Pistorius trial - day 5, part 1 - as it happened

2014-03-07 08:45

Get full coverage of the morning sessions of day 5 at the Oscar Pistorius murder trial here. You can also find Thursday’s updates here and here.


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Welcome to our coverage of day five of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, taking place at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. Find Thursday’s updates here and here.

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13:00 - Pistorius in court on Friday. (Themba Hadebe, AP)

12:47 - Nel asks for early lunch. Judge... grants it. Back at 13:50.

12:47 - ST excused from stand. "Thank you so much," she says.

12:45 - One time when I was in OP's house when he thought something or someone in house. Something hit bathroom window. He got up with gun to take a look. One or two occasions he woke me to ask if I heard anything,she says.

12:44 - OP sitting looking straight ahead. Now looking down. Possibly taking notes.

12:44 - ST: We were driving to his house. Someone had followed him. He went to gun to car window. Car drove away.

12:41 - Nel: You said you never heard the accused shout when his life was in danger...but angry, how angry? Taylor: Very angry.. 

12:41 - Nel now questioning ST. 

Barry Roux cross-examining a witness. (Theana Breugem, Media24)

12:40 - BR: Oscar denies ST's claim that he approached the other car.

12:38 - Roux now puts it to ST that OP was in black BMW, white Merc followed them, re gun incident.

12:37 - ST recalls black BMW following her and OP in car. OP says it was a white Mercedes. ST doesn't recall white Merc. 

12:36 - ST denies she cheated on OP. But admits she went to Dubai with "Quinton". I did not cheat on Oscar, she says. There was an altercation with man I was seeing (Quinton), after Oscar and I ended things the 1st time

12:35 - ST responds softly to BR's question that she gets emotional when talking about break-up.

12:35 - And we're back. ST says she's composed enough to proceed.

12:28 - There is another blonde woman in court who appears to be Taylor's (ST) friend. She goes over to comfort her.

12:25 - BR asking how ST felt after break-up. She felt upset. ST starts crying again. Short adjournment to allow her to recover. 

12:24 - Difference of opinion as to what "often" means. Nel reckons it could mean "every night". BR says there a slight difference between "often" and "every night". 

12:23 - OP used phone about four to five times a night in bed, says ST. Every night that she was in his bed. 

12:23 - OP  never kept his firearm under his bed, says ST. BR says that's disputed…

12:21 - He charged cellphone next to bed so he left it there very night. 

12:20 - ST says if OP went to the bathroom or kitchen, he'd take phone with him. 

12:20 - OP would always, every time, take personal cellphone to bed. Left work cell in kitchen. 

12:19 - ST tells of incident when car followed her and OP to his estate. He jumped out of car with gun and went to car. The driver drove away. 

12:18 - ST says she doesn't think OP was generally scared of being attacked. 

12:17 - OP could walk on stumps but needed to lean against something for balance.

12:17 - BR says OP needed fresh air on stumps, hence fans in room. ST says not aware of that. Not sure.

12:15 - ST can't say on which side of bed OP slept on night of 13 February. 

12:14 - BR puts it to ST that OP had a date to play golf at St Andrews in Scotland the day after this alleged shooting.

12:12 - BR: Can you really remember that day? 30th September? ST: Yes, I can remember him shooting very very clearly.

12:10 - ST: After we left the cops he was angry. Before fired shots irritated, then joked around about firing then fired

12:09 - BR: Was he angry, irritated or joking? ST: Maybe you should ask the accused.

12:07 - ST: He fired the shot because he was angry at the police. Thereafter they found it funny

12:06 - ST says after the incident with the police officer, they went in search of traffic light (ST calling it a robot) to shoot.

12:04 - BR clarifies question "did you sleep with him that night?": I mean did you sleep over at his house?  ST quite sure she went back to his house with him.

12:02 - ST dabs her eyes with white tissue, looks over at OP.

12:00 - OP drove car to Vaal, Fresco drove it back, says ST.

11:57 - Group stopped at friend's house to get gun papers, says ST. She's not sure what area the friend's house was in.

11:57 - Roux suggesting that Darren Fresco, OP pulled over at Grasmere. ST doesn't know.

11:56 - Date of alleged reckless shooting incident was 30 September 2012. Late afternoon more or less, says ST.

11:55 - BR moves onto shooting through the sun roof incident. 

11:54 - BR: When you heard Oscar screaming, was it out of fear for his life? ST: No, out of anger.

11:53 - ST: If all the curtains in the bedroom were closed, it would be dark. Roux: Very dark?Taylor: Dark.

11:52 - ST: The visibility in the bedroom when the lights are off - it's fairly dark.

11:51 - ST says she remembers her email, but maintains she was still in relationship with him at time of Sports Awards (when he took Reeva to awards).

