ANC to break silence on Malema?

2012-06-11 23:08

Johannesburg - The ANC will hold a press briefing on Tuesday at 11:00 on the outcome of its special NEC meeting, but remains tight-lipped on whether the meeting was also about former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema

The party's national executive committee met on Monday in Pretoria to discuss preparations for the party's national policy conference, to be held later this month, but according to the Sunday Times and the Sunday Independent the meeting was also about Malema.

Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, African National Congress treasurer general Mathews Phosa, and deputy secretary general Thandi Modise were against Malema's expulsion, the Sunday Times reported.

Youth league spokesperson Magdalene Moonsamy was quoted as saying: "We are expecting the matter to be discussed and resolved in the executive meeting on Monday."

According to the Sunday Independent Malema did not enjoy popular support among NEC members, while President Jacob Zuma did.

ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu refused to comment on the reports, saying: "The agenda of the meeting is private and we are not commenting on newspaper reports."

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-06-11 23:23

    god i hate the anc.

      Emile - 2012-06-12 00:42


      faizieishlah.shabalala - 2012-06-12 04:54

      If the Cheese Boy comes back the ANC is screwed.

      Mike - 2012-06-12 07:06

      Whats the bet they reinstate this fat boy idiot back to the anc.

      lorain.maseko - 2012-06-12 07:09

      @ mkgosietsile If he comes back then I officially give on the ANC, I will have no choice but to vote for that other party

      Harald - 2012-06-12 07:31

      i wish u dude wd lrn 2 spk proper... a sign of inteligence....

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:12

      ANC and ANCYL are a bunch of nincompoop plonkers.

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:14

      alot of trolls this morning. Bunch of wally's

      Warmonger - 2012-06-12 08:25

      The anc cannot afford to get rid of old cheese-face malemma, because he voices what everybody in the anc thinks, wants... They will bring him back, and he will continue his verbal-diarrhoea, and thus time runs out for "white poeple"...

      Steve - 2012-06-12 08:29

      @ downwiththeanc. This is trolls paradise - 2012-06-12 08:49

      @ tmmagauteng - "r u sure dats all u hate? We in de ANC hv far better" - yeah...writing like a 12 year old girl on MXit will surely get you taken seriously. Or is that the outcome of ANC education? Looks like it.

      jason.children - 2012-06-12 09:22

      Any of you heard recent mutterings from current ANCYL members??? about land invasions and we dont need foreign investment??? Seriously maybe JUJU is a case of rather the devil you know............They will not be happy until this country is run into the ground, then they will still blame us! I for one am tired of supporting ANC parties and sleep overs! i just get angry thinking about............deep breath WHOOOZAAAAA!

      shea.bethell - 2012-06-12 12:40

      @tmmagauteng you say "So what if you hate de ANC, r u sure dats all u hate? We in de ANC hv far better" In particular the part "r u sure dats all u hate?" Why get racist? Racist racist racist, we are always the racist ones, us whitties. You use the racist card in every opurtunity you have. I have news for you, if Malema was white we would hate him just as much! Not more, no no, not less, certainly not, but exactly as much as we hate him now!!! Because the man is an ignonrant racist pig and NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!!! Wake up now, we hate idiots and crooks not black people, I know many people who are great human beings. Black, white, indian, coloured, I call them my friends and they awesome but I bet you dont have 1 REAL white / indian / coloured friend cause youre racist idiot who misses a leader cause "he makes me laugh".

  • nkosingiphile.cofu - 2012-06-12 01:26

    It is crucial that the expelled member is given a chance to exhaust all available constitutional processes within the movement though it is highly unlikly that he will succeed.

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:16

      All constitutional processes are exhausted you dipstick. He has been expelled.

  • tshepo.modukanele.1 - 2012-06-12 02:07

    now that Malema is out let see what the ANC will say about Malema's expulsion. I don't understand if one say something about Zuma,you will be kicked out. No one should be bold and say anything about Zuma. Yes Malema had his mistakes, but the way they treated him was harsh and unfair while others who did mistakes are enjoying only because they support Msholozi. Every one knows Malema was a thread to them.

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:26

      I will give you a thumbs down on that one tshepo...seems you have a few already...

  • joe.ndlovu.16 - 2012-06-12 02:08

    SOUTH AFRICAN politics is boring without Malema I hope they must bring him back.even when they don't bring him back JUJU he will rise from the dead soon rather than latter.

      Ntshobs - 2012-06-12 02:48

      Hope not

      Mark - 2012-06-12 07:49

      Now I see why the uneducated love Malema.

      hudayfah.newman - 2012-06-12 07:58

      Cant string one proper sentence together, but you want us to take you seriously.

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:17

      If he rises the country will fall you numbnut

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:27

      All of you JujU plonkers want a free handout of everything without ever working a minute in your lives. Go get a job.

      Felix - 2012-06-12 08:48

      Just so you know, we dropped from 6 to 5 on the international genocide watch list when/because fatty was expelled. Look it up.

  • Arnotte Payne - 2012-06-12 04:25

    we need malema back. anc nec cant descredit his years of suffering for the org cos of behaving like his nec parents. cele, zuma, mdluli and others all brought and stil bring the anc into disrepute but r neva suspended. we al stil sing shoot the boer at our meetings and no1 is expeld. we need juju back..dats our material maker as comedians..khumbulekhaya

      Honker - 2012-06-12 10:24

      Years of suffering? Is that where those chubby cheeks come from??

      shea.bethell - 2012-06-12 12:16

      Lol Arnotte, many people say those words "dats our material maker as comedians". So you want a dangerous, arogant, disrespectful, racist leader back just because he makes you laugh? Are you listening to your self? You're seriously asking for entertainment at the cost of millions of people's futures and well being? Are you related to the late Hitler or something?

