AS IT HAPPENED: Pistorius on trial - day 22

2014-04-14 08:35

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Oscar's trial - day 22 summary

2014-04-14 16:03

Gerrie Nel continued his grilling cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius, reducing Pistorius to tears more than once. Here's everything you need to know about day 22.WATCH

Oscar Pistorius's trial is now into its 22nd day. Get all the updates here.

15:22 - And  that's where we close today's updates. Obviously, the Pistorius trial coverage will continue but updates will be back tomorrow at 08:30. Watch a full summary of day 22’s proceedings here.

15:11 - OP's attorney Barry Roux leaves the courtroom with a wan smile, tweets reporter Nastasya Tay. "He looks like he's already lost he case," says one journo.

15:00 - 

14:54 - Nel had asked why gun didn't go off. OP: "I wasn't in a rational state of mind. I don't know..."

14:53 - Court adjourns. Back tomorrow (Tuesday) at 09:30. Watch a full summary of day 22's court proceedings here: 

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14:52 - Nel says he has a whole range of questionsabout the toilet. Says it would be best for all concerned to start tomorrow.

14:51 - My mind was on getting into the toilet as quickly as possible, OP says.

14:50 - OP says on the balcony he screamed for help.He shouted three times, he claims. Then went in bedroom and put his legs on.

14:48 - OP says if he was so calculated in his actions he would have put the gun in safe mode so as not to accidentally shoot himself.

14:47 - My mind wasn't thinking about this gun in my hand!

OP says he's getting emotional because of the memories from the night. Nel wants to make sure OP isn't using his emotions as an escape from questioning.

14:46 - Nel now asking how OP managed to fling open balcony doors while still holding cocked gun in his right hand.

14:45 - You're running into the bedroom, you're running everywhere and you've got a cocked gun, Nel says. OP says he doesn't remember opening the curtains.

Nel: Did you open the curtains at all? OP: I don't remember opening the curtains at all.

14:44 - I remember standing on the balcony feeling helpless, OP says. He says he still had a cocked gun in his hand.

14:43 - The whole time I was praying to God that it wasn't Reeva. I still had hope it wasn't her, OP says. Nel: You're adapting your story as you go along.
Judge wants to know if Nel thinks it's a contradiction. He says yes. She doesn't think so. 

14:41 - you've made mistakes on too many occasions, Nel says. OP getting angry as he says it would suit his version to say he checked the balcony. 

14:40 - Why did you say I checked the balcony, Nel wants to know. OP: I made a mistake.

14:40 - Nel: It must have been unbelievably strange when you realised the door was locked? Did you try it?

14:39 - OP: my mind was with Reeva. Nel: you were still fearful of intruders, doesn't make sense that you didn't check ladder...

14:38 - Nel: you never checked the bathroom window for a ladder? OP: I didn't.

OP is emotional again. He doesn't look at Nel at all. Body turned to Masipa. Occasionally using his hands as he speaks, tweets Sapa.

14:36 - OP: I didn't know what exactly what was happening, was hoping it wasn't Reeva...

14:35 - What I have a problem with is the huge leap from thinking it'sintruders in the bathroom to realising it might have been Reeva. OP doesn't see it that way.

Nel's specs are off. He closes his eyes and rubs his temples as he goes over his question.

14:33 - If there was shots fired in a house, the first thing you would think is that she left the bedroom through that door, Nel says. OP disagrees. 

14:33 - Nel: When you left bathroom why were you looking for RS? OP: Wanted her to phone the police.

14:31 - Why would you think it's Reeva if you hadn't checked everywhere, Nel asks.

That was the first time I realised it was Reeva in the bathroom. Nothing was normal about that night - OP

14:30 - Nel shows a photo of the space next to the bed where hair clipper is standing upright, plug not dislodged.

You know, there's one aspect you forgot to mention - Why didn't you check the bedroom door? OP: I didn't mention it because I didn't do it.

14:27 - Nel: don’t you find it strange that the hair clipper is upright, it hasn’t fallen over.

An aside: Mark Batchelor's hair looks freshly bleached.

