ANC abused Parly after elections - Maimane

2014-12-08 15:43

Cape Town - The fifth Parliament has been characterised by unprecedented abuse by the ANC, D parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane said on Monday.

"The bottom line is that the ANC has broken rules, undermined Parliament, and acted undemocratically to protect its own interests, and in particular the interests of [President] Jacob Zuma," Maimane said in Johannesburg.

He was commenting on a report the party compiled on activities in Parliament since the May elections.

"The ANC majority in Parliament has become a blunt tool to use to protect President Zuma and Cabinet ministers from accounting for their actions."

Maimane said by not appearing before the National Assembly to answer questions, Zuma had failed to properly account to Parliament.

"This is an insult to Parliament, the rule of law, and the Constitution, as the president is required to answers questions in Parliament every term," he said.

"The ANC has been shameless in its willingness to protect the president from answering questions, trying every trick in the book to block a motion of censure against the president."

The opposition party charged that much time had been wasted and Parliament should have, by its calculations, sat 68 times since it re-opened after the elections.

"In the end, Parliament sat only 39 times, which means Parliament sat only 57 of the time it could have," said Maimane.

The DA remained determined to have National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete removed from her position.

"She is clearly and obviously biased in favour of the ANC and cannot continue on as Speaker given that she is also the national chairperson of the ANC," said Maimane.

"She has clearly been deployed to Parliament to extend Luthuli House’s influence and the DA will continue all efforts to have her removed as Speaker."

Mbete's decision to call police into the National Assembly chamber in November, to remove an EFF MP from the House, was cited as another example of abuses by the ANC.

"The security cluster in Cabinet and the Speaker has now taken to deploying heavily-armed riot police to the parliamentary precinct to intimidate opposition MPs," said Maimane.

"This will not work, and did not work."

  • Joey Ranger - 2014-12-08 15:53

    We have been abuse for 20 years now!

      DerekMain - 2014-12-08 16:08

      ^^ clown

      Joey Ranger - 2014-12-08 16:10

      @Simon, judging by comments like yours and many others, I am so relieved that I have made the correct decision to apply for an Australian visa which has been granted. It is not about playing by the rules, it is about delivering on what was promised.

      Cynical Heathen - 2014-12-08 16:12

      Simon, respect is earned. As is humiliation. The zANC is rew sewerage filtering into people's houses

      Jonathan Woods - 2014-12-08 18:08

      It's a pity that SA cant rid itself of the real filth like Kagiso. Our sewerage system is already defunct with the likes of him adding to the filth !

      Made-inthe South - 2014-12-08 21:08

      Mr Zuma783,Go and answer the question in parliament who stole a quarter billion rand and why you appointed your girlfriends Ellen "BEE CON degree" Tshabalala of the SABC and Dudu Myeni of the SAA who both lied about their qualifications,AND WHO, ACCORDING TO PRESS REPORTS,YOU HAVE AFFAIRS WITH

  • Menzi Mnandi Phewa - 2014-12-08 15:55

    parliament of clowns

      gerasimos - 2014-12-09 08:30

      Ship of Fools

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-09 09:13

      Why am I confused? Didn't they say that the new speaker ( a male this time) was approved and will take up his post as from 1 December???

  • Mariah Prudy Mahlangu - 2014-12-08 16:00

    Government first duty is to protect their people not to run their lives. It is regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes. ...

      Nceba Mbane - 2014-12-08 16:11

      Thank you Mariah. By the rich and powerful, I am sure you mean Zouooma and all the ANC leadership hyenas. They are all rich and powerful and always bending act of government and constitution for their own selfish purposes, to feed their own humumgous stomochs. Like Khulubuse Zuma's stomach.

  • Cynical Heathen - 2014-12-08 16:11

    Maimane for president!!

  • Ballyhoo Sa - 2014-12-08 16:12

    @Simon Ramapuputla ..yes the small boys who pay the taxes for these clowns to live in luxury while not helping the needy !!! The "small boys" need to stand together and then see who has the "real power" in this country. Its just a matter of time !!!

  • Hlekanezitha Nxumalo - 2014-12-08 16:13

    Look who is talking ! The weakest leader of an official opposition party have ever had, the man who is controlling by eff and lekota

      Cynical Heathen - 2014-12-08 16:22

      bless you

  • Kgadima Petrus Lekalakala - 2014-12-08 16:26

    I blame all MP'S for what their doing.Since December 2013 until December 2014 they are still concentrating on the President.They have forget about Service Delivery,something that is very important to us.

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-09 09:49

      Justice you are really a moron

      Sydney Albertus Daniel - 2014-12-19 09:48

      You get what you vote for and unfortunately 62% of voters thought the anc is doing a great job....Please learn from your mistakes and let's vote anc out of power. Mmusi Maimane for president and Thuli Madonsela for Public Protector!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shireen Eva - 2014-12-08 16:36

    This git modise is at it again!! I cannot fathom how this idiot cannot understand that the answer we are looking for is when is showerhead going to pay back the money. R246 million!! Come on!! We cannot and will never believe that he did not know what was going on at his harem!! You have a lot of catching up to do intellectually modise. Doubt u will ever catch up!!

  • Hlengiwe Cele - 2014-12-08 16:41

    ANC its a bunch of hooligans, who run out of Ideas, their new vision and mandate from Lethuli house is too steal more billions for the next four years until their boss complete his term which i doubt he will. Every issue which needs rational minds is addressed by votes. RUBBISH

      Phillip Silo Sibanyoni - 2014-12-09 12:35

      you know what cele, I don't think you know your story

  • Jamba - 2014-12-08 16:42

    The time has arrived for Zuma and his regime to let go. I doubt if even the die-hard ANC supporter trust what they are doing. We moving closer to a regime overthrow if this is left to Zuma and his Z-Team.

