ANC rejects Zuma complaint

2012-02-25 20:20

Johannesburg - The ANC has rejected the attempt by rightwing group, Gelofte Volk, to lay a complaint of hate speech against President Jacob Zuma.

"It has become fashionable that unknown and unrepresentative rightwing fringe organisations... try and draw attention to themselves by using our president and our struggle history," African National Congress spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said in a statement on Saturday.

"Their claim that seeks of vilify our historic heritage and to project it as a source of hate will not go unchallenged because our history cannot be explained differently or in a manner that will satisfy those who wish it away."

Gelofte Volk leader Andre Visagie laid the complaint at the Human Rights Commission in Johannesburg on Friday.

The first charge was for Zuma's singing "the forbidden song", dubul' ibhunu (shoot the boer) at the ANC's centenary celebrations in Bloemfontein on January 11.

The second was against the ministry of police for allegedly failing to intervene at the trial of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) leader Eugene Terre'blanche's killers, when black people held up signs saying "boere word gebleksem" (sic).


The third charge related to the ANC government's "failure" to employ a special force to protect farmers after the dissolution of military commandos.

Mthembu denied that Zuma sang the dubul' ibhunu song during the ANC's centenary celebrations.

"We want to restate the facts that in Mangaung during the centennial celebrations, President Zuma did not sing the song that is banned by the Gauteng High Court... [the song] that we are currently challenging."

He warned against the "polarisation" of the South African society that the charges could bring.

"We find their assertion that President Zuma is not their president and that he is anti-whites absurd and unfortunate," he said.

"The ANC has and will continue to champion non-racialism in this country and will not be deterred by anybody or organisation that [wans]t to take this country back to colonial and apartheid rule."

Visagie said he hoped the case would draw international media attention because "we are killed in this country just because we have white skins".

The Gelofte Volk (People of the Covenant) was founded by Visagie, the AWB's former general secretary.

  • Sharon - 2012-02-25 20:25

    Is this the "Don't touch me on my studio" Andre Visagie?

      Mc - 2012-02-25 20:43

      That's the IDiot

      Juann Strauss - 2012-02-25 22:13

      You should go watch that clip again.

      alansmartSnr - 2012-02-25 22:49

      It's of no consequence if the ANC rejects the charge. Lets waite and see what the law and courts say of this.(Not that I support these watchomacallits)

      mariuskowie - 2012-02-26 08:32

      Does it really matter who laid the complaint? Zuma sang the song, in defiance of the South African court's judgement. Zuma cannot plead ignorance of the effect of the song on the Boere. The common ANC defence for the song is that it is their heritage. How long do they want to keep the heritage if killing the Boer? Just search the internet for the stastistics regarding the farm murders. In more than 90% of the killings, extreme mutilation and torture was reported. It is not just normal crime. Since when is torture and mutilation "JUST NORMAL CRIME"? Sharon, your comments remind me so much of the comments that we see where the rape victim gets blamed for the rape attack. Have a look at the video.: Also look for the photos of the victims of hate crime in South Africa. Very few people have the stomach to look at all the photos.

      Merven - 2012-02-27 08:39

      Ooh, Renier, this link the ANC supportas don't want to see. They don't like it when someone show them for what they are: laying bastards.

      Qheks - 2012-02-27 13:55

      @Renier That is not the banned song, it's the other one. There are many of these songs.

  • Pawel - 2012-02-25 20:26

    I will touch you on your studio!!!!

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:01

      Eish! You obviously don't understand who said the words about the studio or you wouldn't have used it in this context.

  • Juann Strauss - 2012-02-25 20:35

    Why is it so important to note the political leaning of organisations on the right of the spectrum? One never hears of "The left-wing group, COSATU, has done such and such" or "the left-wing ANC government has puked on minority rights again"? What is Media24's obsession with the right-wing?

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:01

      LOL Vegie! Now you've really lost the plot or didn't you know that minorities are also citizens?

      Brian - 2012-02-25 21:17

      Vegi, your stupidity astounds me

      malcolm.molver - 2012-02-25 22:09

      Vegi where do you live? If you're in KZN I can escort you to Fort Napier psychiatric hospital myself. You deluded fool

      Juann Strauss - 2012-02-25 22:19

      Vagi doesn't know our constitution.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-02-25 22:25

      Juann, Vegi doesn't know anything. I bet even Malema beat him in woodwork!