14:26 - I know she wasn't on the bed because i crossed the bed, says OP I was hoping she was on the floor like I told her to be. Nel asks if he checked the floor. He says he did. Nel points out that he said he couldn't see in the bedroom. He says he used his hands.

14:25 - Was the duvet on the bed or the floor? OP doesn't remember.He agrees that the last he saw Reeva she was under the duvet.

14:23 -  OP says he ran back to balcony on his stumps, screamed for help. Nel: you checked if she was behind curtains?

14:22 - He's crying again as he recounts what he did. OP: I got to the bed and realised Reeva wasn’t there... Felt behind curtains to see if Reeva was there and I started panicking when she didn't respond... got back to entrance of bathroom...

He explains how he tried to open toilet door...

14:21 - So much emotion in OP's voice as he recalls what he did that night. The moments after shooting Reeva. "I was scared someone was coming out of the bathroom."

14:20 - Nel continues to read OP's evidence. In it he says his ears were ringing after the 4 shots. Then he called for Reeva to call the police.

14:20 - Nel argues OP is hiding what he knows about Reeva's position behind the door, but takes the Judge's comment, moves on.

14:18 - Nel saying Reeva was standing at door talking to OP and he fired directly at her.

14:16 - Judge says this question is unfair. OP says he doesn't know. Nel: With utmost respect I say he does know. 

Nel says this is his case. Nel says OP knows he shot Reeva while she was standing.

14:15 - Nel: Why would Reeva stand there if she was scared? OP: I don't know. Nel: Because she was talking to YOU. OP: That's not true.

14:14 - Nel: Who do you blame for the accident? OP: I blame myself.

I blame myself for taking Reeva's life, OP says after a long pause. He clearly needed to compose himself.

14:14 - If it was an intruder it would have been an accident, Nel asks. OP: I never intended to shoot anyone so yes.

14:14 - Nel: Did you fire to shoot the intruder? OP: No I did not. I fired because I got a fright.

14:13 - Nel: You could see the handle right OP: Correct.

14:12 - Nel: You thought intruder was coming out. That's why you shot? OP: That's correct.

14:11 - OP's voice wavers. His emotions are close to the surface. He says he didn't have his gun "in the normal shooting position".

14:10 - Nel points out the Stipps said the lights in the bathroom were on. They're now arguing about when the lights were put on and whether the Stipps were right or not. 

14:08 - OP: We don't know when Reeva got out of bed. Nel: Not on your version, but it never happened like that...

14:08 - Nel suggests that even with his back turned or peripheral vision he still would have seen the light. OP says he doesn't see how so.

14:06 - Nel says Reeva's possible use of a cell phone as light source is "devastating" for OP defence - he must have seen it. OP: No. 

14:05 - Nel asks why Reeva didn’t switch on the light. OP says she may have used her mobile phone for light.

14:05 - OP agrees that Reeva walked to the toilet in dark. "Maybe she uses her cellphone for light"

14:04 - Why didn't you fire a warning shot down passage, would have scared anyone asks Nel.

14:02 - Nel wants to know what OP would do if he had time to think today.

14:02 - Court resumes. Nel: What did you think would happen if you fired through the door. OP: I don't know.

13:55 - Sapa goes into a bit more detail about Pistorius breaking down for a second time in the witness box. Read more here.

13:25 - Pistorius explained on Monday why he became emotional when he recalled what he shouted at "intruders" in his Pretoria home, Sapa writes.

He told the North Gauteng High Court this happened because he was traumatised.

After a tea break, Nel summed up what Pistorius had told the court 30 minutes earlier, that he said he shouted at Reeva Steenkamp, and then he became emotional.

Court had to be adjourned for him to compose himself.

Nel, who was cross-examining him, asked him why.

"Isn't it because that's exactly what you shouted at Reeva, with respect to the court, 'get the fuck out of my house'?"

Pistorius replied: "I was traumatised by the events. By repeating the words it reminds me of that night."

13:04 - Nel: " 'I wasn't thinking', isn't good for you, Mr Pistorius. It's also reckless."

13:01 - Court adjourns for lunch. Judge wants to see counsel.

Earlier, Nel asked: Was it just lucky that the gun was pointed at her? OP: Why would it be lucky? She lost her life (he says as his voice rises)!

