ANC 'has no plans to destroy Afrikaans'

2012-03-02 10:33

Johannesburg - The ANC says it has no plans to destroy the Afrikaans language, Beeld newspaper reported on Friday.

This was in reaction to criticism of the governing party's language development policy.

The ANC used its majority in the parliamentary portfolio committee on arts and culture on Wednesday to reject a suggestion that it could afford better protection to the Afrikaans language.

A controversial clause in the policy - according to which government departments have to provide services in at least three languages, two of which have to be previously disadvantaged and indigenous - received a majority vote.

New language policy

The clause would now form part of the new language policy, the newspaper reported.

The DA and the Freedom Front Plus had suggested the use of at least four languages.

ANC committee chairperson Thandile Sunduza said she agreed in principle that the destruction of a language could result in the destruction of a nation.

"And yet, that is what apartheid did. It started destroying our people's names and giving them Western names - that's how you destroy the identity of a nation."

She said there were important considerations beyond simply the practical.

Sibusiso Xaba, director general of arts and culture, said the law would not discriminate against any language.

Money and capacity played an important role, and it would be impossible to extend the target to four languages, he said.

  • Estelle - 2012-03-02 10:40

    Afrikaans wil only be destroyed if people stop speaking it. The best thing Afrikaners can do to protect our identity is to speak it well, support Afrikaans books, movies and music, and carry on. We have 11 national languages and we cannot force every university, government form, shopkeeper or sign board in South Africa to include all 11 - Afrikaans is not entitled to special treatment.

      nieldevilliers - 2012-03-02 10:51

      Ek stem in 'n mate saam, behalwe dat universiteite wat histories Afrikaans is verengels word. Hoekom moet daar in RAU, Stellenbosch, Tukkies ens Engels en ander tale gepraat word? As jy nie Afrikaans wil praat nie, gaan na 'n Engelse, Sotho, Xhosa of Zulu universiteit

      francois.roux1 - 2012-03-02 11:06

      My gat se deksel is, Afrikaans is 'n inheemse taal. Dit was nie ingevoer van iewers af nie, ja miskien stam dit van Nederlands, Hollands en ander Germaanse tale, maar dit is 'n taal in eie sin wat hier ontstaan, vasgevang en geskep is. So ek sien eerlik waar nie hul punt nie. al wat ons basies moet doen is om Afirkaans as inheems te laat verklaar, hulel kan nie regtig anders as om dit te doen nie, dan is daar mos nie 'n probleem nie???

      Leroy - 2012-03-02 11:06

      the music still sucks .alls! hahaha

      Rudie - 2012-03-02 11:07

      Praat Afrikaans of hou jou bek. LOL

      Max - 2012-03-02 11:07

      Exactly Estelle, no one is asking for special treatment,but why only exclude Afrikaans which is also a indigenous language from the two languages by adding the "previously disadvantaged part"?

      Willie - 2012-03-02 11:09

      Ek stem saam,it wiil only stop to exist when majority of us stop speaking die tall,jy maak uit Estelle.I might not speak

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-02 11:33

      There is a new language that has surfaced in South Africa - Troll.

      marius.koen2 - 2012-03-02 11:40

      Ek ken redelik baie Afrikaanse mense wat "verengels" het. So n iritasie om met hulle engels te moet praat as jy weet hulle verstaan elke woord afirkaans. Party van hulle se hulle kan glo nie meer afrikaans verstaan nie al het hulle afrikaans groot geword of hulle het afrikaanse ouers. Gee my partykeer net n gatkramp. Waaroor kry die mense so skaam om afrikaans te wees en praat? Eks trots afrikaans en sal my kinders afrikaans groot maak.

      HenriLeRiche - 2012-03-02 11:46

      Estelle, is gedeeldelik reg, maar kom ons praat generasies. Elke generasie verengels, so die poel van Afrikaans word kleiner. En niemand vra vir "spesiale" regte behalwe wat in die grondwet staan nie. Die grondwet se die regering mag nie n taal van sy status verminder nie. Dit meen enige taal, inkluis Afrikaans. So ver breek die SA(ANC)regering die grondwet. Hulle vat n taal wat in sekere Universiteite en regerings instellings gebruik word, en gradeer dit af, of haal dit heeltemal weg. So dis alles goed om te se Afrikaans is lewendig, ja terwyl ons nog lewe, maar sit bietjie insig in vir die dag, en dink n paar generasies vooruit. Insig, is iets wat baie mede Afrikaners mee sukkel, want hulle kan nie 10 jaar vooruit dink, sonder dat sekere mense soos (Max du Preez) vir hulle se "HOE" en "WAT" om te dink nie.

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 11:49

      @Rudie Drop the i from your name and you'll be spot on.

      phumlanii - 2012-03-02 11:49

      I wish I could understand what Niel Devilliers is saying.

      Rudie - 2012-03-02 11:55

      @ Vermie kry vir jou n "slaaitjie"

      Ian - 2012-03-02 12:06

      @ phumlanii - he is saying that he cannot understand why Universities that were originally Afrikaans had to be changed to English ones. If people do not want to go to a Afrikaans Uni then go to one that speaks your language - as simple as that!

      Sam - 2012-03-02 12:24

      Thanx Ian, so he is suffering from SA disease, entitlement. He feels entitle... aaag shame

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 12:28

      @Rudie Shame, is dit oor ek nie terug geskryf het in Afrikaans nie? Ok. Rudie laat val die I in jou naam en leer bietjie maniere want jy's ongeskik. Maar ja as ek nie afrikaans (my moedertaal) hier praat nie dan kan ek maar my bek hou nê Rude? Julle doen nou net wat hulle met ons taal aan vang. Laat die res ook hulle opinies deel, of hulle nou Engels, Isixhosa of Setswana praat. Tensy jy 'n probleem het met ander tale?

