Pistorius trial, day 26 - As it happened

2014-05-05 09:05

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After a two-week break, Oscar Pistorius's murder trial resumes in the North Gauteng High Court for a 26th day.

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12:57 - So that's where we'll leave it for today. To see images from Monday's proceedings, click here.

12:42 - So court adjourns until tomorrow (Tuesday) at 09:30. Watch a full summary of day 26's court proceedings here:

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12:41 - Roux says they couldn't get more witnesses for today but they feel they will finish in time. 

12:39 - Roux says he "heard on the radio that Wednesday is a public holiday". Judge says she also just discovered. The fact that, er, it's Election Day on Wednesday appears to have past them by...

12:38 - Nel concludes with Viljoen. Roux has no further questions. Viljoen excused.

CV told Nel a moment ago that she went home to change her clothes and shower before coming back. Nel says he has no more questions.

12:38 -  Nel: so he was following what was happening? Viljoen: It was frantic. But he followed instructions.

12:36 - Nel: When you asked him to plastic bags and tape he asked you to keep your finger in her mouth. CV: Yes.

12:35 - Nel continues asks Viljoen if it was OP's idea for her to get a towel.

12:35 - Court resumes. Nel still cross-examining. 

12:24 - "The runner returns.....sits alone in the dock again," tweets Sky News's Alex Crawford.

12:17 - "OP, looking wane, leaves the courtroom and passes by June Steenkamp, does not acknowledge her," tweets freelance reporter SJFindlay.

12:10 - Nel needs five minutes. And wants to see judge (who wants to see him too). Says CV moved "at the speed of light". 

12:09 - CV says she remembers OP telling paramedics that gun was in the bathroom.

12:09 - Nel: You spoke to OP that morning. Did you talk about incident with him again? CV says no.

12:08 - Viljoen: we were never unaccompanied in main bedroom.

12:08 - Nel: Going up with OP's sister, did you go into the bathroom? CV says she didn't.

12:06 - Before Nel shows CV a photo she asks if the photo will make her cry. He says no. It's a photo of the hallway upstairs at OP's house.

12:05 - CV says when she and Aimee collected clothes and a watch from OP's room they were accompanied by a policeman.Confirms it as Captain Van Aardt.

She says she couldn't forget Van Aardt: "This is all kind of burned into my mind. Eish."

12:04 - CV says she thinks the kitchen light was on.

12:03 - CV confirms she took a phone call in the kitchen. She says she couldn't move away from the wall because the phone was attached to something.

12:02 - Roux concludes with CV. Nel goes... Starts with the phone call.

12:01 - CV says OP was asked to go to the garage area: "It meant he had to walk past Reeva and I really struggled to get him to walk past Reeva."

12:01 - Roux: Was there any control who entered and left the house? CV: No, we came and went.

12:00 - CV says the first policemen who introduced himself was Col van Rensburg...later there were two more plain clothes cops in the foyer. She also says OP asked her to ring Peet (van Zyl - his sporting agent)

11:59 - Roux wants to know when the police arrived. Viljoen says it was after they called.

11:57 - CV says she called Justin Divaris and told him RS had been shot.

11:56 - CV said she took phone from OP because "he wasn't making any sense" talking to his friend Justin (Devaris).

11:56 - 

11:54 - CV says she thought "oh my gosh" as she realised the gun was upstairs, and feared OP would "shoot himself".

OP leans forward in court, his head buried beneath his hands. Meanwhile, June Steenkamp looks straight ahead.

11:53 - CV says paramedics asked for Reeva's ID. Oscar went upstairs to fetch Reeva's handbag. She didn't go with him.

11:52 - While the medics worked on RS, OP and I were in the kitchen. He was still in a state.

11:50 - CV: When the paramedics arrived, I told OP to step aside so they could work on her. OP and I went into the kitchen area.I saw one of the neighbours "peer in". A man I know as "Mike". He was peering in around the door. I can't remember what else he was doing.

11:49 - I asked him what happened and he said "I thought she was an intruder".

11:49 - CV says they were relieved when the doctor arrived, she told OP it was someone who could help...

11:48 - CV: He said 'stay with me my love', he kept pleading for God to save her life... 

11:46 - Viljoen went upstairs to get towels to 'tie as tight as possible ' around RS's arm to stem bleeding. Most of the time OP had his finger in RS's mouth to help her breath, CV says. He also asked her to put her finger in RS's mouth when he would step away. He kept asking where the ambulance was... We just tried our very best, she says.

