ANC hits back at DA 'mafioso' over plot

2011-11-29 21:55

Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance was seeking to deflect attention from its leader's "silly" remarks about HIV and Aids by laying bribery charges against the ANC, the ruling party said on Tuesday.

"The DA uses this story as a political ploy to cover up the tracks of its premier Helen Zille," the ANC's Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile said in Cape Town.

Mjongile said Zille had come under heavy criticism after she had "a lot of silly things to say about HIV and Aids".

These included her call to revive "apartheid style sex policing" and her lucky draw to "coerce" people to test for HIV.

Earlier in November, Zille suggested that men who refused to wear a condom during sex be charged with attempted murder.

Last week she said a R50 000 lucky draw would be held for people who took part in the city's free HIV tests.

On Tuesday, the DA said it would lay criminal charges against seven Western Cape ANC officials accused of being part of a plot code-named Project Reclaim.

It said the plot appeared to be a co-ordinated attempt to bribe DA ward councillors to give up their seats and stand for the ANC in the by-election triggered by their resignation.

Mjongile said the ANC was considering taking legal action against the DA for making the allegations.

"The DA must back up their allegations with tangible proof or face the consequences of legal action, which the ANC now considers," he said.

He said the DA had lost touch with real issues facing communities.

"When the ANC teams up with any other party of person, the DA cries foul.

"It is typical of the double standard DA which has a set of rules for the ANC, but a different set for the DA," Mjongile said.

"If there is any fraud committed, it will be the lies that the DA has sold our people that it delivers to all whilst condemning the majority to conditions of poverty and squalor."

He said the DA acted "like cry babies" when they lost a councillor or a municipality.

"It forgets quickly that the DA national leader Helen Zille became the mayor of Cape Town in 2006 after a coup plot involving smaller opposition parties.

It also governs in a number of hung municipalities in formal plots as coalitions of alliances.

"The only DA councillors the ANC has contact with are those that are frustrated by racism and the dictatorship by the DA mafioso."

  • Heinrich - 2011-11-29 22:05

    See what I mean?

      cameronjohnprice - 2011-11-29 23:11

      What do you mean?

      Heinrich - 2011-11-29 23:20

  • nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-29 22:07

    heck i'm down with anything Helen says as long as we no longer have to be ruled by the ANC

  • Lynn - 2011-11-29 22:09

    I would rather have the DA in charge than the ANC.

  • Cracker - 2011-11-29 22:10

    ANC, the more nonsense you excrete the more your credibility suffers. We South Africans are not all juveniles.

      PeterAlan - 2013-09-22 13:46

      Yes, Cracker: The more they excrete, the more they speak it - until there is enough to throw around by way of proving how valuable and insightful they are. Not!

  • phillip.havenga - 2011-11-29 22:11

    So the cANCer can lie, cheat, steal even rape and that's ok but the DA can't accuse them because suddenly that's victimisation. How can anybody with a functioning intellect support these idiots?

      Kevin - 2011-11-29 22:44

      Its also said by the ANC to be racism!

      Dudleygbu - 2011-11-30 09:42

      this is africa....thats why....where the average sheep follower has an IQ of -10

  • Lusanda - 2011-11-29 22:11

    atlease "someone" is not skelem, like the ANC

  • TheWatcher - 2011-11-29 22:27

    The DA usually does not cry foul unless it has proof. Lets see what they have to say about the matter. Oh and an HIV+ person (male or female) who knows their status having unprotected sex with someone without revealing this to their partner is in fact guilty of murder since they knowingly expose that person to a deadly(albeit slow acting) disease. In addition anybody who has unprotected sex with multiple partners and does not go for a checkup is just being negligent and if people get infected by them they should face charges as well. And if rape is involved when the person is infected then they should be charged with rape and murder. I will now wait for the inevitable dribble from the usual trolls who will try to argue with me.

      Kevin - 2011-11-29 22:48

      They are not negilgent they are profoundly and unutterably stupid. They have the right to kill themselves but not to endanger others.

  • flyswat - 2011-11-29 22:30

    OMG! It's like a regular school playground with a bunch of six year olds pulling hair and stomping each other's toes. Oh, bless!

  • bernpm - 2011-11-29 22:33

    Silly games politicians play when running out of constructive governing. Next step....another court case. Have they really nothing else to do?

  • Piet - 2011-11-29 22:35

    Who is the real criminal and fraudster?? (1) ANC Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile has been blacklisted after a company linked to him failed to honour its contractual obligations with the Western Cape health department. (2) "..Songezo Mjongile will go on trial in the Germiston magistrate's court on November 23 on charges of tax evasion. "

      Harald - 2011-11-30 07:40

      Thanx Piet.... a little research goes a long way!! hahaha; what you say now Songezo? predictably... nothing

  • Mtizozo - 2011-11-29 22:40

    no sence to pay people to dop test, test is voluntary, law states that, you create a bad impression that it's the poor people who are affected, since they will run for test to get the money, we are not stupid to see that. hope anc and gov can do somthing about this stupi thoughts

      Kevin - 2011-11-30 03:56

      Yes we know 80% will fail the test and thats why we need to give them an incentive to take the test and get treatment . As the majority are anc voters you can now see that Zille actually cares abpot all South Africans . She could on the other hand do nothing, but then that would allign her with the useless corrupt anc

      pws69 - 2011-11-30 08:43

      The ANC government are running a similar program, without the R50,00 lucky draw. So yes, are are about as dumb as mud.

      aarchaic - 2011-11-30 08:54

      whats wrong to encourge people to do the test that wont cost them a thing? Its like the lotto except you pay with a tube of blood and lower pay out!

