ANC outraged over censored Wiki page

2011-11-23 18:52

Cape Town - The ANC said on Wednesday that "censorship" done to their page on Wikipedia is "outright vandalism" and uncivilised.

The changes to the page, which shows pieces of information about alleged corruption within the party blacked out, were made following the passing of the controversial protection of state information bill on Tuesday.

Party spokesperson Keith Khoza said: "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society.

"How does that assist any cause or anybody to tamper with information?"

Wikipedia allows any internet user to edit or change their pages.

"Interfering with information undermines the very need of [information providers]," Khoza said.

He said that the party wanted whatever information was on the page to be restored, even if it showed the ANC in a negative light.

Civil society organisations and members of the media reacted with outrage following the passing of the bill on Tuesday. They promised that they would engage in acts of civil disobedience and would go to the Constitutional Court to have a public interest clause put into the bill.

  • Donder - 2011-11-23 18:59


      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:32

      They only realised this now, this has been tweeted all day.

      Denise - 2011-11-23 19:37

      Dont be ridiculous Siyande! There are things that need to be addressed but the average white family had 15 times more DEBT and works hard to keep their heads above water! I think if you want free wealth at this point in our country's democracy you should set your sights on the ANC government members - thats where all the money is now!

      jruppersberg - 2011-11-23 19:37

      @Siyanda. WTF has race got to do with this article????

      Squeegee - 2011-11-23 19:39

      Siyanda is a troll. He cuts and pastes this often. Ignore the idiot.

      jordaanjean - 2011-11-23 19:46

      @Siyanda_Ngobetha .. what are you on about. We all are complaining about freedom of speech being shot in the proverbial balls. This has nothing to do with RACE. You are blinded by your hatred of whites and stuck on the past that you refuse to do anything yourself for the so called " inequalities " of the past. Still expecting the white man to feed you, clothe you, and give you houses. You sir are an embarrassing to all South Africans. "Redressing the past" who's responsibility is it. YOURS and mine. We all need to work together. If you insist on living in a country that has taken all the wealth from the evil white man. Go get a house in Zimbabwe. Move there and live in your utopia. As for the rest of us in South Africa we will continue to fight the good fight and stand together against injustice, regardless of race and religion or ethnic background.

      Brandon - 2011-11-23 19:50

      @Siyanda, Seems only one person 'liked' your post and it was probably YOU. Haha! By the way, check the unlikes...tosser!

      Impi - 2011-11-23 20:04

      I'm surprised they even knew about a Wiki website. Given the time wasted on this pointless new bill one would have thought the borders of their thought process would end at the newspaper stand at the local shop. This brings me to the next obvious thing that will happen. Someone with information will pass it on to someone's friend abroad and and our laws don't govern the international community. Are they going to run around the globe and arrest foreigners for leaking their dirty secrets?

      jordaanjean - 2011-11-23 20:07

      Siyanda_Ngobetha - What white supremacy ? show facts. Speculation and your own misguided ideas does not count. Do you know that per ca pita the average income of white people have decreased by over 20% and the average income per ca pita for black increased ?? The future being created by you and your kind ( by that I mean attention seeking TROLLS), spreading anger end division, is a sad one. Luckily the majority of us just laugh at your ignorance. Do you support the bill that was passed ? Do you know what that means to us as citizens of this beautiful country ? So you expect the whites to just give you all they have worked for. Work for it yourself, and stop playing the beggar part. Can you even comment on the article ? have you read it ? do you understand it ? Do you need someone to explain it ?

      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 20:08

      @Impi....brilliant comment.

      berni.venter - 2011-11-23 20:23

      @ Siyanda please stop regurgitating the same drivel!

      Smell - 2011-11-23 20:28

      Hi "Siyanda" (aka End_White_Privilege and even Hendrik Verwoerd in previous postings) Copying and pasting again... All morally sound people should find your claim of the "15x" average income disparity disturbing, and it is probably true. That is why I have given your contribution in that regards a thumbs up. :) However, I certainly do not buy into that left wing loony Robert Jensen's construct that all the propblems in Africa have been caused by the First World. At this point I honestly believe that most of Africa's problems are homemade. The Africans in RSA are better off than the vast majority in the rest of Africa, where the so-called "Colonialists"/"Imperialists" have been kicked out or disposessed. Opportunities should be aggressively created to let disadvantaged people uplift themselves. That is one of the first mandates of a government. The other, linked to the first, is to provide security for all. So what you are essentially saying is that the ANC government, after 17 years in power, has failed in accomplishing those two objectives. Or at least that the government could have done much better. And that our government is obviously not held to account by the people. In the First World the ANC government would have been kicked out after 4 years. Final thought. Despite your mentioned "disparity in income", why are Zimbabweans fleeing here and not the opposite? If you can honestly answer that question, the underlying problem with your blame-game will be revealed.

