2011 ended better than it started - Zuma

2011-12-30 14:20

Johannesburg - The year 2011 has ended better than it started, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday.

"We have made visible progress in reducing serious and violent crimes, in improving health care, rural development, education, social security and the general expansion of access to basic services," he said.

In 2011 the government created partnerships for job creation and made firm plans to improve infrastructure. A great achievement for the country was hosting the COP 17 climate change conference.

Hosting the event in Durban, and the International Olympic Committee General Assembly in July, enhanced the country's image as a first class organiser of international events.

Zuma urged South Africans to make 2012 a year of unity and to celebrate the country's political heritage.

"We have an opportunity to showcase our country's remarkable successes, given the historic celebration of the centenary of the ruling party, on January 8, 2012.

"Our country proved to the world that it is possible to rise above institutionalised racism, hatred, colonial oppression and apartheid, and build on its ruins a modern democracy which enshrines justice, human rights and dignity."

  • Comrade - 2011-12-30 14:26


      craigtjames - 2011-12-30 15:32

      Where are the statistics (the real ones) to prove this. I suppose with the info bill coming into the fore, next will will be even more "awesome" (if you don't hear about it, it is because it does not happen - ha)

      colin.dovey - 2011-12-30 16:00

      Here are the FACTS Mr J.G.Zuma: 1. With a population of 50 million, you and your cronies have a Cabinet of 64 Ministers 2. Brazil, with a population of 195 million has just 24 Brazil's economy increased 7.5 percent in 2011, a record high since 1986. Gross domestic product of Brazil reached R18 000 Billion. It is the highest GDP expansion registered in Brazil since 1986. The high growth rate can be atributed to the increase of domestic demand in the country. Industry, which expanded 10.1 percent in 2011, was the most benefited sector. On the other hand, UNDER the ANC in SA we have this scenario: There are many other economies across the world that are managing to perform well despite the global economic climate. Statistics South Africa said economic growth slightly expanded to a growth rate of 1.4% in the third quarter of 2011.This was marginally up from 1.3% in the previous quarter. Authorities tell us that South Africa's poor performance cannot be blamed on the financial troubles faced by Europe and the US. President Jacob Zuma's government will no doubt attribute this to difficult economic conditions in Europe and the US. This is not a sufficient explanation for our poor performance. Other developing countries, including Nigeria are growing quicker than South Africa! Zuma - you are a failed President, representing a FAILED ANC Government. The PEOPLE of South Africa did not vote for you...only the myopic ANC did! Tell us the truth!

      goyougoodthing - 2011-12-30 16:01

      Feck Zuma and his merry band of thieves. This year has been a disgusting year for democracy, freedom and the poor in South Africa, directly related to Zuma and his cronies.

      Dave - 2011-12-30 17:10

      JZ, you are the weakest link. Please say goodbye.

      craigtjames - 2011-12-30 18:02

      Xavier, I think Brazil has also just been moved to number 6 for world economic power. And this is a country which was down and out not too long ago!!! Shows what proper governance can do!!

      deabreu - 2011-12-30 18:52

      "in improving health care" - a 3 hour waiting in emergency at Baragwanath state hospital is not an improvement. Striking nurses is also totaly disgusting. People die waiting to be helped. If you are lucky to survive, then you canchange your own bedsheets because they don't care. Perhaps they did reduce serious and violent crime because one of the crime leader is in prison, or should we say in hospital - for now.

      John - 2011-12-30 20:03

      " 2011 ended better than it started " Says Zero Understanding Matters Any.

      Robert - 2011-12-30 20:41

      The only thing I can say to ZUMA is welcome President Bush of Africa. Dumb ass.

  • ubhejane - 2011-12-30 14:27

    LOL LOL Wait! I have just wet my pants. LOL LOL

      jowza1 - 2011-12-30 14:31

      you should see a doctor.not good for a grown man to keep wetting himself

  • Mike - 2011-12-30 14:31

    Phew!!! That's good to know? Tonight I'm going to sleep like a baby and I am now so hiped up for next year! No more apartheid and oppression anc, we as a country proved to the world that it is possible to rise above institutionalised racism, hatred, colonial oppression and apartheid!!

      craigtjames - 2011-12-30 15:33

      Remember, you can now sleep with your door open.

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-30 14:36

    I am sure it did for U Jacob. U must be a couple of million richer than you where. As for the rest of us we paying out our hard earned pennies on extreme electric and fuel bills.

  • H?go_Kr?ger - 2011-12-30 14:40

    What exactly is 'unity', unity at whose will?

  • spartanx93 - 2011-12-30 14:42

    Every year that starts and ends with the ANC is a bad year!!

