9 000 sign Gauteng toll petition

2011-09-01 15:38

Johannesburg - The DA has submitted a petition to the Gauteng Legislature with over 9 000 signatures against the proposed Gauteng toll system, it said on Thursday.

"We the undersigned demand that the highway toll system be halted," the petition read, according to Democratic Alliance MPL Neil Campbell.

"The costs of these tolls are too high, too complicated and unaffordable."

The signatures were gathered from people on some of the party's internet sites.

Campbell said the petition would now be considered by the Petitions and Public Participation Committee.

Public hearings

"The DA will push for public hearings where ordinary people can make a real input and be listened to properly," Campbell said.

"The DA is not giving up the fight against the toll fees. It can be reversed if there is enough public pressure."

Deputy Transport Minister Jeremy Cronin announced last month that cabinet had approved reduced toll tariffs for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) phase A1.

Motorcyclists would pay 24 cents a kilometre, light motor vehicles 40 cents, medium vehicles R1, and "longer" vehicles R2.

Qualifying commuter taxis and buses would be exempted entirely.

In addition to the 31% e-tag discount, other discounts applicable would be a time of day discount available to all vehicles, and a frequent user discount for motorcycles and light motor vehicles fitted with an e-tag.


Political parties, trade unions, non-government organisations and civil society reacted with anger to the announcement.

The Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) threatened to strike if the policy was not scrapped, and the Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa) said it would join in.

Automobile Association (AA) spokesperson Gary Ronald said it appeared that all intentions of a fund to alleviate tolling had disappeared, leaving the public to foot the bill.

Business Unity SA (Busa) said the e-tolling system would introduce significant administrative and cost complexity for business that would be felt right across the spectrum by the tourism industry, manufacturers, and small business.

  • Nicolai - 2011-09-01 15:43

    Where is this petition? I want to sign it ASAP :). Thanks to the D.A, Cosatu, A.A and all companies and entities that are helping the people of Gauteng fight this!! :)

      Man.Dumisani - 2011-09-01 15:58

      Me too! This ANC government is overtaxing our workforce. I thought the tax levies on fuel was supposed to cover road maintenance ??? Where is this tax going? This is not better life for all. Only for ANC elite.

      (YNPL) Youth in need of a proper leader - 2011-09-01 15:59

      I agree, who ever knows bout the where abouts of this petition, speel the beans.

      York Hunt - 2011-09-01 16:00

      Someone has to pay for the toll system...

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:08

      i asked myself the same question, where is the damn petition!! please I have a million others waiting to put their million dollar signatures on it, or was it only ciculated in the DA domain? that is

      Jabu - 2011-09-01 16:08

      I also want to sign it, please c'mmon DA, give it to us all. I can tell u that if more than 70% of the motorists sign this petition, the ANC government will be forced to stop this exorbitant toll fee.

      Derrick - 2011-09-01 16:11

      The DA was in Joburg approaching people asking them to sign.

      sganja - 2011-09-01 16:12

      I also want to sign it please bring it....

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:13

      what about PTA?

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:14

      I found it:

      13th apostle - 2011-09-01 16:16

      so we have pay toll fees,which in turns mean evrything else goes up,as it is the price of electricty is killing me,most commodities need to reach the destination by road, in the bigger scheme of things 40c for passangers car ro 2 rand for a truck,it's absolute murder,please help us DA please cosatu please!!!!

      J Burnstein - 2011-09-01 16:19

      I would of signed it also. 9000 signatures is pathetic!!!! It shows Sanral and the Government that mostly everyone agrees to paying the tolls.

      Bokkie 36 - 2011-09-01 16:23

      @York Hunt. We already have and are still paying via various petrol levies, licenses, and taxes!!

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:24

      I have just added signature 9912 on . ANC - get stuffed!!! Backroads only till this nonsense is canned

      ReThan - 2011-09-01 16:41


      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:47

      Just passed 10 000 signatures :)

      THE.SRG - 2011-09-01 17:22

      I just did my part....everyone do yours and sign it

      Gazza69 - 2011-09-08 09:37

      Only 9000? let me sign as well!!!