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 12:46

      Nee Rudie, ek stem saam met Vermie. Daar is n verskil tussen praat en ongeskik wees. En n mens hoef nie ongeskik te wees om n punt te maak nie. Maar sommige mense is ook n bietjie OOR sensitief.

      trix.duvenage - 2012-03-02 14:56

      Nothing in SA is ENTITLED to special treatment. Not even our privacy. Not even your power as a voter. Everything in this country is a privelage given to us by the mighty ANC..... And that is why the country is a ballsup

      Hugh - 2012-03-02 15:18

      How some idiots miss the point just to take a plug at the Afrikaaner. ANC history tell us that they are expert a skinning a cat and speak with fork tongue. What is denied always somehow comes about in one form or another. Here we have a Denial followed by this statement "And yet, that is what apartheid did. It started destroying our people's names and giving them Western names - that's how you destroy the identity of a nation." Does this mean that it is time for payback. I think it does because when one drops a language and adds others this means that entire archives have to transcribed into the approved languages. The ANC rather go to the expense of transcribing every law book and gazette to new languages including misinterpretation and all {mistakes] rather than Phase out Afrikaans or add another. They want to cause maximum aggravation with least amount of resistance. Moreover it is sadly plain by comments here that some blame Afrikaans for every evil and it will be booted out and no longer recognised as an official language. Understand clearly, unlike road or a town renaming this involves far more than just changing a language. This is an opportunity to rewrite history that the ANC has long sort.

      Garth - 2012-03-03 11:35

      @deus ex machina - d00s exema hienie. You looking for enemies dog-breath? Your profile states that you work for the SADF - are you really this stupid? And to repost something so obviously ignorant is placing yourself on top of the ignorant pile. You really are dumb, there's no doubt about that. Change your nom de plume to `bag of rocks'.

      Piet - 2012-03-03 12:44

      @Blip...troll alert. This dwis is just a stirrer with not much to say.

      Edward - 2012-03-03 13:28

      All I know of Afrikaans is that when my wife and step son don't want me to understand things they speak afrikaans. And when we go to get-togethers with other South Africans here in the U.S. (by the way why are there so many Engineers, business owners, and other well educated South Africans in this country) I understand an occasional lekker dag or liefie, please don't correct my spelling in Afrikaans I don't correct the English on this site. haha. But seriously, Afrikaans seems to be alive and well in the U.S.

      Neil - 2012-03-03 15:58

      And Deus Zoidberg, while you're busy preaching hate, try to LOOK like someone with a "honors in Computer Science" by spelling the word "Afrikaner" correctly. Should help your anti-white cause a bit.

      Neil - 2012-03-03 17:01

      You only call them racists because they're white. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white. If you were as smart as you pretend to be you'd be more subtle about your anti-white hate preaching. As for any Afrikaners reading this, please take into consideration that you belong to the most resilient, powerful, creative race to ever set foot in Africa. You are the best Europe has to offer, and more. You have Dutch, French and German blood coursing through your veins. You are essentially more than the sum of your parts. The only thing that could get you down is what the ANC as well as self-hating whites have been doing to you for the last 20 years. Essentially, what this Mr. Deus Zoidberg clown is doing right now with his insulting lies. You have been demoralized through the manipulation of the facts of your history & biology. The more they tell you this bullsh*t the more you tend to believe it. Don't keep quiet when someone does this to you, laugh in their faces, because even though truthful facts don't matter to non-whites, they will set YOU free.

      Neil - 2012-03-03 17:36

      And Deus, deleting your last comment with it's lame insults and replacing it with the one saying you "have no problem" with me? haha. classy. If you have a problem with my people you have a problem with me. No need to do the verbal two-step.

      Neil - 2012-03-03 19:23

      Your spelling sucks, but nevermind that Deus. If you don't like the truth GO BACK TO THE CONGO.

      Swapie - 2012-03-03 21:29

      Neil - 2012-03-03 21:38

      Thanks Swapie. A much more worthwhile endeavor.

      Smell - 2012-03-04 09:08

      I am virtually sure that Deus ex Machina is not an African. Deus, like the English, Afrikaners have higher and lower income groups, and higher and lower classes, including city slickers and country bumpkins. I do not think well educated Afrikaners form the core of the Darren/Vittone fans. Your preoccupation with the underbelly of one culture reveals a one dimensional vision usually associated with a lack of proper, boots-on-the-ground university education. How about the dance and music tastes of the Cockney soccer yobs, or the gangsters in the townships - are we to assume Ballroom, Mozart and Puccini? The Khoi in Afrikaners (6%) and Xhosa (40%) is a result of both the Afrikaner and the Xhosa settling on Khoi land long,long ago. The Afrikaner in the Western and Northern Cape. And the Xhosa in the Eastern Cape. I think the Afrikaner and Xhosa settlers should be proud of lineage that gives them claim to the beautiful land of the Khoi San. "Deus ex Machina", I do not find your coarse and stereotypical run-down of the Afrikaners classy. Isn't it ironic that the biggest idiots on these blogs always choose the most grandiose names for themselves? Your "Deus" sounds strikingly similar to a more appropriate Afrikaans word...

      david.streicher - 2012-03-04 09:40

      Deus Ex Machina - "God of the Machine". Yeah whatever.

      frikdt - 2012-03-04 10:31

      @Deus: The only inbred degenerate trash around here is you. Studied philosophy at the 'School of Hard Knocks' i.e. you are too retarded to obtain a proper tertiary qualification. Your severe brain damage becomes even more obvious in your exceptionally high levels of logorrhea as well as in your poor spelling.

      Boeretroos - 2012-03-04 13:03

      Afrikaans is...Special.

      Ntokozo - 2012-05-06 21:05

      You are soooo right Estelle, they say they want to include only 3 languages and we have 11...if they exclude Afrikaans, it is not the only one that is excluded. The foundation of a language is in the speaking of it by people.