11:46 - I asked him for tape and (plastic) bags because I wanted to tie it around her arm (which was wounded), says CV.

11:45 - Judge asks CV to slow down...

I told him to put her down. We both knelt over Reeva. He begged me to help. He was begging and pleading with Reeva as well - CV.

11:44 - OP just put her down right there... I just saw blood everywhere - CV.

CV speaking VERY fast and almost breathless again.

11:43 - CV starts crying as she explains how OP begged her to take Reeva to the hospital. She says she can continue... but is sobbing as she says so. Judge tells her to take a deep breath.

11:41 - CV says she drove a silver Mini. After speaking to guard and Frank, they approached OP's home. The door was slightly open. After opening the door I saw OP carrying Reeva down the stairs. 

11:39 - CV says it took her around 3 minutes to get to OP's house.

11:38 - When we got there some people were in the road. A security guard, Frank, the man who worked at OP's house, says CV.

11:38 - CV says route marked in red on photo shows the one she took by car to get to OP's house. She says she drove rather fast.

11:37 - Roux refers to photo showing estate and path that Standers took from their home to OP's.

11:36 - Court resumes. 

CV says while she was in bed, she could see commotion in her parents' bedroom so she got up and said she heard someone shouting for help.

11:32 - Apologies, now seeing that Viljoen's first name is Carice and NOT Clarice.

11:19 - For the first time since the trial started, OP's sister Aimee is not present in court. Carl Pistorius is though.

"Stander warmly greets Pistorius in the dock, hugs his daughter (Clarice), chats to Roux," tweets the Oscar Trial Channel.

11:17 - Before the break, CV told Roux about how she felt that night: I was sitting in bed. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to get my dogs closer to me...

CV: My heart was pounding very fast and I pulled my covers over me. I was worrying how I was going to get back to sleep.

11:13 - CV gets increasingly agitated as she very quickly recalls what happened that night. Roux stops her and asks for adjournment. Judge grants it.

11:12 - I couldn't pinpoint where it (shouting) was coming from, but clear someone needed help, says Viljoen. My heart was pounding so fast, I was very afraid.

11:11 - CV says just as she was about to get out of bed to close her sliding door, she heard someone shouting "help!" three times.

Viljoen sounds confident and clear but takes long, loud breaths as she recalls her version of events.

11:11 - Roux mentions that Viljoen doesn't want to be televised. Judge grants order.

11:09 - CV says she went to bed around 20:30/ 21:00 on the night before the shooting. She says she was woken by dogs (who slept in her bedroom) barking.  CV says she heard other dogs barking as her sliding door was open (it was a hot night). 

11:08 - Roux puts up photo of view from balcony outside Viljoen's bedroom when she still stayed at her parents' house.

11:07 - JS: provided the police with two statements - one on the 14th, and another to Van Aardt at a later stage.

11:05 - Clarice Viljoen (CV) says she made a statement to a woman.

11:04 - She says at the time of the incident she lived with her parents in Silver Woods. She says she is a legal advisor. She says she sometimeshad coffee at his house.

11:04 - Clarice Beatrice Stander sworn in. Barry Roux asks her to confirm surname. She says she has got married and her surname is now Viljoen.

11:02 - Stander stands down. 'Mrs Viljoen' called.

11:00 - Assessor asks about RS returning the key to Stander. "Did she have access to alarm remote?" Stander says yes.

Assessor asks if there's an audible sound when the alarm is activated or deactivated. He said he only did it from outside so doesn't know.

10:59 - Stander now explaining his interpretation about OP's call to him. He believed OP was saying he made a mistake about shooting.

10:57 - KO is asking who else Stander remembers was in the house at first. He says a security guard was in the street when he arrived. 

10:57 - KO: you were asked about a phone in the kitchen - do you know who it belonged to? Stander didn’t.

10:56 - And Nel concludes with Stander. Oldewadge (KO) back.

10:55 - Court resumes. 

Stander confirms he met Reeva when she was staying at OP's house in December 2012.

10:45 - Nel asks for short adjournment to consult with his team.

Just before the adjournment, Stander says he phoned Stipp to say that police would phone him, he'd given Stipp's number to Oldwadge. He says it's good manners to let someone know you've given their number to others.

10:44 - JS says he was convinced Stipp had heard the shots...screams. They didn't discuss it further. He asked him for his number.