  • Spawn - 2011-09-01 15:46

    Why does it ALWAYS seem that the DA is working hard and doing GOOD things for the country whilst the ANC is involved only in enriching itself? Could it be that it is TRUE?

      Spookhuis - 2011-09-01 15:51

      YES Spawn it is true.

      anonymous - 2011-09-01 15:56

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 15:58

      because the media puts it that way?

      DW - 2011-09-01 16:03

      Phiwe, it may be that the media report this, but that does not detract from the facts in the matter. If you have other facts which disprove what the DA is stating in this matter, please come forward and tell us more. Please justify these tolls to us, because right now all I see is a massive tender which was given to someone to build roads without proper procedure to ensure that the economy could afford it. And now the roads are falling apart before the tolls are even applicable. So who is TRULY at fault here? The DA? Cosatu? The AA? The media? Or could it be that they are right and that the ANC cocked it up?

      sganja - 2011-09-01 16:16

      Spawn Please sign and stop complaining.Always blaming Anc

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:16

      I'm not saying what Zille is saying is wrong per se but responding to a statement that had nothing to do with what Zille says. A statement that rather says that Zille always does good, ANC always does bad. I'm not saying Zille is not doing good but the ANC is not JUST doing bad, they are doing good things too. And the media will not pay too much attention to that because it wouldnt satisfy people like the people here, who like nothing more than to hold on to a dillusional vice of a bad-doing ANC. I will add that I dont think the ANC dont do bad either but there is good they are doing which will nver get published by far right media outlets. Which makes most of SA media houses. On the tax argument. There are valid arguments for and against a congestion charge. I support it because it will mean that those areas will be less congested. Currently they are over congested and a cause of much pain. And if you want to know the negative impact of over congestion on road, google it and see.

      Thor - 2011-09-01 16:47

      Phiwe so name some good things. I can agree on some good but the bad is so bad that it cannot be outdone by the good. People are suffering not becasue of evil media reporting but because nothing has been done with the billions paid to goverment in tax. This is fact Rand for rand the bad by the anc far excedes the good. Worst is they are not accepting responsibility for the bad or make any attempt to correct. Sorry

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:55

      The information given by the government on tax spending is the best available in the world. So go check it out and see where the tax money is going. Anyone can find out, with a freedom to information request, not that is it needed because the information is in the public domain. In 1994, 62% of households had clean drinking water, now 93% of households have access to clean drinking water. In 1994, 34% of households had electricity, now 84% do. Since 1994, 435 houses have been built for poor people per DAY in South Africa. That is just to name a few!

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:00

      and Thor I would disagree and argue that the good outstrips the bad. The only reason you think the bad outstrips the good is because the bad, few as they are, are exploded and sensationalised thus creating an unbalanced impression of everything being bad. Most of the media in SA is far right afterall. Hey I may be wrong but I think I am right. As per ;)

      Taurusaurus - 2011-09-01 17:07

      Phiwe, evidently you do not own or operate any form of road vehicle, otherwise you would understand how anti-intelligent (worse than stupid) the notion of this proposition is. We already fork over BUCKETS of money on fuel, maintenance, insurance, repairs (when necessary), and toll gates (where already in existence), and now we must pay the equivelant of up to R1 - R2 more PER KM we drive??? Just up the petrol price and skim off the money as a "tax" - oh, but that's corrupt. Maybe the ANC will try it, those damn chimps. So before you start harping on about "this tax will be good", start thinking, "who will it be good for?" - the answer is the ANC. They will take all the money, and everyone will just get WARPED ROADS like in Johannesburg. Oh, and the cost of increased transport will make food, household products, and EVERYTHING in South Africa FAR MORE EXPENSIVE!! Next time, try use that tiny thing in your skull called a brain. Its not there for decoration!