  • Annelise - 2012-03-02 10:42

    Heading should read "ANC has no plans"! That is why every problem is a crises, there is no planning. And we know they hate Afrikaans, so yes ANC, pull the other one.

      Sfiso - 2012-03-02 11:05

      Do you have any evidence to support your claim.Hate is quiet a strong word,for in future if you dont have anything positive/constructive to say.....

      Hugh - 2012-03-02 12:27

      @Sfiso, actions speak louder then words, they can say they "love" the boers, but act in manners to destroy them.

      Sharon - 2012-03-02 12:46

      Maybe someone can explain something to me - We have 11 national languages, right? So why do our passports and drivers' licences have Portuguese on them?

      Psalm - 2012-03-02 13:34

      @ Sharon 1. Our passports have English and French on them - not Portuguese. You do not use your passport to travel in SA- but you do use it to travel internationally. Globally, English is an international language. French is another common international and diplomatic language, it is also a common transborder language in Africa. 2. Portuguese on drivers'license - because SA drivers'licenses are recognised in various SADC countries. Portuguese was picked as our closest and most commonly visited neighbouring SADC state use Portuguese (e.g. Mozambique) and South Africans commonly drive there. I hope this helps.

  • jack.oosthuysen - 2012-03-02 10:42

    Forget about the last part. In short The ANC has no plans.

      Mfudzi - 2012-03-03 10:36

      and it used "no plans" to dislodge the afrikaaner from political power just as much as they will use "no plan" to achieve the economic dislodgement of the afrikaaner from the commanding heights of the economy

      jack.oosthuysen - 2012-03-03 13:09

      There is a big difference between planning and visualising something. Do you want to say that the unemployment ,corruptive actions and general crime occurrences in this country are part of a plan?

  • Lloyd - 2012-03-02 10:43

    why do Afrikaaners want special treatment?so annoying!!!!what about Shangaans,vendas etc.

      Willie - 2012-03-02 11:00

      By the same token why should Shangaans and Vendas be considered....numb nuts.

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 11:02

      I agree, scrap English as well, why do English people need special treatment, they are in the minority.

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-02 11:32

      ...he says typing in English...

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 11:38

      ...and knows that English speakers are in the minority

      Xavier7034 - 2012-03-02 11:54

      Shida ni, wengi wa wazungu sisi si kweli kuchukua muda au matatizo ya kujifunza lugha za Afrika - kusikitisha sana!

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 11:56

      @2cents Because the business world is largely english. Most websites, tv shows and books are english and only some are later translated (and usually not into African languages) People want to further themselves into the world at large, not restrict themselves to one group.

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 12:01

      @Vermie - In South Africa they are a minority - Only 6th on the list.

      Roy - 2012-03-02 12:02

      Agree 10001%

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 12:04

      @Xavier7034 Kuna mengi mno, hatuwezi kujifunza zote

      trix.duvenage - 2012-03-02 15:00

      Omdat Afrikaans ons taal is jou os..... hierdie is Suid AFRIKA nie Suid Zulu of Sotho of iets nie. Wanneer word die land se hele naam verander? Want DI is die dag dat Afrikaans nie meer plek hier sal he nie.

      James - 2012-03-02 16:11

      @just_my_2cents Do you want to get rid of the only language that able you to communicate to the outside world? mullet

      Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:22

      Who said anything about special treatment?.

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 18:45

      @James mullet - While we are destroying Afrikaans, we might as well take English down too.

      Blip - 2012-03-02 20:40

      Almost all business on earth is done in the regional language, not in English (unless you happen to be in an English-speaking region). A Zulu customer in Zululand buying a litre of milk from a Zulu shopkeeper will conduct the transaction in Zulu. Same with a Mongolian shopper buying a television set in Mongolia, and who will do business in Mongolian. English as being "vitally essential" for doing business is wildly oversold, unless you are in that top 2% who are giant megamillion importers and wholesalers.

      Heibrin - 2012-03-03 01:01

      @Blip: you are so clueless it's not even true. Have you even traveled anywhere besides down to your local?? No matter which country you go to, walk into any decent tourist joint and you'll be able to communicate in English. To the point where I could find an English speaking person (broken as it was) in a Peruvian village 4 hours from anything else.

      Mfudzi - 2012-03-03 10:46

      Lioyd, some of these things you really should not stress youself with. Just imagine what was in the settler's mind when they changed the name of a European language to make it sound more African and hence acceptable as an alternative to genuine African languages.the source of bitterness is in the failure to make that plan to work and remember that rejection of a certain language by ordinary inhabitants of any place is tantamount to tacit rejection of the people who purport to own that language as equal (or unequal) partners.this language is simply on its way out.

      Stefanus - 2012-03-03 10:52

      lol at trix.duvengage comment...what a dumb Afrikaaner. Stop listening to all that Sokkie mate, its making you dumber by the day

      Garth - 2012-03-03 11:54

      @Xavier7034 - commenting in Swahili on an English language site merely gets others annoyed. And what you have stated is not entirely true. `Trouble is, most of us whites do not really take the time or trouble to learn the languages ??of Africa - very sad!' Most Afrikaners growing up on farms spoke the languages of the Tswana, the Sotho, Zulu and Xhosa long before they spoke the hated English language. And @just-my-2cents - we do not have to learn them all, just one black language pertinent to one's area of operation is sufficient. Many have the same base and so make adapting to them easy enough and one does not have to be fluent, just make the attempt. And as for your `scrap English' idiocy . . .

      Garth - 2012-03-03 11:57

      @Trix - it is precisely that arrogance that non-Afrikaans speaking people resent. The country's name is the Republic of South Africa, by the way.

      Piet - 2012-03-03 12:45

      Hey it is about suppression when you speak Afrikaans...think boet. Moet ek vir jou 'n prentjie teken, miskien verstaan jy dan?

