10 new ministries for E Cape

2010-11-27 15:50

Johannesburg - Eastern Cape Premier Noxolo Kiviet announced a cabinet reshuffle in the province on Saturday.

"Over the last eighteen months, we have been seized with the task of improving the quality of services rendered to our communities particularly focusing on our priorities, the premier said in a statement.

"In doing so, proper attention had to be given to the much needed synergy's and alignment with the national efforts. In this regard, the posture of some of our ministries has had to be revisited." Kiviet said the during this period the provincial government had the opportunity to identify gaps within the service delivery chain which required prompt intervention to strengthen its leadership.

Two members of the executive council had also resigned which added to the "need to re-look" at the composition of the council, she said.

Ten new ministries had been established:

- Public Works, Roads and Transport MEC Thandiswa Marawu.

- Human Settlements, Safety and Liaison MEC Helen August-Sauls.

- Provincial Planning and Finance MEC Phumulo Masualle.

- Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEC Mcebisi Jonas.

- Social Development, Women, Youth and People with Disabilities MEC Pemmy Majodina.

- Education and Training MEC Mandla Makupula.

- Health MEC Sicelo Gqobana.

- Local Government and Traditional Affairs MEC Mlibo Qhoboshiane.

- Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture Xoliswa Tom.

- Rural Development and Agrarian Reform MEC Zoleka Capa.

  • hamcando - 2010-11-27 15:59

    oh yeah right like this is going to help. they are probably some loyal comrades who need rewarding but with no clue about what they are doing

  • Valis - 2010-11-27 16:15

    WTF are these people thinking? Oh, that's right, they DON'T think, because they all have shit for brains. More taxpayer money down the drain :(

  • James111 - 2010-11-27 16:19

    Oh my... "Baantjies vir Boeties"?

  • R.Suppards - 2010-11-27 16:32

    More new recruits for the Xhosa Nostra. More taxpayers' money to be spent by untried and probably incompetant politically connected officials. Will the Head Honcho please have the courtesy to inform us, the people paying the freight,how this new crop of "Troughies" were selected.

  • Francois - 2010-11-27 19:45

    Nonnie Kiviet - you are a racist. Your new appointments do not represent the demographic profile of South Africa. Come on Cosatu and ANCYL - now is the time to show you have integrity. If Nyesi Melema does not understand the word integrity - it is okay, he can ask Vlooi Shivambu. Nyesi Malema- it had nothing to do with woodwork! Back to you Nonnie Kiviet - did it realy take you this long to figure the problem out? Then you are not only a racist, but also stupid. Nonnie Kiviet, put forward a number of people that is going to be prosecuted for rape or staturoty rape in your province this year. Then we you obtain it, we will believe you!

  • MasterMind - 2010-11-27 21:27

    just more piggies in the trough !!! The useless ANC makes me sick, more money wasted on more uselss tw@ts in cabinet, like I said earlier, reshuffling sh!t still leaves a pile of sh!t !!!

  • Kaz - 2010-11-28 09:02

    I was expecting this much, seeing as a report released in the last two weeks indicated that none of the provinces managed to spend their full budget. Easy answer to that is establish more "departments" so we can spend more on salaries, travel, accommodation and other crap rather than spend it where needed.

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