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:16

      taxes ultimately are good for the nation, not a political party. it is with taxes that doctors & nurses are paid and many other public sector services. I did say there are valid arguments for and against it. I am for it for the reasons I gave which are valid. Your argument is that you pay too much already for the upkeep of your car. If you cant afford it there's always public transport ;) How will a road congestion tax lead to expensive food and expensive EVERYTHING in SA? If there is a problem of overcongestion in those areas then by all means the tax should be imposed. The tax should deter people from overusing those areas.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:26

      however I cant help your cynical nature when it comes to the ANC. Tax money in SA is the only money one can be relatively confident about where it is going. It would make no sense for SA to give some much information with regards to where taxes go, voted the most open in the world, if they plan to take them for their own pockets. argues that the more open the country is the less likely they will be corrupt and mispend public money. Guess what SA is ranked number 1 there and what does that mean? Less likely to be corrupt with tax and less likely to watse and mispend public money Please dislike :)

      ffaarg - 2011-09-08 09:43

      @Phiwe "We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." Winston Churchill

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-09-01 15:52

    The cherry on the top is that taxis are excluded and don't have to pay. That alone is a load of BS!!!

      Taurusaurus - 2011-09-01 17:08

      Qaulifying Taxi's - BEE / AA trolls who help "steal money from whites", obviously. Its discrimination. Its racism. Its unconstitutional. I want to appeal to the Constitutional Court to abolish BEE / AA because it is currently in violation of the South African Constitution!!!!! Maybe I should. Maybe I will!! SCREW BEE / AA!!!

  • malcolm - 2011-09-01 15:54

    Whoopy doo!! Try 9 million and we might make a difference.

      Taurusaurus - 2011-09-01 17:11

      Stop trolling. Votes are at over 10,000 already. It already qualifies for consideration. More makes it stand stronger. And if the pooses push for implementation anyway, we just do like the striking municipal workers - burn it down, throw rocks and bricks, make the toll system unworkable. Nobody is going to force BS policies on road users to line their pockets further, especially not when "Qualifying Taxi's" (BEE / AA, who helps steal wealth from whites) don't have to pay ANYTHING. Bloody discriminating agents.

  • GypseyAnn - 2011-09-01 15:54

    I want to sign this petition as well. Have signed all the others and will back the DA, Cosatu and anyone else involved all the way!

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:21

  • Buffoon - 2011-09-01 15:57

    Probably collected those signatures in an hour

  • Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:00

    If there is great congestion, unbearable congestion in those zones then a tax has to be paid for that, a congestion charge if you like. Similar to the London one.

      Mike or Mpho - 2011-09-01 16:11

      Rubbish! those indicators just mean that the roads were not sufficiently upgraded according to the masterplan of the municipality. I have a sneaky suspicion that the money for the upgrades disappeared deep within the ANC.

      Chris - 2011-09-01 16:13

      if there is congestion... they use the emergency lane... stop in the middle of the intersections...(noone can move then) or simply do not stop at a red light or stop sign

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:19

      I cant help people's cynical nature when it comes to African people.

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:20

      A congestion charge will mean less congestion as fewer people are likely to overuse that particular route. That is how you reduce congestion

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 16:30

      are not likely to overuse...*

      Bess - 2011-09-01 17:42

      A Congestion toll, Phiwe means that those privileged enough to afford the toll will be relieved of congestion, and the freeways (for which we ALL paid) will be for your exclusive use only. Us poorer folk will be pushed off the freeways to suffer massive congestion on the backrout. Economic Discrimination at its Best, wouldn't you say, mr privilege Phiwe??

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:45

      *sigh* precisely

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:48

      yes how poor you are. You have a computer. You are absolutely in poverty arent you?

      Phiwe - 2011-09-01 17:56

      Look up the negative impacts of over congestion and you'll see.

  • Fedup - 2011-09-01 16:00

    I really need to sign this as well, can someone from the DA let us know where to download it perhaps?

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:21

      Fedup - 2011-09-01 16:23

      Thanx Nicolai

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:23

      it is on

      Braddle - 2011-09-01 16:25

  • TheMagician - 2011-09-01 16:02

    this da peitition means nothing in court ahahahaha what is this a joke??? listen people we need toll gates to maintain the road infrastructure as well as for government to make a little money to pump into other areas of service delivery.... current tax earnings does not cut the mustard to maintain the roads.... anyway i dont mind paying tolls if it means i will have the roads to myself.... a range rover sport from JHB to pretoria costs me alot of money with all the traffic congestion due to other drivers on the if high tolls means less people on the road then i will have a blue label to that and say Viva amandla!!! yebo yes!!!

