ANC defends interaction on info bill

2011-10-04 20:24

Cape Town - There is nothing unusual about interaction between ANC MPs and the public on the protection of information bill, the party said on Tuesday.

There were "those who have sought to cast aspersions" on the legitimacy of the ANC parliamentary caucus' public consultation process on the bill, African National Congress Chief Whip Mathole Motshekga said.

"The criticism emanates particularly from some opposition parties in Parliament who allege that the process is in conflict with the procedures of Parliament and therefore 'unprecedented'," he said in a statement.

"Nothing could be further from the truth."

The constitutional function of Parliament was split in two.

MPs' work at Parliament entailed physical interaction between MPs and members of the public in their various constituencies.

Public interaction, which was a vibrant part of participatory democracy, was essential to, and the lifeblood of, constitutional accountability.

"We take this aspect of parliamentary work seriously," said Motshekga.

"The practice of engaging with communities and seeking their views on a wide range of matters in this institution, including draft legislation before the Houses of Parliament, is not new.

ANC MPs would also use the constituency work period to interact with their constituencies on the bill.

The process of taking the bill to the public, particularly in the remotest parts of the country, would give people - regardless of their political affiliation - an opportunity to receive firsthand information on the content of the bill so they could make up their minds.

Motshekga said the ANC caucus was already receiving comments from members of the public since the announcement last week.

"We will, in the next few weeks, announce details of the programme to take place in the provinces," he said.

On the basis of opinions expressed during this process, a decision on the bill's future would be made.

  • JoooJooo - 2011-10-04 20:33

    I would like to add that XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX as well as Comrade XXXXXXX XXXXX on the XXXXXXX bill. Further the right to freedom of speach is XXXXX or XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, and the ANC XXXXX XXXXXXXX. (Censored - too close to the truth)

  • GT - 2011-10-04 20:44

    Altogether now - BULLSH-T!!

  • crackerr - 2011-10-04 20:55

    We are all fools.

  • gary.dasilva - 2011-10-04 20:58

    The cANCer want to controll it soi they can introduce the GESTAPO APARTHEID DICTATORSHIP - If this bill is passed the cANCer will be an illigitamte dictatorship - Zuma will be the new racist dictator up there with Hitler and Pol pot

  • joshreader - 2011-10-04 21:00

    More blather to bolster the ANC's case to 'sell' the info bill to their base at the expense of our civil liberties.

  • JoooJooo - 2011-10-04 21:15

    Could one imagine the TRUTH in modern SA? Maybe something like, We ANC cadres are out to enrich ourselves at the expense of everyone else. We hate all other race groups, and IFP and DA members regardless of colour fit into this category. We will rewrite history to suit us, the chosen few. We love the finer things in life, hate the media, are law unto ourselves, and will hide this under the words FREEDIOM, DEMOCRACY, APARTHEID and CONSTITUTION. If we are caught out - blame THE PAST or APARTHAID. Now, for everyone else shut up, believe what we say and do as you are told, and that includes you Cde Thabo... Viva Freedumb...

  • letsee - 2011-10-04 21:21

    Rubbish, the ANC will explain to the people reasons that are superficial and will hide the real reasons and that's why the ANC wants to do a private consultation. That makes the ANC liers.

  • Jamba - 2011-10-04 21:29

    We are fools and cannot see, we cannot read, we cannot write and we cannot hear. We - THE PUBLIC - are stupid. We believe there is no hidden agendas, corruption, nepotism ect. We are naive and believe everything the ANC tells us. We will obey by your rules, my LORD, the ANC. UNTILL JESUS COMES.

  • rory - 2011-10-04 21:44

    Any legislation which attempts to hide information from the public or punish the media for publishing information must leave open a public interest defence for disclosure otherwise it closes down public space and is a direct assault on democracy.

      crackerr - 2011-10-04 22:12

      The public must question the assumption that secrecy is necessary at all except in the most pressing circumstances. This is after all the country and the society of all South Africans. Not the elites who think they are the chosen ones who may decide for the rest of us what we may be allowed to know.

  • Prof - 2011-10-05 08:17

    We are just complaining now. Come 2014 u will be voting for ther ANC again.

  • Alice - 2011-10-05 08:24

    They seem to have a department dedicated to professional mixing of truth and lies to confuse the public.

  • ewanvb - 2011-10-12 12:37

    Their public interaction would most likely happen at non-existent venues with fictional public members the way that JHB-metro did a couple of years ago. Just goes to show the ANC is already enacting the bill with their consultation-nobody will be consulted and they will just push it through the way that suits them. Apartheid days ahead for RSA

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