ANC recalls Motshekga as chief whip

2013-06-20 13:06

Cape Town - The ANC recalled Mathole Motshekga as its chief whip on Thursday.

Stone Sizani will replace Motshekga.

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Thursday that Motshekga will remain an MP.

Mantashe said Motshekga was replaced because he is not a member of the party's NEC following the national conference in Mangaung in December last year.

More details to follow.

  • Tersia Louw - 2013-06-20 13:12

    Good. Now recall his wife and replace her with someone competent.

      Bayanda Maphevu Dlamini - 2013-06-20 13:16

      Recall the President!!

      Thabang Bonang - 2013-06-20 13:18

      She will not be replaced because she supported Zuma in Mangaung. The target is actually all those perceived to be anti Zuma. Its called purging.

      Alpheus Nethononda - 2013-06-20 13:32

      Good riddance, now for for Zum-Zum!

      Nico Germishuizen - 2013-06-20 13:51

      just dont call her fat and lazy..... like some people in the anc would and should!

      Charles Alfonso - 2013-06-20 13:54

      So what you saying Thabang is that this household have different views on who should be president. Angie in favour and Mathole anti. Oh how the ANC is split. Right down the middle even those who share a bed!

      Ygivadamn - 2013-06-20 14:08

      Is he gonna join JuJu's EFF since he's also from Limpopo?

      Sean Bagley - 2013-06-20 14:20

      So when is the ANC gonna replace chief parasite Zuma then? What was Motshekga doing?Pi$$ing on "showerhead" head or what?Rumour has it that Motshekga didn't vote in favour of the Secrecy Bill,so that might be part of the "REAL" reason he got replaced.Or was it because of him supporting the NO CONFIDENCE motion in Zuma I wonder.

      Lucky Luke - 2013-06-20 14:34

      what i love about anthony michael is his constant drivel about NP/HNP/DA but all the while, as always with anc loyalists, he never mentions the number NP members that joined his party and still hold very senior portfolios in the anc...but then blind loyalty is exactly that, just ask his mate bob.

  • BraSteve Myaluze - 2013-06-20 13:13

    It seems Motshekga didn't crack it

  • Phorane Kings Thokoane - 2013-06-20 13:13

    Another one bites the dust. I am curious to know why?

      Siyabonga Biyela - 2013-06-20 13:46

      Thabang...Sizani is Zulu?

      Papapipo Mzapi - 2013-06-20 14:19

      the reason is clear,he was not voted in the nec during the mangaung conference

  • Miles Willemse - 2013-06-20 13:14

    is Angie next

      Lynne Barker - 2013-06-20 13:50

      She should be!

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-20 14:13

      Miles, we can but hope.

      Zanele Msomi - 2013-06-20 14:48


  • Bheki Mpofu - 2013-06-20 13:14

    How about you recall his wife as the minister of education.

  • Mzwandile Jola Dlamanzi - 2013-06-20 13:17

    Very interesting one!

  • S Siphiwo Khuzwayo - 2013-06-20 13:20

    That is a bit surprising given the leadership and respect Mathole had in the Chamber. One will follow the re-call, for now, sounds like a real surprise to many.

      Tersia Louw - 2013-06-20 14:14

      Apparently he gave the opposition too much leeway, according to eNCA.

  • Sipho Mnguni - 2013-06-20 13:21

    He once voted the other way during the Information Bill even though a machine was later blamed. Am I seeing a purge or not? Mangaung was last year where he did not make the cut, so why now?

  • Athalia Maabane - 2013-06-20 13:24

    Infact, they should have first recalled the wife Angien, then him.

  • Richard Scully - 2013-06-20 13:24

    Now recall wobblearse

  • Dumisani Madlanga - 2013-06-20 13:26

    Qqr r

  • Abongile S. Ngozi - 2013-06-20 13:30

    Thatha Stone Sizani Thatha

  • Vadyamina Jazz Maruvha - 2013-06-20 13:31

    he was just not corrupt enough

  • Philemonmaepa Phatlane - 2013-06-20 13:32

    Gwede mantashe is a snake in the Anc and i,m not surprised by his recalling bcs motshekga is not a zulu or xhosa

      Gxowa Vusumzi Coward - 2013-06-20 19:12

      I think the ANC dd explain the reason behind their decision to recall Motshekga.It hs nothing to do with hs tribe.ANC chief whip must b a member of NEC dats all.

      Luthando Yaso - 2013-06-21 01:59

      Accept that you are the minority,you can have the same number as Zulus and Xhosas.You are even fewer than afrikaners

  • Jackey Moss - 2013-06-20 13:33

    ZumANC in the making...That what you get for receiving a faulty machine for voting against the Secrecy Bill.

  • Cobus Van Staden - 2013-06-20 13:34

    This is Zuma getting rid off all the people that are not yes men

  • Solly Matome Morapedi - 2013-06-20 13:35

    I think he was suporting kgalema motlanthe during during mangaung conference, that is y anc recalled him

  • Vincent Ngwatle - 2013-06-20 13:37

    was t infact necessary to recall him now whle we headng to National elections next year? Motlanthe is not part f nec either ##nexttogo##

  • nkululeko.zulu.5 - 2013-06-20 13:43

    Did he say something wrong about Zuptas?