11:50 - ST getting emotional again as she recalls break-up. BR being rather... nice. Dare I say. Speaking almost softly, slowly to ST. 

11:49 - ST the first time we ended our relationship OP was in New York and went on a date with another woman. Second time they broke up was when OP took Reeva to an awards ceremony in November 2012, says ST.

11:47 - An emotional ST was led out of court. Now she's back on the stand. Barry Roux (BR) continues cross-examining.

11:44 - Samantha Taylor told how Oscar Pistorius cheated on her twice. Roux says he has emails between OP and ST to show that this did not happen. 

Aimee Pistorius, Oscar's sister, and other members of the family as seen in court. (Theana Breugem, Media24)

11:41Taking short adjournment as ST gets emotional.

11:40 - Barry Roux (BR) now cross-examining Samantha Taylor (ST). 

11:39 - ST: Relationship ended when OP cheated on me with Reeva.

11:38 - OP looking down while ex gives evidence. Karyn Maughan says he's making notes.

11:37 - ST: Two minutes after they said they wanted to shoot a robot, OP shot through the open sun roof of car. They laughed.

11:36 - ST says Darren Fresco was driving, OP in front, she was on back seat.

11:36 - ST: Oscar and Darren Fresco were anxious, they wanted to shoot a traffic light

11:35 - ST: Oscar shouted at the policeman, saying he was not allowed to touch the gun.

11:34 - ST says they were stopped by police on way home because they were speeding.Officer asked OP to step out of the car. He left gun on seat. Taylor said when policeman looked, saw gun was on the seat and he said the gun should not be left there. He cocked the gun and bullets flew out.

11:33 - Nel asks about incident when she went to Vaal River with OP and some friends including Darren Fresco, Justin Divaris, Sam Greyvenstein.

11:31 - ST says OP doesn't sound like a woman when he's really anxious (and shouting) but like a man.

11:30 - OP used cell a lot at night, ST not sure for what.

11:29 - OP had two cellphones, one for work and the other personal.

11:29 - At night the gun would go to the bedside table or by his legs, on the floor. 

11:28 - ST knew OP had a gun. He carried it with him.

11:27 - Spent about 4 days a week at his house when dating.  If facing the bed, Oscar would sleep on the right-hand side.

11:26 - Samantha Taylor (ST), OP's ex now on the stand. Describes how and when they met. She was 17.

11:22WATCH: The State is trying to show that Oscar Pistorius is an aggressive person, says criminal law expert William Booth. 

11:11 - OP has gone over to three members of the ANC Women's League, shakes their hands and says softly: "Pleased to meet you." The league women are there to support the Steenkamps.

10:57 - WATCH: Criminal law expert William Booth describes why Dr Johan Stipp's testimony is vital to the Oscar Pistorius case. Take a look here.

10:44 - Johan Stipp excused from witness stand. Nel ready to call next witness, asks for an early tea.

10:42 - Nel: Is it possible to wield a bat as quickly as you heard those shots? JS: I wouldn't be able to do that. Very quick succession.

10:39 - Nel now reading from statement from bail application.

10:39 - Nel needs a moment to go through statement. 

10:36 - Nel asks witness if OP version "makes sense" regarding timings of screams - given that he says he walked back to bedroom.

10:35 - A very animated Nel speaking now. Apologises for making statement "It's getting better now" when describing incident. Mean "it's getting better for the State."

10:34 - Nel questioning JS now. 

10:34 -  BR: in your statement it’s clear you could not be sure of the number of noises you heard. Is that fair? JS agrees.

10:33 - The 4 shots you heard would have been in quick succession, BR asks.

10:30 - JS: After screams I heard three noises. BR: You can't say whether it was a cricket bat or gunshots. JS: I thought it was gunshots.

10:29 - BR now asking about the 'shots' the doctor was woken by. He says he heard three noises, 'maybe gunshots'.

10:28 - BR: Then you say you heard a woman scream and a man scream. JS: "Intermingled, yes."

10:26 - BR now going through OP's version. "He fired shots in quick succession."

10:25 - JS says he thinks all the lights in OP's neighbouring house were on.

10:25 - JS says he's talking about his own balcony door, 'thinking back'.

10:24 - BR asks him about seeing a 'window closed'. BR: what does that refer to?

10:22 - BR going through JS's two police statements. JS confirming various lines, very patiently

10:20 - BR quotes JS's statement: I was on my balcony and heard a woman screaming – two or three yells or screams.

10:18 - BR now going over JS's statements to police. Stipp (JS) sounds very calm on the stand. 

10:16 - BR: OP says he told you that he desperately wanted you to help her (Reeva). OP said he has no memory of telling JS he shot Reeva.