      Sinudeity - 2012-02-26 02:17

      Vegi = Isilima

      Anton - 2012-02-26 16:33

      @ Vegi...I suggest you start brushing up on your spelling before you put a hand to a keyboard.

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 20:42

    Well said Juan Strauss Deny, deny, denial. Mthembu should wake up to the fact that the ONLY political group in the country polarising our country is indeed the ANC.

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:17

      Putin ~ What is 'retart'? Maybe it's what you are.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-02-25 22:12

      A retart? You mean a retard, which is what you are

      alansmartSnr - 2012-02-25 22:59

      @ Irene.. Ag shame man. Pat the little retard ..or retart on his little head and put him back in the sewar where you found him.

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 20:59

    @Samora You sound like you are from Mozambique, and you are telling South Africans to leave?? Go tell it to the United Nations and see the response you will get.

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:04

      Isn't it hilarious the way they tell people who are born in this country to leave. If anything it is them who should leave as they contribute absolutely zilch to the economy of this country and instead bleed it dry.

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:27

      Sean ~ Quite right. As they were walking around the plane crash they were saying 'here's some mora michele'.

      alansmartSnr - 2012-02-25 23:08

      Me thinks we should put up another false beacon. Maybe we could get rid of this piece of "you know what" as well. As for Vegi - ag shame! she was droped as a baby and landed on her head.. been brain dead and a vegi ever since

      Kevin - 2012-02-26 07:10

      SAMORA If we leave we will take all our clever inventions which is everything you see and touch . We will start with the soccer ball because you chaps cannot play. You would be left walking around your thatch rondawel looking for a corner to p..s in.Do not under estimate the effect of overseas countries not giving billions in aid for anti retro virals and many other handouts as you cannot stand on your own two feet.

      NlggaWitattitude - 2012-02-26 12:36

      Irene and Samora, proper definition of a waste of sperm *smh*

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 21:12

    @ samora Then PLEASE do us all a favour and go back to either Moz or Zim. There is no room for the likes of you in OUR Country.

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:28

      Samora ~ Tell your buddies to leave Europe because they're bringing it down as well. Tell them to stop flocking to Europe in their little boats trying to flee the cesspit that is Africa.

      malcolm.molver - 2012-02-25 22:23

      Samora you inbred retard, us whites were born here. We are thus Africans. If you don't like it then Zimbabwe is just to the north, Better yet, go to hell...

  • Sean - 2012-02-25 21:15

    Since 1994 - 4000 farmers killed violently on their farms. Since the beginning of 2012, TWENTY NINE farmers killed. The same farmers who feed the nation! And you blinkered twats still think there is no concerted effort being made to eradicate whites???

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:39

      Samora ~ How they made a living? Crikey but you have crawled out of a rock. Are you thinking there was some sort of economy going?

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 21:18

    Hey Samora - what makes you think I am an Afrikaaner? I could be Coloured, Indian or just of mixed blood. What do you say now? If you are born in South Africa regardless of race you are a South African. Do you or dont you want to understand?

      Irene - 2012-02-25 21:29

      Amanda ~ He doesn't have the brainpower or the logic.

      Masocha Nthane - 2012-02-26 11:39

      Amanda stop wasting your breath with the IDIOT. Lets rather focus on identifying the problems then make efforts to solve them through debate and lets please leave emotions out of it believe you me we will be moving 4ward.

      Adam - 2012-02-26 11:59

      @samora Hey boy, you are a d@@s, and look stupid.

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 21:37

    Yes Irene. Samora is a total TROLL.

      Hugo - 2012-02-25 22:55

      @Bandile, do you know that bantu means people?

      mariuskowie - 2012-02-26 08:49

      amanda, comments from Samora Machel Thamsanqa is getting read internationally. He is doing the Afrikaner the world of good by exposing the ultra extreme racist Black Supremacist that exists in South Africa.