13:01 - Nel: Is it like the glock, did it just go off or did you pull the trigger? OP: I pulled the trigger.

12:59 - I didn't intend to fire a shot, OP says. I didn't intend to fire but it did fire, OP says.

12:58 - You heard a noise and that caused you to fire, Nel asks. OP confirms. Why did you stop, Nel asks. I'm not sure, OP says.Why didn't you fire at the window, Nel wants to know. Did you think of firing a warning shot into the shower, Nel asks. OP says that might have ricocheted.  

12:57 - Nel says we're going to deal with "double-tap". Pistorius says he fired in "quick succession".

12:56 - Nel asks about the shots. OP wants to know which Burgers Nels is referring to. They're married but they have different surnames, does that satisfy you, Nel asks. OP says it does. 

12:55 - OP says he's never screamed like that as he did that night when he shot Reeva. "I was screaming for help, for Reeva, for the Lord to help me. It was desperate," he says.

12:53 - Judge stops Nel. If (OP) doesn't have a view about this he doesn't have a view. On why OP's legal team didn't play recording of OP screaming like a woman.

Will he ask OP to scream in court?

12:52 - OP confirms his legal team has a recording of him screaming like a woman. Why was it never played to state witnesses, Nel wants to know. OP, AGAIN, doesn't know. There's so much he "doesn't know".

12:51 - OP says he screamed Reeva's name out. Nel: They (Stipps) heard a woman but it was you. OP confirms.

So we move to the "OP screams like a woman' defence.

12:49 - The Stipps's evidence was that they heard sounds, they heard a woman's screams. Nel: You're quiet, Mr P. OP: I don't understand the question.

12:49 - OP says he doesn't remember when exactly he turned on lights but was after shots were fired.

12:48 - Nel asking about Stipp’s evidence related to the lights being on and hearing screaming.

OP says he was screaming out when he was hitting the door with the cricket bat.

12:47 - Nel: The lights were on, the neighbours claim. OP: I don't remember the lights being on. The neighbours must be lying.

12:45 - Nel asks about OP shouting. OP says his was the only voice shouting that night. The neighbours must have heard him shouting and not, as they claim, a woman (being Reeva).

12:44 - The court giggles as Nel asks the cop to sit on the toilet as Reeva would have. You never heard the locking of the door, Nel asks. OP: I didn't. Maybe the door was slammed and locked at the same time.

12:43 - Nel asks for demonstration - he wants a police officer to go behind the door as if he were in the bathroom. Nel asks OP if he didn't hear the door being locked. The athlete says he didn't.

12:42 - It could have been anyone in that bathroom, it could have been a child, you just fired, Nel says. OP: That is correct.

12:41 - Nel tells OP he's screaming at perceived intruders who are in the toilet to get out. Where did you think they'd go? OP: I wasn't thinking at the time... Nel says this "not thinking" line isn't good for his defence. One of Nel's favourite lines - "this isn't good for you"... 

12:39 - OP denies he heard magazine rack moving. 'I wouldn't have heard anything,' says the runner. He's already said his ears were ringing. 

12:38 - Nel: you heard magazine rack, that's why you changed your aim...she fell on magazine rack, you fired third, fourth shots. OP says he didn't aim at door, just pointed gun at it.

12:38 - I wouldn't have heard anyone fall inside the toilet while i was shooting, says OP. Nel looks at the door in court as he makes his point. 

12:36 - Nel: Bullet A is aimed at the toilet. Mangena said she fell on magazine rack.

12:35 - State shows a photo taken from above in the toilet. It shows pieces of wood or yellow rods marking bullet holes in the door, blood around the toilet bowl.

12:34 - Nel apologises to teh court, says it may take a while to get it. Still unclear what it is... He confers with his legal team.

12:32 - OP again speaks about "wood movement". OP says in retrospect it might have been the magazine rack (in the toilet) moving. Nel clarifies. OP responds: I guess that's (the magazine rack) is what I heard.

Nel brings out a folder...

12:31 - OP says he heard a noise inside the bathroom and perceived it to be someone in the toilet.

12:31 - OP says he hasn't trained for combat mode but has spoken about it on the range.

12:29 - Being a trained person, the court would expect you to fire with reason. The court won't easily accept that you made a mistake, Nel says.