      Man.Dumisani - 2011-09-01 16:04

      Then why do we pay car licenses annually and fuel levy tax on all fuel per litre ??? I think this ANC is stealing from us.

      PinkAndProud - 2011-09-01 16:07

      LMAO! The taxis will be on the highway and they're travelling for free. Imagine the chaos with no other cars to stop them from doing what they're doing!!!

      Spookhuis - 2011-09-01 16:15

      Don't you Loot Freely House people ever work?

      Wayne Hayes - 2011-09-01 16:17

      First of all you are way too stupid to own a Range Rover and your are definitely not in government. Take your nonsense elsewhere you chimp.

      Braddle - 2011-09-01 16:20

      Shame boykie, go back to bed before you get hurt... You are not looking at the bigger picture, you are just looking at that fact that the highway will be clear. What you dont see is that all the back roads around where you live will be congested, food prices will go up, clothing prices will go up, petrol prices will also have to go up. So therefore you will be paying alot more than what you think, plus you Range Rover Sports will cost even more to fill up (Judging by the vehicle you drive, it tells me that you are well paid anyway)... We are already taxed to death and if that isn't covering everything the government needs then they need to look at reducing their expendature, like flashy cars, holidays for friends and family, Blue label whisky etc etc... Basically, looking at you stiff stiff upper lip British comment, you are saying the the majority of people agaist these tolls are wrong?? I don't think we are wrong, considdering we already pay road tax everytime we fill up and pay license fees, we are all looking at the bigger picture; you may be able to afford the life you live, again judging by the car you drive, and pay extra tax for road usage, but there are people out there who will not be able to afford it at all. So WAKE UP!!!

      Wayne Hayes - 2011-09-01 16:22

      Why do they not impose luxury car tax as they do in Australia?

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:40

      I really hope this dude is being sarcastic... because otherwise he'd be a complete ...

      George - 2011-09-01 17:27


  • Colline - 2011-09-01 16:02

    where's that petition?? I'LL SIGN.and so will everyone i know.

      sganja - 2011-09-01 16:19

      Yes I will

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:21

      Braddle - 2011-09-01 16:25

  • Cyril - 2011-09-01 16:06


  • ZCV - 2011-09-01 16:07

    Only 9000? Wish there list were beter destrubuted, I would have sighed it and I am sure alot of other Gauteng road users would have done the same....

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:21

  • Casie - 2011-09-01 16:08

    9000? That is the proof that people are OK with tolls. DA is not helping at all, actually with this numbers they are giving the proof that only tiny minority has something against the toll fees.

  • SabaticalG - 2011-09-01 16:08

    Nice south africa working together!!!

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:15

      How nice! hey, you can say that again!

      J Burnstein - 2011-09-01 16:24

      Where are we working together? 9000 signatures is pathetic!!! It shows that mostly all south africans are OK with the proposed tolls. Catch a wake up man!

  • baudumpho - 2011-09-01 16:09

    I want to sign the petition also. Cosatu please advise on the strike date. i am not a member but i will join the march for tolls

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:20

  • Jubes - 2011-09-01 16:10

    Where do I sign up?!!?

      Nicolai - 2011-09-01 16:20

  • tabza - 2011-09-01 16:12

    guys you wasting your time, the tolls are being erected already you should have done this when this was still in talks.hell no you gonna get my signature, this is good for us people who are owning taxis because we not gonna pay any cent and this will drive you people to use taxis which is more business to us.when we toyi-toyi and demonstrate you calling us names but saying that we are lazy now you want our support .i wish the government can triple the fees .in the next coming six months my business we be booming.

      Dingaan - 2011-09-01 16:19

      Will never put a foot in your taxi. I will rather die from drinking poison.

      Wayne Hayes - 2011-09-01 16:20

      I would simply buy a secondhand kombi and register it as a taxi, problem solved. You are not very clever hey.

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:22

      @Tabza....Eish taxi owner/driver mentality, only thinking about what you will benefit, these tollgates are not only for taxis slima so mzulu (Idiot taxi owner/aka Zulu. I wonder if you apply the same rules in your house, feel sorry for your wife and poor kids, probably run over your wife and kids in the house too...shame on you!