      jordaanjean - 2011-11-23 20:29

      @Siyanda_Ngobetha - Do that same test in RSA ? the result will be different. That makes sense that the results are the way it was. In America blacks are the minority. if you wanna play the " youtube card" Here is a couple of examples for you. Notice that this is by a black guy. Oh and for som laughs read this.

      jordaanjean - 2011-11-23 20:31

      more youtube for you .

      Michael - 2011-11-23 20:36

      @Siyanda what you see is what you get - that's why the hippocrocarillgironkeypig became extinct. BTW please define the term "average" as you see it... after all a comparison between elephants and chimpanzees (metaphorically speaking) is irrelevant. If my comment doesn't make any sense to you please tell us how long a piece of string is.

      TheWatcher - 2011-11-23 20:43

      don't feed the trolls - it makes them think they're intelligent. Ignore them and they eventually give up and go cry in the corner

      Warren - 2011-11-23 20:44

      @ Siyanda: Your two main problems are that you have a victim mentality coupled with colour issues. Do yourself a favour when you wake up tomorrow, say: "From today onwards I am no longer a victim, I will blame only myself for my own failures. I am going to stop drowning in my own self pity & become someone who I can be proud of!" Trust me, my good advice is worth more to you than all the money I can give you. Good luck with your new life!!!

      Breedlike - 2011-11-23 20:46

      @Siyanda, then why dont you gtfo of "this" land which technically belongs to the khoisan(if you go according to who was first), go up to north africa where you came from, replace your "western" clothes with buck hide, build a mud hut, and get shot in your fat face by your fellow rebel or pirate so that you can stop stealing everyones oxygen! idgit

      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 20:57 that you Juju?

      velastardust - 2011-11-23 21:34

      Attention all hackers! Target....Alpha -November- Charly!

      johann.rothmann - 2011-11-23 21:37

      Siyanda Ngobetha changes his name every so often. Last week he was Hendrik Verwoerd, and before that eradicate-white-supremacy. He copies and pastes the same comments day after day!

      frangelico - 2011-11-23 21:40

      @donderwolk,the ANC asked for it now they have it ain't so good is it.Freaking morons.

      Jeremy - 2011-11-23 21:40

      @spkyer may - I happen to have white skin, but I do not for one second believe black people to be 'lesser beings', or that white people are somehow 'more evolved'. That is fallacy. It is not supported by science, and is not supported by my personal experience. I lived for many years in England before returning to SA just over 6 years ago. I had many black friends who possessed a greater intelligence than many of their white compatriots. Skin colour has NOTHING to do with intelligence. Correlation does not imply causation. Cultural issues may well have some effect, but genetically we are all of the same RACE, the HUMAN RACE. Black people are not animals, but fellow humans. I am saddened that there were others who agreed with you, as this is a clear declaration that the evil of racism still exists in our beloved country. 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.' Gal 3:28 - to God - we are all equally valued and equally loved!

      frangelico - 2011-11-23 21:57

      Siyanda Ngobetha,I am convinced you been smoking something a mixture of ecstasy ganga & who knows what else what,we are not dicussing black or white supremecy,your figures on financial equality must be what juju in his ignorance uttered,how much tax have you ever paid or not paid.The issue at question is about the info bill dumb ass like the rest of your cANCer what the hell are you babbling about,oppression,white supremacy,rich man poor man begger man thief,now I like that word THIEF but changed to THIEVES suits the cANCer to a tea.

      Ronald - 2011-11-23 22:25

      Siyanda, yours is the biggest case of self hate I have experienced to date. Accept the fact that the only inherent difference between black and white is the skin colour. Any other differences are self made or, in your case, inflicted, as I believe that you are doing yourself and other people(black and white) injury and huge injustice. Africa is the cradle of human kind, or so scientists say, and some of them are, believe it or not, Black. They are not part of a huge conspiracy, but are educated and do justice to that education by doing constructive things. So according to the proof held up by these scientists, all the people may lay claim to Africa as theirs, and if the rock paintings by the Koi are taken into account, them more so than any others.

