ANC accused of living in the past

2012-01-09 14:38

Bloemfontein - Media criticised the ANC on Monday for celebrating its past at the expense of the present as the last merrymakers from the party's 100th anniversary celebrations headed home.

The African National Congress threw itself a lavish birthday party in Bloemfontein at the weekend to celebrate its journey from anti-apartheid movement to ruling party, but was attacked for failing to focus on ongoing problems like poverty, inequality and unemployment.

"The struggle for liberation is over," Business Day said in an editorial.

"The past does not blind an increasingly angry and disillusioned electorate anymore to the reality that it is the ANC which is failing to lift the majority out of poverty, that the ANC is riven with division among power-hungry and money-grabbing elites."

The celebrations, which included a golf outing and a champagne toast, also provided occasion for criticism of the corruption that has plagued the party in recent years.


"A great number of contemporary problems that are threatening to upset the goals of the liberation struggle are being perpetrated by ANC leaders," said the Sowetan.

"Some were celebrating for having been afforded an opportunity by the ANC to take over from where the National Party had left off: loot public resources in a manner that deprives black people."

"Factionalism, greed and arrogance are tearing the organisation apart," said The Times.

"Gone are the days when people joined the party because it represented a noble cause. Today's members are concerned about state tenders and political influence."

President Jacob Zuma came in for especially harsh criticism after delivering a keynote address on Sunday that was long on the history of the ANC but vague on South Africa's most pressing issues.


"Mr Zuma, in a bland address that surely must have been deliberate, not only said nothing new; he barely said anything at all in the hour-and-a-half that he was at the podium," said Business Day.

"The stadium emptied as he spoke. It was an awful, dreary speech."

The address was "uninspiring and short on vision", The Star said on its front page.

A thunderstorm that broke out shortly after Zuma's speech drove ANC supporters from the stadium before the grand finale, a song and dance show called "100 Years in 100 Minutes" that eventually went ahead in a nearly empty stadium.

Buses that had brought thousands of supporters to the celebrations had left by early evening.

ANC spokesperson Keith Khoza told AFP "well over 100 000 people" had attended the party.

"We certainly are happy except that the rain disrupted the centrepiece of the entertainment programme," he said.

  • Nitronic - 2012-01-09 14:43

    But thats all they good at. living in the past, but actually they buggered up South Africa even more.

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 14:55

      the only reason they celebrate the struggle, is because as soon as they admit that the struggle is over, they don’t have any more excuses for stuffing up. As long as apartheid is remembered, they have excuses.

      Kobus - 2012-01-09 14:56

      we must watch what we say, just now they put their ANCestors on us LOL

      Bardy - 2012-01-09 15:00

      They F'ed up South Africa if you ask me! This is a sorry excuse for a country that we live in at present!

      Brenda - 2012-01-09 15:06

      They were not even able to organise this bash properly. I watched the candle lighting ceremony at midnight, it was so unprofessional and not well organised, rehearsed or even good thought to. The minister was an idiot he could not even end the service properly. Then to crown it all they never even waited for the dignatories to arrive. They just went ahead like someone was going to interupt or take this away from them, before it could happen. The whole ceremony was finished when all the international dignatories arrived and this had to then be explained to them in brief. This was absolutely terrible and such a bad reflection on us. Zuma sat there smug like he was the person being praised, when he could not even utter an intellectual word himself. Mr Jesse Jackson was not considered neither any other person who does not understand their language, that was totally disgusting, to invite people to a celebration of this magnitude and to make them sit through speeches and prayers that they don't understand a word of. THE ANC ARE SUCH A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. How could they embarrass us like this again? They should stop trying to praise themselves becasue nobody else will, because there is nothing to praise them for. WE NEED A MIRACLE IF THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO SURVIVE.

      Stefano - 2012-01-09 15:16

      The ANC is to preoccupied with Liberation tearshedding BS,than what's truly needed by South Africans in general.Laced with corruption,the taking of bribes,accusations that meet counter-accusations,uncouth and impetuous Julius Malema,mine nationalization etc. The ANC has become a den of political intrigue and irony.Trade unions that constantly have their "winter of discontent",always engaging in massive strike actions that seems that's all they can do for most part. And the violence in the country fuelled by such things as alcohol abuse,the death penalty deterrent that was removed,officials inside the ANC Elite covering up crimes,the release of criminals that go on and murder again,abnormally high rates of urbanisation,urban unemployment and poverty,illegal migrants from Nigeria etc,former liberation fighters that are know out of work and who are trained in guerilla warfare skills that they can use to commit hijackings,house and business robberies, bank robberies and robberies of cash in transit. This is what the ANC is all about by and large despite some very few positives they may have accomplish since taking control of South Africa 1994.Can we please get another political party to govern South Africa after the next general elections?Anything else but the ANC please!

      Newsmonger - 2012-01-09 15:28

      Since so many seem to be loyal to their cause perhaps the Anc should take donations in which to accumulate the R100million wasted and then can spend it on the homelss and less fortunate. It was a spit in the face of their followers and yet they still look to the future with these idiots. The worse thing is they will vote for the same idiots time and time again reffering to the likes of jmojele,phumezo and the brainless poloyotonki.

      Alfred - 2012-01-09 15:57

      350 years? Really? So Poloyatonki, in the alternate reality that you live in who voted in the referendum and what were the results?

      Carlin - 2012-01-09 16:49

      @polyatonki. Apartheid for 350 years? Are you serious? Do you read? It was more like 40 years, and WE (not you) voted it out. Go back to your kraal. You can't behave on a serious forum. Leave the comments to the thinking people (of all races). Your ilk are not needed in SA.

      Poloyatonki - 2012-01-09 17:19

      Carlin,, if it was for 40 years how come ANC is celebrating 100 of struggle against apartheid?

      Sharkshoot - 2012-01-09 17:33

      Any mention of the struggle almost two decades after the new regime has taken over South Africa is all smoke and mirrors to confuse their followers even more than when they confused them 17 years ago.

      henk63 - 2012-01-09 17:52

      Polyatonki, this is just another example of how history can be distorted. If the ANC is older than apartheid, then it is logical to assume that apartheid was a response to the existence of the ANC, is it not? Then it would also be reasonable to say the ANC have shown their true intentions in 1912, to which whites felt threatened and had to protect themselves? Pray tell, after these "celebrations" does any attendee have the correct version of history in their heads, or are all of them as confused as you are?

      George - 2012-01-09 20:17

      So it looks like we are going back to the future

      stefano_brasco - 2012-01-09 21:03

      @Spyker_May Your deep-seated and ingrained hatred for black South African people needs to stop Sir.Don't get me wrong,I am no fan or supporter of either the ANC or uncouth Julias Malema,but to go as far as justifying Apartheid as "its fundamental purpose remains steadfast - it remains the only means that could protect a white minority,in SA,against the mass onslaught of ANC thievery" is just pure evil on your part to come out on this forum and saying things like that.Have we white South Africans now stooped so low that we need to look for what is right and justified in an evil system like Apartheid to somehow have something we can throw at the ANC Government? Honestly boet take a good hard look as yourself next time you look in a mirror and see why words you've spoken can't warrant,legitimize or substantiate the wrongs the ANC have committed over the past 18 years.The ANC Government must have really ****ed you over as an individual that you can have such intense hatred for black people from all over South Africa to label them one and all as "thieves". Quite frequently in your comments past & present you've borderlined the racist mark by slightly not overstepping it,but this time however you've gone so far pass the line its has become ridiculous.I hope for all our sakes that people like you,be they white or black or coloured or indian,can somehow have a change of heart,because at the minute how you behave on this News forum is just pure EVIL from you to say the least.