  • Max - 2012-03-02 10:48

    Why the must the two languages be previously disadvantaged? The next thing will be that if you seek employment in Government you must be able to speak this two disadvantaged languages. The screws are getting tighter for white people in this country.

      Malome Segolela - 2012-03-02 11:30

      Don't worry... You still have the constitution!!

      Piet - 2012-03-03 12:46

      Thats why WEE rules!!!

  • Shirley - 2012-03-02 10:48

    They dont have plans they are just helping it out the door! I think "shoot the boer" says it all!

      trix.duvenage - 2012-03-02 15:02

      Dis reg "shoot die boer" en dan is almal in hulle moer...... want dis by die boer waar die breins le.... Dis by die boer waar die kwaliteite en etiese waardes le.... as die boer weg is is jou lekker lewe ook in sy moe......

  • TenRas1 - 2012-03-02 10:52

    Now this is cr*p, we don't need Afrikaans for anything, it must be treated as any language in SA. Afrikaans people are not special

      Shirley - 2012-03-02 11:04

      No they are not BUT they do have the SAME rights as any other language!

      TenRas1 - 2012-03-02 11:09

      You do have rights but it must not be treated as SA 2nd language following English

      Deon - 2012-03-02 11:27

      They might be more missed if they all stop paying taxes.

      Shirley - 2012-03-02 11:28

      I amnot Afrikaans. The coloured people prefer afrikaans to english as an education medium,not only the white afrikaners. However this language is under threat for being the "apartheid language"

      Elle-Black - 2012-03-02 14:13

      Why would you need Afrikaans? you will have no use for it when you seek refugee status in America or Australia,might as well start familiarizing yourself with the English language right now.

      trix.duvenage - 2012-03-02 15:03

      Agree we are not special..... we are SUPER special....

      Irma - 2012-03-02 16:30

      Afrikaans people may not be special to you, but of course they are special to each other and themselves. Just because YOU don't like the language, doesn't mean that other people don't.

      Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:26

      Elle- Black, we can at least find a refuge, where would that leave you?. .

      Mfudzi - 2012-03-03 10:50

      it should actually be at the bottom of the list of recognised languages.

      Riaan - 2012-03-03 22:21

      Mfudzi Wamambo Just as you are at the bottom of the food chain. You can even say you are the missing link. LMAO

  • Ntombiziyabusa - 2012-03-02 10:53


  • werner.smidt - 2012-03-02 10:58

    Perhaps if we were to do away with words like "lekka" "bokkie" and "baby" . .Afrikaans will have a chance. I'm sorry, but the biggest enemy of Afrikaans, is the collection of "lekker jol musiek" artists.

  • Jeffrey Mangz Longwe - 2012-03-02 10:59

    this site News24 instigates hatred within SA ppl, not a day wud pass were they dnt post anything that will satisfy the 'racist' this plc is a breeding ground for them, im sure the whole team loves the racist comments as they dnt even get deleted unlike other sites, i dnt blame the ppl, i blame news24. they cant even blame technology for nt deleting, disgusting team

      Byron - 2012-03-02 11:59

      deleting racist comments is like sweeping dirt under the mat

  • npretorius2 - 2012-03-02 11:00

    "And yet, that is what apartheid did. It started destroying our people's names and giving them Western names." STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!! Why bring it up in every single argument. The Afrikaans speaking folk keep their own language and culture alive themselves through arts and culture. I don't really understand why it is the government's job to keep a language alive. If people were proud of their heritage and language it wouldn't be necessary for government intervention

  • PhilipV - 2012-03-02 11:00

    I read ... I read comment ... some people are just ignorant. But I guess we don't take into consideration that there are some people (very few) that do not speak English and/or an African dialect. But I guess as an Afrikaans speaking person, I'm not entitled to receive a service in my own language. The english complain (whom started the bull that Afrikaans people get blamed for), the blacks complain about not getting enough education in their own language. But hey you are afrikaans, just ^%$^%off and die. So much for not discriminating, but hey, I'm a Afrikaans grunt, I have no right what-so-ever because I'm Afrikaans. Ignorant asses. Full blown discrimination.

      Roy - 2012-03-02 11:33

      At how many places have you shopped and the person helping you refuses to speak in English. I have come across many and I turn around and walk out

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 11:40

      That's your loss ... lol. Ek het baie simpatie met jou, ek sal in die hoek gaan staan en huil vir jou part.

      S - 2012-03-02 12:38

      @PhilipV - All the statistics say that Afrikaans is the most widely understood language in SA. isiZulu is the most widely spoken. So why all the emphasis on English? @Roy W: It happens all the time that I walk into a shop and a very obvious Afrikaans assistant addresses me in English. Unacceptable!

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 13:33

      @Stirrer ... Honestly I have no issue with English being used in the work place. Working with international clients, using any other language would just be stupid. I will send an email back to a sender and ask to resend in English, because I may need to forward it to a client. When I'm out with my mates, or at home with my family, I would like to speak my own language. Yet it is rather annoying when you have to speak English when one person is unable to understand Afrikaans (or any other combination). Just as it's annoying when clerks behind a counter speaks isiZulu (or any other language), and you have no clue what they are saying. But I guess it's our own fault for not being able to speak, or for that matter only understand an African language. I catch it here and there when they speak fast, but in general I have pretty much a good idea of whats being said. @Roy W, why do I have to speak English to you in the first place, what makes you so special that you may force your idea of "I have to speak English" because you are on me? Really, your level of ignorance is disgusting. Perhaps if you put in some effort to at least understand it (I'm not saying you need to be able to Read, Write and Speak it), just a basic level of understanding, then you could probably drop you blood pressure a bit. But you are so arrogant, that you are not even prepared to do that, so you can save yourself some grief. WOW, Standing ovation to you. But anyhows, I'm probably talking to trees.

