ANC: Aurora saga not our problem

2011-05-13 16:28

Cape Town - The ANC has refused to be drawn on a request from the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) to give R1m donated to the party by Aurora chairperson Khulubuse Zuma to starving mineworkers.

Zuma, the nephew of the governing party’s president, donated the R1m to the KwaZulu-Natal branch of the ANC for its local election campaign.

Soon afterwards, NUM, which is representing the Aurora workers, begged the ANC to give the money to the mineworkers, who have not been paid since March 2010 due to Aurora's financial problems.

"The NUM has noted with disgust media reports that... Khulubuse Zuma has pledged or donated R1m to the African National Congress in KwaZulu-Natal.

"Over 2 000 workers remain unpaid at Aurora's Orkney mine for a period of over two years whilst the fat cat itself (sic) moves around with expensive, luxurious vehicles and has a nerve to donate some of his excesses whilst poor workers starve at his mines," said NUM spokesperson Lesiba Seshoka at the time of the donation in April.

Rich and poor

Since March 2010, thousands of Aurora workers have gone unpaid and have been left destitute. Many live in unhygienic hostels while one worker killed himself with ant poison earlier this year. They live off donations and food parcels from union Solidarity.

This is in stark contrast to Zuma’s lavish lifestyle, which includes several luxury cars and numerous mansions.  

But NUM’s request to the ANC appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza said the NUM has not made a “formal” request to the party but only through the media. Khoza said a formal request means either a meeting or a letter from the union.

NUM’s Seshoka said the union had in fact sent a letter to the ANC earlier this week about the matter.

Khoza said the ANC’s other reason for not mentioning whether or not it would give the money back was that the matter was “still pending at court” and the party cannot get involved in a legal saga involving other parties.

Khoza also mentioned that Zuma runs several other businesses and that the R1m did not necessarily come from Aurora. When asked if the ANC did not feel that it had a moral obligation to help the starving workers, he repeated that the party could not be drawn into the matter.


When asked several times if the governing party would simply give the R1m to the destitute workers out of a feeling of moral obligation, Khoza would not say for certain whether or not it would.

“It would depend on the merits of NUM’s request [and] if Aurora admits it owes money to workers.”

The empowerment company has political connections, not only that of Jacob Zuma, but Michael Hulley, the ANC president’s lawyer, and Zondwa Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson. 

The company has received numerous extensions from the courts to produce funding to show that it can take over the Pamodzi mining operations.

Not talking

A high court earlier this year again gave Aurora until August 16 to produce funding guarantees from a yet-to-be-named Chinese company interested in investing in Pamodzi.

Aurora spokesperson Thulani Ngubana said he could not comment on Khulubuse Zuma’s donation to the ANC as it was not “my business”.

Speaking from Dakar Airport, the Aurora chairperson said that he was “not prepared to talk about the matter”.

Meanwhile, the Aurora mineworkers still survive on donations and food parcels.

  • Kooven - 2011-05-13 16:33

    No ethics! PIGS!!!

      The All Seeing Eye - 2011-05-13 16:40

      WOuld it not be great if the DA donated a million.

      POLLENYS - 2011-05-13 16:46

      Exactly why the much vaunted UBUNTU is a load of bull.

      Creeky - 2011-05-13 16:48

      Proof that the ANC Motto is "FVCK THE POOR"!!!!!!!!!!!!! THey only worry about their OWN BANK ACCOUNTS.... and don't give a continental suff about the poor and downtrodden!!!!!' Viljoenskroon is just a FINE EXAMPLE!!!!!

      saabnut - 2011-05-13 16:51

      Of course it's not their problem. The plight of the workers is of absolutely no concern to the ANC. If it was, they would do the honourable thing and flatly refuse the donation. The irony and tragedy lies in the fact that those very unpaid Aurora workers are going to vote for them. How thick and illogical CAN a person be?????????

      saabnut - 2011-05-13 16:52

      Worse still- COSATU promoting the ANC. Another bunch of opportunistic goons!

      Derek - 2011-05-13 16:55

      If this isn't a clear indication that the ANC doesn't give a rats a$$ about the poor then I don't know what is. Zuma's son can donate R1 million to the ANC, but they don't have money to pay their employees.

