ANC wants database of corrupt officials

2012-02-13 16:25

Durban - A database of government officials implicated in corruption must be created to prevent them from getting other jobs, the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal said on Monday.

"Employees who resign when investigated for corruption should be banned from taking other posts," said African National Congress provincial secretary Sihle Zikalala.

He was briefing reporters on proposals made during the ANC's lekgotla in Dundee at the weekend.

Zikalala said there was a problem of officials who resigned while still under investigation for graft.

"They resign when they discover that they are being investigated. You then see them emerging somewhere."

Zikalala said the party wanted the database to contain the names of officials who had been implicated in corruption or maladministration.

"We call on all departments and municipalities to do a security check of such cases before employment is confirmed," he said.

"The scourge of corruption remains a threat to our revolution. It is in essence sabotaging the progress of the service delivery to our people."

Zikalala said the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal supported the creation of courts which would deal only with corruption-related cases.

"We once again call on government to fast-track disciplinary cases in departments and in local municipality."

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal also wanted the ruling party to reduce the number of its national executive committee members from 88 to 66.

The move was aimed at strengthening the ANC’s body, he said.

The lekgotla resolved to encourage the government to review the tender system which "undermined the capacity of the state".

"The state should build its own capacity, not relying only on the external capacity to deliver its services. We call on the government to take charge of the implementation of this infrastructure programme," Zikalala said.

He said the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal wanted its proposals to form part of the discussions during the ANC policy conference later this year.

  • Keelvol - 2012-02-13 16:28

    Here is one. ANCmembership.db

      Gerhard - 2012-02-13 16:31

      We can leave Thuli Madonsela off the list. She rocks!!

      Marthinus - 2012-02-13 16:33

      No.1 Jacob Zuma No.2 Julias Malema

      Janice - 2012-02-13 16:37

      This is HYSTERICAL!!! An entire data base just for corrupt officials, its going to be huge!!!

      Gungets - 2012-02-13 17:07

      Yep - just print your payroll. Please be aware that in the department of education a lot of people will appear twice or more.

      Alan - 2012-02-13 17:10

      Ag Janice, it's cool. Th price of disk storage has dropped in the past few years. Sure we'll be able to get their whole membership list in there. Oh crud . . . did I just say that aloud?

      Louis - 2012-02-13 17:23

      As long as it is maintained by a private company with no AA or BEE or cadre connections, else it will also be corrupted

      Spyker - 2012-02-13 18:29

      "...database of government officials implicated in corruption... prevent them from getting other jobs..." Ha, ha, ha - unemployment will shoot up from 40% to 80% almost immediately...

      Ian - 2012-02-13 21:30

      There is no database big enough!!!!!!!!!

      Guy - 2012-02-14 06:55

      How many millions will it cost the tax payer to create this database????

      RatexZa - 2012-02-14 08:03

      Guy, your question should be: "How many millions will it cost the tax payer to NOT create this database????" And the ANC should not only create the DB, but also enforce the ban.

  • Shirley - 2012-02-13 16:29

    Thats going to be a mighty large data base! Good idea now just have the b@lls to put it into practise!!

      Godfrey - 2012-02-13 16:54

      Even if they do, its an ANC orgnization db, which means only the ANC will have access to it. Hand them over to the police and have a policy NOT to deploy those with a criminal record.

      George - 2012-02-13 17:23

      A Data base that size has not been invented yet

      Gary - 2012-02-13 17:31

      How's about doing actual background checks..........everybody else does it.

      jeremy002 - 2012-02-14 05:29

      Just the ghost workers (whose salaries are collected by corrupt officials) alone will fill a book.

  • Bryan - 2012-02-13 16:31

    Really ANC.... all the corrupt officials come within your own ranks, why the need for a database is a no brainer! If you morons put this into practise you are going to lose at least 50% of your own officials.. Carry on, please:-)

      Phill - 2012-02-13 21:03

      The ANC will lose nothing Dear Bryan. It is the only party that values all votes. If you die they will make you vote before you are buried.If you go to prison they will follow your vote there.

