AG must probe public works' wasteful spending: DA

2011-12-15 08:32

Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance is asking the auditor general to investigate fruitless and wasteful spending on public relations firms "hired" by the public works department to "salvage the image" of the beleaguered former minister Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde.

In September 2011, the department paid more than R500 000 to Mpine M Consulting to provide public relations services and help strengthen media expertise within the department, DA spokesperson John Steenhuisen said on Wednesday.

An additional R320 000 was reportedly paid over a two-month period to public relations company Siyeluleka Consulting.

However, a reply to a parliamentary question revealed that the department had a fully-fledged communications and marketing unit, employing 27 people.

The senior management in the unit had more than 60 years’ accumulative experience in the field, a "fact itself pre-supposing depth, capacity, and capability", he said.

The question was why did former minister spend over R800 000 on PR firms when she already had such expertise at her disposal?

"Clearly the expenditure in this department should be investigated by the auditor general.

"If the department attempts to justify this expenditure, then we would like to know why a 27-strong unit of 'experienced' communication and marketing specialists had to be assisted by outside PR consultants," Steenhuisen said.

  • Larry - 2011-12-15 08:42

    Probe the lot of them, with a big stick if possible.

      John - 2012-02-05 21:20

      Anc = Association of National Criminals, Abortion Murder Genocide. Destroying south Africa since 1957.

  • Sharon - 2011-12-15 09:21

    All state departments must be probed ..........they are all corrupt bastards and bitches

  • Piet - 2011-12-15 09:43

    Rotten to the core.......

  • Bob - 2011-12-15 09:59

    Don't these people that are wasting OUR money have a concious, how do they sleep at night, Trolls

      johnkk - 2011-12-15 11:09

      On a very expensive bed, and in comfort!

  • Gary - 2011-12-15 10:07

    simple answer.............because the in house team was not hired for their ability.

  • Heinrich - 2011-12-15 10:44

    Surely the best way to enhance your image in the public eye, is just to do your job properly. Looks like to me, the entire Department is wasteful expenditure.

      Heinrich - 2011-12-15 11:20

      On second thoughts, the entire government is wasteful expenditure.

  • Wesley - 2011-12-15 14:34

    One of these days the public protector will investigate more cases aginst goverment officials than what SAPS do for citzens

  • bplupiya - 2012-01-16 17:12

    i dont pay tax and i will never...catch me if you can mr zuma...hahaha but before you is a simple question for you...what is x + y?

  • ISO - 2012-01-16 17:37

    To all the ANC supporters; give the DA a change to show you what they can do for you. Its been how many years in ANC rule and many dissapoints year after year after year! You dont have anything to loose, only too gain!

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