10:43 - JS: since the incident I have never been back inside the house.

JS: When Stipp told me about the four shots I believed that it was gunshots.

10:42 - Stander says he didn't help defence team when they returned to house although he did have the house key. 

Nel now refers to the shooting as "the incident".

10:41 - Nel: Have you been following the trial? JS gives a lengthy explanation about reading it in the newspapers (which he's read for the last 18 years). Seen some of it on TV.

10:41 - Stander confirms he didn't know Dr Stipp before meeting him that night.

10:39 - JS says he must have seen the phone in the period just before the police arrived.

10:39 - JS says OP was crying "trying to vomit but there was nothing coming out".

10:38 - Stander (JS) and his daughter were the first two people in the house. Then Stipp arrived, then paramedics.

10:37 - JS: I saw the phone when I walked in...

10:36 - Nel wants to know if Stander saw OP making a phone call. No, he says. 'Did your daughter make a call?' Yes to Mr (Justin) Divaris. She got the phone on a charger on the kitchen counter.

10:35 - Nel asks about light in OP's house when he got there. JS says the lights were on so yes, he could see. He says there was enough light in the house to see the expression on OP's face.

10:33 - Nel: How do you get to the fact that OP shot her by mistake JS: He thought she was an intruder.

10:32 - Nel: Why did you then say he SAID he made a mistake? JS: I interpreted the phone call as a mistake. Nel: The mistake was he wanted to shoot an intruder and shot Reeva instead?

JS: He didn't want to shoot an intruder.

10:30 - Nel scolds JS for inference regarding something that OP said to him. JS says it was a mistake that "I made now".

A moment ago he was so sure of himself... then Nel came along.

10:30 - Stander says he met the athlete in 'chambers' too when he was going for a talk with the legal team but nothing discussed with OP.

10:26 - JS: I've never discussed 'the incident' with OP. I saw him at the memorial held by the Pistoriuses for RS.

Stander says he only spoke to the athlete about having a coffee at the memorial.

10:25 - JS says he and OP became friends. They went to each others' houses sometimes.

Stander: "I never invited Oscar for dinner or a braai at my house. He'd come for coffee. We never had long discussions or socialised."

10:23 - JS says he's "100% certain" of contents of phone call from OP to him on the night of the shooting. He says they hadn't really spoken when he went to OP's house. He says his daughter spoke to OP at the house. He says OP hugged him at the house and thanked him for his help. 

10:22 - Nel moves onto night of the killing. JS confirms that he didn't hear any screams or shots.

10:22 - Nel: In your house you have no burglar proofing JS gives a long explanation of rules of estate Nel: So answer is no.

Nel: but as of January 2013 it was a safe place to live? Stander: as safe as a place can be.

10:20 - Nel asks about ladder incident. JS says it happened to a Mr Mannilow (unsure of spelling. Probably incorrectly assuming it's like the singer). 

10:20 - Nel wants to "test" JS about knowledge of incidents of crime at estate.

10:18 - Nel asks about JS being on the management board and security measures in the estate. JS confirms that security was beefed up.

10:17 - KO has no further questions. Nel starts...

10:16 - KO: What route did you take to OP's home on morning of killing? JS says that red line, referring to another photo showing a route marked by red from his house to OP's.

10:15 - 

10:14 - The photo is a picture of JS's house. The house is 212m away from OP's.

10:13 - KO now refers to a photo shown on screen.

10:11 - KO: Did you know Reeva? JS: Yes, my lady. KO: At any stage did RS reside with OP? Not necessarily in the company of OP? JS: Yes.

He recalls a time when OP introduced him to RS and asked JS to look after his pets while he (OP) was in Cape Town. RS said it wasn't necessary as she would do it.

10:10 - KO: You make mention of reports of incidents. These incidents were reported to estate management. Is that correct?JS says they were recorded.

10:08 - Gerrie Nel tells court by not objecting to Stander's hearsay evidence doesn't mean he agrees with it. Oldewadge says Stander has knowledge of the estate

10:06 - In third incident house was burgled.

10:06 - KO asks about incidents of crime at estate. JS says a woman who was tied up in her own home. Another time thieves "used a ladder."

10:04 - KO: Have you in past been involved in admin of Silverwoods Estate? JS: I was a member of management committee. 