  • Kevin - 2012-02-13 16:32

    Umm...would it not be a lot quicker to just cross off those ANC members who are not corrupt....I would imagine this amounts to ummm...let's be kind...3.5%...?

      Alan - 2012-02-13 17:11

      You give them too much credit.

      jeremy002 - 2012-02-14 05:31

      Less of course all the ghost workers.

  • Bertus Pretorius - 2012-02-13 16:32

    It will never work. Why? Because this might leave the ANC without any officials...

      Alan - 2012-02-13 17:11


  • Ben - 2012-02-13 16:33

    A step in the right direction.

  • ISO - 2012-02-13 16:34

    Thats a very good idea!

      Lehlohonolo - 2012-02-13 16:58

      its just a talk ,its has been there for years

  • Swapie - 2012-02-13 16:37

    Hats off to Sihle Zikalala. It's about time we stop this corrupted ways.

      Alan - 2012-02-13 17:16

      Hey Vusi, missed you man.

  • Cindy - 2012-02-13 16:39

    So many officials now shivering watch news for richter scale announcement

      shaun.cousins1 - 2012-02-13 16:51

      no they are no they jumping for joy, waiting for their special leave and the golden handshake.

  • gregory.f.dean - 2012-02-13 16:42

    This may be a step in the right direction but it should start at the very top and stream (if that is the right word) downwards.

  • Ralf - 2012-02-13 16:44

    Wont the list of non corrupt officials be shorter. That would save time.

  • TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-13 16:44

    Very good. Can Thuli Madonsela please have the master copy of the list? We wouldn't want an official to be bribed to remove a name of the list.

  • Josh - 2012-02-13 16:48

    The word revolution makes me want to vomit. The closest thing the modern ANC know about revolutions is that nice restaurant in CT that turns around.

  • Andre - 2012-02-13 16:48

    For a moment I thought it was 01 April!

  • Hartwig - 2012-02-13 16:52

    Maybe it will be much easier to build a much smaller database of honest ANC officials.

  • Mike - 2012-02-13 16:53

    Hahahahaha - that would require a MAJOR hard drive.... and what would that data base be used for - for promotions? For golf meetings? Pizza service? Or the delivery of medication for the so dying parole prisoners?

  • Jos - 2012-02-13 16:58

    Step in the right direction. The Database must be maintained by Office of Public Protector though. You can only be added on the list upon approval of a judge. You can only be removed from the list by a high court decision. Just a start.

  • hein.huyser - 2012-02-13 17:01

    Ather have a database for convicted thieves which in fact have paid back the millions they have stolen. Thereby you will have a one-pager and nobody will botherR

  • Craig - 2012-02-13 17:01

    18 years to figure out such elementary stuff... how long do we wait for those who are caught stealing to be sent to jail???

  • Piston - 2012-02-13 17:09


  • Allan - 2012-02-13 17:10

    I am sorry too bring this up again, but you have to see the humour in this, stuff the list, hold the president accountable!

  • jack.oosthuysen - 2012-02-13 17:13

    implicated = guilty

  • Archie - 2012-02-13 17:14

    Start with Travelgate then the DA will have a majority in parliment. Any way its just spookasem .Tony Yengeni is a criminal and he works for the ANC.The ANC spindoctors are going flat out to minimise the damage,corrupt officials have stolen our childrens education money,health and billions more,suddenly we need a list of corrupt officials.hahaha!

  • braamc - 2012-02-13 17:15

    They should be in jail. No need for a list, they get counted daily over there.

  • jacques.koorts - 2012-02-13 17:17

    Just use excel 2010. It can take over 65000 entries now.

  • Liz - 2012-02-13 17:17

    They could make a second data base of all the companies who so willingly do the bribing.... That would also be quite informative .... and they too should be prosecuted and blacklisted.

  • Alan - 2012-02-13 17:18

    If they get presidential pardons will their names fall off the list?

  • Ann - 2012-02-13 17:19

    There will be no one left to be appointed in a very short time

  • Graham - 2012-02-13 17:20

    It would be easier to do a list of who is not corrupt! The shortest list ever!

  • Brad.Kopping - 2012-02-13 17:20

    A database of all corrupt officials?? THATS THE WHOLE ANC ORGANISATION!