      John - 2012-01-09 21:36

      Propaganda from the past, because Zuma and the ANC only know communist ideology and 'what to say'! As long as they 'rob, kill and steal' they are quite happy to carry on! Anc = Association of National Criminals, Abortion Murder Genocide.

      RE - 2012-01-10 11:01

      so true

  • tmojela - 2012-01-09 14:45

    I guess onecan see clearly who Runs the media. Its a Sad Old story of being over persimistic over everything that the ANC does!!!

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 14:56

      Lol. Clearly you didn't see all the self glorifying on SABC? (Otherwise known as the ANC propaganda machine.) Pity all the international media outlets seem to be sharing the 'why party when the country is falling apart' sentiment.

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 14:58

      you mean pessimistic.

      Gerhard - 2012-01-09 15:02

      When will people actually grasp the concept that we do not have an issue with the ANC running the country. What we do have a problem with is those who are in charge that spend taxpayers money like it grows on trees! Give us leaders focussed on service delivery and addressing the real issues of the country and I might even vote ANC.

      TheWatcher - 2012-01-09 15:04

      a pessimist is an optimist who has been sodomized by reality.

      Sithando - 2012-01-09 15:08

      Mr c you nugget head, we are not all aliens.

      tmojela - 2012-01-09 15:11

      You can complain all you want,fact remains the majority of South African's voted the ANC into power thus entrusting them with their tax money. Vote them out if you can.

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 15:24

      It would be interesting to compare the proportion of tax contributions (based on actual revue) that the 'majority' that supports the ANC contributes, with the percentage of the vote they have. My guess is that's it's a whole new kind of 1%...

      lafras.moolman - 2012-01-09 15:35

      You are clearly blinded by all their BulS#T they feed you year after year. You prob recieve the food parcels before elections and think Ahh they so good to me, I’m going to receive a house and a nice job, they PROMISED ME THIS YEAR, but in reality never receive anything, just them getting more expensive houses and cars. OPEN YOUR EYES, Its not about Black or White, Who’s wrong or right, Its about the wellbeing of our country, our funds and it people. Aren’t you fed up with all their lies or are you part of it.

      Johan - 2012-01-09 15:36

      Sithando.... um, actually no. The majority of township folk are either not employed or have casual jobs. Thus, they don't pay taxes directly. The vast majority of the ANC's tax income, come from whites... who didn't vote for them.

      Tidos - 2012-01-09 15:44

      True T. They are obsessed with the ANC than the racist attitude they keep displaying daily.

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 16:14

      @Sithando - nugget head? Because i can spell? idiot

      Piet - 2012-01-09 17:10

      You racist you

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 20:17

      Since when was the ANC a race? I can say, without an iota of guilt, that I despise the ANC, and that's not racist. The ANC does not define your race, and until you pull your heads out of your bums and realise that, they're going to keep milking us all dry.

      Mr C - 2012-01-10 10:51

      well said Tamara!

  • Matthew - 2012-01-09 14:46

    Ya it definately was the rain and not the "uninspiring" drone that scared away the crowds.

  • Phumezo - 2012-01-09 14:46

    Why are not suprised from these types of bafoonery and useless analysis from the so called "media" of this country! They have elevated themselves to be spokespeople of the opposition and the wealthy who are a stubling block to transformation!

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 14:57

      What is a 'stubling block?' The ANC is the cause of all CURRENT stuff ups in SA. Wake up and smell the corrupt ineptitude!

      Alfred - 2012-01-09 15:03

      Well done Phumezo, that's the first time I've ever seen "buffoonery" being used in a sentence that's not describing the ANC. It must be terrible having a media who tells it like it is. But don't worry, that will all change soon with the POIB. We all know how much the ANC loves freedom and democracy... when it suits them ofcourse.

      NrGx - 2012-01-09 15:06

      sort of correct --- should read Why are not suprised from these types of bafoonery and useless analysis from the so called "Government" of this country! They have elevated themselves to be spokespeople of the the poor who are the stumbling block to the wealthy!

      Pushka - 2012-01-09 15:13

      Why are we not surprised that you spew useless misspelled rhetoric?? It is the "bafoonery" (sic)and ignorant blind praise singing from you and your type that will be the downfall of this country.Everything in this article is the truth, and if you can't see this then you are the "stubling" (sic) block to transformation. How much more transformation do you need? YOUR government is in power, THEY are the stumbling blocks. The laws favour you in a myriad (that means lots btw)of different ways, from BEE laws to government tenders etc etc and if you are still going on about the opposition (who are so very neccessary in this country) and the wealthy (who increasingly are people of your own race)then God help us all.this country actually started transforming almost 25 years ago and bears very little resemblance to the country of my youth, the difference is that the goodwill of people who were committed to the success of South Africa, and ALL it's people, is slowly being eroded by people who want to grasp everything they can with no effort on their part.

      Ronald - 2012-01-09 15:18

      Even Kenneth Kaunda, a revered and respected retired leader in Africa reminded the ANC that "Two wrongs does not make a right" in respect of certain murmurings taking place in the ANC.

      Avhatakali - 2012-01-09 15:40

      @Alfred And we blame the ANC for saying their biggest opposition is the Media. I would have thought that the first responsibility of the media is to report the story so that the public can make up their minds. it seems to me in this case that the media is reporting and also forcing their opinion on the public. The criticism may have come from an opinion piece. However the headline say the Media is criticising the ANC i would have thought that is the job of the opposition. Every four years we go to elections in this country and the ANC invariably comes out the winner. With so much criticism one would think they would loose dismaly yet they don't. Are we to conclude that the media is out of touch with the majority of south africans? One can say that the reason is that the majority of the ANC voters are uneducated. Are we talking of the same constituency that fought tooth and nail against apartheid while those who were "educated were dishing it out".

      Piet - 2012-01-09 17:13

      Aag so predictable, if it is constructive criticism it must be from the bad whiteunderworld. Wake up and grow from criticism

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:20

      Ummm Phumezo... the media can't be the "spokespeople of the wealthy who are stubling block to transformation (sic)" because the wealthy are the elite of the ANC and they would therefore not criticise them surely? They are however a voice for the voiceless...

      Phillie - 2012-01-09 23:27

      Phumezo You are truly a moron if you can't realize that BEE has made all the editors blacks and it is same that is now so very vrulent against the excesses of the ruling "elite".

      colin.chester1 - 2012-01-10 08:02

      Great Phumezo. You would have made a fantastic member of the National Party. They also followed blindly while our country foundered. Perhaps you should looks within the ranks of the ANC, and you may spot many of the wealthy who you suggest that the media are spokespeople for. Stop supporting blindly..Open your eyes. The ideals of the ANC greats have long since been lost in the "gold rush". Time for change!

  • Poloyatonki - 2012-01-09 14:48

    Yeah Right, its because the past we are living in poverty today.

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 14:57

      and not your mentality?

      John - 2012-01-09 14:59

      I can agree with you that it is definitely a very, very large contributing factor It explains a lot of the problems our country faces today, however, it does not explain why, in the past 17 years, we have regressed rather than progressed.