      Andy - 2011-05-13 17:09 That says it all... Please ANC supports, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try defend that! What a shambles your goverment and its associates are in, pathetic!

      Muna - 2011-05-13 18:02

      But really if someone does not pay you after a months work leave, no point in carrying working hoping to be paid. Some people are owed many months salaries. HOW NAIVE CAN YOU BE? Sorry I have no time for idiots.

      PikeLee - 2011-05-13 18:15

      @muna how stupid are you. Just leave? to where? if they had a choice they would have left! They wouldn't be relying on donations either if it was that easy to find another job. The attitude you have is very scary, i do hope that you never have to manage ppl.

      clark - 2011-05-13 18:16

      - " Not our problem" - well let's see now. - The fact that the Anc can accept a R 1m donation, while the workers at Aurora are unpaid and unable to buy food, once again demonstrates the Anc's total contempt for their own kind. This attitude reflects the true heart of these Anc elite. The Zuma/ Mandela connections in this sordid affair, prove the self- enrichment , money grabbing lust of these individuals. All at the expense of their ' devout' supporters. The Anc are vile , evil exploiters of the worst kind.

      Muna - 2011-05-13 19:41

      @pikelee I said if after a months work and no pay, they should have left. Why carry on working if you were not paid after the first month and you carry on working, what makes you think you will be paid at all. Especially if your employers are ANC fat cat relatives. GET IT.

      POLLENYS - 2011-05-13 20:17

      Maybe we should just all releax. Some white welfare organisation will probably step in and help. That's what usually happens.

      Muna - 2011-05-14 10:59

      A million will pay the maybe one managers salary for 2 years anyway? People a million will not solve there problems stop making mountains of mole hills, you are stooping down to the ANC's level.

      Saffer - 2011-05-14 13:13

      Muna, the reason the mineworkers have stayed on is because they have to keep the pumps going .... if they had left a year ago the acidic water from the mine would have made Germiston and surrounds unihabitable within months. Now THATS what you call ubuntu ... miners who keep pumps going without pay because they care about other communities.

      Muna - 2011-05-15 09:00

      Yes Saffer you rocket scientist, it takes a few thousand South Africans to keep the pumps going, in any other country it takes one person to flick a switch !!!!

      Badger - 2011-05-15 16:49

      @ Muna. I hope for your sake you never ended up in a situation where you have no other work but the one at which you are given daily promises. Go play with your forefathers.

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-17 11:46

      Let this be a warning to all the Malema supporters who jump up and down like a fools to Malema's nationalisation song. That is precisely what you can expect if the mines are to be nationalised.....a BIG F**K YOU in the end!!

  • Nickwes - 2011-05-13 16:34

    This is disgusting. I would love to see Kolobe or Maki's response to this one.

      saabnut - 2011-05-13 16:53

      I think they are busy sipping Blue Label with that fat pig Zuma Jnr, so they may only respond on Monday...

      Warren - 2011-05-13 16:54

      I think you will find Paul Mandla Nkosi & Motskwane also M.I.A. on this one.

      willieman - 2011-05-13 17:02

      I can bet you they will never comment,the only thing they know is to play race card

      Anonymus - 2011-05-13 17:38

      or it was apartheids fault

      Zinki - 2011-05-13 17:40

      Saabnut. They will respond only on Tuesday next week. Their heads will be too tender on Monday...

      World Traveler - 2011-05-13 19:41

      Not the anc's problem. Not even the Country!

  • Slapper - 2011-05-13 16:35

    Not the ANC's Problem? What a load of Bullshit. They have let the workers down big time in this disgraceful episode. If it had been a Multinational, they would have screamed loud and demanded the confiscation of everything in sight. Rubbisb, typical ANC Rubbish.

      Wishbone - 2011-05-13 17:52

      Indeed if this had be Anglo, BHP or Rio, there would be a bigger stink than in the Free State. An organisation that displays such double standards is not worthy of any respect. Fkn hypocrites!

  • DeonL - 2011-05-13 16:36

    Black and white miners are suffering together here, why don't NUM / Cosatu ask the courts to confiscate cars or property to pay the miners? Why are they more equal than others?

      Rob Gunning - 2011-05-13 16:44

      You are 100% correct. If there are assets that can be liquidated or sell the mine, the problem can be resolved. The mine definitely requires curatorship from someone who is comptent and isn't corrupt.