  • Peter - 2012-02-13 17:21

    The same as all other statements in the past. PLEASE GIVE US A DATE

  • naude.andrea - 2012-02-13 17:21

    I want to believe that something will come of this, but I am wary and quite certain it will be hogwash as the rest. Yes not a Pink Piggy but just plain black hogwash. O by the way many pigs are black as well. Stop this racial nonsense - there are so many lazy and corrupt officials in all the government sectors, it is ridiculous.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-14 00:39

      The entire Country is corrupt. We need a major mind-change. BEE forces everyone to be skelm. To the White and Black okes playing the game: Don't. Karma will be your Bitch. Easy money is very expensive. A message to all lazy SA's - China is watching us.

  • BrainbowGold - 2012-02-13 17:24

    If we consider the AG's recent reports and the incredible sums involved in corruption and maladministration then it would be reasonable to deduce that Sihle Zikalala's statement was made in isolation to that of the ANC bigwigs and that such a database would never materialise due to the very self-inflicting damage to the ruling party.

  • Vernon - 2012-02-13 17:24

    Step in the right direction if it is actually implemented. Not sure what all the negative comments on here are all about. Guess you lot just like to complain. If you not part of the solution... you know the rest.

      Mano-Lee - 2012-02-13 18:07

      @ vernon, its because we have heard it all before.

  • Motho - 2012-02-13 17:24

    Please, I heard this a lot of times.

  • John - 2012-02-13 17:27

    Lets start off with all the travelgate MP's who were forgiven and whose name and details have been swept under the carpet. How can we take this seriously...

  • Le - 2012-02-13 17:29

    Heres a query for them select Id, name as [Corrupt_Official] From MPs Where Party = 'ANC' This is a list of 90 % of SA's Corrupt. But if they want a DB I would write the software for free.

  • Elsa - 2012-02-13 17:29

    Well good luck with that one!!! The fact that is that half of the current ANC deployments in Goverment,- Local and Provincial - , will be on the list!!! The Municipal manager of our once beautifull town, is out on bail, pending a criminal charge made in 2010 involving fraud at same muniscipality, but he was elected the ANC Proc Treasurer in NW Province in 2011. In 2012 and he was elected to the Exec Committee of NW Province. From Officcial to Politician in 2 years, and all that he needed was a corruption charge to see himself elevated throught the ranks. Well on a lighter note, the Director of Technical and Infrastructure that was suspended at same Muniscipality in 2010, because of the collapse of the infrastructure was employed by the council as the new Muniscipal Manager of said Muniscipality. BUT THAT's NOT ALL!!!! Said Municipality will ONCE AGAIN be placed under administration in less that 2 weeks. I wonder if the whole of the NW Province will last untill en March 2012 before being places under administration. Anyone want to make a bet!!!!!!

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-14 01:01

      Elsa - you guys have to withold your Municipal taxes. The situation is intolerable.