      Gungets - 2011-11-23 22:27

      @Siyanda - please rearrange these three english words into a recognisable English phrase ---> My ... #rse ... kiss. Take your time, it is Grade 3 english.

      John - 2011-11-23 22:39

      We are outraged at the censorship of the country by the ANC, Association of National Criminals, Abortion Murder Genocide, since 1957.

      Herman - 2011-11-23 22:47

      "Interfering with information undermines the very need of [information providers]," Khoza said. What I don't get is that this is EXACTLY what the African National Corruption is doing AND now they're contradicting themselves once again! They're outraged about one tiny little paragraph with blacked out sentences, when the African National Circus wants to blank out ALL corruption in the media!!! Go figure!

      Blip - 2011-11-24 05:57

      Oh ANC ANC it a wired world You'll not get by with just a smile. All your secrets will be wikied around the wide world Nothing can stop them, you can't hide...

      JMan - 2011-11-24 07:39

      Its been restored. :(

      Active - 2011-11-24 07:42

      "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society" Neither is the information bill

      Sharkshoot - 2011-11-24 07:57

      Lol!!!! Brilliant!

      CarlS - 2011-11-24 08:04

      Juliass and ANCYL will shut Wikipedia DOWN! Oh, wait - you guys suspended him.

      Sammy - 2011-11-24 08:21

      Siyanda was top of his class, the SPIT AND PASTE class! :P

      Dank - 2011-11-24 08:56

      Can't really think of anything I dislike more than the ANC

      Freddie - 2011-11-24 09:24

      "Uncivilised"??? Pot, kettle, black... make a sentence, hypocritical morons.

      Lyn - 2011-11-24 09:48

      The culprit hides on

      ServaasD - 2011-11-24 09:55

      Lekker ANC. HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES.. With an Idea, starts a revolution.. Tick tick boom!

      ServaasD - 2011-11-24 10:14

      @Janine: I agree with your statement. But the evolution cycle certainly stopped somewhere. The ANC is proof of my statement.

  • npretorius2 - 2011-11-23 18:59

    Quite funny how they express outrage at an edited wikipedia page if that is probably how our newspapers will look in a few months...

      Naledi - 2011-11-23 19:32

      Siyanda...have you ever heard of plagiarism (copying and pasting from others)...Boring!

      jruppersberg - 2011-11-23 19:38

      @Siyanda. What are you on about? The only racist here is.... YOU.

      TheWatcher - 2011-11-23 19:39

      oh look i found the report button. Why copy-paste this rubbish?

      Godfrey - 2011-11-23 19:55

      @Sinyanda, Look at India, what a world power and the key was JUSTICE for all,no BEE, BBEEE, cader deployment or continuously looking to punish the english. Imagine a SA where EVERYONE works towards the future and stop looking backwards.

      jaco.duplessis2 - 2011-11-23 20:00

      Siyanda, please pass on that zoll ...

      James - 2011-11-23 20:08

      Siyanda you tool! You're part of the reason that SA is what it is. I didn't benefit from the apartheid, and many other 'white' South Africans didn't either. We supposed to be aiming for equality, not white or black South Africa... Just South Africa. Besides, this has nothing to do with race you ignorant fool.

      Godfrey - 2011-11-23 20:09

      @Siyanda I thought Madiba said "never, never and never again will one race dominate the other" I don't recall him saying "but lets give the blacks one last chance to dominate the whites, colourds and indians"

      emile.marais - 2011-11-23 20:12

      ''Let's not create a false sense of unity and equality because that is one way of preventing racial equality and justice from happening.'' That sounds slightly to close to promoting genocide there Siyanda. Now I know my question to you earlier.

      Sean - 2011-11-23 20:41

      @Siyanda_Ngobetha are you one of these investigative journalists that create false accounts and post ridiculous comments to gauge public reaction on certain matters? if you not then I feeling really sorry for you if that's your actual mentality on the matter.

      rowen.loretz - 2011-11-23 22:33

      Why is Siyanda using the "imperialist" internet and not sitting in some mud hut in the transkei. Funny how all these okes ( or douchebags ) want the best of both worlds without having to pay a cent, rather plead for handouts all the time. Look at Malema, how people look up to him, because he has a breitling watch and a Land Rover , the masses want that too... they are prepared to do whatever it takes. Malema is corrupt and does not give a 5 cent coin about any of his followers. Siyanda should go to Zim if he seeks economic freedom. Mugabe will give it to him. the Khoi san where in South Africa before the Xhosa ect. ect. Think before you talk Siyanda

      warren.wilshere - 2011-11-24 11:39

      Exactly! Are these really the best people we can find to run this country?