      Warren - 2011-05-13 16:52

      Apparently, according to Carte Blanch, one of the 4 owners paid the ANC R1 000 000.00 protection money. Officially it was called a donation.

      Badger - 2011-05-15 16:52

      I agree with you. This comes down to fraud. I see in a news paper that some of the workers threaten to kill the fat cats.

  • n s - 2011-05-13 16:39

    and then they want to nationalise mines!

  • The All Seeing Eye - 2011-05-13 16:39

    Oh yes and they think about 210 million on renovating a house , millions flying people over to some conferance and lets not forget about the billions spent on our dear soccer world cup? And they can't even spend a million on mielie pap?

  • Rover_ZA - 2011-05-13 16:40

    A morally bankrupt leadership at work.

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-17 12:28

      I wouldn't say "leadership"....these are uneducated bafoons stealing anything they can. Don't forget, Zuma's fat nephew was a taxi driver before.

  • PMG - 2011-05-13 16:40

    @POLIODONKEY - What say you my learned friend?Is this what you are going to vote for?Is this your vision?Is this your future? - not even you are that dumb to vote for the robber barrons.

      KEITH - 2011-05-13 18:33

      PMG, I hear what you say but the tragedy is, dumb is the operative word, he and the rest will vote that way come what may...... Sad, but true. Nothing we can say or do will change that mind set.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-05-13 16:41

    Then stop voting for these thieving pigs@@@@@@@

  • mike - 2011-05-13 16:41

    Yet the masses vote for the ANC. Sometimes people have to feel pain to learn. Vote Malema/Zuma ect. The only people suffering is the african people. Because of lack of commen sense. you can't use the same method and expect a different result.

      mike - 2011-05-13 16:42

      Vote DA and see what happens. You have nothing to lose.

      Ryan Tunney - 2011-08-17 12:35

      Unfortunately that's the norm in Africa...carry on voting for thieves and fools and then cry to the UN to feed you when you're in the gutter. That's never gonna change as Africans are tribal by nature and will vote for the fat "queen ant" regardless of where it may take them. Africans feel that the rest of the world is responsible for their well being.

  • guppa - 2011-05-13 16:42

    and the ANCYL want to nationalise mines haha

      Muna - 2011-05-13 18:04

      Yes guppa,more free money for the CNA, if they do not have to pay salaries.

      anned - 2011-05-16 22:14

      and then they can sell the mining rights to the Chinese and stuff their pockets even more.

  • robyn - 2011-05-13 16:42

    both Zuma and the ANC (who has kept the money ) have no morals all. This is the same ANC that says they are there for the people .... need i say more

      Muna - 2011-05-13 18:09

      Robyn, Robyn I can see you are mostly salaried people commenting here, life is a business, I too have done loads of jobs and not been paid by unscrupulous companies, that is life, it is not fair and sometimes you win sometimes you lose!!! People think that running your own business is risky, yes, but today it is even more risky being on a salary cause anytime the rug can get ripped out from under ones feet, and then what?? Self employment creates resilience. The comfort zone days of working for the same company for 50 years and then, are long gone you cannot just have one skill in life, you have to be multifaceted.

      Derek - 2011-05-13 19:28

      Muna, you mentioned "unscrupulous companies". Is okay that the president's son is on the board? And that the ANC is just too happy taking money from them?

      Muna - 2011-05-13 19:46

      Derek I never condoned the ANC actions, all I am saying is SHEEPLE should always expect the unexpected, it has nothing todo with the end result, the saying of WARNING bells ringing. The ANC did not employ those people. Why are we shifting the blame?

      World Traveler - 2011-05-13 19:48

      Captain Morgan for President! Stuff the anc.

  • Anonymus - 2011-05-13 16:43

    ANC scum bags get richer whilst the work force who wants to earn an honest living is thrown aside like dirt.

  • Craig44 - 2011-05-13 16:44

    And people still vote for these Scumbags. It can only be cANCer.

  • Herman - 2011-05-13 16:44

    AS EXPECTED!!!! But they dearlly want their votes.....SHAME ON YOU cANCer!!!