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:25

      I like your thinking Wayne..

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:27

      Is your taxi at least safe? Like, no windows patched up with sellotape, no broken speedometer, no broken indicators... Tip - ban "big mamas" from the back seat, trust me I know how painful it is to have 4 in the back row and a huge mama is squashing you...

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:28

      @ Tabza - we think of everything hey. I've been taking + planning back roads for over a year now, so I will never have to use the toll roads... sorry, but hey you got at least 18 months of taxi fares out of this mlungu until I got a car ;-)

      Lovenergy - 2011-09-01 16:28

      How selfish...maybe if you kept your taxi's in a good condition and got your drivers to drive better then you business would increase on it's own...just a thought...

      Braddle - 2011-09-01 17:41

      Don't forget, the tolls will raise the petrol price dude, due to the tankers having to pay the toll fee's, so naturally you will be paying a higher tax anyway. By the government saying "taxi's will be exempt from road tax" was their way of letting sleeping dogs lie. They know full well that they will get their money's worth from you when you fill up, by food, by clothes etc, etc. This means you will have to put your prices up to cover the increases and the people will use taxis less and less due to the higher prices. So you see, no will wins here except for the corrupt government, which you naturally voted for... Enjoy trying to work this one out...

  • mokgalaka - 2011-09-01 16:14


      sganja - 2011-09-01 16:22

      Although I agree with them I can't say Viva to Helen Zille. No

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:28

      I like the idea hey, if only the patition was widely distributed, I am sure everyone driving a car in Jhb was going to sign, regardless of race or political party. Nice one Madam.

      ANCYL4PRES - 2011-09-01 16:29

      sganja, eish....please let us learn to give credit where it's due. Amandla to Madam!

  • Chris - 2011-09-01 16:15

  • musdef - 2011-09-01 16:18

    Isn't 9000 a bit too low considering Gauteng's population? The DA, always the mosquito in ones tent.

  • CtC - 2011-09-01 16:19

    To be a fair toll systems to be tolled per kilometer, each and every on/offramp should have a tollgate. This will ensure that you are charged for the distance you have just travelled or are about to travel. Taxes on fuel on tolled roads should also be deducted off the fuel price at filling stations on tolled roads. I will then consider to pay the fees, before that, bugger off.

      Wayne Hayes - 2011-09-01 16:33

      Luxury car tax would be proper as you would tax those who pollute the air more and be able to actually afford the tax. Taxing a student R800 a month and a CEO the same is a bit unfair.

  • MJ77 - 2011-09-01 16:22

    Only 9000. Seems like the DA didn't put much effort into this.

  • MattQ4 - 2011-09-01 16:23

    We need another petition against the proposed Cape Town toll roads and the NHI and the "White Tax" and the NCA in fact we need a bloody anti-ANC petition

  • jakkals - 2011-09-01 16:25

    WAIT?~! I haven't sign it also!

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:29

  • Trumpi - 2011-09-01 16:28

    Nice try, but the ANC do what they want to anyway. :'(

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-01 16:29

      Yeah they don't care about us... only about their darn BMWs and houses

  • tabza - 2011-09-01 16:31

    i know you guys will never toyi-toyi you are to delicate and clean to see yourselves running wild in the streets of gauteng burning tyres and looting . so stop yadayading and go and order the toll e-tags they are now available at SANRAL'S website , i heard they say they come in two diffrent designs thats one for angled screens and one for straight screens.

  • DJGRAHAM - 2011-09-01 16:32

    No to toll fees .

  • Bokkie 36 - 2011-09-01 16:36

    This post of mine will probably not be published, for one can not say anything positive about the Freedom Front, and it gets shot down, but, quite a few months ago the Freedom Front already circulated a petition for non -payment of these tolls, and as far as I know, it was very well supported, it was handed in, but no one seems to know what was done about it by the powers that be.

  • tabza - 2011-09-01 16:36

    Matt :-) - its a new quantum very spacious with aircon and you watch free movies .

