ANC debates having units at work places

2012-05-12 18:29

Newcastle - The ANC is debating having "units" at tertiary institutions and at work places, the party's KwaZulu-Natal secretary said on Saturday.

Sihle Zikalala said the measure was one of those being discussed at the ANC's provincial conference in Newcastle as the delegates debated on how to rejuvenate branches.

He said that the idea of having "units" was not aimed at displacing the Congress of SA Trade Unions.

Earlier it emerged that the estimated 2 000 delegates at the conference unanimously decided on Friday night to retain the same leadership led and forgo voting.

However voting for additional provincial executive committee (PEC) members would go ahead on Saturday.

Zweli Mkhize would remain in his position as chairperson. Deputy chairperson Willies Mchunu, secretary Sihle Zikalala, deputy secretary Nomusa Dube and treasurer Peggy Nkonyeni would also stay in their positions.

The congress was in a closed session on Saturday where PEC member Senzo Mchunu was giving a presentation on strategy and tactics.

The delegates would break up into commissions later on Saturday and discuss the policy proposals that had been tabled.

  • Andres - 2012-05-12 18:38

    Excuse me! What absolute counterintuitive nonsense is this again. Like we need our places of work and learning politicised even more!

      trevor.roberts.148 - 2012-05-12 23:40

      100% correct.

      George - 2012-05-13 08:36

      If they have 'units' running around the whites (probably joined by Coloreds, Indians and Chinese), will soon have their 'units' running around and civil war will be the result. A cANCerous idea!

      StoneAgePeasant - 2012-05-13 12:19

      Another good reason not to hire the useless clowns coming out of the useless public education system courtesy of the ANC. Just like all the other good reasons provided by this "government", e.g. skewed labour laws, condoning militant trade unionism, excessive taxation of creators of wealth (the capitalists they hate so much). Instead of forming political cadres in school and the workplace they should be forced to study "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and perhaps the penny will still drop.

      Nigel - 2012-05-13 13:00

      Political commisars. Just like the Soviet Union

  • IAnon - 2012-05-12 18:40

    §%&/-off ANC

  • Gieljam - 2012-05-12 18:40

    Communism alive and well and in its best form....

      Gestoffle - 2012-05-12 19:23

      Hey Tienie

  • shela.babygoal - 2012-05-12 18:46

    Shower-head must be smilling that his home province is united

  • Be - 2012-05-12 18:55

    Peggy Ngonyeni?? ... who has yet to answer to serious fraud charges??? The woman (basic nursing qualification) who was MEC for Healthcare and fired a doctor who refused to hang her photograph on the wall of his consulting room? The ANC has not changed its stripes ... never will. Corrupt and bad-assed to the bitter end. Vote them in again and you get the failed government you deserve.

      Marion - 2012-05-12 19:02

      @Be - roflmfao... that's one I hadn't heard before. (the photo thingy)

  • Marion - 2012-05-12 18:55

    ANC I don't think you should p**s off your pretty powerful alliance partner by encroaching on their territory. Also, if it is okay for you to do it then it is okay for every other political party in the country to do it too. Be careful that you don't create a climate for people to become more politically aware to your detriment.

      Gieljam - 2012-05-13 10:04

      Marion you sound naughty ...

      Marion - 2012-05-13 11:19

      @Gieljam - lol - rude, lewd and crude... that's me. :-)))

  • Phelamanga - 2012-05-12 18:58

    Sounds like these units will be like BOSS agents of the apartheid era,the political commissars in the Soviet Union and the religious police of Saudi Arabia. The weakest, most gullible of people will be recruited and given a lot of power to spy on people and have them arrested as dissidents. These "units" will rule the schools, universities and the workplace with fear. Is that what South Africans need? It looks like Zikalala learnt well from his Soviet mentors.

  • Sydney - 2012-05-12 19:02

    i think I would get sick each time i enter the office!!!!!!

  • michael.a.devilliers - 2012-05-12 19:02

    No one wants ANY political institution meddling in their university or workplace. I seem to remember affiliated-groups burning exam papers one year - can you imagine if some student doesn't get the required marks to write or someone gets laid off? It'll be anarchy.

  • mike.clery - 2012-05-12 19:08

    "... treasurer Peggy Nkonyeni would also stay in their positions." And they claim that they're serious about stamping out corruption. Yeah, sure.

  • markpnaidoo - 2012-05-12 19:11

    this is living in a communist era Russia. it is bad enough that we have disruptive trade unions at work and student unions at places of education. the ANC is a 'sick 'organisation! ! ! !, Down with a corrupt communist led party that is in government. . .

  • lownabester - 2012-05-12 19:11

    Wake up!!!!! Give people what you promised in every election and stop being just stupid, The ANC are now on the skids

  • Bear - 2012-05-12 19:17

    If they want to put units at tertiary institutions then all other parties should be allowed to do the same. Keep the education system free of politics... the fact that various political figures make speeches at universities is already over the line.

  • Gladstone - 2012-05-12 19:20

    The must start that, and the COSATU will form a Labour Party. We all are going to vote for it than these racist bastards. After Mangaung if the Shower head wins, COSATU must break away from that.

  • Bill - 2012-05-12 19:22

    Political Commissars??? Smacks of Stalinism, Maoism, and Hitlerism - the worst kinds of dictatorships in the history of mankind and we want to repeat that exercise here?