  • Harry - 2012-02-25 21:37

    So here are the stats as I have them. 1) AgriSA - 1541 farm murders from 1993 to 2008 2) University of Pretoria (ISS) - 1073 farm murders from 1994 to 2009. Government numbers of murders during this time - 349 000 which is considered an under estimate. Now if we try to put proportion to the numbers this is what I found - Please help if you have better numbers: There are around 40 000 farmers. Lets assume that each farmer has a wife and two kids which takes the number up to 160 000 white people living on farms across the nation. Anyway, based on these numbers, the average resident in SA faces a 0.7% chance of being murdered. A white farmer faces a 0.8% chance of being murdered. so there is a higher tenth of a percentage that white farmers are at greater risk.

      Lenisto - 2012-02-25 22:04

      Is it farmers only who got killed during the period 1994 to 2012 or has there been many killings for every race? You folks make it sounds like the Government has been involved in anyway in the killing of farmers... How many black "generic term"(african, coloured and indians) are being killed on daily basis in this Country? Evidently, News24 report each and everyday about killings of people.

      Heibrin - 2012-02-26 00:55

      @Lenisto: Nobody is saying that only farmers are getting killed. Why is the concept of percentages so difficult to understand?? The percentage of farmers killed, in relation to the total number of farmers, is higher than the percentage of others killed, against their total number. Is that so bleeding difficult to understand??

      rasepalo.kgaile - 2012-02-26 14:32

      Your National Party government had a budget to kill black people, only hundred of you whites died.The very same white farmers you are talking about treat black people(their workers) like sh#t.Most of those DEAD white farmers deserve it.FULL STOP and if you don't like go jump

      Harry - 2012-02-26 22:43

      WOW... So many thumbs down for stating facts. Why? What did people not like?

      Heibrin - 2012-02-27 01:36

      @rasepalo: and the ANC murdered an tortured thousands of black people in their death camps. Did they also deserve it??

      Merven - 2012-02-27 09:34

      @rasepalo, only 7000 blacks were killed in 40 years by the apartheids government (TRC report), clearly not a very big budget, not like the farm killing budget of the ANC.

  • Sean - 2012-02-25 22:03

    Granted, the individual concerned may be fanatical or off base. But the threat is very real - the whites are getting tired of the governments condoning of the farm murders and lack of action to safeguard us- soon the justice will be taken out of the governments hands they will only have themselves to blame

      Samora Machel Thamsanqa - 2012-02-25 22:19

      You won't do anything kid. The resources have been spread to safeguard everyone not tiny spoilt minority. You missing the good old days of honey :)

      sduplessis - 2012-02-26 02:53

      F off Samoera myself. you are a racist PIG.. troll

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 22:04

    LOL Riaan - There is no way Salmonella could even begin to grasp what you are saying!!! EDUCATION EDUCATION is what we need so desperately in S.A. And not the marxist rubbish spewed out by the ruling party.

  • Ernest O'Neill - 2012-02-25 22:11

    If you're u happy.. Go to Australia

  • amanda - 2012-02-25 22:14

    @Lenitso It is the Governments inability or lack of motivation to prevent the ongoing genocide of the farmers in S.A. That is a matter of real concern.

      Samora Machel Thamsanqa - 2012-02-25 22:23

      Oh amanda, you are trying so hard to be an intellectual, you fail to see how pathetic and ignorant you look! Our government won't focus its resources to protect u lot! You not special!

      sduplessis - 2012-02-26 02:54

      so then starve salmonella.. racist idiot

      rasepalo.kgaile - 2012-02-26 14:57

      only some few hundreds whites dead Amanda and you have the odesity to call it genocide.How many dead blacks killed by farmers/white qualifies for genocide status