  • Peter - 2012-02-13 17:31

    May be there are too many corupt and the takes are getting smaller

  • Attie - 2012-02-13 17:33

    i don't think their is a data base big enough for all the names

  • Mano-Lee - 2012-02-13 17:59

    I know you guys are a little slow, so i compiled your list and ran out of space... MANDELA, Winnie 2845 2. RADEBE, Jeff 2716 3. SKWEYIYA, Zola 2700 4. JORDAN, Pallo 2645 5. CRONIN, Jeremy 2519 6. DUARTE, Jessie 2448 7. SISULU, Lindiwe 2384 8. MTHEMBI-MAHANYELE, Sankie 2291 9. MABANDLA, Brigitte 2235 10. SEXWALE, Tokyo 2198 11. NZIMANDE, Blade 2157 12. STOFILE, Makhenkesi 2151 13. GIGABA, Malusi 2144 14. MAGASHULE, Ace 2121 16. MOOSA, Valli 2110 17. POTGIETER-GQUBULE, Febe 2091 18. CHABANE, Collins 2043 19. SISULU, Max 2041 20. RAMATLHODI, Ngoako 2034 21. YENGENI, Tony 2032 22. NYANDA, Siphiwe 2005 23. HANEKOM, Derek 1996 24. MKHIZE, Zweli 1976 25. EBRAHIM, Ebrahim 1964 26. CELE, Bheki 1950 27. MFEKETO, Nomaindia 1943 28. MASETLHA, Billy 1937 29. DLAMINI, Bathabile 1933 30. RAMAPHOSA, Cyril 1910 31. YENGENI, Lumka 1907 32. MOTSHEKGA, Angie 1906 33. MADLALA-ROUTLEDGE, Nozizwe 1905 34. GODONGWANA, Enoch 1891 35. DLAMINI ZUMA, Nkosazana 1885 36. SHABANGU, Susan 1775 37. MOKONYANE, Nomvula 1756 38. PULE, Dina 1730 39. BHENGU, Ruth 1729 40. PHAAHLA, Joe 1726 41. BOOI, Nyami 1709 42. MABUDAFHASI, Joyce 1698 43. ZULU, Lindiwe 1682 44. TOBIAS, Thandi 1675 45. LOVE, Janet 1670 46. SHOPE-MAFOLE, Lyndall 1642 47. DLODLO, Ayanda 1641 48. MTHETHWA, Nathi 1629 49. BROWN, Lynne 1623

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-02-13 18:21

      @ Mano Lee: Motsepe ring any bells?

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-14 01:07

      Are those the number of corruption charges, or the dates they wish the Apartheid take responsibility for?

  • Willem - 2012-02-13 18:03

    Database??? They have it all the time. What arrogance! Cry Beloved People! Illegal tax feeding corrupters? Many public reports for decades prove illegal tax abuse of amassed trillions for corruption. While civilized (tax) laws can never be legal for illegal use. Also, political powers have absolute control to prevent corruption, recover any and still tax this illegal income, and dismiss corrupters. Neglecting legal duties is illegal too. Illegal tax implicitly feeds protected corrupters, and discriminates against poor masses and enslaved taxpayers. Honesty by all will slash tax for all and end poverty. Blatant corruption and murderous oppression of poorest protesters against rotten services beg: How can power abusers represent free and honest elections by the people?

  • TazmandeVille - 2012-02-13 18:30

    Just use the official ANC member list, that should be sufficient.

  • Gary - 2012-02-13 18:55

    Good idea about the list and the seperate court to deal swiftly with these people. Not sure if Microsoft has a big enough spreadsheet though.LOL..This is seriously the first intelegent thing I have heard from the ANC in like ...ever...

      FinalJustice - 2012-02-13 19:35

      Should be a lot easier to compile a list of the few non-corrupt government officials, and just prosecute the rest straight away. Or let's rather waste another few billion Rands of taxpayer's money of legal jargon.

  • Lunga Mahlaba - 2012-02-13 19:01

    white critics - same story different day - the ANC try's to find a solution u shut it down. they should just stop trying and take it direct like how u did it during ap........ so please.

      TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-02-14 01:13

      SA welcomes the idea, Lungi. We are just a little more than tired waiting for the final coubtdown

      Mike - 2012-02-14 12:57

      Bwahahahahaa Lunga - we do not need an idea - this should not happen in the first place, where representatives of the people in the national parliament, provincial legislature, city governments and municipalities are convicted criminals! South Africa is the ONLY democratic country where you find this odd scenario.

  • Kim - 2012-02-13 19:31

    There is not enough paper and toner

  • hc12345 - 2012-02-13 19:33

    I have a R100 000 000 000 000 supercomputer that will do the job. I am calling Malema right now so we can buy it together. By the way it is only a Pentium 386 but he does not care as long as he gets a nice kickback!!!

  • Thabo - 2012-02-13 19:34

    Well said Zihle! Put it on the Agenda for the June Policy Conference!

  • Wesley - 2012-02-13 20:27

    Rather write down the names that is not corrupt. That will only be an A4 page

  • frank.hartry - 2012-02-13 20:34

    The whole of this Zuma government will be listed on the database. Now Zuma wants to interfere with the constitution. He and his corrupt cronies must be told to keep their grubby corrupt hands off OUR constitution. Zuma and his uneducated government wants control of everything.