      Alfred - 2012-01-09 15:06

      Ofcourse. It's entirely because of events that happened decades ago that we're here now. The people who've been "running" this place for the last 17 years have nothing to do with it at all. But don't worry, you're black so you can't be held responsible for anything, ever.

      makatika - 2012-01-09 16:03

      If you asked any black person s/he will tell you that there is quite a lots of difference made, and I would not be surprised for whites to think we have regressed as a country, we did not; Whites just don't what be on more or less the same level a Blacks. Well pack up and go if you don't like it here and while you are abroad don't read or be interested in what is happening in my beautiful country

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 16:07

      exactly what John says! 17 years is long enough to start showing some sign of improvement isnt it? ANC's going backwards & if you cant see that then you're obviously part of the blind being led by the blind

      Ronald - 2012-01-09 16:08

      Poly, I partly agree. But then I also remember previously oppressed people becoming hugely successful despite the apartheid laws and attitudes.Richard Maponya had already achieved great success during the 1950's,Herman Mashaba that created Black Like Me and was hugely successful during the 1980's,Gary Morolo,Reuel Khoza,Ndaba Ntsele, Mzolisi Diliza,Robert Gumede, etc. They had all made it through hard work before 1994 and the handouts that followed.

      fred.kruger2 - 2012-01-09 16:19

      Pollydonkey, please do yourself a favour and check by how much taxes have increased since 1994. SARS constantly braggs about how much money they managed to squeeze out of taxpayer's pockets. Then try and figure out where all that money has gone to. The ANC has had ample chance to alleviate the plight of the poor, but rather choose to enrich themselves and waste money on a pathetic birthday bash. The comment of the minister of Sport that "money is f**kall" spits in the face of all the poor people and summs up the attitude of the ANC.

      Geronimo - 2012-01-09 21:31

      @makatika - another black nationalist who would like nothing better than to see a South Africa of black South Africans only... *eye roll* The whites are here to stay boetie, this land belongs to them just as it does to you - we are all South AFRICANS. Suck it up and get used to it - the sooner you get over race the sooner this country will progress.

      John - 2012-01-10 07:28

      @makatika. I agree with you that the ANC have achieved a lot for the present black population of South Africa in the past, where those of that day have benifited, but what a lot of ANC supports have lost sight of is that they struggle heros are now poloticians, not combat vets, they have a responsibility to the whole population, to grow the productivness of the country. We have a whole new youth that know nothing of the past except from stories told by the old, but asa youth is they actually dont care about your struggle so much but are more interested in there own daiky struggle, and as some one stated earlier, the youths of this country are in regression from the past. The Government does need to stop living in the past, and move this country forward, we have to compete with world markets and not just our selves, or we will and are dropping behind. Its a bit like owning a shop, if as a black man you are the owner, and I the white man come in to purchase your goods, are you going to refuse me because of my colour, or will you take my money to feed your children. Now thank of that on a grander scale, we have to sell our goods to the rest of the world. we dont care what colour there money is.

  • Jim - 2012-01-09 14:49

    The ANC are all parasites, a few cans of DOOM should do the job. The 'faithful' have no brains, and only went for some free food and drink at the expense of the taxpayer, which of course none of them are as they cant get a job, as they have no brains...

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 14:52

      Second that

      jutamthwane - 2012-01-09 15:16

      Your comments are appalling to say the least Jim. They are a cheap shot at black people and racist in the worst degree! the day will come when our black people are also trust fund kids with your kids lagging behind economically, mentally and otherwise!

      Jason - 2012-01-09 15:50

      @jutamthwane, the only reason your scenario will take place is because all the 'new' trust fund kids, as you put it will have parents who have made trust funds out of illegal gains and dodgy tenders, economically, our white children will be behind because they aren't black and won't be given work, and mentally, our children will be behind because as caring parents, we are afraid for our children's lives, sending them to most government schools, where there are reports of student on teacher and student on student violence, because of a total lack of respect for authority, which is visibly present from pre-schoolers all the way to certain ANCYL suspended presidents.

  • Anthony - 2012-01-09 14:49


  • Mlungisi - 2012-01-09 14:51

    There we go again, Media always look for negativity - mental slavering people

      MissC - 2012-01-09 15:00

      So enlighten us then on what was postive about wasting (sorry)..../ "gainfully utilising" (*cough cough*) R400 million...! Maybe the arrogance of saying the leaders will drink champagne and you can clench your fists in salute!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! R400 million spent and they could not even buy their supporters juice to toast with nevermind champagne!!!And people will still defend them !!!!???? talk about stupid and ignorant!

      Mlungisi - 2012-01-09 15:20

      @MissC is no no point to enlighten someone that have got a pre-programmed mind like you, you dont even know how the money was raised. Anyway it doesn't matter to you, however remember that such events will always be part of South Africans who cares about what happened in the past. Another thing the event purpose was not to feed people and like other states we cant all share the same you do in your culture, religion or whatever call it. We are aware of the challenges that we facing and celebrating past doesn't necessary mean we live in the past but its a process of telling stories that were never told and using this very opportunity to talk because we've been silenced and that kills us more than hunger. Again I think you don't understand the purpose of leadership in general, no common sense right there Miss Chop.

      Tyron - 2012-01-09 16:07

      @Mlungisi, I challenge you and all ANC supporters to make corruption the number 1 priority. As long as there is corruption there is be poor education, health care, housing, sanitation, and poverty. If corruption is rooted out, true leaders will emerge, tenderpreneurs will cease to exist, entrepreneurs will flourish, jobs will be created, and funds will be available for schools, houses, electricty, water, etc. The media will have nothing to complain about, and those negative reporters will be shunned! So, to ALL politicians, 1 priority - NO CORRUPTION, the rest will follow.

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 16:08

      "mental slavering people" wtf? You vote anc dont you?

      Piet - 2012-01-09 17:14

      Voting for ANC is not mental slavery???

  • Deon - 2012-01-09 14:52

    We need more leaders with better education like the "old days" as well as a stronger opposition.

      Willie - 2012-01-09 15:30

      "....more leaders with better education like the "old days"..." those leaders came with a terrible system "apartheid" i urge you to read what UN said about this system

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:49

      Mandela was an educated man from apartheid, we need more of those (that went to university and got a degree).

      Tidos - 2012-01-09 15:51

      Who is we Doen?

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:56

      Tidos - SA need more leaders.

      PeggySven - 2012-01-09 16:03

      Willie, I think you will find that Deon was referring to the CancER leadership, eg. O.R. Tambo and Nelson Mandela as opposed to Zuma.

      Willie - 2012-01-09 16:15

      My apologies to Deon and PeggySven

  • Phumezo - 2012-01-09 14:52

    There is not a single cent that came from the Tax payer that was spent in Mangaung! All the fundraising was done by the ANC through legitimate structures and means! Those who are complaining are just jealous and behaving like little kids who never celebrated a birthday!

      bafana.skosana - 2012-01-09 14:55

      They will always complain, remember the enermy doesn't want to see you happy.

      Brenda - 2012-01-09 15:00

      Maybe other people will believe your revelation, but those of us who know better won't.

      Elim - 2012-01-09 15:01

      Phumezo open your eyes and smell the roses, you are brain washed.

      John - 2012-01-09 15:02

      If you believe that, you are very, very naive. All of the tenderpreneurs that assisted the State to get rid of tax payer money...... for them it was a little bit of payback time. A political party that has that much money...... you have to wonder.

      NrGx - 2012-01-09 15:12

      @bafana .... "ENEMY"???? YOU are your own worst enemy. you, and people like you, are the ones holding this country back. Perhaps rather than trying to spew hatred, you should change your view to SUIT what is required to uplift the brothers and sisters of this nation (black and white). YOU have NO SENSE of national Pride, but only racial pride. Continue biting the hands that feed you, one day we will bite back and you will cry like the spoilt brat you are.

