ANC reshuffles parliamentary leadership

2010-11-18 20:11

Cape Town - The ANC announced a reshuffle of its leadership in Parliament on Thursday.

Deputy secretary general Thandi Modise said the "realignment" was consistent with its "ongoing endeavour" to the strengthen the party's "movement" in Parliament.

"We stressed that this activist Parliament will require men and women of outstanding pedigree who will selflessly submit themselves to the service of the nation," Modise said.

The new heads of portfolio committees are:

- defence and military veterans; Malusi Motimele.

- higher education; Ishmael Malale.

- home affairs; Maggy Maunye.

- basic education; Hope Malgas.

- labour; Mamagase Nchabeleng.

- public enterprise; Peter Maluleke.

- public works; Catherine Mabuza.

- water and environment; Johnny De Lange.

- international relations and co-operation; Hargreaves Magama.

- communications; Eric Kholwane.

- arts and culture; Thandile Sunduza.

- justice; Luwellyn Landers.

- energy; Sisa Njikelana.

- joint standing committee on defence; Jerome Maake.

- women, children and people with disabilities; Dorothy Ramodibe.

- chair of caucus; Jerry Thibedi.

- house chairs, Cedric Frolick and Fatima Hajaig.

  • arkay1138 - 2010-11-18 21:29

    I love this quotation "Parliament will require men and women of outstanding pedigree who will selflessly submit themselves to the service of the nation," Modise said." The only thing the party faithful selflessly dedicate themselves to is to see with how little work they can get away with, and how much they can get to enrich themselves. What a farce.

      Wernerkwane - 2010-11-19 06:39

      Well said

  • pietskoon - 2010-11-18 21:39

    What pedigree - terrorsits? What a joke - true pedigree is founded in people who build and advance things, not renaming and usurping existing things... Idiot

  • Dave - 2010-11-19 08:54

    Sounds more like shuffling the decks on the Titanic

  • Worldwise - 2010-11-19 10:27

    Ha ha, Johnny de Lange will make a difference to water and environment? After helping wreck the justice department? Cadre deployment time again guys. You need an engineer or conservationist in the water and environment department, not a has been lawyer.

  • geyser.cape - 2010-11-19 10:57

    Why can's the government employ technocrats and people with experience and expertise to run the various departments instead of taking on people who are members of a certain political party or merely on the basis of affiliation. There are thousands of qualified white, colored, Indian and black people who would be of great service to this country, but are being sidelined. Especially Whites, Colored and Indians. Let's get over the revolutionary struggle mentality and racist mudslinging and start working for common good of the country together.

  • neddy - 2010-11-19 12:59

    I wish the whites could run this country again. The ANC blacks are messing it up completely and we're on our way to becomming ZIM2. It's such a pity because there are many good black people who would do an excellent job running the country but unfortunately in their culture it's seems to be the people who shout the loudest, the "chief" type people who control the uneducated masses. I am so sad almost feel like my whole life is ruined.

  • Other Justin - 2010-11-19 13:05


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