  • chirpee24 - 2011-09-01 16:37

    Seems to me that to have a taxi is da schnizzle!! You don't have to pay to use the roads, you dont have to adhere to the minimum standards set by the authorities and you can drive like a hooligan. Damn, I'm so going to get myself a minibus, spray "China Girls" on the back window and burn some rubber!!!

  • @SondisaHerself - 2011-09-01 16:44

    I saw the petition and ignored it. Bring it...I wanna sign.

  • blydza - 2011-09-01 16:44

    It is so simple. Dont buy an etag, swop your number plate. they will never find you and if enough people do it the system will crash. End of story.

  • ProsAndCons - 2011-09-01 16:51

    10 025 signatures as at 16:43.

  • Sivuyile Mqingwana - 2011-09-01 16:55

    How come I never got to see this petition! I would like to Sign! Sign! Sign!!!

  • Nathan Veitch - 2011-09-01 16:58

    Can the Auditor General investigate this?

  • - 2011-09-01 17:01

    Where is that petition, want to sign right now...

  • - 2011-09-01 17:04

    Where is that petition...I want to sign it right away.

  • George - 2011-09-01 17:23

    As far as im concerend, the FF+(AND..i do not subscribe) had something similar some months back with over a 100 000 sigs...what whiteys are to damned scared to stand up and say ENOUGH.......

      Bokkie 36 - 2011-09-01 18:17

      You are right George, and, as I said in an earlier post, it was totally ignored by whoever it was received by.P Probably shoved in file 13 somewhere

  • Sentor - 2011-09-01 17:32

    Just remember that in the late in 1996/7 83 000 voted against centralisation of Johannesburg's administration in a referendum organised by ratepayers with the help of the DA. The referendum was organised in Sandton and parts of Rooderport. The ANC ignored those votes so if they go true to form this will be just another petition which is ignored. Given the undemocratic top-down nature of the ANC it is little wonder that their own voters resort to vandalism and violence to get heard.

      Braddle - 2011-09-01 17:45

      Very true

  • Seth - 2011-09-01 17:46

    And this is how the ANC increases poverty by forcing small businesses to scale down transport or cut jobs to make up for running costs. Not to mention increase prices of all transported goods in townships where the poorest buy groceries. This bill is counter revolutionary as it handicaps black economic freedom. All I'm saying is, a party cannot set goals and take actions to counter those goals. It is incompetence at best and treason against your supporters at worst.

  • Travis Vermaak - 2011-09-01 17:51

    I want to sign it too please post a link. When I first heard of the e-tolling my first thought was which governement official or cronie stood to gain from this.

      Bokkie 36 - 2011-09-01 18:21

      Scroll back, there are several places where the link is given to: "Stop highway robbery"which is the one you want

  • RighteousJester - 2011-09-01 18:05

    +1 to DA. Where do I sign?

  • Wow! - 2011-09-01 18:26

    Where iss that petition? I want to sign it. I believe that if they go ahead with this, we the motorists should make it unworkable.

  • Sanet - 2011-09-01 18:29

    @ Nicolai - thanks for the link, sending it to other people as well. 10K people already signed so we are getting there

  • ian.d.samson - 2011-09-01 18:36

    Humpf! Don't hold your breath! When last did this ANC Government listen to the DA? When last did the DA succeed in changing the ANC Government's mind about anything? Eish, big deal! Like THIS government will listen to 9000 people in Gauteng, out of a population of tens of millions? Get real!

  • AnnĂ© Leonard - 2011-09-01 18:55

    Petition against the Guateng toll fees:

  • Hendricus - 2011-09-01 22:03

    Phiwe you are posting way too many comments. Do you even have a job? I think the only reason you are for the tolls is because 1: you use taxis for transport or 2: you are a government employee that benefit from this toll.

  • PHILLIP MABASO - 2011-09-01 22:13

    BIG!!!!! UP!!!! TO!!! DA!!."THIS ALL I CAN SAY".

  • Geezzo - 2011-09-02 07:30

    @York Hunt, then you pay them,

  • Wolfie - 2011-09-02 07:33

    Toll gates should be broken down like they did in France. Where has all the money gone from the toll gates already in place around Pretoria?