      Shirley - 2012-01-09 15:13

      Well IF that is true then they should raise some more and uplift their people! Bottom line is while they are drinking champagne-people live in poverty going to sleep with empty stomachs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      raath - 2012-01-09 15:15

      Whaaahahahaha! You just said "ANC" and "legitimate" in the same sentence! Funniest. Thing. Ever!

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:23

      You missed a few speeaches from ANC leaders telling us that the money comes from tax payers.

      Burton - 2012-01-09 15:34

      Bafana who is the enemy? Aren't we all equal? Or are we back to the same old storie as always? Blame everything on the previous government? That's the ANCs favourite winge

      John - 2012-01-09 15:36

      @Deon: So did I. Any references?

      Deon - 2012-01-09 16:01

      John- Baleka Mbeta 8/11/2011 & Khaya FM 95.9

      Ronald - 2012-01-09 21:56

      Mantashe himself admitted that the ANC had managed to get R100 Million in contributions. The balance of the R400 Million would be for the taxpayer's expense. The balance of R300 million could buy 5770 low cost houses, or 2 complete hospitals, or any combination of service delivery items you care to mention while the ANC top brass toast the centenary and act as the lips of the people. I hope the homeless living under newspapers also feel warm and full like the Zuma and his buddies did after the parties in Bloem.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:24

      Phumezo I really think you should take some time out to rea a book called "Animal Farm" by author George Orwell. Thereafter you may have some original thoughts of your own.

  • Jonathan - 2012-01-09 14:54

    All good celbrating 100 years - quite a feat. But the street where I work is now a rubbish dump. Looks like a municipal strike all over again. Do it with some class at least, and consideration for the town.

  • TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 14:55

    So they wasted R400 million to put on a show that no one watched, and a speech that no one listened to? And people WONDER why we say SA is in big trouble?

      TenRas1 - 2012-01-09 14:58

      100m idiot

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:03

      please tenras1 we all know it was way more than that. Just shows who the idiot really is?

      Sithando - 2012-01-09 15:14

      marata and nitrogen who's money are you budgeting for? 'I' am happy that my monthly contribution for ANC stimulated businesses around Mangaung AND what is da doing with your monthly contribution?

      Makhawukana - 2012-01-09 15:17


      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:21

      wtf is jaloooooorss???

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 15:25

      L2 Google bro.

      Poloyatonki - 2012-01-09 15:28

      Where do you come up with R400 million? Any R100 million is very little compared to what was stolen over 350 years...

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 15:34

      Actually, Poloy, if you check the facts and figures, the ANC has outperformed the Nats in one very key area: robbing state coffers. They've taken political thievery to a whole new level. It's the ONE thing they are good at. Must be all the practice.

      Avhatakali - 2012-01-09 15:54

      @Tamara the last i heard it was 100 million unless the facts have changed or you just could not be bothered about those. I wonder how you came to the conclusion that no one watched the show, did you do a survey? Have you considered that the statements you justt made are baseless and grossly generalised? Worst without any shred of proof.

      Deon - 2012-01-09 16:10

      Tamara's figures is correct. In the beginning it was said to be at least R100m, but later on the figure of up to R400 m was mentioned. This probably includes the whole years parties up to 8/1/2013.

      Mr C - 2012-01-09 16:10

      Poliodonkey - the ANC have stolen more in the last 17 years than the former leaders did in 350 years

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 16:28

      @TenRas1. When someone is being a racist idiot I point it out to them. But that's rich , I want a rainbow nation where all colours flourish and you just want the blacks in power. The majority of comments made are not racist but against a corrupt racist government.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 17:28

      @TenRas1. Its people like you you have destroyed the country. Why is it Black and White ? Where is the rainbow nation ? This Country is going to be like Zim if you can't change your mind ! PS no-one here wants to be a poep-all like you.

      Geronimo - 2012-01-09 21:37

      TenRas1 = *justanotherracistblacknationalist*

      Ali - 2012-01-09 21:43

      R4000 per head party for a 3rd world country..not bad. Buying food or lowering the fuel price would have been better for all..not just the 100k people for 1 day.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:27

      Hey Tamara... it wasn't all about the show or the speach... there was some champagne to drink too... French of course - but only for the Leaders! The plebians just got to whatch and cheer ;P

  • MastersVoice - 2012-01-09 14:55

    My only comment on this issue is that after 100 years the ANC is terminally ill. Its supporters should be lamenting its imminent demise, rather than celebrating its past. The only hope left for the ANC is radical surgery - cut out the malignant parts, starting at the leadership...

  • ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-09 14:56

    The ANC live in the past, and screw up our future

  • tmojela - 2012-01-09 14:58

    Its a waste of WHO'S Money?

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:24

      The tax payers.

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-01-09 15:26

      Ours, the taxpayer!

      Garth - 2012-01-09 16:31

      Um, no I do not think that the World Health Organisation (WHO) contributed any money to the ineptocrats' latest party tmojela, it was all South African tax payers' money that was stolen from the poor to provide your leaders with French Champagne. Try not to believe everything that the lying anc says, there's a good boy.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:34

      Ummm... hello? the citizens of South Africa? Ummm... R100 million would have paid the wages for 6,356 rural unemployed general labourers for 12 months... ask those 6,356 people what they would have preferred.

  • DieSeL - 2012-01-09 14:59

    Why do people sit around and wait for the government to provide for them and to do everything for them? If you want a house/electricity/water, get off your @$$ and work for it!! Why should you or anyone else get these things for free? If you want to benefit from the country, you have to contribute to it too! Its the same as people who wait to inherit stuff from their parents & family. Then the siblings all fight over inheritances when the parents pass on. WTF? If you want it, WORK FOR IT! Where do you think your parents got all that stuff from?

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 15:30

      The cANCer government has been making lavish promises for 17 years and now the people want what's been promised ....

  • Mphozessed - 2012-01-09 15:00

    past is best ingredient for future decision so does statistics for better projections.

      thea.f.tesselaar - 2012-01-10 04:52

      Bull and you know that......

      Lana - 2012-01-10 09:05

      Give your child's economic's book back - he is going to need it for school next week!

  • Albert - 2012-01-09 15:03

    ...Probably going to blame Apartheid for the rain too...

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:04

      and when lightning strikes them, they will not rest until they find out where this lightning comes from!!! Hahahahahaha idiots

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 15:07

      oh no not the white,s again

      Poloyatonki - 2012-01-09 15:41

      I wonder what are you lot still doing in Africa if you think we are that stupid.

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:44

      @poloy it's not a thought, it's a fact!

      Geronimo - 2012-01-09 21:44

      @poliodonkey - just another racist black nationalist wanting all the whites to leave. Yawn, that's soooo yesterday.

  • Kooven - 2012-01-09 15:03

    I honestly I would not care what they ANC did in terms of celebrations, as long as they did what they are suppose to and not what they want to. If, the unemployment, economy and housing were all taken care of, then cool...have a celebration party every year! But you can't reward yourself without doing the job! The sense of entitlement to OUR money should stop!

  • malcolm - 2012-01-09 15:04

    I doubt very much the Apartheid government stole and wasted nearly a tenth of what the ANC have done during all their years of power, in so few years as the ANC have been at the helm. Even PW Botha had a relatively humble lifestyle in comparison to these daft ANC twats. Where is the proof that the Apartheid leaders stole money. Sure they made rules that kept the economy from black hands, but the ANC keep even more opportunities away from the blacks.

