ANC: No gerrymandering in DA-run region

2011-03-09 21:15

Johannesburg - The ANC has denied claims that it bused in supporters who set up fake addresses before registering to vote in the Democratic Alliance-run Midvaal region at the weekend.

ANC Sedibeng region spokesperson Jeff Rademeyer said the party was merely providing transport to voting stations for people living in rural parts of Midvaal, which is the only DA run municipality in Gauteng.

"The DA accuse the ANC of busing in people from outside the Midvaal area in what they regard as ANC desperation to win Midvaal," Rademeyer said.

"From our side this it is not the case.

"What they are missing is that much of Midvaal is a rural area, with residents residing kilometres away from the nearest voting stations and are affected by lack of transport.

"Most of the downtrodden and poor living in Midvaal is depending on others to provide in their transport needs.

"It is customary ANC uses buses to use transport to voting stations."

Rademeyer said the Independent Electoral Commission would have to decide on the matter.

"It is the intention of the ANC to win elections in all areas where it is contesting and therefore Midvaal is no exception," he said.

"The scarecrow tactics of the DA will not discourage the ANC from its resolve to ensure that the people of Midvaal, irrespective of race and creed, share in the better life for all committed by the ANC."

Midvaal mayor Timothy Nast laid charges of electoral fraud against eight people who registered to vote and gave non-existent addresses on Monday.

IEC agreed to investigate the DA's objections in connection with more than 100 voters who appeared to be registered at phantom addresses.

"This is against the background of a determined ANC using every illegal means possible to try and win the successfully run DA council of Midvaal," Nast said.

"Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane and her cabinet visited Meyerton using provincial government resources on Saturday to try and drum up ANC support," he said.

In the 2006 local government elections, the DA won 55.76% of the votes in Midvaal and the ANC 39%.

In the 2009 general elections, the ANC made inroads into the municipality, taking 45.63% of the vote. The DA took 43.9%.

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-09 21:41

    WOW: the bussed in "warmongering comrades" will be seeing running water for the 1st time in the DA governed Midvaal. (Heck, many of them might even see an electricity pylon) I hope the ANC have arranged counseling for these gypsies - they are gonna be WAY traumatised when they see all these STRANGE, NEW things.....

  • Andy49 - 2011-03-09 21:42

    AintSee = Deny, deny, de-nye, de-nie.

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-03-09 21:57

    The racist ANC is so seriously under threat of collapse that it will resort to very and any tactic especially anything underhand and racist in order to "make a show" as that is all it really is. A show time extravaganza for the simple and illiterate to see and follow blindly, as they have no POWER individually to see through the thin skein of rampant criminality.

  • schmerz - 2011-03-09 22:05

    This is unfair and corrupt

  • michael.e.bowery - 2011-03-09 22:23

    The ANC did it in 1994 in Knysna with voters who had nothing to do with that area and who had never lived there or worked there. The ANC is corrupt and will stop at nothing to keep on looting this country for the new super rich black politician and his or her friends.

  • Eric West - 2011-03-09 22:35

    It is common knowledge that the ANC illegally stuffed the ballot boxes with over a million pro ANC ballot papers back in 1994. Scumbag De Klerk admitted this in an interview with a Dutch newspaper, saying that he kept it quiet because he didn't want to make waves. So, it is more than conceivable that the ANC is still in the vote rigging business. After all, it's an African thing, not so?

      Ockert - 2011-03-10 08:28

      They were not stuffed in, the votes were neatly stacked in several boxes-- my daughter and son did counting in our region and these "sealed" boxes were filed to the top had to be counted (+- 20 boxes), I am sure there were more voters than actual population who were eligable to vote.

  • U1 - 2011-03-09 22:37

    The anc doesn't lie and pigs can fly.

  • Guy - 2011-03-09 22:55

    No issue should be regarded as officially true, until the ANC deny it.

      Deirdre Maule - 2011-03-10 08:23

      He he he ain't that the truth ...

  • Christopher Lubbe - 2011-03-10 01:52

    Awhile back sum1 said he saw alot of ppl being bussed into Patrenoster

  • Bonzer - 2011-03-10 04:20

    The time has come, the ANC has decided not to lose any elections. They will now resort to the typical African methods of staying in power. In the future we can expect electoral fraud on a huge scale, murder, lies and anything they deem necessary to stay in power. I thought it would take much longer than this for SA to become a tyranny but I was wrong, It has happened, democracy is finished, the black ANC has finally won the struggle against freedom. The police state is born and the racist ANC will use whites as leverage to keep the black populace on it's side.

  • Tantrum - 2011-03-10 06:35

    Tipical African culture ....

      theoldmanofthemountains - 2011-03-10 08:25

      Tantrum (what an apt name...): 1) It is spelt "Typical", 2) We are all Africans, you included, 3) Gerrymandering is quite common around the world - the word certainly didn't originate in Africa.

      Valis - 2011-03-10 16:16

      1) Except this isn't gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is redrawing electoral districts along non-geographic lines in order to gain an electoral advantage. 2)We put spaces between words in the English language. 3) WTF are "scarecrow tactics"?

      John.L - 2011-03-14 07:38

      Scarecrow tactics - gotta have something to do with having a stick up the ass??