  • Chreamz George - 2013-06-20 13:44

    Zulu African National Congress.

      Andrew Arde - 2013-06-20 13:51


  • Pheladi Maditi - 2013-06-20 13:47

    Come on Guys, his replacement is not even a Zulu

      Fenety Mnisi - 2013-06-20 13:53

      not a zulu but more corruptable.

  • lsgpower - 2013-06-20 13:56

    So whos next kgalema motlanthe?

  • Solwazi Mvi - 2013-06-20 13:58

    and next year, Vote for My ANC.............for a better life for all

      Klipkop de Groote - 2013-06-20 14:14

      ... better life for Nkandla.

      Skhumba - 2013-06-20 14:32

      it's your vote that counts......

  • Ian Despy - 2013-06-20 13:58

    Chief Bull$h1tter Recall Zoom Zoom

  • Mlondolozi Vincent Matshini - 2013-06-20 13:59

    I bet they only found out a couple days ago.

  • Lesiba Christopher - 2013-06-20 14:00

    Askies ntate mathole,ke ditlamorago tja go tshepha motho go feta Modimo.

      Christopher Mapitsi WaleKhosi Phago - 2013-06-22 08:39

      Ja ke ZumANC mo a fitilego"Modimo ke yo Matla.

  • Freedom Mhlaba - 2013-06-20 14:03

    When I think what these Polokwane victors did to Thabo Mbeki, I can't help but laugh when they keep on biting the dust one by one. However, I feel that they've recalled a wrong Motshega.... Where's Angie?

  • Mzwabantu Yawa - 2013-06-20 14:07

    Apparently his vote was not confirmed on the Info. Non-disclosure Bill, now his loyalty is questioned.

  • Mervyn Goxani Shilowa - 2013-06-20 14:07

    That secrecy bill vote cost him his job!

  • Sifiso Sosibo - 2013-06-20 14:12

    WHO'S NEXT??? The impeachment fox-hunting season's ON cause 2014 Election's around the corner!

  • Stephen AndKathy Whiteley - 2013-06-20 14:12

    Well good, but his successor will be worse. Stephen

  • Mdaka Wa Mdaka - 2013-06-20 14:14

    Purging in full swing !!!!

  • Kenny Kwenamore - 2013-06-20 14:16

    I want the voters to recall the entire ANC gorvenment and they must be locked up for putting 20 years of our lives to waste

  • paul.kershaw.18 - 2013-06-20 14:16

    the ANC probably discovered he actually cant read - his wife misplaced millions of textbooks so he never learnt.....

  • Motlatsi Mothibi - 2013-06-20 14:16

    Is it bcz he is not zulu nor xhosa? Hmmmm

  • Charles Alfonso - 2013-06-20 14:17

    Stone Sizane also does not know what his wife does it would appear. Arrested for defrauding the eduaction department by creating ghost teachers and pocketing the salaries. No doubt he will claim not to have shared in the fruits of his wifes labour and was not aware of her dishonesty. The more crooks Mr. Zuma surrounds himself with the safe he will become as leader of the ANC. Let us hope that the voters at the poles tell him that he is no longer needed in government. He has had his far share of the redistribution of wealth. It's time for the marginalised and poor to benefit from good governance.

      DumAss Blackie - 2013-06-20 14:24

      Sadly the vota-s are too uneducated and too dumb to either know or realize that....

  • Duncan Phopi - 2013-06-20 14:20

    let the war begin!!

  • Mlu Gwacela - 2013-06-20 14:20

    He allowed parliament to discuss the Guptas after they landed they Jet in Waterkloof. Shame!

  • Israel Levi - 2013-06-20 14:25

    Recall the entire cabinet

  • Mohlomphehi Sompane - 2013-06-20 14:25

    "Mantashe said Motshekga was replaced because he is not a member of the party's NEC following the national conference in Mangaung in December last year." operation clean out those against Zuma is in full swing.

      Mlu Gwacela - 2013-06-20 14:29


  • Al Loots - 2013-06-20 14:31


  • Palisto82 - 2013-06-20 14:32

    Recall the other Motshekga as well, then recall Dina pule and then recall the President.

  • Lwazi Sibiya - 2013-06-20 14:33

    Dogs eating dogs.

  • Makgobe Khala Morwamotshe - 2013-06-20 14:34

    Myb d fear of Kicking Angie motshega out of Dpt of Education wl nolonger b there

  • Christopher Mapitsi WaleKhosi Phago - 2013-06-20 14:34

    Now u can recall his wife Angie Books Motshekga"

  • Edwin Morena - 2013-06-20 14:43

    He didn't belong 2 de elite leaque... Mayb wasn't corrupt enough, that's y de.................... Re-call...

  • Tgif Wtfaw - 2013-06-20 15:11

    Recall the whole Friggin lot The ANC as a whole is a bad idea that will never be able to rule a Country , 19 years of trying has proved this beyond resonable doubt !!!!!

  • James Pule Thobela - 2013-06-20 15:32


      Jabulani Samuel - 2013-06-20 16:10


  • Hasani P - 2013-06-20 17:09

    ANC disbands, recalls and expel its Members, they will end up recalling the voters, eish!

  • Hasani P - 2013-06-20 17:10

    Is tough being up there