      Avhatakali - 2012-01-09 16:00

      @Malcolm for a start read this story from IOL

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 17:20

      Do your remember Eschel Roodie who defrauded the state a long time ago, or NAT MP's who rewarded themselves with large farms and property.

      Riaan - 2012-01-09 21:43

      Gazelle No, I don't remember. Give sources or is this from the ANC propaganda manual (school text books)?

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:41

      I do recall 250 long drop toilets being built in the veld with the nearest housing being some +100km away during the NAT era... when the media published the story they were arrested for putting "state security at risk"... What scares me is that the same is thing is going to happen again if we don't ALL hold the government (regardless of who is in power)accountable for their spending of OUR money.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-09 23:47

      Oh and Riaan... the NAT's were pretty good at running their own propaganda machine as you should recall. Simply go to any newspapers archives and you will find enough evidence of the NAT's plundering. However that doesn't mean that just because the NAT's did it and got away with it that we should bury our heads in the sand and allow the government(s) to loot for perpetuity now does it?

      Lana - 2012-01-10 09:20

      May the NATS be what they were, I don't care, but THEN we had a military we could be proud off, we had state hospitals where we did not die and get raped, we drove on roads where state vehicles did not drive OVER people, we ALL had food because our farmers were not on the "culling list", the death penalty NEVER saw the colour of your skin, justice should be colour blind and so I can go on. I don't give a damn what colour person runs this country, I do care if he/she and his/her minions have BRAINS and actually can grasp basic economics/maths. Don't take away the good the previous government has done because you want to be politically correct, it is wrong - they will not just bad - a lot of good also came from that era. The ANC is not all bad either, they unite the black people...but on the down side for the wrong reasons, not to make this country GREAT, but to make themselves great. One that can not govern his own house, cannot govern a country.

  • jack.oosthuysen - 2012-01-09 15:04

    Their vision is to govern this country back to the stone age.

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 15:11

      hang on just want to finish sharping my spear before I lol

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-01-09 15:24

      Or to be the next Zim.. Awesome!!

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 20:22

      It's actually easy: get power, sit on bum, buy new cars.

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 20:48

      why buy iesh better to

  • Josh - 2012-01-09 15:05

    People can argue and go as pro or negative as they want about the ANC. The fact is the country is crumbling from the lack of admin and leadership because the ANC simply does not have any of that. Just look at how JHB was taken to court recently just so that they could have a judge to tell them to follow the law. In the spirit of Ubuntu they were switching off fellow South African's (majority black) electricity and black mailing them to pay over quoted amounts. AMANDLA The funny thing is that wealthy white people basically keep poor SA float as shown in research that they are the most likely to give to charity. in fact 90% of wealthy South Africans donate to charity, the fact that a large percentage of the wealthy South Africans are white.

      Josh - 2012-01-09 15:06 - source of claim.. Check it out.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 15:25

      Africans give to charity in their own ways, we need not form charity organisations to help our own kind.

      Josh - 2012-01-09 15:50

      @Graziella - I don't mean to suggest that blak people do not give out charity. My point is that wealthy whites are targeted as a problem but in reality they keep the country from falling to pieces. i don't think charity organisations are the solution, charity organisations will be nothing unless private industry takes some responsibility on fixing the space in which they exist. But that too is a 2 way street.

      Beetroot - 2012-01-09 15:58

      Actually, its the rest of the world of white people that keep Africa afloat. Bob Geldof and his stupid countryman Bozo, I mean Bono keep helping the doomed as a result of their own doing. I suppose Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and and and is Apartheids fault! Ne Graziella? Your vote will keep you in your seat of sorrow forever!

      Avhatakali - 2012-01-09 16:13

      @Josh can i just point to you that for many black people as soon as we get employed our next task is to make sure that our siblings are also taken care of educationaly. this does not make us any better or worse than white people who donate to charity. However we are giving as best as we can just because the media does not list such giving as charitable giving does not mean it is not. This is the same thing that happened with stockvels just because the mainstream media does not recognise that there are billions saved in stockvels every year does not mean that the savings are not there. I know many black friends who would build houses for their parents first before they build theirs. Question then is. Is the research that leads you to conclude that white people basically keep poor S Africans that acurate?

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-09 15:07

    The more whites that move to friendlier countries the better, the ANC's success is grounded in white money and not the precious struggle as they claim. For all the propestations from the poor to the contrary, South Africa is still the most sought after residence in Africa with millions of Central and North Africans making the long journey to our borders every year. The plain truth is that with a mass exodus of white money the ANC led government and people of South Africa would be facing a very different present and future one devoid of most of what they have now. This doesa not mean that the whites were not wrong for our past, just that without white money South Africa has no future and the sooner the extremists realize that the better it will be for everyone.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 15:43

      @Graziella. Wow , are you really that racist and ignorant. We all arrived in South Africa at the same time , and killed the locals , so who has the right to say who owns it ? You like that computer in front of you , you never would have seen it , if were not for the "tiny white minority" you hate so much or any other technology for that matter . Your cANcer government is ruining it for everybody but you still blame white people and not corrupt cronnies like Zuma ! Shame on you ! Do you believe in the rainbow nation or do you really just want black empowerment ?

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 15:53

      If you want to debate me, have the courtesy to debate what I actually say, not what you want to refute. Read the original poster's comment, then my response, slowly this time, and then respond again.

      Josh - 2012-01-09 15:55

      @Graziella - YOu miss the point. It is not a race thing. It is an education thing. Education comes from the educated. If the education left who is going to share it and teach? The ANC? Noooooooooooooo, I don't think so. The fact is that the less educated the masses are the better it is for the ANC. Education is liberation.

      Josh - 2012-01-09 15:56

      @Jody - Easy tiger...

      Beetroot - 2012-01-09 16:04

      Graziella - You are the epitomy of dog sh*t! I am going to go and see where I can travel in Blighty. In fact anywhere in the world as I like. You on the other hand are so racist that you cant leave SA because there are 'white people' in other countries! Bet you dont even have a passport! Nyanga meisie!

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 16:16

      @Beetroot I just love this high-testosterone non-intellectual debating style, devoid of any form of logic, unencumbered by any facts, insights or analysis, long on emotion, short on intellect. Brilliant! Maybe I should bottle it and sell it.

      Beetroot - 2012-01-09 16:31

      Graziella, I fully understand. Its not your fault. Sometimes the world needs more understanding as to why you are what you are. Writing in your best english and vocabulary still does mean that you are not a racist, that you are!!

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 20:26

      Graziella, dear, you should start taking note of how many people are making negative remarks about the ANC, and how many are making negative remarks against BLACK people in general. The two are NOT the same thing you know. I can despise the ANC as much as I like for being useless, corrupt thieves, but that does not, by default, make me racist. Grow up. Realise the difference, and you will be surprised to note that all the comments you perceive to be racist are usually not. They're the complaints of a fed up, used and abused minority, who are desperate for a government that GOVERNS.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 21:25

      And I'm interested on the ones that make negative comments about Africans. I'm also fed up with them. If you are not part of them, ignore my rants.

      Geronimo - 2012-01-09 21:50

      @Graziella - just another racist black nationalist inviting the whites to leave.... yawn. Don't forget to say Gratzi to the whities for making this country of yours, your Congolese ancestors did nothing to it after arriving in droves and chasing off the San. Get it through your skull - you are just as African as me, South Africa is my country as it is yours, and whites are here to stay in SA whether you like it or not. Racist.