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-05-12 19:38

      @Gladstone - wow, that was weak.

      Bill - 2012-05-12 20:01

      How well you know me, to be able to tell that I was a perpetrator of one of the most abhorrent political systems of all time. Perhaps deploying the race card? Gladstone, I am talking about the imposition of political watchers in the workplace, equally unacceptable to most of those that believe in freedom and human rights. Why replace the repugnant with something equally repugnant?

      bill.vanzyl - 2012-05-12 20:07

      Gladstone, you are equally repugnant, accusing people of "killing" and "taking" without any justification. You are a racist as bad as any.

      trevor.roberts.148 - 2012-05-12 23:46

      @Gladstone you must have been educated in a mental home. Someone else must turn on your computer. I doubt that you have the brains.

      Vince.York - 2012-05-13 07:57

      @Gladstone - YOU are out of line chappie. Bill was one of those that helped in obtaining your freedoms of today SO DON'T GET PERSONAL when you don't know the person. Rather go and learn your history again and SEE that this new zuma tribal orientated ANC is on the skids and in it's desperation is resorting to the worst forms of blatant (tending to brutal) control through over-politicization. [ the is if you haven't 20 pics of each of these creatures hanging in each of your rooms getting your knees weak and knocking ] Get with it, the ANC today has spent YOUR money through thieving as well as your kids and theirs too and the next few generations to come as well - as you will discover when these phases of gov led infrastructural development roll out but get sidelined into a few pockets as is the norm here these days. When civil projects become the initiative of private enterprise -- then you will know that the nation is back on a healthy track and out of a few goons pockets and power play.

      Gladstone - 2012-05-13 08:57

      @Trevor. I was raised by my granma, my parents were shot dead by your secret police. Now you are making me a joke about my mental situation, go on if its fine for. Why bother, you oppressed us for centuries.

  • tobydt - 2012-05-12 19:24

    F*** the ANC. May the party die of HIV.

  • nibishaka - 2012-05-12 19:30

    Hahahaah....people do not learn from the past..Surprising that the party claiming to liberate the nation is planning to follow the same route as the Nazis pary and their Gestapo(do not mistake my words; I am not comparing the ANC to the NAZI but the GESTAPo, its secret police wing was everywhere in the workplace), Stalinism and other oppression parties the World system has ever had. I wonnedr who brought up that ideas but I doubt that now the so called ANC spin doctors know the meaning of liberal democracy or at least democracy and liberation. To me it looks like the ANC liberated South Africa from the NP to meke it its own colony.

  • Piet - 2012-05-12 19:32

    What was those other infamous units called, KGB, security police.....ANC YOU HAVE FAILED!!!! Accept it and move on please. Otherwise it is going to be war!

  • veritas.odium.paret - 2012-05-12 19:35


      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-05-12 19:48

      sounds sinister.

  • nettie.potgieter.5 - 2012-05-12 19:40

    This give more oppertunity for intimidation. In Kzn intimidation is the order of the day. No ANC card, no job, no house, no grands!

  • Sechaba30 - 2012-05-12 19:42

    Is this April fools day joke?

  • mzuvukile.mbanjana - 2012-05-12 19:42

    I'm totally against this idea. Why forming units in work places where your alliance partner is dominant? What will be the purpose of those units? Can the purpose not be achieved through Cosatu affiliates? Instead of establishing these units, the ANC must concentrate on strengthening the Alliance. The establishment of these units, will bring about unnecessary strain between Cosatu and Anc and will politicize the work environment more. Further politisation of the work environment , will surely negatively affect human relationships and the core business.

      Pete - 2012-05-12 20:01

      These units are only there to create "employment" for Showerhead cronies

  • Hudayfah - 2012-05-12 19:45

    pffffft . .and they say apartheid was bad

  • Christopher - 2012-05-12 19:49

    Proof indeed they're on Planet Stalin. Watch out SA, here come the Thought Police.

  • denise.wilshire - 2012-05-12 19:52

    From a long walk to freedom to police state in a heart beat!

      Gieljam - 2012-05-13 10:07

      Long walk in short Ride Out with a Limousine Special Edition 24 seater continental .............

  • martin.gee.godfrey - 2012-05-12 19:55

    There will be no political "units" in my workplace, not now, not ever. My colleagues are free to align themselves with whichever political party they choose but there will be zero, none, nada political activity whilst at work.

  • Lacrimose - 2012-05-12 19:58

    .. had the conscious aim of perpetuating unfreedom and inequality"; because the true goal was to end history upon becoming the perpetual High ruling class — composed not of aristocrats or plutocrats, but of "bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists and professional politicians" originally from "the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class". [THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM by Emmanuel Goldstein]

  • Sidney Gilroy - 2012-05-12 19:58

    I am sorry. My company forbids politics at the work place.

  • Pussycat44 - 2012-05-12 20:07

    We will become like N-Korea. Cry on demand, smile on demand. No thinking for yourself. Will we also get a little red book?

  • Erna - 2012-05-12 20:13

    Another way of \persuading\ the masses.

  • temudau - 2012-05-12 20:30

    Lol what a way of laughing on weekend, i wonder how wil vavi react on this issue but am not gonna be part of this nonsense period!!

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