ANC dismisses talk of disbanding ANCYL

2012-04-05 22:41

Johannesburg - There was never a plan to disband the ANC Youth League, the ruling party said on Thursday.

Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said reports of a meeting held earlier this week by the African National Congress's top leadership to discuss league president Julius Malema's suspension and the disbanding of his executive were "untrue and misleading".

"This is a clear and total fabrication. These two matters did not even arise in the Tuesday meeting," Mthembu said in a statement.

Mthembu said it was "totally misleading and mischievous" for The Star newspaper to suggest this in a report it carried on Thursday.

According to the newspaper, secretary general Gwede Mantashe called the ANC top six to an urgent meeting on Tuesday to persuade them to take harsher action against Malema.

This would have entailed the ANC's top six announcing, at a media briefing on Tuesday, Malema's suspension and the disbanding of his executive. However, ANC Treasurer Mathews Phosa and deputy secretary general Thandi Modise disagreed on the suspension and disbanding, according to The Star.

A draft statement on the two issues had to be changed to pronounce on unity within the organisation instead.

According to the report the national disciplinary committee (NDC), which announced Malema's suspension on Wednesday, set to work after the top six met on Tuesday.

"A number of untruths and disinformation have been used to cast doubt on the briefing that the national officials held," said Mthembu.

"The ANC is disappointed at the misleading article."

Mthembu said the top six in fact met on Monday, after their special national executive committee meeting. He said the suspension was only discussed by the ANC's NDC.

"None of the national officials were part of that meeting as this would have undermined the independence of the NDC and would have given rise to prejudice on the matter."

Mthembu warned against journalists allowing themselves to be used by "elements" with ulterior motives.

  • Sonja - 2012-04-05 22:47

    Damn.....thats a pity

      gillian.sabino1 - 2012-04-06 13:19

      The ANC is such an association of national criminals that it should disband itself!

  • Bongani - 2012-04-05 22:49

    Every time these guys denies a thing, the exact opposite becomes into being. I suspec that with or without Malema the YL can prevent Zuma re election from becoming into being. It is in his best regard to squash the leage or reduce it to very weak.

      eyeronix - 2012-04-05 23:27

      I sometimes wonder if people utilise their brains instead of their feet when conjuring rational thoughts.

      Ramohapelwa - 2012-04-06 01:11

      Let's engage in Battle of Ideas and not personalities (Personality cult/ cult of personality which I learnt from TM in his open letter).\r\nYouth League elected Malema unopposed just more than a year ago. He appealed to youth- WITS.\r\nOnly ANC BRANCHES will elect new ANC leadership in Mangaung- only by ANC members in good standing.\r\nStart lobbying, alternatively suspend, suppers or dictate. This is ANC RENAISSANCE

      CharlesDumbwin - 2012-04-06 03:51

      @Ramohapelwa - The only problem here is, the so called 'ANC RENAISSANCE' alread happened, about 60 years ago. Bhiko, Mandela and others, the then ANCYL leaders. This Malema idiot is wanting to do the same thing now, be he does not have a good reason, or the support. The ANC don't need an internal 'revolution'. Malema and his beret-wearing cronies are just trying to make a name for themselves so that history won't completely forget that they ever existed. But we will forget. Who is this Malema again? Who is Floyd, his tea lady? Who is the ANCYL? No one cares anymore. Bye bye

      Thando - 2012-04-06 11:45

      Bongs if we undrstand tht th YL is a prepartory skul for th ANC thn we r being unfair to th cause of groomn future leaders whn we wnt 2 make th YL weak. As YL membrs we knw tht ths revolution is not bwt Malema or Jz but th cause 2 transform th lives of th majority of ppl to beta conditions. We need a robust YL so as 2 keep th NDR on th agenda, always.

      gillian.sabino1 - 2012-04-06 13:21

      No, with Malema and buddies disciplined/expelled the others will toe ZUMA's line...

      michel.pieterse - 2012-04-07 04:54

      Maybe take it easy on the "bongs" Bong

  • Brandon - 2012-04-06 03:55

    @Ramohapelwa. Having a lekker dop at 1am I see. lol

  • Kolobe - 2012-04-06 06:29

    good..juju will always have a voice then

  • Eduard - 2012-04-06 06:54

    ANC is too afraid to tell/show the kids who is the boss

  • Elias Bk Molomo - 2012-04-06 07:57

    malema he's nt a good leader he 's a good aggressive soldier

  • Clifford - 2012-04-06 10:20

    Malema and th ANCYL will never be ban. We will keep on supporting him even though they suspend hin. Zuma, Qwede and Mthembu must be remove from the ANC leadership. Under their leadership we a going nowhere. Malema must come and enforce change time for talking is finished. 18 yrs is enough a revolution is needed. No freedom has been achieved without a revolution.

      Thando - 2012-04-06 12:14

      Cliford im NOT quiet sho of th revolution ur tkln bwt but lets assume its th i say 2 u tht its still on track but at a slow pace. Th ANC is respondn to mrkets tht wer NOT discussed whn tht documnt was draftd. We r tryn 2 balance out a 2 tier market system here......thts macro economics for u. But unfortunatly th majority of our ppl dnt operate in tht market.....whn we tlk of micro economics thts wer we cn do meaningfl change. Ths name calln ur dung albiet leavn out cmrd Phosa nd Modise shows th mischievousness ur undr, doesnt help wit corruption in our micro economics ie local, district nd metro councils. Hv u taken tym 2 read th policy documnts whch r on th public domain or u jst hellbnt on leadrship change bcoz u wnt 2 own a mine in th near future??

  • justice.mpho1 - 2012-04-06 10:48

    This atrocious event by the ANC and the ANCYL...(Zuma and Juju) is getting old,let alone their misconducts and poor leadership...nevertheless rid us of them both! A new begining please...

  • Kaapseklonk - 2012-04-06 15:22

    For as more people like Dr Ramphele publicly draw attention to the fact that Ordinary Bantu's have never owned land ,the higher the possibility that politicians will latch onto it ,so as to get votes for their party.We have just got to be persistent and hope that they eventually do.Basically instigated politicians to latch on.The more comments that address the land ,the higher the possibility of it getting exposure to the nation.I Am off to comment on Weekend AM Live FB page.Make the politicians work for SA.

  • ludlowdj - 2012-04-07 07:45

    Of course the best choice for now, why waste time disbanding just one wing, when in the next few months I'm sure they ANC as a whole will give us reason to disband their entire little money making racket.

  • Komane - 2012-04-08 08:50

    Jackson Mthembu o rarela tswape

  • thulani.sparks - 2012-04-08 09:02

    According to the newspaper, secretary general Gwede Mantashe called the ANC top six to an urgent meeting on Tuesday to persuade them to take harsher action against Malema...End Quote...My biggest Question is if there was indeed a Top 6 meeting on that Tuesday dan who tipped off the Newspaper???...I mean who was present @the meeting was it only the top six or other ppl like maybe the tea lady???is it possible that its Thandi Modise who ratted out??...sometimes I question this thing of sources...When it comes to the merits of the article I couldn't give a rats ass really!!!

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