      Ali - 2012-01-09 21:53

      @graziella.. Ahh yes and Africa is the superpower of the world always 20+ countries voted best run. Making the best out of all the wealth in minerals. Very developed too.. And off course don't forget that 99% of all inventions are from Africa, we lead the space race too. So the locals are very capable as you state.... Dream on..

      Riaan - 2012-01-09 21:59

      Gazelle. And that from someone that is too thick to know what an African is. Stupid little girl. You are bleck and will always be bleck. Are you ashamed of this? It seems so.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 22:13

      All the loons are out! Must be a fool moon.

  • TheWatcher - 2012-01-09 15:09

    The biggest problem is that this message never makes it into the townships who continue to blindly vote for Mandela's party that freed them from apartheid. Still to this day people walk into the voting booths saying 'I want to vote for Mandela'

      tmojela - 2012-01-09 15:13

      Are you saying the township voter is stupid?

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-01-09 15:21

      Then we need to show them what is really going on and take it from there..

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 15:22

      It's called DEMOCRACY!

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 15:23

      you just said it?

      tmojela - 2012-01-09 15:27

      When you say we who are you reffering to?

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 15:51

      @Graziella. Democracy is fair and people get a say if how the Country is run not just a vote. We are not in a Democracy , the people have no say in the running of the country and the vote is just smoke and mirrors. Votes are openly bought with TAX payers money before elections and violent confrontation awaits many who vote anything else in the townships. So how can that be fair ? Are you just defending the ANC because its black vs white ? Or are you benefiting from the generally corrupt practices of the current government ?

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 16:13

      How do you propose this country was governed Jody re the political system, this is an honest question.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 16:38

      @Graziella. A rainbow nation where everyone can win ! We all just want what's fair and non-racist ! A transparent Government the helps the poor or is that to much to ask for ? If you could take the corruption out of the current government that would go along way and save our current political system ? But we can't so we need a complete overall were everyone has a voice not just the majority.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 17:55

      You do have a voice in the current political system but you chose a long time ago that the ANC was a terrorist organisation for Africans. Many of you could have joined the ANC then and effect change once within. You can't have your cake and eat it. The political system (multi-party constitutional democracy) was decided by all during Codesa. Go out and campaign during elections. Convince your employees by how you treat and inter-act with them that you hold no ill-feelings towards Africa.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 20:06

      @Graziella. Your Democracy doesn't leave space for minorities to thrive. Tax money is being thrown away for votes with grants and food packages. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Hope you understand the analogy. You can't take from a small group to sustain a larger group , its not practical and in most cases suicidal.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 21:22

      Who is the small group that is being taken from. Do you have any idea how government generates its money? Nothing but cheap caricature reliant upon a series of assumptions that are common enough, but still pretty much useless. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about your "minority", its your choice really, and it is not my democracy. You haven't suggested what political system we should be adopting other than slating the current one. It appears that you have no ideas of your own.

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 21:30

      @graziella do you know what brainwashed is? pity, you dont even know that you are.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 22:55

      @Graziella. Wow , really. Please pull your head out of your ar$e and look at the reality and not the propaganda that you see everyday ! Is South Africa really that healthy ? By the way what was your link supposed to prove ? Not your point !

      Graziella - 2012-01-10 07:25

      The reality is that for the first time in this country's history, millions of Africans have running water, have their dignity back, are able to persue their dreams without any restrictions placed on them because of their skin colour. It is 50 years that you lot kept the NP in power despite its poor policies for the majority and the well being of the country, the same policies which have an effect today on the state of this country. The millions of shacks you see, are your legacy and the ANC isn't going to eradicate them in 20 years. It will take a generation just to fix up the NAT's poor planning. Give Africans the minimam of 50 years as well!

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-10 10:37

      @Graziella. So they can rape murder and steal without remorse , please get a life.... You need to accept that we share this beautiful country and stop living in the past or we are all going to suffer like Zim.

  • Graziella - 2012-01-09 15:12

    For where do they think the new day and the fresh future come from? The present and the future are built on the past. With all due respect, only the very near sighted can suppose that they can defy historical gravity and float above it all, sublimely free of all roots.

      Beetroot - 2012-01-09 15:46

      Ha ha ha ha .... you're trying to hard to be intelligent and philosophical! Your little transparent brain should be trying to study for the future and not what you can fart out from the past!

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 16:02

      You have the temerity of an imbecile when all you can do is penned one or two sentences of insult.

      kgatit - 2012-01-09 16:09

      Hahaha @Beetroot, Go back to the garden you dug yourself out from...

      Beetroot - 2012-01-09 16:18

      Ha ha ha ha ...penned one??? Yes I penned my foughts together to found out why you dont wont be clever!

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 16:37

      Can someone parse this into english please!!

  • Makhawukana - 2012-01-09 15:13

    Is this money not from ANC's budget? Then why complain because this time it was about the celebration so it was well announced was it not so. We all watched and enjoyed the celebrations please stop complaining.We are enjoying because of the comrades I salute them indeed having watched the insert on SABC 1 last night then I know what the Zinzi's and the Tselane's have gone through as girls.

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-01-09 15:20

      Did not watch. Did not enjoy. ANC's budget is the tax payers money. Idiot.

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:29

      No the tax payers paid for this. More than 1 ANC leader told us this.

      Makhawukana - 2012-01-09 15:36

      You guys are very negative hey........ common is a fact ANC spent money for the event at least I managed to relate my past back last night even if is from taxpayer's money.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 16:08

      @Makhawukana. How many Coloureds , Indians , Whites and other magical people of South Africa , at the party ? Its always been about race , yes your the majority , yes its a cANCer government but Madiba wanted a rainbow nation ! Or are you against what Madiba wanted ? The money should have been used to bolster the education system and not just a party for the Black majority to get votes for next year.... South Africa is dieing do to radical racial devisions in Government , just like apartheid. We've changed one racist Government for a corrupt racist Government ! We all lose....

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:03


  • Phumezo - 2012-01-09 15:22

    We are also not suprised by the actions of the so called "white liberal reactionary media" for not publishing what Dr. Kaunda said about land! We know that is always a topic for another day for them! Well for your info that massage went down to the hearts of our people and soon we will see words of economic freedom becoming flesh! It's long over due it is our turn to eat!

      Deon - 2012-01-09 15:32

      The Sowetan is not white. If you want economic freedom, study and work. Nothing is free.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:12

      Hmm... are your refering to Kenneth Kaunda from Zambia? Who also took the farms and mines from their white owner, plunging Zambia into hunger and starvation until he was voted out and the new government returned the farms to the white fatrmers and once again the populace were well fed and the ecconnomy is booming once more... Mugabe and Samora Machell (excuse my spelling) did the same thing. Mozambique is only now recovering - after inviting the Zimbabwean farmers to develop the land. Zimbabwe however - once the bread basket of Africa is still a basket case and will be until the death of ZANU PF... Now if the "majority" understood what the repercussions of the land grab would be for them do you really think that is the route they would want to go? As said previously - no more talk about land grabs until you have read "Animal Farm"!!!

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:13

      Oops my typos are shocking... sorry!

  • Shirley - 2012-01-09 15:26

    They continue to "celebrate" the past as it distracts everyone from the present. The fact that they sip champagne in front of people who have NO idea where their next meal comes from is sickening! If their intentions were genuine and they REALY wanted to SERVE and FREE the people then they should of had a braai and spent the rest on the thousands who are starving,living without sanitation and in dire poverty! They critisize the past but have made NO effort to stem the tide of corruption and poverty sweeping across the country by THEIR hand!!!!