  • Ms M - 2011-05-13 16:45

    Workers had not been paid due to 'Financial Problems' Where did R1 million come from? Disgusting behaviour.

      n s - 2011-05-13 16:49

      from the Zuma's, anything to hide tax funding for the ANC's campaigns hahaha

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-05-13 16:47

    Another mine going to the chinese.

      anned - 2011-05-16 22:17

      If the ANC nationalize it, all the mines will be going to the Chinese.

  • willieman - 2011-05-13 16:47

    It is not their peoblem but they are happy to receive the loot

  • Smindlo - 2011-05-13 16:47

    COSATU must stay the fuuck out of politics and end the bloody stupid alliance with the ANC if its to be taken serious and stop talking with forked tongues..screw them...pitty innocent people have to suffer as a result of an inept, incompetent and overpaid leadership.

      willieman - 2011-05-13 16:54

      You 100% right Cosatu is telling us to vote for anc for all this nonsense ,sorry guys call us names personally i'm not going to vote for anc i'm sorry.Vavi,please have some balls man pull cosatu out of this alliance,clearly we are propelling some people to "their better life".I must say it cosatu you are guilty of corruption as well

  • OB1 - 2011-05-13 16:48

    Vote ANC, they care for you...better life for all?...pfffft, when will you guys realise these greedy F$#ks are in it for themselves, using the once good name of the ANC to keep you loyal, to keep your vote, to stay in power to rob your country blind. Don't put a political party before your country, during apartheid the ANC may have been your "country", your "home", but your country is now free, It is now your home and you must put its needs before the ANC. The ANC is just a shell, but its substance is the leaders within it, and they have changed, and care only about themselves and how much money they can make from being in power. A vote against the ANC is not a vote against what the ANC was, or even its policies are today, but rather an indictment on the leaders within it today, and the fact that they have not implemented these policies as they should have, who abuse the power they've been given.

      World Traveler - 2011-05-13 19:54

      Well said OB1.5! To all anc voters... This time it is time to give the anc a fright! Vote DA and see the fast reaction for Zuma's big and small!

      Lindinha - 2011-05-13 20:44

      You can't reason with fools.

  • Sisie - 2011-05-13 16:50

    When have you ever heard of the ANC ever caring for anyone other themselves. The people are just fodder for the ANC and as long as they keep paying taxes and voting for the ANC they will be ignored and deprived of their rights. This is a police state and a dictator and his cronies ate running the show.

  • Pamela - 2011-05-13 16:50

    So their true stand on workers comes to the surface...

  • 1SAIBn88 - 2011-05-13 16:50

    Just don't vote ANC

  • OB1 - 2011-05-13 16:51

    note, the so-called "white union" Solidarity is sustaining these workers.

      Bigfoot - 2011-05-13 18:42

      Where is NUM or COSATU, these people subcribe to them and pay monies to them. Same monies that paid for Zuma's rape trial. Come-on ANC you're biting your own tongue.

  • GT - 2011-05-13 16:51

    I want to know when the last it was that Khulubuse saw his own tottie.

      saabnut - 2011-05-14 11:47

      If that comes with two balls, then he would never have seen it!

  • JudithNkwe - 2011-05-13 16:51

    The ANC and the government have both behaved despicably around Aurora, which should have been hauled into the Labour Court months ago. DWEA should also have slapped them with fines for pollution and the Dept of health with fines for breaking the health and safety regulations. one set of laws for non ANC connected companies and one for the rest

  • Beedyeye - 2011-05-13 16:53

    The ancestors told them to keep the money!

      World Traveler - 2011-05-13 20:00

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Throw dem bones! Da ancestors told them to give the money to the anc.

  • Waheed - 2011-05-13 16:56

    The rich get richer and the poor get poorer! These Fat Cats don't give a flying F about anyone except themselves. They have and will continue to fail our South African brothers and sisters. This epitomises everything that Mandela fought against...Elitism, irrespective of race, full stop.

  • Lorenz - 2011-05-13 16:56

    This is the real clear picture of the ANC fat Cats approach to there own brothers in reel need. The will feast and live in a Palais like the Romans done and wait to burn down there own cities in need of food and health care. I predict a day like the November 1917 day of revolution will one day behappend to the ANC house in Gauteng like the Czar family pushed from power for ever. The ANC can not for ever stay sutch Hippocrates with out receiving a back lash in this wunderful country.