  • jofouche - 2012-02-25 22:29

    Dit is vir elkeen seker baie lekker om jou se te kan se en jou kommentaar te kan lewer oor die politiek en die polimiek wat aangaan in ons land maar dit maak my so verskriklik bekommerd wanneer ek die opinies van mense lees en sien in watter rigting mense dink. In 1995 het koningin elizabeth II n toespraak in die suid afrikaanse parlement kom lewer en gese dat sy met haar eie twee oe kom kyk het na die wonderwerk wat plaasgevind het tov n land wat sonder dat n druppel bloed of groot skaalse geweld die leisels aan n nuwe regime oorgegee. En FW de klerk het so gespog dat dit wat hy en nelson mandela bereik het in die vroee jare van die 1990's ons van n sekere en gewiste bloedbad in suid afrika gespaar het. En daarmee het ek geen probleem en dis goddelike genade dat dinge nie so ernstig hand uit geruk het soos in die res van afrika. Maar as ek kyk na hoe die politiek hom huidig uitspeel en hoe hewig die bevolking gepolariseer word kan ek net se Ag Here Help ons almal.... want kampe word getrek en dis on en hulle en julle en ons. Die land se leuse het vir jare gese een drag maak mag. verder is daar n ander spreekwoord wat se tweedrag breek krag... Ek blameer nie wit pf swart of bruin of geel maar iewers sal ons moet to n vergelyk kom want as dinge aangaan soos wat dit nou aangaan sien ek swaar tye vir suid afrika. Wat sal dit kos om ons tot die besef te laat kom dat ons het nie te doen met mense maar met n boosheid wat hierdie land uitmekaar wil ruk. Mag die Here tog ingryp.

  • Charmaine - 2012-02-25 22:33

    I am Born in South Africa, and I know about the struggle to survive under the Banner of Aparthied. Jacob Zuma is the President of My Country and I respect him accordingly. We should stop disputing and help each other to maintain Integrity or at least try and show some respect to all human beings. Things will change for the better if all these dispute can stop. Can we at least try and give Peace A Chance?

      Hugo - 2012-02-25 22:58

      rest assured a good number of people in SA feel the same,the lot on these thread makes quite a small minority

      Siboniso Mathe - 2012-02-26 07:09

      the elders of this country hav won against apparteid now awa youth's challenge is drugs that they are taking WHAT DO U THINK PEPPLE??????

  • Francois Petzer - 2012-02-25 22:44

    and people critisise those whites seeking assylum in the usa and elsewhere. . . Anyway lets all just sing along and not worry about the consequenses,

      Francois Petzer - 2012-02-25 23:12

      what a long story anyway im n0t standing up 4 anybody i simply dont give a crap,

      alansmartSnr - 2012-02-25 23:29

      @ Samora Machel Thamsanqa.. Jeepers!! What have u been smoking or taking to talk such a lot of crap. Gimee some too..pleazzze. I also wanna go on a trip and mumble jumble like you.

  • Lwando Zondwa-Ziintshaba Poni - 2012-02-25 23:12

    Its so ridiculous to have to hear about these people because the rest of us just couldnt be bothered what colour the next person is. Sadly as much as we are in thr majority, we dont seem to be motivated enough to do anything about it. A revolution with take both black and white strength and I believe its coming...

      alansmartSnr - 2012-02-25 23:34

      I'm a terribly bad racist. I just abhor and hate purple and blue people. Haven't seen a purple person for a long time but I saw a blue guy the other day.. in the morgue.. got so cross I just wanted to kill him. Unfortunately he was already dead.

      Lwando Zondwa-Ziintshaba Poni - 2012-02-26 10:58

      Hahaha, you're funny. But seriously though, most people couldnt be bothered about race but I dont know whether we are so content with our lives that we dont care enough to revolt against these political douches in power. Black or white, everyone knows they are incompetent.

      Merven - 2012-02-27 09:36

      @alanasmartSnr, you racist!!! What is wrong with the Smurfs!!!!!

  • Francois Petzer - 2012-02-25 23:21

    i dnt want a mine nor a farm,im simply living,fortunatly im not stupid enough to have my blood shed for no reason,as all whites with some brains ill also imigrate when time is right i didnt ask to be born here,i dnt want your country,,,,,

      suhail.varachia - 2012-02-26 00:42

      Mnr dis nie immigrate maar emigrate. You will be an immigrant of a place that you emigrate too. You have spoken

      suhail.varachia - 2012-02-26 00:45

      You have uttered your feelings. Well done. I commend you.I'm not being sarcastic.

  • Francois Petzer - 2012-02-25 23:50

    1 more point, personally i dont hate people i dont know? I dont make up stupid songs in wich i proclaim hate,nor do i even complain about those who do,yeah peace is a wonderfull dream,a pitty its just that,a dream,an illusion,as haters outweigh lovers regardless of skincolour,regardless of the minority like me who simply cant be bothered

      Ntokozo V Zwane - 2012-02-26 10:02

      it is such a pity that we cant move forward into a real rainbow nation. I personaly think the first 8 years post 94 democracy were the honeymoon period but now peoples true colours are coming out. We hav elder afrikaners teachin' the the youth to hate blacks (1500 kids out there are ready to kill a black), we hav elder blacks teachin the young blacks not to forgive. I wont lie its hard (ive had to fight of a few barbaric afrikaners in my time) but if we can sort it out we can all b progressively wealthier than we are right now.