10:16 - BR wants JS to concede that there would have been enough time for Reeva to open the toilet window and scream, if hiding there.

10:15 - BR to JS: Assuming deceased was in toilet and in fear, would she have enough time to open a window to scream, on your version?

10:14 - BR: Then you didn't hear any more screaming? JS: It's because I was inside the room. BR: Or there was no more screaming?

10:12 - Roux: We know that there was screaming from a man and a woman (JS: yes). There was a woman and the other one sounded like man? JS: yes.

10:11 - BR: The defence case is that, in that enclosed toilet space, you would not hear a woman screaming. JS: I can only describe what I heard.

10:09 - BR insisting again that screams wouldn't have been audible to JS from woman trapped inside toilet.

10:09 - BR returns to the cricket bat bashing versus gunshot argument, says there must have been reason for OP to bash down door.

10:06 - Defence carried out test in OP home on 21 February - where a man and woman screamed at each other. JS didn't hear. 

10:03 - JS says he heard voices of people arguing, but did not hear any screaming (on night of sound test)

10:03 - JS doesn't remember if OP's bathroom window was open.

10:02 - A picture of the view from JS’s house on to the back of OP’s house showing the bathroom windows.

10:02 - JS describing the movement he saw through the frosted window - a person moving from right to left.

10:01 - BR now back to the bathroom lights again. JS says he saw movement in bathroom window.

10:00 - JS says he was concentrating on getting help while he was on phone.

9:57 - BR: If what the other witnesses said is true, you would have heard the intense emotions in screams

9:57 - Roux: Burger and Johnson said they heard "fearful, bloodcurdling screaming" during the shots and it faded away after the shots.

9:54 - BR: Did you hear loud, bloodcurdling screams? JS: Not at the moment, no.

9:53 - JS: I didn't hear any screaming after final "boom boom boom" (gunshots or possibly cricket bat). Meanwhile, OP has passed a note to his legal team.

9:52 - Back to the screams witness heard, and how loud they were. Audible inside his house or just on balcony? Witness not sure. On phone inside.

9:50 - Roux going through a detailed timeline of the events as JS experienced them.

9:49 - Stipp asks why would he attempt to call security a second time if he spoke to them on the first call?

9:48 - BR shows records which show that JS spoke to security on the first call, not second call which was no answer.

9:48 - JS called security twice. Didn't get through first time. Got through second time. Then heard screaming.

9:47 - BR: Tell me about the last screaming you heard from a man. When was that? JS: Occurred when I finished speaking to guards.

9:47 - JS: The way I put it was to inform the court of my process of thinking. But in reality, it happened all at once.

9:44 - JS: It was a simultaneous event.

9:42 - BR going onto what JS saw in the bathroom. You saw bathroom light on? JS says "That's that I saw yes."

BR: Later, in your evidence you first saw all lights and bathroom lights on; and then screaming started. JS: That's correct yes.

BR: You said I heard a woman screaming, I tried to ascertain from plus minus where the scream was coming from. Then went to look.

9:35 - In your statement, you talk about two or three screams, BR says. Judge reprimands BR for reading from statements which rest of court doesn't have copies of. He whispers requests to assistant to make copies. 

9:35 - BR: You wake up and hear the shots? JS: I thought they were gunshots, yes. Roux is arguing over Stipp’s definition of “moments” - the time between hearings shots and going to balcony.

9:34 - BR returns to questions about time delay between screams and shots. JS says it was moments, seconds.

9:33 - Barry Roux (BR) starts cross-examining Johan Stipp (JS).

9:32 - Judge seated by 9:30 and a couple of seconds - to warn media and public that misbehaviour will lead to forceful removal.

9:30 - Judge Masipa has entered the court right on time. They're about to begin. 

9:24 - Pistorius (OP) is clutching a rosary given to him by his brother Carl yesterday (Thursday), says eNCA's Karyn Maughan.



9:14 - OP is very deep in thought. He has both hands clasped over his ears again. Looked very unhappy this morning, says Sky News's Alex Crawford.

9:08 - Pistorius has arrived at court.

9:01 - You can get a quick recap of day four's proceedings right here: 

8:43 - On Thursday, neighbour Johan Stipp told the court how he entered the athlete's home in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year, minutes after hearing screams and shots, to find the distraught sprinter kneeling over the lifeless body of a woman.

"I shot her. I thought she was a burglar and I shot her," Stipp quoted the 27-year-old Pistorius as saying.

Stipp, a doctor, went on to describe his futile attempts to revive Steenkamp.

At one point when Pistorius left Steenkamp, Stipp and housing complex manager Johan Stander to go upstairs, Stipp thought the athlete might be about to kill himself.

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