      Phumezo - 2012-01-09 15:36

      I guess the champagne is only reserved for those who come from the paler section of our community in this country! Only uMqombothi and Mageu is reserved for our leaders! Do not worry you are not alone with that mentality in this country!

      zterblanche - 2012-01-09 17:16

      @makhawuwhatever: Learn to use punctuation! It's not hard.

  • MissC - 2012-01-09 15:44

    @Mlungisi.... you most certainly are correct in stating that I don't understand. I do not understand the so called "leadership" of the ANC that is! To spend R400 million on a party when there are people living in dire poverty is irresponsible leadership! And I dear sir... am entitled to my opinion whatever that may be! Race, cluture, religion... none of that featured in any part of my comment-so tell me again how I have a pre-programmed mind? In addition, if the ANC can raise R400 million for a party why not do the same for the millions of people that voted for them into power! Is that not worth more than a celebration!!! So you most certainly are correct in your statement that I do not understand leadership, because leadership to me means accountability, respect of others, setting an example for the people that follow them. In South Africa, what the people need is a government that puts their needs first and right now R400 million (however raised) could have been spent in way that celebrated the founding principles of the ANC which was democracy and economic freedom (amongst others)for all!!! Not just the fat cats!Note further that nowhere did I say that there should not be a celebration. So stop being blinded by your own pre-programming!

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 15:45

    I am not surprised by their narration of history as don't have anything they can talk about at this point of time. They will always refer to the actions of Mandela and his predecessors because theirs are shameful. They cannot tell the world what they are doing now because they are milking this country dry. If there are still S. Africans who are investing on history they living anti-clockwise. The day most ANC card carrying members would realise that it's not everyone politically connected who would be a millionaire, they would turn against their masters and ANC would conitue to die from inside. This organisation is prepared to spend hundreds of millions on propaganda than on service delivery.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 15:45

    I am not surprised by their narration of history as they don't have anything they can talk about at this point of time. They will always refer to the actions of Mandela and his predecessors because theirs are shameful. They cannot tell the world what they are doing now because they are milking this country dry. If there are still S. Africans who are investing on history they living anti-clockwise. The day most ANC card carrying members would realise that it's not everyone politically connected who would be a millionaire, they would turn against their masters and ANC would conitue to die from inside. This organisation is prepared to spend hundreds of millions on propaganda than on service delivery.

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:50

      thank you, i wish Mr Mandela was still President. Don't have a problem with Zuma running the country but hell then he/them needs to do it properly.

      TenRas1 - 2012-01-09 15:56

      ni kho zama u takadza makhuwa nga u amba tshika?

      Phumezo - 2012-01-09 16:00

      Another rent a black and a sponsored cheerleader by the DA! Your attitude is driven by self hate and your inferiority complex of being an African! Shame on you! Nevertheless when we speared that bull down on Saturday we were also for doing it for the hopeless cases such as yourself!

      Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 19:40

      @ tenras1, you may say it the way you want but insulting someone because he has different views from yours sounds stupid to me. Which whites am I pleasing? You sound one of my age and one day you will tell me that I was right. A thi nga vuwi ndo vha sema ngauri a thi takaleli zwe vha comment. @ Phumezo, can't you find a worst word of describe me? For info, I am not associated with any political organisation. I would have joined MK if I were over fifteen during apartheid era. For your further info, I am a self made man and I educated myself and my siblings. If you are spoon fed by the government then it's your business and if you cannot see that there is no service delivery in most of the municipalities then you need a guiding stick for visually impaired.

      Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 19:41

      @ tenras1, you may say it the way you want but insulting someone because he has different views from yours sounds stupid to me. Which whites am I pleasing? You sound one of my age and one day you will tell me that I was right. A thi nga vuwi ndo vha sema ngauri a thi takaleli zwe vha comment. @ Phumezo, can't you find a worst word of describe me? For info, I am not associated with any political organisation. I would have joined MK if I were over fifteen during apartheid era. For your further info, I am a self made man and I educated myself and my siblings. If you are spoon fed by the government then it's your business and if you cannot see that there is no service delivery in most of the municipalities then you need a guiding stick for visually impaired.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:23

      @Phumezo. Just because another black person does not share your views it does not make him another "rent a black" or for that matter a DA supporter. You are a narrow minded bigot. In case you are not aware... there are other political parties in South Africa besides the ANC and DA... have you heard about the ACDP, IFP, UDM to name a few? The whole point of democracy is that everyone can choose whom they wish to support - this is not a one party state (yet)- by your standards you believe that if you are black you cannot critices the government... what are you a sheep?

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 15:47

    I am not surprised by their narration of history as they don't have anything they can talk about at this point of time. They will always refer to the actions of Mandela and his predecessors because theirs are shameful. They cannot tell the world what they are doing now because they are milking this country dry. If there are still S. Africans who are investing on history they are living anti-clockwise. History is simply a point of reference. The day most ANC card carrying members would realise that it's not everyone politically connected who would be a millionaire, they would turn against their masters and ANC would conitue to die from inside. This organisation is prepared to spend hundreds of millions on propaganda than on service delivery.

  • Tshivhombela Fhatuwani - 2012-01-09 15:48

    I am not surprised by their narration of history as they don't have anything they can talk about at this point of time. They will always refer to the actions of Mandela and his predecessors because theirs are shameful. They cannot tell the world what they are doing now because they are milking this country dry. If there are still S. Africans who are investing on history they are living anti-clockwise. History is simply a point of reference. The day most ANC card carrying members would realise that it's not everyone politically connected who would be a millionaire, they would turn against their masters and ANC would conitue to die from inside. This organisation is prepared to spend hundreds of millions on propaganda than on service delivery.

  • wayne.babb1 - 2012-01-09 15:49

    Let them all guzzle at the trough, which is fast running dry. Look see where it all goes

  • Hermann - 2012-01-09 15:51

    The ANC life style - live in the past, plunder in the present, toi-toi and forget about the future.

      Makhawukana - 2012-01-09 15:53

      That is what you think Herman no blame. We are busy learning your kids are going to UK to wash dirty socks

      Nitronic - 2012-01-09 15:55

      @makhawukana busy learning what??? When you matriculate then only you can say the ABC.

      Hermann - 2012-01-09 21:21

      @Makha. My kids were already working before you heard of such a thing as light. Maybe you should start washing dirty socks in the RSA and learn something. Oh, my kids in their 40s already never went to the UK.

      TamaraSays - 2012-01-09 22:37

      And when they are all gone, there will be no slush fund to steal from, and no social grants. Smart plan bro. No, really.

  • Gavin - 2012-01-09 15:53

    The "SOWETAN" has told the truth and the way it is! Well done for being 'impartial'! It would not surprise me if Mandela is rhetorically 'ashamed' of the ANC and it's leaders.

  • Felix - 2012-01-09 15:55

    Any one know how to get paid to spread anc propaganda on the net? It's the only explanation for some of the idiots on here that actually defend this crap.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-09 15:56

    Makhawukana: I know exactly what goes into it! I also know that people die from the cr@p you put into it! You once again just show your savagery if youre proud of that! AS for leaving to Australia-this is my country too and Ive become so used to infantile racists like you that I have to stick around just to see the the sickening,shocking end reult when this country has been plundered!