  • Cecelia Hambides Rosa - 2014-12-08 16:51

    And we call this a democracy

      gerasimos - 2014-12-09 08:32

      Its a western thing you know!

  • Lungani Mazubane - 2014-12-08 16:55

    Majority rule in South Africa is now the abuse of power am flabbergasted

  • Edward Radingoana - 2014-12-08 17:06

    I wonder if they really know the meaning of the Parliament itself. Sometimes you can't blame them due to illiteracy. Like in Parliament, they have majority of the illiterates than the literates and therefore the few literates are also overpowered by the illiterate comrades.

  • Gabs Montano - 2014-12-08 17:11

    I have dealt with Maimane personally, and he has more brains, integrity & leadership ability than most of our current cancer heads combined!

      Zakes Sereetsi - 2014-12-08 17:35

      And u have dealt personaly with the current cancer heads as well?

      Nikki Downes - 2014-12-09 14:59

      Gabs, I too am inspired by him and I haven't met him. Seems like a really top drawer person

  • Thabo Matu - 2014-12-08 22:49

    Zuma is in control, corruption is legal would u guys stop complaining! And lets face it zuma wont be accounting to anyone anytime soon and this is just the beginning. U cnt blame MP's coz their jobs are at stake! "Number1 is Untouchables" at this point. Go against him u end up like (Mr malema)we all knw he was darty but I believe they are worse ppl than him within the ANC.

      Orige Oumatjie - 2014-12-09 11:09

      So, must we then sit back and see how our country go down the drain. And you say the anc has bigger demolition experts in line for us.

  • Phillip Silo Sibanyoni - 2014-12-09 08:07

    I think .you should start by saying ,jz,did come,and he was prevented from fulfilling his duties,that would be a good start.but if you pretend as if nothing happened when he was there,then,the must be something wrong with you.You don`t have a majority,how are you going to push your agenda,you make the noise at the end ,anc will simply vote your views down,by the way,majority rules,you need to really negotiate with the ruling party for them to accommodate your views,but if you come with the attitude and arrogancy,there is no way you will succeed.

      Orige Oumatjie - 2014-12-09 11:16

      The problem is they don't want to negotiate the problems the people of the country have, like no save clean water or sewerage systems that don't work etc... They only want to discuss festivals for the dead Hero's. Just look on TV when they put issues to be discussed on the agenda in parly and see for yourself!

  • Richard Nieckau - 2014-12-09 08:10

    There is too much ignorance and arrogance amongst some people. The Afrikaner should never have ceded power to Govern - only for it to be abused, over written and desecrated the way the ANC has done. There are liars and thieves whom hold significant power in Government, between their failures and injustice, amounts to crimes against humanity. Obvious. #nobetterthanbefore

  • Phillip Silo Sibanyoni - 2014-12-09 08:31

    eff is buddy buddy to maimane,malema calls the boss(h zille) a racist,how is this one going to work(maimane),well done malema

      Orige Oumatjie - 2014-12-09 11:26

      You forgot to mention that even the FF+ joined the "group's issues". So if 3 such diverse parties stand together, it shows how bad the situation with the anc really is!

  • Jacqui Daane Van Rensburg - 2014-12-09 09:00

    The ANC has their own set of rules and use the word democracy to hide behind. Their serfs in parliament bleat like sheep while staring blankly into space, convinced they are doing a good job keeping the big man in power.

      Phillip Silo Sibanyoni - 2014-12-09 12:32

      if the anc is a good organisation,does it mean they must nationalise,or grab the land without compensation,is that what we want,or let the likes of eff do as they please.can`t allow that.remember issues like Nkandla were there before election,meaning 62 % of the sa people have no problem with anc or zuma.So

  • Phillip Silo Sibanyoni - 2014-12-09 12:22

    jz this ,anc that,sacp this and cosatu that ,shouting about these organisation it`s not gonna help,get the votes,then you talk.i don`t know how mr da you going to achieve that because everytime you open your mouth, the way we saw before and during the election,the maimanes,were carrying photos of comrade madiba campaigning,after the election they dumped those photos down the bin,nice tool to use for your campaign,look at those photos then of da in the media,zille in black areas dancing,where were the other races,now you are in the parliament ,where are those black people that were campaigning, da mps are almost white,nice tool.local elections are coming ,do you still remember where you put and placed madiba photos

  • DylanDylan - 2014-12-10 08:38

    This guy is a like a relentless hound dog. Brilliant.

  • Wa Tswera - 2014-12-10 08:52

    You are so reactionary Me Maimane, an average person who has better understanding of the democratic system knows that parliamentary majority seats controlled by a single party undermines true democracy and accountability of the ruling elite within that parliament. It is you job as an opposition to ensure the ruling party doesn't get the majority seats by educating the public on the dangers of giving more than 50% of votes to one party. You never anticipated that ANC might behave the way they are today, and that shows how unrealistic, unfocused and how much your organization lacks foresight and adequate planing. Stop talking and wailing and start working from the grassroots.

  • Sydney Albertus Daniel - 2014-12-19 09:41

    Thank you Mmusi...100% in agreement with you. I like what Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all people all of the time". The electorate is waking up to all the facts you have mentioned. We are getting 'gatvol' of the ruling party's incompetence, corruption, etolls, potholes and load shedding.

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