  • bnnyoni - 2012-06-12 05:24

    JUJU wil be back.

      Andre - 2012-06-12 07:39

      And use him like a CONDOM again! LOKL

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:22

      back on the fat attack. He must be getting skinny now he has lost some tenders. He probably also wanted to upgrade to a new mansion or range rover. Poor old sod will be digging trenches one of these days- in prison

  • brionyl.french - 2012-06-12 05:47

    Only a retard follows criminal and believes its right!!!!

  • duma.nkabinde - 2012-06-12 06:35

    The mineral wealth beneath the soil, the banks and the monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole; This resolution was taken in 1955, I don't give a damn about individuals, the ANC NEC must break silence on issues that really matter to the man on the streets.

      Henk - 2012-06-12 07:01

      You already own 28 %of those resources, in fact the people own 28% of every company in this country.

      hudayfah.newman - 2012-06-12 07:49

      lol This reminds me of that time when you guys thought that when the ANC is in power all blacks will be cared for financially. Only to now see that those who promised you that is only looking after themselves and the voters are even poorer than before. Get a grip man. There aint no economic freedom. Only thieves that wants to use you to fill there coffers even more.

      downwiththeanc - 2012-06-12 08:30

      all the stuff that you will ever own is used for infrastructure and e-tolls to make the fat cats in government richer. You will never see a bit of it in your lifetime...that i can say with 100% confidence unless you are already a incompetent government official

  • joe.ndlovu.16 - 2012-06-12 06:50

    Malema is a HERO.they are trying to close the doors for him because he know many secrets of the ANC big wigs.ZUMA must not forget that he became president just because of JUJU who was campaigning for him but today he is treating him like dog.Mr Zuma don't forget that what goes around. Comes around.

      Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-06-12 07:19

      Sorry Joe, but Malema is a racist and he wants this country to go down the toilet like Zim

  • Andre - 2012-06-12 07:16

    I think they want Malema back because they realise that ANC is loosing against DA and need Malema followers to put ANC back up. Like Malema said "They used me like a CONDOM!" I am sure ANC will use him again. ANC is very desperate!!! REMEMBER one thing - 'Action is stroner than WORD" Empty promising is very bad and surely you will loose. Wake UP cANCer

  • Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-06-12 07:26

    The ANC should be talking about how they go keep there empty promises they election time

  • julian.booyens - 2012-06-12 07:29

    So we going to laugh again at his idiotic agent tendencies with all his blind sheep? Thats if the anc enhance their stupidity and bring back juju

  • Ashwin - 2012-06-12 07:33

    Juli-arse will be let back in on the condition that he sings Zooma's praises. He would have to tell the world that he was, on reflection, wrong and that Zooma and his cronies were right in their stance in taking the count-tree fore-ward/back ward. This is the second cumming/second transition. He will be asked to pull the misguided youths togetha, to support the Zooma campaign. Behind the scenes, he will be given immunity, SARS will get off his back, funding for his palace be become a reality. Tha ANC Misguided league will sing and dance with the news of their leada being back. Bus loads of the poorest will be brought in. Free blankets, a party pack of meagre food parcels, a bright ANC T-shirt, and a box of street-wise two for each person. Juju gets a KFC bucket. The second cumming is here.

      Cassandra Eileen Olivier - 2012-06-12 07:39

      Well said Ashwin

  • johann.visser.98 - 2012-06-12 07:47

    Just another meeting on how the ANC can screw up again.They are running out of rope,Tip ANC stop preaching apartyd and actualy do the job right,you are going to loose vote because you have failed and basic organising skills and suceeded in self gain and corruption what a bunch of loosers.....all you need is more rope to hang yourselfs!

  • wikus.schalkwyk - 2012-06-12 07:49

    Over his head...

  • imtiaz.osman.5 - 2012-06-12 07:58

    If malema is so powerful, why is he crying to get back into the ANC? He must take the youth anc youth league and make his own political party. Oh I forgot his not interested about the people of SA he just once a share of the pie which is in ANC's hands

  • marumobongani - 2012-06-12 08:14

    whats the use of power when its limited

      nathanjaysa - 2012-06-12 08:37

      I would assume you are referring Malema not having POWER! and influence in his current position and that's why he is useless and means nothing, or ANC not having POWER! over there Youth, i am not sure how you want to put that BIG! word [POWER]in context, since even when Malema and ANC had POWER! they abused it and look what happened now, Face it even if we give you POWER! you cannot retain or use it to its good attention apart of using it on corruption or changing street names or kicking officials out of Parliament or spent money that's NOT!! yours to spent but the TAX payers = Us, i guess after all we cannot see that anyone in ANC nor Government is Fit enough to handle POWER! like this, this is just my point of view in this Circus of Politic floating around in our beloved country.

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-06-12 08:39

    Tell someone who cares!!

  • ntombizodwa.letty - 2012-06-12 09:05

    Anc they dont know where they stand really just image old man busy with a child, whats that?.He doesnt deserved that now, no respect 4others this guy. More fighting n more secrets are going 2b out wait n c.

  • Ditoa-re - 2012-06-12 10:01

    Those who want malema back I think home-affairs must visit them to check their nationalities cos a sane south african is not prepared for any drop of blood, MY APOLOGY south african home-affairs is not operated by south africans

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-06-12 10:15

    A cabinet ful of fat rats

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-06-12 10:19

    Zuma will take him back untill the condoms are finished

  • Andrew - 2012-06-12 11:01

    FAT boy knows to much and is going to spill the beans, so closed doors, blackmail, conspiracy, dodgy underhand deals, lying, cheating all the wonderful things that make up the ANC!!

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