      S - 2012-03-02 14:21

      @PhilipV: Lyk my ons is op dieselfde blad hieroor. Engels is die internasionale besigheidstaal (alhoewel die Franse hewig sal verskil hieroor), so as daar 'n internasionale gehoor betrokke is, sal dit Engels wees, punt. Ek het ook 'n broertjie dood daaraan dat wanneer daar 'n vergadering is met 20 Afrikaanssprekendes, en een persoon wat nie kan/wil Afrikaans praat nie, en in 95% van die gevalle is dit 'n geval van "wil nie", nou moet die hele prosedure in Engels geskied. Onaanvaarbaar! Wat dink jy sal gebeur as ek by 'n vergadering vol Engelssprekendes instap, en daarop aandring dat hulle oorslaan Afrikaans toe om my onthalwe? Ek voel wat goed is vir die een, is goed vir die ander.

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:05

      @PhilipV Mapungubwe is a national heritage site,google is short changing you

  • eserfontein - 2012-03-02 11:05

    The problem is that certain races link afrikaans to a certain era (e.g. apartheid)and therefore hate the language and the people who use it as much as they hate that era. . . . Or, maybe I'm just full of crap

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 11:26

      Ed ... Jy is 100% reg met daardie een.

      Alphonso - 2012-03-02 13:58

      Arikaans= white language.English = white language. german = white language. french = white language,etc. Look at Zimbabwe. Language a form of communication. Humans can be a form of racism.

      S - 2012-03-02 14:25

      The irony is that it was not the Afrikaners who started apartheid. The passbook system, group areas and restriction of movement was started under British rule. Verwoerd was also not an Afrikaner, he was a Dutchman.

      S - 2012-03-02 16:05

      Correct, Lacoste. A psycho white supremacist Nazi Dutchman.

      Sean - 2012-03-02 19:56

      And your point is WHAT exactly, stirrer???You say that like its a bad thing

  • Gideon Smalberger - 2012-03-02 11:06

    Solank as wat Afrikaans gepraat word in elke afrikaanse huis en geskryf word en gelees word en gesing word sal my moedertaal NOOIT dood gaan nie die anc kan maar probeer maar hierdie boer praat afrikaans,finish en klaar

      Abbucketlist - 2012-03-02 11:18

      From now on I wont employ anybody if they cant speak Afrikaans! All business should do that, tit for tat. lol Easy

      Vuks01 - 2012-03-02 17:15

      @Abbucketlist Who is that bussiness selling to ? If vyou are selling to non Afrikaans speakers how would you feel if they will stop buying your product or service - NO BUSINESS - wake up and solve the problem rather than empty threats.

  • Khomotso Motso Makwela - 2012-03-02 11:07

    What would be the point of destroying it?

      Kusleg - 2012-03-02 11:39

      When you crash an enemy, crash him completely lest he rears his ugly head tomorrow.

      Gideon Smalberger - 2012-03-02 11:49

      uhm you dont crash your enemy you crUsh him....mamparra

      Byron - 2012-03-02 11:57


  • Blaine Dillon - 2012-03-02 11:17

    Hoekom is daar 9 swart tale, maar hulle kla oor 1 wit taal? Kom biekie by ANC, julle is lekker vaak!

      Morama - 2012-03-02 19:25

      NOu hierdie kom die groot k@@@@K,se my dan wat is swart taal and wit taal? That's South Afriaca's biggest challenge....RACISM!!

  • Grobblere - 2012-03-02 11:21

    anyone believing this lie is bloooody stupid!!!!!!!!

  • basie.pretorius - 2012-03-02 11:22

    Wat hierdie klomp bobbies nie verstaan nie is dat die hele Noord Kaap meestal Afrikaans is hoe gaan hulle, hulle besluit daar afdwing. Verder het al hierdie engelse AFRIKANE voor 1994 slegs Afrikaans gepraat maar skielik verstaan of kan hulle nie meer die mooi taal praat nie. Nou wil ek net weet waar bly ons in Afrika(ans) of in engeland of gaan die land ook nou verander na zoeloeland of wat ook al

  • kaMazibuko - 2012-03-02 11:33

    Good move by the ANC..........

      Roy - 2012-03-02 12:12

      When the ANC came into power they should have banned Afrikaans but now it is to late but perhaps we can ignore anyone speaking in that language. When you read some of the comments made by the Afrikaans people you realise why they have problems. THANK GOD I am an English speaking South African

      nolan.brunsdon - 2012-03-02 12:50

      @Roy n aap weet nie hy is n aap nie.

      Blaine Dillon - 2012-03-02 13:19

      @Rooi Wat se jy? Die boere het julle op gedonner in die oorlog. Moenie laat dit weer geneur nie, Geskudenis het die neiging om homself te herhaal.

      Nick - 2012-03-02 14:01

      only problem is the majority can't like to speak ingrish vevy beautifully

      Dirk - 2012-03-02 14:16

      @ Roy. Dit klink my jy was op 'n tyd hard gemoer deur 'n Afrikaner. Wat is jou probleem nou eintlik? Wat kots jy hierso?

      Bobo - 2012-03-02 19:47

      @ Roy W What`s your problem with Afrikaans mate ? Seems you are part of the problem in South Africa.

      lvrvo - 2012-03-03 01:18

      @ Roy W I would like to see you say that UTTER BS about any other South African language you ignorant self-righteous english ASS and then see the S##T storm you will have on your hands. but as we are Afrikaans and have to keep our cool here, please, please go and repeat that during a packed bulls game on Loftus. You are SSSOOOO brave there behind your keyboard, take that BOLD bravery someplace where someone can slap you so hard that your grandkids will be born well behaved...

  • Malome Segolela - 2012-03-02 11:35

    I just want my grandfather's land back... Keep your language!

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 14:06

      Then move back North. Because I don't think you are Koi-San in the first place.

      basie.pretorius - 2012-03-02 14:07

      Your grandfather had f&(kall and you will never have anything

      Elle-Black - 2012-03-02 14:10

      @ Malome LMAO wa gafa wena

      Gerhard - 2012-03-02 15:01

      You never owned any land. The concept of land ownership is totally alien to africans. All they ever wanted was to drive their cattle across Africa without colonial borders.