12:28 - Nel asks about 'combat mode'. OP says it's a mindset that one is trained is when one goes after perceived threats.

12:26 - OP says he didn't tell perceived intruder that he was armed because he didn't want them to get scared and react (for example by shooting him). He says he didn't think about it at the time. 

12:25 - Nel: Why can't you remember today? OP: I'm not sure... Nel: 'Not sure' is not a reason. Give the court a reason. OP: It's possible I shouted for Reeva to phone the police.

OP sounds as if he might break down again at any moment.

12:25 - Nel: If you shouted "get out" would that have caused RS to respond? OP: I don't know.

12:23 - Nel: Before we got to the noise in the bathroom you screamed again am I right? What did you scream? OP: Get out. 

All you can remember is that you screamed 'get out', Nel asks. OP wants a moment to think back to exactly what he said at this time.

12:23 - OP: I don't understand the differences in the defences. I don't understand the law.

12:22 - Nel: I'm going to argue that you got emotional because you got your defences mixed up. OP: That's not true.

12:21 - Roux says he doesn't believe the court is making any progress by repeatedly asking questions that make OP emotional. 

12:20 - Roux is first up saying OP DID mention door slamming today. Nel objects to this. Nel: His emotions cannot be blamed on me today. 

12:19 - Court resumes. OP says he's fine to continue. 

12:19 - Pistorius (OP) is back in the witness box, say reporters.

12:16 - Sky News's Alex Crawford points out: "In his plea, the runner said: this 'was indeed an accident...I mistakenly believed intruders posed an imminent threat..'

12:13 - "Legal commentator Tyrone Maseko notes Pistorius cannot use the self-defence argument if he is now saying he fired involuntarily," tweets Geoffrey York, the Africa correspondent for the Globe and Mail.

12:05 - He's bowed over with his head in his arms, tweets Sapa of OP. "Pistorius is bent-double in the witness box, his psychologist rubbing his back.He's coughing and retching, leaves court," tweets Aislinn Laing.

12:03 - OP breaks down again. I did not fire at Reeva, OP sobs again. Court adjourns to allow him to compose himself. Why are you getting emotional now, Mr Pistorius, Nel had asked.

12:03 - I fired in the direction I thought the attack was coming from, OP says.

12:02 - OP, his voice breaking, repeats that he didn't have time to think.

12:02 - Nel: Did you fire at the perceived attacker? OP: I fired at the door. Nel's voice gets louder. "That's not the question," he says. 

11:59 - OP says he didn't want to shoot the person coming out of teh toilet, he didn't have time to think, he says. Nel: You're thinking every step of the way yet at this critical instance, you didn't have time.

11:58 - Nel: Were you aiming at the door? OP: Yes! I was aiming. I pointed my gun at the door.

11:57 -  OP: I wasn't extending my arm, I didn't aim at the door, I was trying to make sense of the situation.

11:57 - You didn't see door or handle move when you heard the noise, Nel asks. OP agrees. Nel wants to know what position his gun was in at this point.

11:56 - Nel: You thought that they were opening the door? OP: That's correct.

11:55 - But did you think someone was in the toilet? OP: Yes, I did. Nel: What did it sound like? OP: It sounded like wood movement. Nel: What is a wood movement?

11:53 - There are many things that I told my counsel that aren't here (in my bail application), says OP.

As Daily Maverick reporter Rebecca Davis says: "If you believe Pistorius, seasoned advocate Barry Roux and co have made some pretty amateurish errors in defending their client..."

11:52 - 

11:49 - Nel: it's not in your bail application. OP: I mentioned it to my legal team, I'm not sure why it's not in the statement.

Nel says he's not satisfied with "not sure". I put it to you that it's because you never to your counsel. Roux isn't saying a word... 

It's the corner again for OP. The corner he knows so well.

11:48 - Nel: When you got into the bathroom,you saw the window was open. OP:That's correct. Nel: And toilet door was closed? OP: That's correct.

11:48 - OP: I heard door slam Nel: You were convinced it was a door slamming, convinced it was the toilet door OP: Correct.

11:46 - When I was shouting for the intruders to get out, I heard the door shut, OP claims.

