ANCYL disgusted by 'insane Afrikaner'

2010-06-08 22:23

Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League is disgusted by "the insanity" of "some" Afrikaner farmer who had reportedly lodged a genocide charge against its leader Julius Malema at the International Criminal Court.

"The ANCYL is disgusted by the attention seeking sentiments and insanity of some Afrikaner farmer from Rustenburg who has reportedly lodged a complaint with the International Criminals Court about the singing of liberation songs in South Africa’s ANC-led liberation movement," the league said in a statement.

The ANCYL said the laying of the charges was an attempt by right-wing elements to divert it from its main political programmes.

"The issue of liberation songs is currently before South African courts, which have issued an interim interdict on the singing of some of the liberation songs until the ANC has successfully defended its struggle and liberation songs and heritage."

The league said it had never engaged in any criminal activity because it was aware that this would undermine the freedom its "forbearers" had fought for with their lives.

'We have forgiven Afrikaners'

"If there are people who committed genocide against our people, it is the Afrikaners who slaughtered many freedom fighters and innocent South Africans to protect the racist apartheid regime for many years and we have forgiven them for that."

"The reported complaint with the International Criminals Court has only come to our attention through media reports, and no communication has been sent to us by the ICC."

"We are more than sure that the ICC will never entertain some Afrikaner’s stupidity and insecurities, and should instead focus on prosecution of imperialist sponsored wars that continue to happen in the world."

The league said as a matter of principle, it was encouraging all South Africans to beware of right-wing agent provocateurs, "most of who are beneficiaries of a racist murderous apartheid regime".

"They recurrently abuse the rights fought for by the liberation movement in order to divert our attention from serious issues of economic emancipation of the black majority and Africans in particular. We are never shaken."

According to Beeld newspaper, an unidentified Rustenburg farmer and his family left South Africa last week for safety fears after deciding to lay the charge against Malema.

Their lawyer, Fanie van der Walt, said the accusations against Malema were sent in writing to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands on Monday.

The charges relate to Malema singing "shoot the boer", which the Rustenburg farmer interpreted as inciting youth league supporters to commit genocide against Afrikaans boers.

Shortly after being rebuked by the ANC, Malema changed the words to "kiss the boer".