  • MaanDonkie - 2011-05-13 17:00

    A bit of advise to the Aurora mineworkers: "VOTE DA" - 2011-05-13 17:04

      Sadly, it is these workers who do not have internet access and will be oblivious to ANY statements made here...

      World Traveler - 2011-05-13 20:02

      Will somebody who lives near those mines print all of this and give it to the miners? Now! Get a move on! Gajima!

  • MLouw - 2011-05-13 17:01

    Siek bliksems!!

  • Shaun - 2011-05-13 17:04

    Why are we surprised? The plight of poor people matters to ANY political party ...only if it can win them elections.

  • Daniel - 2011-05-13 17:05


  • riseupwakeup - 2011-05-13 17:05

    For the love of all things just, please let the money be returned to these poor labourers, since when did the ANC connections have a policy of all work no pay?

  • tryanything - 2011-05-13 17:08

    FTP = ?? cANCer= ?? Selebis=?? cweles=?? more please ?

  • YasButIDunno - 2011-05-13 17:08

    Oh God. I didn't think that even the ANC would stoop this low.

  • Mayuri Mistry - 2011-05-13 17:09

    The ANC's attitude towards these poor mine workers is so pathetic. Do they not have a heart? These are the same people whom they pledge to help but when the time comes, they do nothing.So disappointing!

  • nakkie1616 - 2011-05-13 17:12

    what a shame

  • briansmith702 - 2011-05-13 17:16

    Typical of the ANC. Zuma's relative steals from his own and they do nothing. Can you imagine if a white owned mine did the same. Come on DA get as much political mileage from this as you can. It truly shows up the colours of they ANC. A bunch of greedy pigs who feel nothing of stealing from the poor and then beg for their votes.

  • senkgisha - 2011-05-13 17:19

    ANC is useless,how can someone expect them to hand that money to the starving miners when they are full of greed like that?I read that the shower man has just turned from chriastinity to ancestors....Can someone ask this hypocrite is to which religion does he belong to? AS to money,people lets forget about it,these idiots are ruling us to serve their own interests.

      Bigfoot - 2011-05-13 18:47

      The Ancestor thing is intimidation on it's own. People who believe in them will be afraid to go against the ANC knowing that they will turn against them. Poor voters

  • jacquesroux.13 - 2011-05-13 17:32

    ANC again only think of themselves. Why am I not surprised? Screw the poor, job less, hungry citizens of SA. As long as the money roll into their pockets, they don’t care about any one else. Doesn’t even matter if the got the money by corrupt means! And then they want my vote!!! Screw them!!!

  • Broloks - 2011-05-13 17:33

    Hoe kan 'n berig wat algemene kennis is nuus wees?

  • Clive Paterson - 2011-05-13 17:35

    ANC wants to govern but it is so divided that it finds it difficult to make decisions because it is too scared of offending one of their members. Result = PARALYSIS!

  • CITIZEN - 2011-05-13 17:40


  • chris - 2011-05-13 17:41

    Let them all vote for the DA and then the SHIT will fly

  • R.Suppards - 2011-05-13 17:42

    Did the relevant Government departments audit Aurora's payments of UIF, PAYE,SETA or are they too scared to take on high flying relatives if the cANCer?

  • OuWitBooi - 2011-05-13 17:42

    You can bet your last cent the ANC would have something to say if a whitey had made a big issue of donating R1mill to the DA while his black workers went unpaid. Selective morality as always in the ANC. Lets vote these parasites out of office now.

  • 50something - 2011-05-13 17:42

    So, why is everyone so surprise?

  • greencat - 2011-05-13 17:44

    Why don't the workers simply take over the mine. They could retain the service of a forensic auditor, like what happened to Arthur Brown and co, and get at least something to offset their losses. I don't really feel that this K.Zuma is deserving to be the Chairperson

      OuWitBooi - 2011-05-13 17:49

      There is nothing left of the mine. Kulfatso and company have stripped out all the assets and it is no longer functional. It would require massive capital injection to get it operational again. It has been a carefully executed robbery - better than Kebble ever managed.

  • Joe - 2011-05-13 17:46

    Of course it's not your problem, ANC. Let them starve like the rest of the destitute. Why care? They are unemployed and not paying taxes so they cannot provide you with anything to steal. Anyway, Solidarity can take care of them.