11:45 - OP insists he said this morning as they discussed the passage that he said he heard door slam. Nel says he can check the record,he didn't. 

11:44 - Nel says Roux would get up if he was wrong. Roux gets up and says he would listen to the record at lunch.

11:42 - But there's something very important that you forgot what happened, Nel says. OP confused. Nel: The door slammed. OP: I said this morning when I was in the passage I heard the door slam. Nel: You never spoke about the door. Would you like to listen to the record and I'll show you you're wrong? OP: No, I would not.

11:41 - OP: I peered into the bathroom to see if there was anyone in the toilet waiting to ambush me. I checked the window.

11:40 - Pistorius edged his way along the cupboard to the point where he could see into the bathroom. He says he had his pistol faced in front of him.

11:39 - OP says his gun wasn't pointing in front of him. I was struggling to move. OP says he couldn't have pointed gun because he was using one hand to support himself against wall. He doesn't know if it was exactly at a 90 degree angle. 

11:38 - OP: I kept the firearm close to me so that no one would grab it.

11:37 - Nel: Were you waiting for a response (from Reeva)? OP: No, my lady. 

11:36 - OK, I understood it wrongly, you didn't scream before because you thought it would put Reeva's life in danger, Nel says.

11:36 - Your version doesn't make sense, Nel says. OP says, irritable now: We spoke about this in great depth...

11:35 - I felt that I was in a safe place to protect Reeva, I'd hoped this would make them get out, says OP. This is what I believed at the time.

11:33 - Nel: So you said 'Reeva call the police'. Is that right? OP says he said "Reeva call the police then shouted to the intruders to "get the fuck out of my house". 

11:32 - Nel puts it to OP that he shouted at Reeva "get the fuck out of my house". OP says he's traumatised by the events of that night that's why he gets emotional.

11:31 - Court resumes.

11:29 - Aimee Pistorius (middle) in court this morning (AFP). See more photos here

11:24 - Pistorius was hugged by a woman as he entered the North Gauteng High Court on Monday morning, Sapa writes.

Members of a Facebook group set up in support of the athlete waited on the pavement with white balloons for him to arrive. There are currently six such pages.

When he stepped out of a silver Land Rover to walk the gauntlet of reporters and onlookers, the photographers shouted for the supporters to get their white balloons out of their shots.

Scribbled on the balloons in black marker were the words "Ozzie" and "We love you Ozzie". A woman held a piece of paper with a black and white picture of Pistorius and the words "Ozzie we love you and pray for you".

11:13 - State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel continued his cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius at the North Gauteng High Court on Friday. Here’s what took place:

10:59 - Radio 702's Redi Tlhabi tweets: "Most listeners phoning now believe Oscar was telling Reeva to 'get the fuck out of his house'."

10:56 - OP's "brother and sister leave court room with him. Aimee Pistorius stood in dock with him, her hand on his back" tweets Karyn Maughan.

10:54 - Court adjourns as OP breaks down again.  

10:52 - Nel asks exactly what OP shouted. OP takes a long pause, in between sobs now, he says he shouted: Get teh fuck out of my house! Get the fuck out of my house! 

10:52 - I kept shouting (at that point) for the intruder to get out, says OP. And for Reeva to phone the police.

10:51 - OP says he could see a little bit of light, he would have seen the silhouette of someone walking by.

10:50 - My arm was in front of me, not the way it was in the 'zombie-stopper' video, OP point out.

10:49 - OP says he wanted to chase the perceived intruders out, to protect Reeva.

10:49 - OP says when he was heading down the passage his gun was pointing in front of him, not ready to shoot as Nel puts it but just in front of him.

10:48 - OP says he froze for a moment because he wasn't sure if "intruders" were coming down passage.

10:47 - Nel: you're not listening, you're listening for implications, tailoring your answers...

10:45 - Nel: Are you focusing? OP: I am focusing.

10:44 - Why is it not dealt with in your bail statement that the window slammed, Nel wants to know. You deal with burglar bars but not slamming. WHY, Nel asks.

10:43 - OP tells Nel: I have full trust in my legal team...

10:42 - Nel: You corrected me on small detail? OP: It's not small detail!