  • nixliguori - 2011-11-23 19:00

    HAHAHAHAHA That is so funny!!

  • Winsome - 2011-11-23 19:00

    They cant handle a bit of their own medicine! Well done to whoever did this!

  • Citroes - 2011-11-23 19:01

    Oh the irony!! Complaining because someone did to them what they are trying to do to us all!

      Maggie.OMG - 2011-11-23 21:54

      Yes a case of the pot calling the kettle black (ahem). How ironic.

  • Lynn - 2011-11-23 19:06

    Ha ha ha. Not so nice when it happens to them. And what is civilized about our country. Do these people see the barbaric crimes that take place in this supposedly civilized country. Run by them.

  • TamaraSays - 2011-11-23 19:09

    Shame. Suck it up - you started the fight. Expect more of the same.

      Dave - 2011-11-23 19:31

      The muppets dont do victim very well do they? So you sow, so shall you reap

      TamaraSays - 2011-11-24 00:31

      It's like someone failed to initiate these troglodytes (ANC party members - not a race reference) into the great internet conspiracy. Sorry dudes, your douchebaggery is out there - all over the web. For everyone to see, and your stupid bill just made it worse. FAIL!

  • Marc - 2011-11-23 19:11

    Oh. So you don't like a blackout on ANC 'propaganda'; but want to blackout news in the public interest. Not nice, hey? Well, get used to the new resistance. Observation: Supporters of the secrecy bill on news forums predominantly take a defensive stance. Opponents take an offensive stance. What does that say? Furthermore, what does that DO to those on the defensive? It's very difficult to take a defensive stance for too long (especially from a morally-weak position), and eventually cognitive dissonance and other psychological devices seek a resolution. Those on the offensive seldom need to alter their stance, particularly when belief in the cause is strong. Do you get the picture, Mr Khoza. You're actually on a losing wicket! - 2011-11-24 09:43

      "Get used to the new resistance" - LUVVIT!

      richard.hipkin - 2011-11-24 11:18

      Time for the ANC to feel a revolution as opposed to being one..

  • fishycraig - 2011-11-23 19:11

    Oh brilliant! Kudos to whoever did that.

      John - 2011-11-24 10:06

      thank you.

  • ben.nel2 - 2011-11-23 19:14

    hah hah

  • TheWatcher - 2011-11-23 19:22

    Ha ha! Damnit i wish i'd done that... just for bragging rights

      robert.cerff - 2011-11-24 07:17

      You, me and just about anyone else who tries to be "consistent with a civilised... society."

  • StirMonger - 2011-11-23 19:25

    Come on - this starts a real hacking challege. 10 points if you can beat the "System"

      John - 2011-11-24 10:43

      it's really easy. took me 5min yesterday morning.. didnt expect them to be so angry though. you will get a warning

  • sean.nieuwoudt - 2011-11-23 19:26


  • Raymond - 2011-11-23 19:28

    This is really funny. Naughty but funny. Of course, now that the boot is on the other foot; they scream?

  • Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:28

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not nice now that the shoe is on the other foot, hey ANC

  • charlvdb - 2011-11-23 19:28

    They brought it onto themselves, not sure how and why the ANC is moaning about a wiki page?

  • braamc - 2011-11-23 19:29

    The truth hurts, so they say. All a bunch of filthy thieving corrupt trash

  • IcemanGP - 2011-11-23 19:31

    Party spokesperson Keith Khoza said: "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society. .... And what the fkk do you think you guys are doing with this information bill, we are not a country at war.

      nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-23 19:54

      lmfao what a moron

  • HermanK - 2011-11-23 19:32

    Brillant! Serves them right!

  • Transkie Sun - 2011-11-23 19:32

    I did it.

      Fourhundredkg - 2011-11-23 19:45

      No, no!!! It was me! It was me!

      velastardust - 2011-11-23 21:47

      No! It was me!

      John - 2011-11-24 10:03

      Heiku - 2011-11-24 13:09 :)

  • Michele - 2011-11-23 19:33


  • John - 2011-11-23 19:36

    Bwahahahaha, suck it up corrupt, overweight, overpaid ANC thieves - this is just the start....

  • Heinrich - 2011-11-23 19:36

    The President himself also expressed shock and outrage. "I keep a close watch on these pages... to identify candidates for promotion, appointment to key government positions or for meritorious awards" he said. His spokesperson nodded till his glasses fell off.