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 16:08

      @Lacoste, I just googled Mapungubwe ... didn't find anything interesting as you mention.

      Morama - 2012-03-02 19:40

      @ Malome,you are 100% correct give back and aan gaan met julle afrikaans. You made my evening!!!

      Morama - 2012-03-02 19:43

      @Phillip V,history was written in other peoples favour....we know for a fact (Blacks) as you said,then give it back to khoi-sans then,what are you waiting for?

      Morama - 2012-03-02 19:46

      @Pretorius,dream on boet,when that thing comes down,i dont know whre you will run to because south africa now is full of Rhodesians who claims to be south africans.Our neighbour Mugabe doesn't play with young boys you will need drommentaris to go back where you come from.The issue of land and nationalisation is real and coming!!!

  • amanda - 2012-03-02 11:44

    Someone should inform the ANC that Afrikaans IS indeed an indigenous language. It did not arrived on a boat. It was formulated right here in South Africa.

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:06

      Germanic language

      Mfudzi - 2012-03-03 11:17


  • Ian - 2012-03-02 11:45

    Let me see if my history is correct, Afrikaans is based on Dutch but born in the Paarl, Stellenbosch area. Therefore it must be classed as an indigenous language.............

      Pieter - 2012-03-02 12:38

      Let me see if my history is correct. English people have colonized Africa ,enslaved people ,sent them to different countries and because English is the 6th most spoken language in South Africa it should remain the language of choice.

  • Greg - 2012-03-02 11:46

    The reality is that english is THE primary universal medium of communication followed by Spanish and French niether of which has a tradition in our country. So by default really, english is one of the three official languages of SA. Afrikaans as a language is a beautiful tradition that has unfortunately been muddied by infamous politics. Can this negative image be wiped clean? Only the Afrikaans speaking people can make this happen. Wipe out the racist culture and restore the dignity of the tradition.

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 12:07

      For the work place ... ONLY.

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 13:12

      @Philip I'd disagree on that one. Work place yes but also tv, books, product lables/instructions. As well as this article and the news site you're reading it on.

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 13:57

      @Vermie, I meant as a communication medium, pardon me for not stating it correctly, I still want to be able to watch Afrikaans television, or read an Afrikaans book. As for instruction labels and public communication on forums, English sure, I have no issues.

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 15:03

      @Philip Ah yes much clearer thank you xD

      Morama - 2012-03-02 19:54

      Greg for president!!!

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-03-02 11:48

    The ANC does not need a plan to destroy anything. It just comes naturally to them.

      Lubabalo Mkiva - 2012-03-02 11:53

      Funny the ANC has not managed to destroy racism and all the fools who believe in it.

      Elton - 2012-03-02 13:14

      @Lubabalo the biggest supporter of racism is the ANC.

  • Mandu Ngcobo - 2012-03-02 11:48

    No-one is trying to destroy afrikaans but something has to be done to preserve african languages. Many africans know and speak afrikaans but there are just a handful of afrikaaners who speak any african languages. That has to change. We need to work to together to make sure that all our languages survive. Selfishness is never a good thing

      Carine - 2012-03-02 12:03

      I agree. More white people should learn to speak a black language. I quite liked the idea of an obligatory indiginous language in university. Black people must learn Afrikaans and white people a black language. It can only enrich us and bring us together. We can only move forward by promoting more languages, not by destroying some.

      Mtizozo - 2012-03-02 12:06

      how can you work together if there are farms that teach afrikanns kids to hate blacks,,

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-03-02 13:13

      Mandu it is good to give an indigenous African language an official status, but not to feed it, by education and further development, it will also die. In other words. Taking Afrikaans out of the equation by promoting another language will not help. Eventually it will die at the cost of English. I wish It could have been different, but the way it now goes, even with making some official on documents, they will all become home and tribal spoken only, like Afrikaans. With fears that Afrikaans can die out, with all development that was done on it, what is the change for other African languages to survive if not develop and educating in them on a higher level. The idea of speaking each other languages can be a good idea. Even if it is only to show respect and make understanding easier. It will eventually be to the speakers/people themselves to maintain their languages. Easy example. Just take a cross marriage in languages and or culture and you can already see the difference.

  • Khanya.McCutha - 2012-03-02 11:49


      Vermie - 2012-03-02 12:35

      Why thank you sir xD I'll take the title of "Boer" gladly and wear it with honor.

      Nick - 2012-03-02 14:04


  • Lubabalo Mkiva - 2012-03-02 11:50

    Piet you need to get away from the farm you are living in then you will meet a lot of African people speaking english

      Gideon Smalberger - 2012-03-02 12:00

      Funny this farm thing,and yet there are nooooooo word spoken when you have feasted on the braaivleis pap and sous that piet produced on his farm.

      Roy - 2012-03-02 12:18

      Well said Lubabalo. These people are still living way back in the past.

      Nick - 2012-03-02 14:05

      big difference between making english sounding noises and actually speaking it properly

      Vuks01 - 2012-03-02 17:51

      @Nick Making fun of black people who cannot speak English is not very bright on your side - @ least they can express themselves to comminicate. I know of a white people who cannot speak English at all and my daughter tells me that some kids even failed English and afrikaans in their grade 12 - and they are white. Look around you neighbohood and listen to your friends while you braai tonight and decide if the language spoken there is as pure as it needs to be . Simuncu ndini !!!

  • amanda - 2012-03-02 11:52

    Hey Malome - and I also just want the farm back in the Northern Cape that the Brits burnt down to the ground during the Boer War. See how silly you sound. Idiot.

  • frikkie.botes - 2012-03-02 12:02

    Yes and malema and Zuma never sing Kill the farmer. SA is crime free, SA is a paradise ,Everyone is living happily ever after in SA never never land.

