sometime later. I was still in the kitchen. I couldn't look around the corner because every time I saw Reeva I got sick.

9:57 - I was still in the kitchen at this point. Mr Hilton Botha arrived at this point and asked me if I remember him.

9:56 - Every time I looked up there were more people, more police men in the house. People going upstairs. I was standing in the kitchen. I asked a policeman if I could wash my hands because the smell of the blood was making me throw up. I don't remember washing my chest, I just remember washing my hands.

9:55 - A police officer asked me to stay in the kitchen.

9:54 - There were two officers, dressed in civilian clothing. The one officer had shorts on. Cnl Van Rensburg arrived at more or less the same time. He introduced himself. I was unable to speak then. I was just sitting on the floor crying.

9:53 - OP: I went with Ms Stander downstairs to where the paramedics were. I sat in the kitchen on the floor and cried. I don't know how much time had passed by this point. The police arrived shortly after.

9:52 - OP: The medics asked for some form of ID of Reeva. I went to get it from the bedroom.

9:51 - I stood back when the medics arrived. I stood a couple of metres away... And then the medic told me she'd like to inform me that Reeva has passed...

There's absolute silence in court as Roux waits for OP to speak.

9:50 - Roux asks if OP remembers going to the kitchen. (After a long pause) OP says Reeva had already died. I knewthere was nothing I could do for her.

9:50 - The medics arrived and asked for space to work so I stood up (to let them work on Reeva)

9:49 - He walked outside, I shouted for him to come back.

9:48 - There was a person that arrived at the house, a doctor. I immediately felt relieved. I later found out it was Dr Stipp. I don't remember his face. I remember crying for him to help me, to help Reeva. He didn't seem to know what he was doing, he seemed overwhelmed by the situation. Everything he told me to do I was already doing.

9:47 - OP doesn't remember doing anything with the bags.

9:46 - OP confirms to Roux that Stander and his daughter was with him at that time. OP explains plastic bags near Reeva's body. Says it was Stander's idea, to get something to tie her arms to stop the bleeding.

9:45 - And then I just sat there with her and I waited for the ambulance to arrive. I felt helpless.I was trying to help her breath and stop the bleeding from her hip.

9:44 - OP breathes heavily as he tries to compose himself. OP: Stander told me to put Reeva down because the ambulance was on its way.

9:43 - After opening doors, I went back to the bathroom, picked Reeva up... (pause)... I don't recall carrying her some of the way but I remember getting to the second flight of stairs when the Standers arrived. I was screaming for him to get me to the hospital.

9:42 - Pistorius: on way back into my room, I tried to force the door open, there are two doors to bedroom...unlatched one.

9:41 - After I got off the phone with Netcare I ran downstairs to open the front door, I could barely pick Reeva up. I ran down stairs to open front door.

9:40 - At 03:21.33 you called security, Roux says. OP says he doesn't remember doing this but sees there's a record of the call.

9:39 - OP: I couldn't pick her up... I was scared that I hurt her more... At 03:25 you called the emergency number, says Roux. OP confirms. OP says Reeva was struggling to breath at this point.

9:38 - Roux says from records, the call to Stander was at 03:19.03. OP agrees.

9:37 - Went back my room, grabbed both my phones and Ran back to Reeva, OP says. I called Mr Stander. I was struggling to pick her up, I couldn't pick her up.

9:36 - I couldn't pick her up but I tried pulling her into the bathroom. I put her head softly on the carpet. I saw her cellphone in the bathroom and tried phoning for help but couldn't because I didn't know the password. - OP

Another long pause as he tries to get himself together. June Steenkamp looks straight ahead as OP speaks.

9:35 - He sat on the ground with her on top of him, he says. He pauses as he tries to compose himself. I could see that her arm was broken, OP says. 

9:34 - OP says it looked as if Reeva was sitting on top of the toilet bowl. He picked her up but it looked as if she hadn't been breathing for sometime. Her blood was running down on him, he says.

9:33 - Court resumes. Roux picks up where they left off yesterday. Pistorius sounds as if he's already in tears.

9:31 - "Pistorius has taken his seat, looking pale, but composed. Turned toward the judge's bench, away from court room," tweets the Oscar Trial Channel.

"Family benches packed, as is the rest of the room... we await Judge Masipa and the assessors," the channel further tweets.

9:26 - Reporters say Pistorius is in court talking to his lawyers. Sky News's Alex Crawford says he looks very pale.

9:15 - Pistorius has been seen arriving at court.

9:09 - What happens if Oscar is not emotionally stable enough to finish testifying? Criminal law expert William Booth weighs in on the possibilities for the case. Watch.

8:57 - Darren Fresco is also at court today, says EWN's Barry Bateman.

8:55 - Pistorius said that after shuffling into the bathroom and firing off four shots very quickly, he still thought he was dealing with an intruder, Sapa reported on Tuesday.

He shouted to Steenkamp to call the police.

He has been charged with murdering her on Valentine's Day 2013, but he said he mistook her for an intruder when he shot her dead.

Pistorius said at this stage, he was still scared to retreat because he was not sure if somebody was trying to enter his home with a ladder or if someone was in the toilet.

"I don't know how long I stood there for, shouting for Reeva...," said Pistorius.

8:34 - As Pistorius testifed on Tuesday (yesterday), his ex-girlfriend Sam Taylor tweeted that "these are the last lies you get to tell".

She later deleted the tweet but not before it was retweeted hundreds of times.

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Competition regulation for a growing and inclusive economy

ADVERTORIAL: The Competition Commission of South Africa is conducting advocacy work in the South African automotive aftermarket industry and has gazetted a Draft Code of Conduct for public comment.

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