  • Themba - 2011-12-30 14:43

    What country is he talking about? Definitely not the one he's meant to be running.

      Anita Harms - 2011-12-30 19:16

      Maybe he read his job description as "ruining" instead of "running" the country!

      Anita Harms - 2011-12-30 19:16

      Maybe he read his job description as "ruining" instead of "running" the country!

  • vasi.vythilingam - 2011-12-30 14:48

    It was also a bumper year for most ministers as their pockets were filled with tax-payers hard-earned money. I'm sure 2012 will bring even more joy to existing & new-appointed ministers. Well done JZ!

  • Shirley - 2011-12-30 14:50

    The pres has been at the thinners again! South Africas successes were:convicting police commisioner and then allowing him to spend his days pampered in hospital,suspending juju and allowing him to remain in ancyl to widen the racial devide,wasting millions on a defunct toll system,encouraging all corrupt government officials to stay hard at corrupton by turning a blind eye,anabling eskom to charge more and more so they can get bigger bonuses,denying the Dalai Lama to visit his friend for a birthday part,allowing ministers to hire private planes because they wont go through airport security, oh and 1 of my favourites is the blue lightbrigade who are slowy culling the population on the way to their "urgent" golf games! There is so much more but our dear Pres thinks we have done well!!! Talk about being in denial!

      Mike - 2011-12-30 14:56

      Amen Sister, Amen!! You coul've added more, but they only allow you 1,000,000 lines per article! HNY!!

      Andrew - 2011-12-30 15:19

      I think JZ must have a new pair of spectacles with rose coloured lenses and mixed thinners with his wine. Amongst his achievements is the more than doubling his voyager miles on all his foreign country visits. Appointing additional cabinet members so as to reduce the workload on his lazy Ministers who travel with him. Having expanded his cabinet needed to purchase additional homes for these extras, firstly in Pretoria allowing his Public Works department to spend Some R72m on houses at above market value, then renovate these at R11.4m and increase security measures at R8.5m. Then because they will also need houses in Cape Town spent another R116m and this amount does not include renovations or security upgrades. Dont forget the large sums spent on upgrades to official residences to suit the President. Almost forgot about the R62m hospital for cabinet members in Pretoria. Yes Mr President your year ended better than it started as your luxury life style has been upgraded while the average SA Citizen has had to curtail and cut down on their living standards. Well done to this caring government.

      Wes - 2011-12-30 15:44

      Cops warn against false reports. Those who report false information risk being charged and found guilty of perjury, with punishment varying depending on the context and circumstances of the case, said Ngubane. This is the latest link under 2011 ended worse

  • Cheryl - 2011-12-30 14:54

    i would vote ANC if i was confident that they werent robbing this country blind... currently my confidence level and trust is sitting at about 1%, and am still not sure even zuma himslef isnt stealing......

  • Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 14:58

    We have made visible progress in reducing serious and violent crimes, in improving health care, rural development, education, social security and the general expansion of access to basic services," he said.........I don't agree with this at all

      Gregory Jurgens - 2011-12-30 15:16

      Visible only to the blind.

      craigtjames - 2011-12-30 15:37

      11 people very close to us have been mugged, attacked and robbed - 2 of them in one family murdered(got away with a cell phone) - the most in any year. I am sure many posters have a similar story. Yeah right - we believe everything you say ZUMA (Zero Understanding of Managing Affairs)

      Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 15:54

      We read of a lady in Richards Bay that was raped in front of her teen sons, and the list can go on. I am trying to figure how did he reach the statement by saying violent and serious crimes have been reduced. He has bodyguards surrounding him 24/7, we the public have to live in constant fear of either having our homes broken into, brutally raped or murdered. Perhaps he is reading or watching different updates to us.

      Jerhone - 2011-12-30 15:57

      if you are an ANC ZOMBIE YOU WILL

      Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 16:03

      LMAO the ANC religious believers will be down thumbing all those that are not in agreement with what Zuma said!!!!

  • Riaan - 2011-12-30 14:58

    Who is this clown trying to fool? Probably the illiterate and semi-illiterate (current high school graduates) masses. I see this illiterate buffoon is still harping on about the evil apartheid that the ANC (pelease!) defeated. That is so 1990's. What has the ANC to show for 17 years of mis-rule?

  • Shirley - 2011-12-30 14:59

    Mike: It would of taken 2 days typing 24/7 and that would of been the hi-lites!HNYTU!!!!!

  • rowen.loretz - 2011-12-30 15:09

    Ja Ja showerhead , and 2012 will start with a bang!