      Dave - 2011-11-23 19:43

      lol, brilliant

      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:44

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @he nodded till his glasses fell off.

      Shoe - 2011-11-23 19:56


      Lara - 2011-11-23 20:22

      Who the hell gave them a dictionary?

      StirMonger - 2011-11-24 10:00

      @Lara - No one. Someone just showed them how to cut & paste from elsewhere.

  • Larry - 2011-11-23 19:37

    Fantastic, I love it. Now if someone could do the same to the Web site? Give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • Dave - 2011-11-23 19:39

    Obvious the ANC has no idea what they have unleashed, its just so cool, might take off my censored avator.......What was said after Pearl Harbour? All you have done ia awaken a sleeping giant?

  • jordaanjean - 2011-11-23 19:39

    Just like we are outraged at your censorship of US.. get used to it, this is the information age. you can try and hide your deceit and lies, in the end it will all be out in the open.

  • chad.marais - 2011-11-23 19:39

    Party spokesperson Keith Khoza said: "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society." .... but rioting in the streets and vandalizing anything in sight is? pot ... kettle? ... ja ... idiots

      Travis - 2011-11-23 20:20

      I agree, I would call burning tyres in the street, emptying dustbins in the road, vandalising shops and cars uncivilized....which happens at virtually every march or protest that goes on in South Africa. This is a great way to get a point across. I bet anything it keeps happening as long as it is editible by the public. If this gets sent back to Parliment at Constitutional Court hopefully South Africans will wake up and start voting a little more wisely come elections. I reckon ANC are shooting themself in the feet at the cost of voters.

  • Transkie Sun - 2011-11-23 19:41

    Does the gov work for us or do we work for them??

      nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-23 19:53

      i doubt they even know, they just show up for a pay cheque

      Fenderbender - 2011-11-24 09:48

      I know we get F@#ked by the government, Work them ? What is that?

  • TheWatcher - 2011-11-23 19:41

    does anybody have a better screenshot? I want to put this on a tshirt

      i.R.womble - 2011-11-23 19:45

      where must i send it to

      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:52

      Where can I send it

      Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:53

      To have seen the page in its fullness was classic

      i.R.womble - 2011-11-23 20:19

      TheWatcher - 2011-11-23 20:26

      Thanks for offers but i found a copy of the edits in the page's previous version history :D

      Joanita - 2011-11-24 09:39

      Gives us a link to the full image please!!!! that one of i.r.womble is blocked

  • Perfume5 - 2011-11-23 19:42

    Keith Khoza, take Wiki up with the Con Court...we will wait with abated breath of the outcome...payback is UGLY.

      Dave - 2011-11-23 19:53

      but soooo damn schweeeeeet....

  • Hennie - 2011-11-23 19:42

    So it is only ok to censor if they do it? Mmmm... whoever did that is a genius. In one move this person effectively proved how idiotic the new information bill is. Of course it will be lost on the idiots in government. I better get the idiot comment out of the way, because no doubt exist in my mind that the next idiotic bill to be passed is the one that will make me a criminal for calling them idiots. So here goes a few more.... Idiot ANC... Idiot ANC.... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC

  • nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-23 19:43

    siyanda you are grasping at straws....another malema zombie. go back to the rock you crawled out from. we don't need racist black people like you in our country

  • Hennie - 2011-11-23 19:43

    So it is only ok to censor if they do it? Mmmm... whoever did that is a genius. In one move this person effectively proved how idiotic the new information bill is. Of course it will be lost on the idiots in government. I better get the idiot comment out of the way, because no doubt exist in my mind that the next idiotic bill to be passed is the one that will make me a criminal for calling them idiots. So here goes a few more.... Idiot ANC... Idiot ANC.... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC..... Idiot ANC

  • drummond.doig1 - 2011-11-23 19:43

    and i will do it again

  • Bobo - 2011-11-23 19:43

    Too Bad my previous comments were deleted by who ever....delete delete delete as much as u want. ANC : Bishop Tutu warned you on national TV..You`re going down..You make your bed now sleep on it, and keep on sleeping but guess what..when you wake up one day this nightmare will be your reality. You can not silence us ! Millions of good SA Citizens pray against all corrupt officials. Now go to sleep !

      nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-23 19:51

      damn right bobo! the resistance is growing, and their stupidity is only helping us along!!!