  • Kagiso Tlhakung - 2012-02-25 23:52

    white boere ppl still think they r special or superior, well let me tell u, you are not special in anyway. Our government wont waste their resources on boere who undermine black ppl and want us to work on their farms and in their houses. Our ppl r getting educated nw even more than most whites who get jobs because of colour. We wil apologise to no white man. U have been killing our ppl lyk animals for years and you hold our land and minerals and you are still being racist even though Mandela forgave u, u r ungreatful bustards. We wil not listen to ur bull

      sduplessis - 2012-02-26 03:00


      Balan - 2012-02-26 14:21

      @ kagiso, you are a racist bastard

      heather.moller1 - 2012-02-27 11:08

      Kagiso exactly where are your people getting educated? You burn down the schools, now how exactly did you get your education. FYI, my tax money helped pay for that burnt down school. As for you, please go back to your "school" and demand your money back - you are not educated (which is very obvious) and start all over again. The fact that you think you have bragging rights because you obtain employment based on your colour and not your capability is a perfect reflection of your IQ, or lack thereof. Why are black people fighting to remain working on farms if they are treated like animals? Get your facts straight boy and then come and talk with the intelligent grown-ups. My housekeeper (a black woman who is part of my family) has a house, good salary, her 2 sons are at school busy getting a real education, she has a cell phone (the latest on the market mind you)and she is my friend. Guess who pays for ALL of it - Oh damn I forgot you will not be able to figure it out, no IQ, must still claim it back from school.

  • Kagiso Tlhakung - 2012-02-26 00:05

    and another thing is white ppl r living in their comfortable suburbs built for them by the apartheid government whr there is everything and services are good, while our black ppl live in shack's and dirty neighbourhoods. And then they just want us to move on and forget abt hw they took everything frm us and are still oppresing us in their hidden corners. White ppl hate us so much they even started Orania which i think the government must burn. Our government must focus on educating our black kids and feeding them till they can stand on their own feet. White non-racists can also be helped

      Cracker - 2012-02-26 00:45

      @ Kagiso... You should see the many blacks living in EXTREME comfort in suburbs and driving cars MOST whites will never own. Not even to mention the many black politicians and trade unionists who really live it up. The apartheid government did not build the suburbs you have in mind.

      Donaker - 2012-02-26 08:09

      Exactly what did the white people steal? Africans were sitting on mineral wealth for thousands of years and not doing anything with it. The wealth was built up. That's what white people do. And while blacks were not moving forward, Indians living under the same apartheid were building up wealth. Through trade and education, and the right attitude.

      Christopher - 2012-02-26 10:02 live in dirty suburbs because you could not be bothered about cleaning up your front garden...the majority of "white" suburbs is clean because we personally do not like living in filth. I drive past your suburbs and there is just litter everywhere, You literally throw your litter on your front lawn. I have seen black people(have not seen a white person yet) toss their kfc packet out the car door while driving, not once but many a time...So it starts from you...dont blame apartheid for your filth..

      Lynn - 2012-02-26 10:46

      I live in a medium class neighbourhood. Across the highway is an informal settlement. This settlement has a six foot wall around. We do not go in there and attack and rob anyone. Our community has been asking for permission to build a wall around it and it has been rejected. The people from the settlement have a human right to walk through our neighbourhood. An hour ago a nine year old white child was attacked by a middle aged informal settlement dweller. This child was robbed as he played. Until this kind of behaviour stops how do we deal with racism. Our children are in mixed schools and make friends with all races. But when they are at home and playing outside with friends they must be afraid of black men who attack children. How are we supposed to have a non-racial society where we teach our children to be friends with other races at school but terrified at home. We are burgled, mugged and raped in our homes and streets but we do not go into the iformal settlement and do these things to the people there.

      Louise Higham - 2012-02-26 12:30

      Just take a look at the jews in the last war, everything was taken from them and today they are one of the strongest country in the world. How long are we going to hear people like u moaning about how badly done by u are. Get a life.