      Lara - 2011-12-30 15:43

      No! If it's his bang we'll have one more presidential child to support.

      Jerhone - 2011-12-30 15:58

      A bang and another child for the taxpayer

      rowen.loretz - 2011-12-31 01:03

      and maybe a few more wives will be added to his stockpile...cause he can support many with taxpayers money.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2011-12-30 15:12

    Mr President, what about the jobs?

      Trevor - 2011-12-30 15:23

      Well if they did not steal the taxpayers heard earned money and use it in areas it was MEANT for and Julius did not make these Mine/Land grab statements, SA would be MUCH better off. Who wants to invest in a country that is Number 1 in Africa with regards to corruption/bribery and has it's leaders calling for Nationalisation...if you skilled, get into the world market while you can.

      Jerhone - 2011-12-30 15:59

      did you not get one of the five million jobs santa zuma promised ?

      Yar - 2012-01-01 09:25

      Yes - I seem to remember a promise of 600,000 jobs this year?

  • Sharon - 2011-12-30 15:16

    South Africa joined BRIC during the spring of 2011, but has anyone else noticed that the "S" at the end of BRICS has been subtly dropped? JZ made massive promises at the beginning of the year re job creation, fully expecting that BRICS will bring this about, but what happened? These countries would rather invest in Mozambique and Botswana, because their infrastructure is better. Also the people from these countries don't demand the unrealistic wage increases, are more productive and less destructive. In a nutshell, we've been dropped.

  • buddy.melville - 2011-12-30 15:17 need we say more, your success is measured on how poor you could do

  • Garth - 2011-12-30 15:18

    Are we deaf? Are we blind? Are we stupid?(non-anc supporters only . . .) `"We have made visible progress in reducing serious and violent crimes,' Who, with a brain, does this . . . person think that he is fooling? What year is he living in? And damn, boy, what country are you talking about? Case in point: `. . . build on its ruins a modern democracy which enshrines justice, human rights and dignity." Stop drinking stuff out of those paint tins. They obviously have not been cleaned properly. You are poisoning yourself . . . oh, hang on . . . never mind. `"We have an opportunity to showcase our country's remarkable successes, given the historic celebration of the centenary of the ruling party, on January 8, 2012.' Yeah, well you had better hope that kiddie amin and his Blue Label brigade don't ruin your party, herd-boy.

  • Trevor - 2011-12-30 15:19

    My first act in 2012 is to de-reg as a SA taxpayer,paperwork done, and go work where the colour of your skin does not supercede your skills,China..LMAO...Shower boy Zuma as Julius calls you now, you do know how to make the most idiotic statements, finishing your year as your started...

      Jerhone - 2011-12-30 16:07

      don't forget that genius MAC FROM THE GARAGE prepared this wonderfull speach

  • Deeteem - 2011-12-30 15:24

    "2011 ended better than it started - Zuma" How the f&&k would you know idiot ? I started the year unemployed and ended it the same way !!

      acsteyn - 2011-12-30 15:42

      Deeteem, that means he succeeded.

  • Beetroot - 2011-12-30 15:31

    JZ can kiss my arse. He did absolutely nothing but drag the governments knuckles from rally to rally. A disgrace to start off with by having 5 wives. Your culture is not justified when you drag your failing government around the bush doing exactly what you should not. Mudsucker Malema has beaten you and has proved to the republic you are spineless. The DA province has given the ANC a run for their money and even with the subversive tactics of the ANC still have failed. Look at the Limpopo Province. Biggest departmental failure as a whole. Carry on with the shower mentality.

  • acsteyn - 2011-12-30 15:40

    J forgot to mention the increasing insecurity in terms of Affirmative Action. First the white males, now potentially white women and white handicapped people. Who does the this racial discrmination benefit? Only a handful of the Black Elite. AA is normally reserved for minority groups, and the response that this action serves to rectify the wrongs of the past is rubbish. The same poor black people remain poor. Education is a total shambles and the very people who should benefit from it to be competitive in future job markets remain uneducated. And all of this after almost 2 decades. And 2011 is a good year end? I think not. Not too worry, treat them like mushrooms, Mac and Julius will help you. And Oh, don't forget to wear Julius's new designer clothes all made in the China of South Africa. Julius my baby, you stalwart of the supporter of the poor and down-trodden.

      acsteyn - 2011-12-30 15:42

      When will the DA get on to this?

  • Mboma - 2011-12-30 15:42

    JZ sound more like the president of Botswana

  • Jerhone - 2011-12-30 15:54

    why did you steal more than in the beginning of the year?