      Jerhone - 2011-11-30 10:22

      @Mitzozo its funny when your cANCer party can hand out free chicken and a t-shirt to achive what they want thats alright, but when a party that cares for the health of the poor masses must get castrated every time they show up this zombie government i just have to shake my head at you the walking dead

  • shirley.friedman - 2011-11-29 22:42

    No wonder the ANC YOUTH league allows people aged 35 - with SA's average life span that's means some of it's members are middle-aged and over - proof that even the ANC knows their leadership and supporters never grow up!

  • MaxOdin.SA - 2011-11-29 22:51

    First off let's reflect on anc hiv prevention methods. 1) cut off male 4skin to reduce the spread of HIV to females. HOGWASH! 2) take a shower afterwards Ka kpraat. 3) eat beetroot. yah hey! nuff said. Da preventitive measures Wear condoms (not fool proof but a step in the right direction) Get tested (common sense) Possibly infecting another person because you refuse to wear a condom = attempted murder (if you knew you were +ve then duh it's attempted murder) I mean if I fired a loaded gun at your head and it jammed or misfired it's still attempted murder. offering R50 000 lucky draw to get tested, Hell I know my status and even I am tempted to get tested for the chance to win R50 000. So bra, Mr/Mrs Songezo Mjongile get a life and stop putting a negative spin on positive ideas. Also the DA governs the western cape by a coalition sure, but hey they never bribed anyone to get into power and also the term coalition means that the other parties were willing entities who did so for power sharing reasons and to root out the morally corrupt ANC donkeys in the local government. Bribery is the issue at hand here not power sharing agreements you troll.

      cameronjohnprice - 2011-11-29 23:12

      Right on!

  • rmattnertours - 2011-11-29 22:59

    How old are these people who speak with the tongue of a child. Grow up.

  • Polotic - 2011-11-29 23:19

    The more I see of the ANC blundering about and twisting the truth the more I worry for South Africa. Unless the electorate see through the deceit and deception of the ruling party, there is no hope\ for this country.

      Vagav_Yuddamkant - 2011-11-30 04:46

      None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

      Donaker - 2011-11-30 06:05

      As long as they keep voting for the ANC and then complain and protest against poor service delivery, there is no hope for this electorate.

  • Silvana - 2011-11-30 06:08

    It wasn't me Mommy, she started it. Boohoohoo. When are the ANC going to put educated people in parliament?

  • braamc - 2011-11-30 07:15

    @Kolobe Must be terrible to be a black like you

  • Harald - 2011-11-30 07:36

    Ya , whatever.... the ANC are such loosers... Tey should rather try get the areas in SA that they do govern to run properly, before worrying about the Western Cape; the last and only well run province and municipality in the country...

  • SJ Kleynhans - 2011-11-30 08:01

    Small words for the small minded, its al THEY can understand. "Cry babies" "silly things". That's our anc political leaders for you. Man, we have a big future!

  • Nevil - 2011-11-30 08:23

    The whole effing bunch just make sick.

      Nevil - 2011-11-30 08:24


  • pws69 - 2011-11-30 08:41

    I interact with a lot of young blacks during work. They are almost without exception, smart articulate, and progressive. So, for the life of me I cannot understand how someone as dimwitted, dishonest, and downright stupid such as this former ANCYL'er can be appointed to a position of power. Maybe my experience is skewed because I deal with uni students on the whole. If that is the case, and the rest of the black population voting ANC are actually below even this "intellectual giants" level, then I would say the ANC policy of dumbing down the population to hold on to power is their single greatest achievement to date.

      Hugh - 2011-11-30 12:04

      spot on pw, lower the standard of education, pass all with a 30% average, and presto! you have the electorate.

  • Ben - 2011-11-30 08:42

    Words of a despirate man. Haha

  • arcticencounter - 2011-11-30 10:55

    In other countries, it is a punishable offence to have unprotected sexual intercourse with unsuspecting "victims" when a person is aware that he/she is HIV positive. What is so "silly" about that, since it is tantamount to assault or attempted murder. And surely it is in a person's best interest to be aware of her/his HIV status so that they can take ARV's and abstain from spreading the virus?

  • Ampers - 2011-11-30 13:09

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, # then you win. Mohandas Gandhi

  • Randomhero6661 - 2011-12-06 13:00

    funny things is they both going to use tax payers money to fight this in court...oh and klobe jou pous!

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