  • Mtizozo - 2012-03-02 12:04

    ANC had no plan to destroy afrikaans language but afrikaans people had plans in the past to destroy all other languages and forced afrikaans at skools lefels. Waww!!!! what a lovely country we live in. Well done ANC that's why you are the only party to rescure this country from the decades of damages by,,,

      Alice - 2012-03-02 12:17


      wehan.victor - 2012-03-02 13:43


      Blaine Dillon - 2012-03-02 14:29

      "Schools" not skools...dom kop

      Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:41

      Oh Lord save us from the ill informed.

  • Sam - 2012-03-02 12:18

    The real problem is entitlement... feeling entitled etc..

  • Peter - 2012-03-02 12:22

    Now...lets try and get the facts in order.Afrikaans is not a boere language,its a coloured language.The boere hijacked it as their own,probably when they started the great trek.It did not come from europe,but is influenced strongly by dutch and perhaps german.Remember,the cape had malay slaves,and influance there too. Now,as they trekked north and interacted with the locals on their way,so did the language grow.Remember,their interaction with the locals left a trail of coloured children,thats why Afrikaans is such a widely spoken language in South Africa.The province of Natal was english and when plans were afoot to break away from the union,boere families were flooded into durban,(port natal). The anc has an agender to get rid of white,lets face it,however,attacking afrikaans may come back and bite them,as ITS A KLEURLING TAAL. And another thing,coloured people are the only ,after the San..bushman etc,people to be born in South Africa.The Zulu`s drove the Bushman out when they invaded what is now natal.Zulu`s,Xhosa`s etc are part of the Nguni peoples who migrated south,so to those who want their land back,go back to Zim.

      Mtizozo - 2012-03-02 12:37

      just go back and claim your money from your sckool,,

      Heinrich - 2012-03-02 15:08

      This is absolutely correct. Afrikaans is infact poor pronunciation of the Dutch language. Coloured people found it very difficult to pronounce Dutch but from their poor pronunciation they created Afrikaans. But many whites are dead against this truth, because they seem to claim that they sat in boardrooms and decided to re-pronounce Dutch.

      Elle-Black - 2012-03-02 15:37

      @ Heinrich you are brilliant.

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 16:31

      BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think you should do some research before you come and talk rubbish like this. Because even taking into account that it is derived 90% from Dutch, it contains dialect from Koi-San, Banto, Spanish, German, Portuguese and French. The entire language has been re-written to create a new dialect. So no, it's not a Colored language. Get your facts straight. And no, it's not ill pronunciation of Dutch.

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:12

      a dutch friend once said Afrikaans sounds like children trying to speak dutch

      Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:43

      Mtizozo. He has a point there and it happens to be true. Now go find a school.

  • Jj - 2012-03-02 12:23

    Ons as Afrikaners is weer op die draai punt amper dieselfde in die oorloe wat teen ons gever is waar al die vroue en kinders in konsentrasie kampe gevange geneem is, ons sal weer opstaan, die anc en sy trawante moet dit doen want hulle is gehelp deur die engelse, indiers, japanese ens, om die land te kon KOOP, so dit is nie meer baie jare voordat ons as Afrikaner volk en die wat goed gesind is teenoor die afrikaner nie weer sal opstaan en voortgaan nie, HOU MOED EN VERTROU OP ONS VADER IN DIE HEMEL HY HET GESE HY SAL NOOIT SY VOLK VERLAAT NIE, die vraag is hkm voel dit of HY het, waar le ons probleem, en hier gaan baie wees wat stry en my heel moontlik gaan skel maar ek is n sterk baba, ONS het vergeet van die Gelofte van 16 Desember, Sport is deesdae eerste op ons lys voordat ons eers dink aan Godsdiens, ons le in Kroee, kan nie genoeg geld maak nie, en ek is ook skuldig aan baie alhoewel ek nie van n Kroeg hou nie, Kom ons as Afrikaner BUIG DIE KNIE EN VRA OMVERGIFNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DuToitCoetzee - 2012-03-02 13:30

      I could have taken you seriously if you could have wrote the words of "Die Gelofte", but do not try to find it in those girly, sex-books, Lesbian pages or what ever you like on your face book. Misusing God's Word does not mean you belief and follows Him. Making such a statement with such a FB page indicate that you are a troll and I therefore ask all readers to ignore you. Even your Afrikaans is not op to standard, but that is fine. I am only replying to you in English so that all can understand and hopefully ignore you. Nothing taken from people who belief in "Die Gelofte" or are against it. My writing is purely based on identifying him as a fraud.

      wehan.victor - 2012-03-02 13:46

      AAAAH Cute, a TROLL!!

      Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:44

      Miskien het ons al te veel die knie gebuig.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-03-04 22:56

      Bless me. Wat is die Afrikaans vir "Sanctimonious Troll?" Jy klink gedrink, JJ.

  • Sam - 2012-03-02 12:24

    Thanx Ian, so he is suffering from SA disease, entitlement. He feels entitle... aaag shame

  • 2zbunu - 2012-03-02 12:43

    This Afrikaans issue is working in me.Who said anything abt scrapping it? We have lot of indigenous languasges in RSA sum even their rightful speakers cant speak them fluently. So what is a big fuss on the Afrikaans. People who speak it will continue to speak it lyk all other indigenous lingo.

      heinrich.crouse - 2012-03-02 16:48

      The fuss is about undoing fully functional structures to be replaced by unplanned chaos. The usual, in other words. Just because you might be used to poor service doesn't mean others should not make a fuss when they can plainly see they are being messed with. My advice - step out of your historically imposed self-loathing and demand better service from your government. You should be insisting on being educated in your home language rather than undermining others' quest for the same. If they can scrap Afrikaans as a teaching language, they can do it with your language as well. We all know tribal affiliations run deep in the ANC. What if in 20 years time there's a predominantly Shangaan government who remember their humiliation at the hands of the Zulu, and do a similar thing? No No. This wrong will not make the past right. It never does.