  • Henry - 2011-11-23 19:43

    Wikipedia allows any internet user to edit or change their pages....I guess the South African government didn't know this, cos if they did, they would have let Jackson Mthembu go and rectify it..The revolution will be blogged...screw the secrecy bill!!!

      nikki.bodenstein - 2011-11-23 19:50

      uhhh the south african government doesn't know a lot of things. thats what happens when you employ people based on colour and not merit. they will bring themselves down. bunch of morons.

      Michele - 2011-11-23 19:55

      They would never be able to figure out how to edit it.

  • DJChrisPalmer - 2011-11-23 19:45

    Ha ha, excellent job!!!!

  • Andrew - 2011-11-23 19:45


      Dave - 2011-11-23 19:49

      This has got to go down as a classic, so too the response from our government. Tomorrow seems a little brighter

  • dean.langkilde - 2011-11-23 19:46

    What a bunch of C*%ts...

      Fenderbender - 2011-11-24 09:50

      I dont think 'bunch' is the collective term for C*%ts, I think it is 'Congress of C*%ts ' or African National Congress of C*%ts !

  • Glenda - 2011-11-23 19:48

    "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society. What civilised society? Are you speaking about another country? Because in South Africa we are not a civilised... society!!!

  • Johan - 2011-11-23 19:49

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ek lag my gaaaaat af. wat jule saai sal julle maai.

  • Michael - 2011-11-23 19:50

    I guess they are going to want to ban face book like juju wanted to ban Twitter. LOL. The person who did this deserves a medal!

      robbie.crouch - 2011-11-24 10:19

      There are more than one... and it will continue ad infinitum!

  • Cronje - 2011-11-23 19:51

    Kick ASS. Now we just need Assange on Wikileaks to gooi them big time. Now wouldnt Mac be excited about becoming Big Mac? Bad Mac. Or no Mac.Mac to go even.

  • Grace - 2011-11-23 19:53

    ha ha ha

  • Trudy - 2011-11-23 19:55

    Soo funny, do they know what "double standards" mean? I wonder how their voters feel...

  • Patsy - 2011-11-23 19:57

    What's good for the goose must be good for the gander....

  • Wendy - 2011-11-23 19:58

    Party spokesperson Keith Khoza said: "It's conduct that it not consistent with a civilised... society. "How does that assist any cause or anybody to tamper with information?" Is he perhaps commenting on his own party's new Bill 'cos it sure sounds appropriate!

      robert.cerff - 2011-11-24 07:21

      It's called irony, totally lost on them of course :)

  • frikkie.botes - 2011-11-23 20:00

    Even chickens have more brains than ANC parliamentarians

  • Max - 2011-11-23 20:00

    @Siyanda - I agree that white people were advantaged in the past and black people were disadvantaged because of various reasons. However, we differ on the timing of the occurrence, you recon it happened during apartheid and I recon it was during the creation of mankind. That poses a bit of a problem when it comes to redressing the past, in my scenario it is impossible.

      Gareth - 2011-11-23 20:31

      @Siyanda - I have read your comments and you are a fine example of a misguided fool. You dont even realise it is YOUR black brothers and sisters stealing any chance you have of a future, with or without "White" people. Besides which race is an easy card for you to play, you think it abstains you from making sense, being logical, making a point or contributing in any way. You just look stupid really. It tiring to try and explain sense to those caught up in nonsense. Pity you can't or won't see a South African trying to be one with other South Africans against a rule of law that will cripple all of us.

      Max - 2011-11-23 20:33

      My friend it is not a question of a head start in order to be superior or one being superior to the other, it is a question of one person possessing specific attributes that make them more suitable to adapt to the modern world.

      Michael - 2011-11-23 20:41

      Ag for goodness sake Siyanda, trade in your loincloth for something a bit more 21st century man! The groundswell of black advancement has been hamstrung by (in the vast majority) a racially ingrained acceptance of mediocrity - why sweat when the begging bowl will bring enough of a return to eat again today. So, please, just because you refused to read the sign showing you where to sign up, don't blame the other athletes for your turning the race into a doddle.

      Max - 2011-11-23 20:52

      And that brings us to the unfortunate truth of the matter why 94% of the population will always have to be protected against 6% of the population with legislation and why quotas will never be fazed out.

  • Shoe - 2011-11-23 20:02

    Help me out here, who's Keith Khoza? Is he the guy who stands in for Jakson Mtembu when he can't drink-and-drive to work? Oi Oi ANC!!!!