  • Charmaine - 2011-12-30 15:59

    Well this is what the believers are praying for, instead of disputing we should all mend our conducts and repent. Do not blame everything Zuma, he may have his faults, but, Hey, give the man a break. It is a tough job for him, lets look on the positive changes that he has accomplished instead of bashing his head out. Zip it, you people, God is at Work here, and you that call yourselves Muslims and Christians must be that Last to open your mouths. What did you people do for us Blacks here in this Country? God is One and Only God knows what is going on in this world. So, if you people have nothing nice to say, Just Zip it>

      Shirley - 2011-12-30 16:14

      Denial,denial,denial! P.s for someone who is so full of God you are rather nasty. Even God allows free will to like/dislike who they choose. Leave God out of it because you are insulting every christian by saying God is at work in this CORUPT government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      rowen.loretz - 2011-12-30 16:19

      @ you have blinkers on? He is corrupt and only in it for himself...He should pack his bags and go. We need to pray for good leaders , not bad ones

      Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 16:31

      You speak of God, yet tell the Muslims and Christians to keep their mouths shut, double standards I must say. And NO GOD IS NOT WORKING HERE, IF HE WAS THE ANC GOVERNMENT WOULD NO LONGER BE!! So God only works on behalf of further comment.

      Beetroot - 2011-12-30 16:51


      goyougoodthing - 2011-12-30 17:26

      Charmaine you deserve the president you get, and the commensurate shambles. Your God won't save you from the ANC.

  • Willie - 2011-12-30 16:03

    "...celebrate the country's political heritage..." we really ,really do not care about that we want: 1 the economy to grow 2 corruption to be dealt with decisively 3 jobs for unqualified comrades to come to an end 4 At lastly Mr President fire all your advisors 5and the most crucial thing pass an act that will allow you to ssupend supect public servants without pay,this will stop the rot have nice day

  • Derk - 2011-12-30 16:22

    what is this guy smoking?

      Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 16:32

      tea leaves

      Beetroot - 2011-12-30 16:54

      Beetroot and onions....

  • Alva - 2011-12-30 17:08

    This is the best bit. " and build on its ruins a modern democracy which enshrines justice, human rights and dignity." LMAO! There are 4 words here that just can't be used in the same sentence with Zuma - Build, democracy, justice and dignity!

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2011-12-30 17:30

    Let's wait how many are you going to impregnate and marry next year. The R400 M bunker you are building for your family would be complete by next year.

      Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 17:42

      And while the masses live in abject poverty, and are kept illiterate, yet they will believe the deception he spews out of his mouth. He should be ashamed!!

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2011-12-30 17:31

    Let's wait and see how many are you going to impregnate and marry next year. The R400 M bunker you are building for your family would be complete by next year.

  • Lloyd - 2011-12-30 18:09

    ....with a lot of people dying on the is that better???

  • Garthn - 2011-12-30 18:15

    Racism is a key feature of the current government - call it BEE or BEEEEEEEE or whatever - it is fundamentally, unequivocally and undeniably racism. So far from "rising above institutional racism", President Zuma is at the head of it.

  • Perfume5 - 2011-12-30 18:28

    You right Zuma it did end better for the ANC officials in 2011, with all the misappropriation of the taxpayers money. Perhaps you hoping that 2012 will be a glorious year for you all, the poor will stay poor, the homeless will stay homeless, and the masses will continue living in shacks. Now that is a bitter pill you should be swallowing, allowing people to live in squalor, whilst you and your thieving gang live in the LAP OF LUXURY!!

  • Chaapo - 2011-12-30 18:48

    Am sure he would wish to be in Mugabe's position where he could cast blame for the slow or non-existent developement on equally non-existent sanctions.

  • Jason Morgan - 2011-12-30 19:52

    He is one of the flamboyant character's to ever lead south Africa together with his golden penis. He is a vladamir putin of south Africa.

  • jaap.kotze - 2011-12-30 19:56

    Ended better than it started. Yes he got one more wife, and a girlfriend, and what else?

  • raymond.kok3 - 2011-12-30 23:38

    it must be nice to live in lalla land where you life because the stats that you see and the crime we see daily just dont add up , please give some of what you are smoking so that we can also be on cloud nine

      Peter - 2011-12-30 23:52

      What planet is showerhead on and what planet actually dropped all his masses on earth, can we ever find out. The rest of the world is still looking for the missing link, well guess what its here in south africa everywhere you look around

  • Mike - 2011-12-31 14:15

    For who?????

  • Richard - 2012-01-01 10:59

    Predictions for 2012, I may possibly shamelessly punt my own material, starting with my predictions for Johannesburg 2012.

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