  • amanda - 2012-03-02 12:43

    Why is the ANC downgrading from 9 official languages to just 3?? which will be the 3? By doing that they are isolating at least 6 other indigenous languages. This will not work. All the Black languages and Afrikaans should remain as the status quo. The ANC must not bully everyone by telling us it is not cost effective when the Government has themselves wasted money on building monuments, renaming streets etc. There are thousands of people in this country who cannot read English anyway.

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:16


  • mhp99 - 2012-03-02 12:46

    yet, more peopl ein SA speak Afrikaans than English, that includes 'the previously disadvantaged'.

  • Scouter - 2012-03-02 12:59

    A sobering thought - many people in Europe and the US know of Afrikaans and instantly associate it with SA. That should tell us something, don't you all think?

      Scouter - 2012-03-02 13:09

      Hell, I'm a rooinek who has a passable usage of Afrikaans and I would be devastated if Afrikaans became marginalised. Tantamount to deliberately trashing a culture - it is just not on.

      Pixie86 - 2012-03-04 09:14

      they know about zulu too and associate it with SA. What's your point?

  • Hilda - 2012-03-02 13:10

    Nou wat moet ek se??? Dis my taal. En miljoene ander se taal. Vat dit weg en hulle vat my 'identity' weg !!!!!!

      Nyiks11 - 2012-03-02 14:19

      Xitshangani yi Xilungu , aheeeh Jy moet leer om ander amptelike tale te praat , seek to understand as you seek to be understood .

  • Nyiks11 - 2012-03-02 13:15

    ANC 'has no plans to destroy Afrikaans' YET

  • Craig - 2012-03-02 13:27

    I think the Afrikaners were seriously disadvantaged - after the Anglo/Boer War

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:17

      I think so too.Small wonder then that students had to perish in 76 because of afrikaans

      Bobo - 2012-03-02 20:17

      No wonder there is still no lovie dovie for the British after killing 19000 white afrikaans speaking whoman and childeren in the concentration camps.. btw they also killed 14000 black farm workers in concentration camps by starving them to death. Nice people this British hey !

  • Heinrich - 2012-03-02 14:51

    English tutoring in the Asian world is a million dollar industry, that should tell us a little something about the direction in which the world is heading. But let me paint a picture as is required in Africa, if the all powerful Japanese and Chinese WILL learn English to better communicate and compete in the western world then so will Africa. Moral of the story soon or later English will be every Africans first language, no matter what their race.

      PhilipV - 2012-03-02 15:03

      Sounds about right, as long as tradition and dialect does not get lost in the process.

      Vermie - 2012-03-02 15:13

      Very true. Even in Europe one of the biggest pro's you can have on your CV is "Native English speaker"

      Hugo - 2012-03-02 17:20

      what do you mean by saying you have to paint a picture as it is required in Africa? btw,we master english from grade 1 till varsity and continue to use it as professionals but it will NEVER become a first language to some of us NEVER.

      pisciotta - 2012-03-02 20:40

      Heinrich - did you know the language spoken by most people in the world is Mandarin Chinese. However, anyone from China who wishes to work in the world MUST learn English. Think about that when someone argues against your point.

  • heinrich.crouse - 2012-03-02 15:50


  • Irma - 2012-03-02 16:27

    I can’t speak Afrikaans very well, but my family on my fathers side are complete Afrikaners. Afrikaans is a cool language, and I wish I could speak it. I wish I could speak African languages such as Zulu, etc too. I don’t know why people want to keep going back to the Apartheid era. Don’t people realize that the people who started it and the people that ended it are dead or very very old- when is this country going to stop punishing innocent parties for crimes of the past??? You don’t teach your child to avenge things- you tell them that two wrongs don’t make a right. We are supposed to be ADULTS and yet all we can see is colour. How pathetic is that. Completely “sane” people that want to destroy the heritage of certain people. It started with the changing of street names, now this. Why can’t we all just get along??????

  • Jacqui - 2012-03-02 17:18

    They couldn't even if they try.

  • Wayne - 2012-03-02 18:17

    Despite personally being somewhat indifferent to Afrikaans as a language and harbouring no illusions as to the extent of the attrocities and human rights abuses committed under apartheid, one has to admire how they a)tamed the Karoo and the rest of the country and turned it into the veritable bread basket of Africa, and b)developed the most sophisticated infrastructure and economy in Africa against incredible odds. Where would SA be now if it wasnt for the boere? I say lets acknowledge that the Afrikaner nation was responsible for apartheid and its effects, but also acknowledge the tremendous influence they had on the development of this country. They are as part of South Africa as Shaka and his crew were; in both their positives and negatives

  • Morama - 2012-03-02 19:16

    Would ANC please stop talking or touching where is unneccessary,we have got a very serious matters which needs immediate attention!!! We don't deny the fact that Afrikaans speaking had oppressed south africa for sometime but doesn't mean afrikaans should be abot inequality,how are we going to share our wealth and mostly when would the majority be freed from the slavery?

      Alex - 2012-03-02 19:26

      Morama. Fun fact, slavery in Africa ended in the 1930s...

  • Sean - 2012-03-02 19:53

    No discrimination????Yeah right. They wont destroy the language.Just the users of the language

  • Michelle Kirsten - 2012-03-02 20:18

    I probably sound like a whiner, but I feel apartheid left me without the ability to speak another African language. Every school I attended had a different african language which was usually poorly presented by some indifferent teacher. At least when previously disadvantaged people were forced to learn english and afrikaans their skills base was broadened. I learned how to say hallo and goodbye and that's pretty much it! And as an adult I am finding it very hard to learn!!

  • Blip - 2012-03-02 20:27

    Three languages is one too many already. Four languages is simply ridiculous.