10:41 - Nel: I'm still concerned about you not saying you heard window open...that's tailoring.

10:40 -  My bail was done for me by my legal team. "I was traumatised... I read it and it was the truth. I signed it," OP says.

10:38 - Nel points out OP didn't identify noise in his bail application. Yet just now has confirmed he was 'in no doubt' it was window.

OP irritated as Nel "keeps on going back to this bail application".

10:37 - OP says sound of window sliding open was quite loud. Nel: So how did Reeva not hear it? How come you didn't talk at that point? OP says he didn't expect her to ask whether she heard the noise

10:34 - The first noise I heard in the bedroom was the window, says OP.Nel says it was CLEAR it was the window sliding open. OP: That's how I interpreted it.

10:33 - Any reasonable person would ask 'where are you going?', Nel tells OP. OP: I don't understand that question.

10:31 - Nel asks about Reeva speaking to OP minutes before her death. When she asked "Baba, can't you sleep?" Nel wants to know why she wouldn't ask where OP's going when he walked out of the bedroom. "Would you expect her not to say a thing when you get up if the night if she's awake?" Nel asks.

10:30 - Nel asks about OP arming himself but there's one aspect before I get there, he says.

10:28 - OP says (again) he must have made a mistake. He never meant to say (last week in his evidence in chief) "whisper". He meant a low tone. 

10:26 - Nel wants to know why OP wants to steer away from using the word whisper. OP says defensively he's not trying to do that, saying whisper would suit his case more. 

10:25 - Nel: If someone said you whispered [your warning to Reeva] they’d be lying? Pistorius: Yes. Nel: The person who said that was you.

OP insists he spoke "in a low tone" and not a whisper.

I'm still not sure what the difference is between a whisper and a "low tone". Any explanations?

10:24 - Nel: When you armed yourself and spoke to Reeva, what did you say? OP: I told her to phone the police, in a low tone.

10:21 - A policeman put a duvet down on the floor with that particular corner in line with the blood splatter on the floor. Is that what you're saying? - Nel. OP says it was unlucky that many of the thingsin the photo was positioned where it was.

10:20 - Nel: Don't you want to admit that you made a mistake. That the duvet was on the floor. OP: I don't remember it being on the floor. 

10:18 - June Steenkamp bows her head as Nel tries to get OP to tell him where the duvet wasin the bedroom when he carried Reeva's body out.

10:17 -  Nel: Argument will be that blood spatter happened when you carried Reeva past duvet and carpet.

10:16 - Nel points out blood splatter on the duvet. He says it was on the carpet too.

10:14 - Nel: Do you remember a RED light on your TV? Because that was also on. It didn't bother you? OP says it didn't.

10:12 - "Computer screens scroll very quickly through some more gruesome images of blood," tweets The Guardian's David Smith.

10:10 - Nel: Your TV also had a red light? OP: I don't remember.

10:08 - I'm not trying to buy time, OP says, frustration clear in his tone. Says it takes him half a minute to put his legs on.

10:07 - You have to, Mr Pistorius, create time..., Nel tells OP. You invented what you're doing now. OP, speaking softly, denies this.

10:07 - Nel: If the light bothers you before, so much so that you have to cover it to go to sleep, why did you not switch it off before?

10:06 - Nel asks that the picture be blown up - it shows a second blue light on the amplifier. Did that bother you? OP says he doesn't remember.

10:06 - 

10:05 - Nel: What is that white cord from amplifier? OP: An Apple charger for an iPhone or iPad.

10:03 - Nel: one thing I will show you is that the amplifier was on. OP responds in an exhausted tone: I don't remember.

10:02 - OP says the blue light is a tiny light. Nel asks about putting the jeans over the light. 

10:00 - OP is having trouble explaining the position of fan. Nel accuses runner of changing his version during testimony.

Nel now moves onto the blue LED light.

9:59 - Nel wants to know why Barry Roux didn't question Van Rensburg about the position of the fan in the photo.

9:58 - Van Rensburg testified that the fan was in front of the door.

9:55 - Nel focuses on photo showing the big fan between OP's bedand the balcony doors. This is the photo:

9:55 - Today marks the beginning of Week 6 of the Oscar Pistorius Trial and DStv Premium, Extra, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers can watch the trial on Channel 199.