  • SJ - 2012-02-26 09:39

    Rightwing, leftwing, commies, whatever, everyone has the right to lay a complaint against anyone. The evidence should determine the outcome and not political games or technicalities.

  • Johan - 2012-02-26 09:50

    Gelofte Volk? Ag tog, shame!

  • Shadho - 2012-02-26 10:07

    HAHA!! For all the whining and yada yada and BS about CURRENT songs being sung.... All you have to do is sing the songs... ZULU WARRIOR...GIMME HOPE JOANNA... Sung by so so many WHITES and other cultures from many years ago and still today and you will all realize what was sung about back then, became REALITY..SO GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR B/SIDES AND DEAL WITH IT.... I zicka zimba, zimba, zimba I zicka zimba, zimba, hey I zicka zimba, zimba, zimba I zicka zimba, zimba, hey Hold him down, you Zulu warrior! Hold him down, you Zulu chief, Chief chief chief... ============================== Even the preacher who works for Jesus The archbishop who's a peaceful man Together say that the freedom fighters Will overcome the very strong. I wanna know if you're blind Joanna If you want to hear the sound of drums Can't you see that the tide is turning Don't make we wait till the mourning comes Go find and read all the words of these songs...haha!! People sang about what was coming oblivious to the FACT THAT IT HAPPENED! ....NOW SOME STUPID IGNORANT,ARROGANT, UNEDUCATED, MINORITIES AND MAJORITIES CRIES FOUL ABOUT THE WORDS OF OTHER SONGS?? ,,,LOL ...WAIT THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA!!

  • Ntokozo V Zwane - 2012-02-26 10:26

    it is such a pity that we cant move forward into a real rainbow nation. I personaly think the first 8 years post 94 democracy were the honeymoon period but now peoples true colours are coming out. We hav elder afrikaners teachin' the the youth to hate blacks (1500 kids out there are ready to kill a black), we hav elder blacks teachin the young blacks not to forgive. I wont lie its hard (ive had to fight of a few barbaric afrikaners in my time) but if we can sort it out we can all be progressively wealthier than we are right now.

  • Meshack Letswalo - 2012-02-26 10:53

    Idiot 1 : "Don't touch me on my studio". Idiot 2 : " I'll touch you on your studio". Idiot 1: Mr Visagie I'm warning you Idiot 2 : this is s**t. Take your microphone.

  • Siyethemba - 2012-02-26 10:56

    HHhmm....I have a feeling this guy is desperately trying to restore apartheid and colonialism in this country. Why dont we detain him maqabane????

  • Siyethemba - 2012-02-26 10:59

    Mmmm....I have a feeling this guy is desperately on a mission to restore the inequitous system they once used to humiliate africans in their land......

  • Siyethemba - 2012-02-26 11:00

    Mmmm....I have a feeling this guy is desperately on a mission to restore the inequitous system they once used to humiliate africans in their land......

  • Siyethemba - 2012-02-26 11:02

    Mmmm....I have a feeling this guy is desperately on a mission to restore the inequitous system they once used to humiliate africans in their land......

      Dave - 2012-03-23 03:53

      No Siyethemba, as stupid as he is, his main objective is to protest against people being killed because of their color.

  • Itse - 2012-02-26 11:45

    Zuma must go!!!

  • Trudy - 2012-02-26 11:59

    Confused. Why diss Visagie when it was the presenter of the show and NOT Andre Visagie that said "Don't touch me on my studio!" For a presenter to have such appalling grammatical skills...eish!

  • placebo.effect - 2012-02-26 12:20

    is he singing the song here? Appears so, therefore, according the constitution this is solid evidence. If he breaks the law he must pay. Would black people be happy if white's started singing the direct opposite? would be an interesting social experiment, espically so if were to say we were no being racist in singing it because it's just a song. The cowards are scared Shoot, shoot, shoot them with a gun Shoot the black man Shoot, shoot, shoot them with a gun Mother, allow me to shoot the black man Shoot, shoot, shoot them with a gun These dogs are raping Shoot, shoot, shoot them with a gun Does it look nice? does it look like something that's exempt from Hate Speech?

      Hugo - 2012-02-26 20:14

      thumbs down effect

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