      Makhawukana - 2012-01-09 16:03

      @Shirley am white hey, actually am Hanekom 's younger sister*****laughing***

  • Tidos - 2012-01-09 16:03

    100 years is the past. Off course the ANC had to reflex on it's past for which the media doesn't want to be reminded about. Leave the ANC alone. The party has just began, let the ANC celebrate it's history without being side-tracked by what the media thinks it's proper. HANDS-OF THE ANC!! FIX your news rooms and transform your mentality.

      Mark - 2012-01-09 16:37

      Spoken like a true fascist....don't question the leaders, or the party, or their lifestyle...they deserve it for....for....doing what exactly??? Providing a better South Africa?..Hardly.....building on the legacy of Tambo, Lithuli, Mandela and wish?...Creating equal opportunities for all so that we can compete with the world? your dreams. The media are there to hold the feet to the fire for those who speak or act in the public's name. If you want them to be mouthpieces for the government then progress from the apartheid days is purely an illusion. We all stand on the shoulders of giants, and you suggest we should knock the feet from underneath them. You should be sooooooo ashamed....because I bet these giants are calling out...." Not in my name"....

  • Tidos - 2012-01-09 16:04

    100 years is the past. Off course the ANC had to reflex on it's past for which the media doesn't want to be reminded about. Leave the ANC alone. The party has just began, let the ANC celebrate it's history without being side-tracked by what the media thinks it's proper. HANDS-OF THE ANC!! FIX your news rooms and transform your mentality.

  • fred.kruger2 - 2012-01-09 16:07

    @ tmojela, you are living in a dreamworld. The majority of South Africans who voted the ANC into power are mostly poverty stricken, hopeless people who constantly fall for the ANC's empty pre election promises. They contribute NOTHING to the economy of this country.

      tmojela - 2012-01-09 16:17

      I think thats a very difficult statement to prove.Are you saying poor people can't think? I for one am not a member of the ANC but I vote because I believe they have the best Policies of any liberation movement I have ever seen.(that's my opinion) No political party understands the plight poor like the ANC. Show me one which is diverse as the ANC?

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 16:25

      I'm impressed with capacity to stereotype 11 million people, most of whom you've never met. Who do you imagine works in the mines, factories, mines, homes in this country....aliens? So these hopeless Africans you berate are very nice people indeed. I might add that as someone who was brought up on privilege based not on ability, but the colour of your skin, you have a lot to be grateful about.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 16:44

      @Graziella. So you deny that the cANCer buys votes with food parcels or is this best political practice ? If people are starving and desperate they will believe or follow any empty promises ? Yes the cANCer has made changes but they could have done so much more !

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 17:44

      Have you seen a single post of mine where I have defended the ANC's policies other than responding to the blowhards who troll these threads in search of anti-African nastiness to endorse?

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 17:56

      @Graziella. Your claim to DEMOCRACY is a single post of yours where you have defended the ANC. And your stance against any WHITE with an opinion and telling us to leave and we will not be missed. You might not think that you support the cANCer but you need to read between the lines of your comments!

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 17:58

      @Graziella. Its not anti-African if its embedded in truth. You can't just stick up for a person because of the skin colour , then rant against others because their white.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 18:34

      The choice of who people vote for is their constitutional right and there's nothing wrong with that. If they chose to "vote for Mandela", that's their business. I will take a stand anytime against anyone when Africans in general are insulted on these threads. If people want to insult the ANC, that is their democratic prerogative. There's a BIG difference between the ANC, the political party and AFRICAN people. I rant against certain whites because it is them who slander Africans on these threads. There are a lot of posts I don't respond to here because they refer to the ANC specifically.

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-10 10:41

      @Graziella. The operative word is choice , how many are forced to vote with a threat of violence in rural communities and how many votes are bought with grants and TAX money ? If you are counting on the cANCer to survive is it really a choice not to vote for them ? Damn the man , save the rainbow nation.

  • Shirley - 2012-01-09 16:09

    Makhawukano: And your point is???????? No matter what your skin colour you are still a rascist.P.s. imqombothi and mageu often contain battery acid and other horrific ingrediants to speed up the fermenting process- something to be REALY proud of hey?

      tmojela - 2012-01-09 16:25


  • anthony.swart - 2012-01-09 16:10

    Well they screwed up the cop17 summit so why would they make their own celebrations a success. Any which way all criticism leveled at the ANC is indeed deserving of them. The absence of Nelson Mandela's "leadership" as opposed to Jacob Zuma's "rule" is highly evident not only in the ranks of the ANC but also in government. Its time that these old men and women focus on the new struggle, the struggle for better infrastructure, health services, education and of course job creation. We don't need rulers as we are a democracy not a monarchy or dictatorship led country, wake up ANC you greedy louts do you jobs and stop the excuses.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:34

      The COP17 was a farce to begin with - nothing to do with what SA could or couldn't have done better. COP is nothing more than a "talk-shop/holiday". Europe, America, Russia and China are not going to clean up their act regardless of how many COP's there are - it would be too costly to their ecconomies.

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:35

      At least COP brought in some much need tourism dollars to SA. Just saying...

  • Deon - 2012-01-09 16:12

    March is not just my birthday month, but also the month 52 years ago that Verwoerd made the word "Apartheid" known!! So, all is welcome to come and celebrate with me......I know you want you are going to miss the good times you had!!!! That include all my black and colourd friends to!!! You will actually get champagne and cake, and don't have to take pictures off us having it!!!!! YOU ALL ARE GOING TO MISS APARTHEID!!!!!

  • Sandy - 2012-01-09 16:33

    Now who pays for this, sadly us sucker's the tax payer we have to fork out,Amazing no money for the needy, but can afford this splash out...............

  • Mtizozo - 2012-01-09 16:45

    If the da can cellebrate their existance and spend more then the ANC, the media will keep quate and say fa,,,,,rr, this shows who still runs the media industry in this country,,

      jody.beggs - 2012-01-09 17:31

      If this ever happens we will complain all the same. But it never will , the DA is transparent and the only working political party in the Rainbow Nation. The DA will have 10 million rand and throw a better party than the cANCer government will with 400 million. And still have change....

      ttrevenen - 2012-01-10 00:39

      Mtizozo - how can you say "this shows who runs the media industry in this country" when what you are referring to has not yet happened? No sence at all...

  • Mtizozo - 2012-01-09 16:51

    The bottom line is if your are an employee in this country you have to pay tax, once you've paid it, you have no say onto it but the gov. then stop making youself stupid.

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 17:26

      really? you have no say about the way the government steals it? shame my poor poor boy you are truely brainwashed, and the sad part is you dont even know it.

  • David - 2012-01-09 16:53

    Of course they are living in the past-living in the present involves planning,building,implementing,and actually running the country-as Hellen Zille (I think) said,they couldn't run a bath(without someone stealing the soap and the water)

  • Raul - 2012-01-09 17:04

    Quite usual with African states. For a few decades,the ones who govern live in the past glories and blame the colonial system for all their wrong-doing, yet they live in luxury with a display of the most expensive material things while the rest of the population live in rat infested shacks without knowing what they are going to eat tomorrow. Judging for the thunderstorms, for a party that boasts that they will reign until the new Christ arrive, it looks like that even the gods have deliberately provoked thunderstorms and are abandoning them or perhaps they are getting too tired to listen to the same rhetorical and empty speeches of Mr. Zuma and his cronies.

  • Piet - 2012-01-09 17:09

    Remove the following words from their vocabulary and they are stuffed. Struggle, Apartheid, Anchastas, Committee

      Anthony - 2012-01-09 17:28

      blame; whites; forever; etc..etc...