ACDP: Zuma needs sex addict help

2010-03-18 22:42

Cape Town - The ACDP on Thursday urged President Jacob Zuma to seek counselling and sex addiction therapy.

Speaking in the National Assembly in support of a Congress of the People motion of no confidence in Zuma, African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Meshoe said Zuma had made the nation "the laughing stock of the world by his carelessness and repeated moral failures".

"He has undermined his own government's safe sex message by having sex with a woman he was not married to, without a condom.

"On behalf of the ACDP, I advised the president to seek counselling and sex addiction therapy as was recommended to (golfer) Tiger Woods, who also had a similar problem of sleeping around.

"As the president rejected our advice, we have decided to support this motion of no confidence in him," Meshoe said.

Corruption crisis

The ACDP leader said the second problem with Zuma was that corruption seemed to be getting out of hand under his leadership.

Tender processes were undermined, thus benefiting a few connected individuals while the poor were getting poorer.

Under his government and leadership, state spending had increased substantially, the latest addition being the more than R15m taxpayers would have to pay to maintain his three wives.

"Lastly, he has failed to show overall leadership in times of crisis and violent protests caused by poor service delivery."