  • Alwyn - 2011-03-10 07:10

    The ANC resort to Mugabe style tactics,they realise now with all the corruption going on they are losing the plot,

  • Welleducated - 2011-03-10 07:13

    Racist ANC stands for lies and deception.

  • ebdg3000 - 2011-03-10 07:52

    They've been bussing thousands in to the Western Cape for years (on Chilwans), trying to set up strategically placed squatter camps, and changing and re-changing voting districts. 4k the ANC!

  • ludlowdj - 2011-03-10 08:09

    Let me guess, I as a tax payer and footing the bill for the cANCer to buss their supporters around, so where are the busses for the people who are going to vote against you? The cANCer is spreading, bunch of illiterate communist dictators.

  • Valkyrie - 2011-03-10 08:13

    "The scarecrow tactics of the DA will not discourage the ANC from its resolve to ensure that the people of Midvaal, irrespective of race and creed, share in the better life for all committed by the ANC." Oh my, this is the best joke I've heard all week, ha ha ha!

  • Flinger - 2011-03-10 08:19

    Why cant we buy BETTER chicken & MORE beer and meet them with a DA cap as they get off the bus? Isnt this a tactic that works? Viva KFC Viva

  • Deirdre Maule - 2011-03-10 08:20

    The buses have been taken out of context and further investigation is needed as to the exact nature of the buses ...

  • twooceanscatering - 2011-03-10 09:07

    I have the solution. The only people who should be alowed to vote is the people who pay their taxes and contibute to the economy by working, whether it be in the private or goverment sector. If you do not pay taxes or contribute to the economy, you have no say and vote. After all, the goverment usues our tax money, so we are the ones who should have a say. I can almost garentee you that if this voting criteria was followed, the ANC will loose power and a goverment will be elected that actually cares about the people of this country. Just my 2cents, but this will never happen, cuase the corrupt bastards know that things will be a whole lot different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smindlo - 2011-03-10 09:49

    Please dont bus your supporters to Edenvale. we more than happy with the mixed population that we have that pays for rates and services. we dont want parasites.

  • smoochie - 2011-03-10 09:53

    i am gratefull apparthied ended but the anc is a brainless government this country wont last 10 mor years under anc rule os fuck u de klerk u should have negotiated a better deal for minority groups in S.A

  • Jeff - 2011-03-10 10:15

    "Gerrymandering" should not be in the title of this article, as it has to do with changing electoral district borders to change vote outcomes. It has nothing to do with bussing voters around.

  • Julius - 2011-03-10 10:50

    If the ANC lost a national election, does anyone think they will accept the result?

  • Julius - 2011-03-10 10:51

    If the ANC lost a national election, does anyone think they will accept the result?

      Tseleng - 2011-03-10 11:15

      Yes, the people have power to remove it. But not when the people are still called idiot, no braincell.

      Boerseun - 2011-03-10 11:26

      No, it will lead to war.

      BigD - 2011-03-14 05:47

      Try find a counciler or manager in municipalities. They are going door to door doing visits to keep the anc in power. We the tax payer are paying for this election visits. They should not be paid for this time used for election visits or travelling.

  • Tseleng - 2011-03-10 10:54

    Then what did the mayor(DA) arrange for this destitute residents of midvaal to register? Succesfully run even though others are denied the opportunity to vote he even presses charges, in-fact who is under threat here? Thank you ANC-Gauteng we'll take note of midvaal.

      Ngomo - 2011-03-10 12:19

      Tseleng. Stop making us look stupid.

  • mm - 2011-03-10 11:16

    Why am I not surprised? With all the other lies and corruption of the ANC, one can only expect that they would go this far to try and win. So what is fair about this. Makes you wonder what lenghts they will go to in future when (not if) another party gets strong enough to seriously challenge them.

  • Rob Gunning - 2011-03-10 11:24

    I hope the DA checks the voters role carefully. This year the ANC will try and cheat more than they have before to try and get a foot into the western cape.

  • Boerseun - 2011-03-10 11:26

    Surely this should be pretty easy to see what the real truth is.

  • Madelane - 2011-03-10 11:52

    Same old c**p that the ANC engages in everywhere....why can they not be honest or that a really stupid question?

  • Andrew Husted - 2011-03-10 12:03

    Would it be possible for the law abiding citizens of this beautiful country to initiate a tax strike until we are satisified that our infrastructure is maintained, services in place, investigations solved etc. We would get companies and individuals to support this "wonderful" cause. So if we hear that funds are being used to buy expensive cars for politicians or to furnish houses or provide transport, we "tax" strike? Just a thought.

      honky - 2011-03-10 12:12

      no, you woudl be "visited" by General Cele's "team" (unauthorized by him, of course), labelled counterrevolutionary, and your acts would eb declared illegal with jail terms. It woudl eb less stressful to jusrt emigrate and thus deprive the ruling elite from their bling money called tax.

  • Andrew Husted - 2011-03-10 12:07

    Could we organise a "tax" strike for the country. perhaps we can get companies and individuals to sign up. We can strike until our infrastructure is repaired, investigations solved (arms deal) and services restored. It might be along strike, but we dont need to accept politicians spending large amounts on cars, furnishing houses or busses. Just a though! im in.

  • Snoopy88 - 2011-03-11 11:04

    LOL! "Scarecrow tactics" erm.. Boo!

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