10:03 - KO asks about OP's pets, if JS ever fed them or interacted with them. JS says he fed them sometimes when OP was overseas.  He says there were big dogs but they were friendly. There was never an issue where they attacked people, he says.

10:03 - JS estimates it took about 3 minutes from receiving phone call from OP to reaching his house.

10:02 - Stander says he remembers it 'distinctly' as he was concerned about anyone firing eight shots - even at an intruder...

10:01 - Stander asked again about neighbour Stipp's comments about hearing two bursts of four shots.

10:01 - Oldwadge: Was there any other discussion between you and Dr Stipp? Stander: There wasn't much discussed.

10:00 - JS says he saw people in civilian clothes and police uniform going upstairs.

10:00 -  I called Carl (OP's brother) at about 03:59 - the police arrived at about that time.

9:57 - KO: How long was Oscar upstairs (when he fetched Reeva’s ID)? JS says he couldn't have been more than half a minute.

9:55 - Seeing OP carrying Reeva Steenkamp down the stairs "was not something I'd like to experience again", says JS. He was torn apart, broken desperate... pleading... it's difficult really to describe. His commitment to save the young lady's life... when he put his fingers in herm outh, how begged Gd to keep her alive... I saw the truth there that morning and I feel it... 

9:54 - Stander confirms he asked security to call police. Call to emergency medics made from Stander cellphone at "03:27" and lasted about 5 minutes.

9:52 - KO asks when Stipp arrived on the scene. JS says Stipp arrived just before he called the ambulance at 03:26.

9:51 - The police then took over the scene, says JS.

9:50 - JS says people started arriving and he then rang OP's brother Carl. Colonel Van Rensburg was one of them. This was around 04:00.

JS asked by judge to speak up.

9:49 - JS: OP went up the stairs, my daughter followed him...to fetch his ID.

9:49 - 

9:48 - Stipp says he heard four shots, silence, screams and four shots again, says JS.

9:47 - JS asked Stipp to talk to people on phone. Daughter came out and also spoke to ambulance people.

JS speaks slowly. Emotion coming through.

9:45 I said to OP, I will go out and call the ambulance. Then a gentleman started wlaking towards me. He introduced himself as Johan (Stipp) and said he's a doctor. I asked him to go in (to the house) and see if he can assist (with RS) - JS. Stipp then turned around and said he's actually a radiologist.

9:44 - KO tells JS to take his time as he is emotional. His voice breaks a little. JS: OP was broken. He was screaming. He was crying. He was praying.

9:43 - JS says OP was relieved to see him and his daughter and says he was "really crying". OP looks down as Stander testifies. No visible sign of emotion.

9:43 -  After leaving their house and going to OP's, JS says: The front door (of OP's house) was slightly open, my daughter pushed it open and we saw OP coming down stairs with Reeva in his arms...

9:41 -  JS: As I was walking out, my daughter came out of her room and she said she'd heard someone scream.

9:40 - JS goes onto explain what happened on 14 February 2013. He says OP called him saying come quickly, I shot Reeva, please come... I thought she was an intruder... 

9:39 - KO: How far is OP's home from yours? JS: approximately 350-400m by road.

9:38 - Oldewadge (KO) goes on to ask where JS was when OP shot Reeva Steenkamp (RS). JS says he was in his bed, sleeping. 

9:38 - The decision was that they would only call one person per family as state witness, says Stander (JS).

9:37 - Stander says he regarded himself a state witness at that point. Oldewadge asks if he knows why State didn't call him.

9:36 - Oldewadge: Did you consult with prosecution in this matter? Stander: Yes, in December 2013

9:35 - Stander says Captain Van Aardt asked for another statement. Interview held in "his rooms", says Stander. 

9:33 - Stander says investigating officer Hilton Botha visited him and took a statement. Stander says he wrote the statement. on 15 February last year.

9:32 - Stander says he knows OP on a "more personal level". Says OP helped him move in.

9:32 - Stander confirms that he lives in Silver Woods. Has lived there since May 2009.

9:31 - Court resumes. Kenny Oldewadge starts. Stander sworn in.

9:27 - Everyone is back in court, say reporters there. Sounds as if proceedings will start on time.

9:19 - "Apparently the ANC Women's League is paying for June Steenkamp to be at court," tweets City Press's Charl du Plessis.

9:17 - Proceedings will start on Monday with testimony from defence witness Johan Stander who is the Silver Woods Estate manager.

Watch a full summary of day 25's court proceedings here:

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