9:54 - 

9:53 - Nel: Can you deny Van Rensburg's focus was the fan? OP: I cannot.

9:51 - OP: What I saw was that a civilian-dressed officer went upstairs first. Nel: Can you confirm that Van Rensburg was first up? That's all I'm asking. OP: I can't confirm that. 

9:50 - Nel: On your version Col V Rensburg was one of the first people upstairs - am I right OP: I don't remember who went upstairs first.

OP says he can't remember in what order which officers went up.

9:49 - Nel: It's devastating for your version because it's an objective set of facts...

9:48 - OP: I was sleeping. I don't think she went to down (to eat).

9:47 - Nel says Pistorius is tailoring evidence... Pistorius: We ate after 7, it doesn't suit my evidence, but that's what happened...

9:45 - You were awake, there can be no other explanation (for Reeva's stomach contents showing recent meal) says Nel.

Nel repeats a phrase he used often last week: "Being argumentative is not good for your case." OP says he wasn't doing that, he was stating his case. He sounds really tired. Again the judge tells him to speak up.

9:44 - Nel now points to Estelle van der Merwe's evidence that she heard a woman talking from 02:00 that morning.

9:43 - OP: I can't comment on that, we ate at 19:00.

9:42 - Nel asks about food in Reeva's stomach. According to the state's pathologist, this showed that she had eaten two hours before her death. The defence's pathologist says this might not necessarily have been the case. "I put it to you that she must have eaten two hours before her death," Nel tells OP.

9:41 - It's the state's case that she wanted to leave, that you were both not sleeping, Nel puts it to OP. He denies this.

9:41 - Nel: Isn't the jeans on the floor because she wanted to leave? OP: The denims are inside out showing she took them off and left them on the floor.

9:40 - Nel asks when Reeva would wear the slops (flip flops). When she would walk around downstairs, OP says.

9:39 -  Judge looks sternly at the court and asks about a camera flashlight going off in court. No-one owns up."Let's continue," she says.

9:37 - She knew you'd be sleeping on the left of the bed and her on the right. Why were her flip flops on your side, Nel asks.

9:36 - OP says there was a photo where Reeva's flip flops had been moved.

9:34 - Judge again tells OP to speak up as his voice is very soft. Nel asks about Reeva's clothes in the overnight bag. Nel wants to know why the jeans were on the floor but everything else was in the bag or "neatly" next to the bed.

9:34 - Nel: Can you confirm that Reeva was a very neat person? OP says her car "was a mess" but her room was very neat.

9:33 - Nel says his argument today will focus on OP's version of events are improbable and untrue. It's a concocted version. OP says he understands what Nel is saying.

9:32 - Judge Masipa has arrived. Court resumes. Nel begins...

9:31 - "Enter… the pit bull. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel walks in to court, looking like he's had a relaxing weekend. Pistorius less so," tweets the BBC's Andrew Harding.

9:29 - In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Reeva’s sister Simone says they are in no doubt that Pistorius is a liar.

‘He is trying to convince the court that they were really close and that he cared for her. It’s not true. He is a disgusting liar.’

9:20 - Paralympic athlete Dewald Reynders one of the supporters outside court has told eNCA's Karyn Maughan that the white balloons Pistorius fans have are a "sign of peace".

9:16 - Aimee Pistorius, Oscar's sister, has also arrived at court.

9:09 - And then one of the Pistorians gave him a great big apparently surprising hug:

9:02 - 

8:58 - Mark Batchelor has just arrived at court.

8:53 - Here's another picture of some Pistorians outside court. Yes, that's a CD and a trophy.

8:45 - The father of Reeva Steenkamp intends attending the murder case against Oscar Pistorius to look the Paralympian in the eye, The Star reported on Monday.

"When I feel strong enough, I'll go there to ask him one thing: 'Why? Why did you kill my lovely Reeva?" Barry Steenkamp was quoted as saying.

"I feel sure I will know the truth when I stand in front of him and demand an answer. I want to do that for my daughter."

8:33 - A group of Pistorius supporters (also known as 'Pistorians') have gathered outside the high court.

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