ANCYL meltdown continues in Mpumalanga

2011-11-29 20:24

Mbombela - The ANC in Mpumalanga has warned the party's young lions not to involve Premier David Mabuza in their crisis.

Half of the ANC Youth League's provincial executive committee (PEC) resigned en masse last week in protest against the suspension of provincial secretary Johan Mkhatshwa, his deputy, Themba Masombuka, and treasurer Lerato Theko for insubordination.

Mkhatshwa told African Eye News Service on Tuesday that one of the reasons he was suspended was for failing to implement a resolution to oust Mabuza, who is the provincial ANC chairperson.

"The ANC Youth League's provincial leadership should be talking about changing the lives of our people and how to implement successful programmes instead of leadership issues.

"The time will come for those issues to be raised during the next ANC PEC meeting in August next year," said provincial ANC spokesperson Paul Mbenyane on Tuesday.

He added that all ANC structures in the province were "fully behind Premier Mabuza".

"We have great confidence in his leadership and we still stand by the ANC PEC decisions taken in 2008, when he was elected provincial chairperson of the ANC," Mbenyane said.

Provincial ANC Youth League chairperson Kgotso Motloung, a known ally of suspended ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, confirmed the ANC Youth League's PEC had "rescinded" a resolution to support Mabuza for a second term as provincial chairperson of the ANC.

"The matter will now be tabled as such at the planned Provincial General Council," said Motloung.

No date or venue has yet been set for the planned ANC Youth League PGC.


Motloung also indicated that it was decided on Monday to charge the 12 PEC members for resigning en masse.

"These comrades continuously displayed a high level of ill-discipline unprecedented in the movement.

"They allowed themselves to be used by certain elements within the ANC, thus their conduct was and is a serious infringement and danger to the autonomy of the ANC Youth League," said Motloung.

Acting ANC Youth League provincial secretary, Clarence Maseko, said the 12 PEC members - who include Mkhatshwa, Masombuka and Theko - would also be charged for holding an unconstitutional Regional General Council meeting in Mbombela on Sunday, and for addressing a media conference without mandate.

"Further charges have been added to their respective charge sheets. It is our view that every member of the ANC Youth League should behave in line with the constitution of the organisation," said Maseko.

Mkhatshwa said that as far as he was concerned “the province no longer has a youth league structure”.

He said he was not only suspended for the matter relating to ousting Mabuza, but also for supporting the decision by ANC national disciplinary committee chairperson Derek Hanekom to suspend ANC Youth League leaders.

He said he was also accusedof  refusing to participate in Malema's economic freedom march in Gauteng last month, and of not charging other PEC members despite a lack of proof of any ill-discipline.

"I was not even given a chance to defend myself," he said.

  • Thandi - 2011-11-29 20:52

    The legacy of fatboy - hopefully without him and his puppets the league can start moving in a positive direction.

      Hans - 2011-11-30 09:01

      Do the ANC really need this league?They have been nothing but disruptive and a bad image for both party and country.The spew racial hatred and undermine the very things people like Mandela etc fought so hard for.

      John - 2011-11-30 09:05

      100% hans,not only hatred and rasist but so damaging to the country

      Poloyatonki - 2011-11-30 09:26

      ANCYL is a practice field for the leaders of tomorrow.

      JMan - 2011-11-30 10:08

      @ poloy: ..well they obviously need a lot more practice... because what they're spewing out at the moment, is a pathetic joke... compared to REAL leaders.

      Go - 2011-11-30 10:32

      @polo - bit of a bummer that the coach isnt allowed on the field anymore hey lol, shame man, one day you will open your eyes and realise that the youth league has nothing to offer this country.

  • bernpm - 2011-11-29 20:54 little boys play, imitating their elders.

  • Peter - 2011-11-29 20:56

    The cookie crumbles faster than I thought it would! Indirectly Malema still provides good bedtime reading!

  • Bloody-Agent - 2011-11-29 21:01

    And thats the way the ANC chocolate cookie crumbles!!

      Go - 2011-11-30 10:34

      Malema seems to be of the view that if he goes down, everything goes down with him. He is actually doing us all a huge favour by destroying everything "he" apparently built up.

  • rlong1952 - 2011-11-30 01:57

    Let's hope the ANC suffers a meltdown soon too.

      Exunitate - 2011-11-30 05:43

      Let's hope it is the beginning of the end of the ANC as well.

      Exunitate - 2011-11-30 05:57

      ANC = African National Circus

      Exunitate - 2011-11-30 06:19

      With Fatboy as the most famous clown

  • The other Riaan - 2011-11-30 07:26

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah - this just made my day

  • sidney.gilroy - 2011-11-30 07:41

    The ANCYL will now show their true political nature : Ignorence. Idiocracy. Incompetance. Power Hungry. Malema was just a smoke screen that hid ENORMOUS fault lines in the future of the ANC. I give them and the ANC less than a decade of rule over SA, before splintering into a multi-party opposition. Then true democracy will come. It`s the natural progression of a young democracy. And no-one should be alarmed over the future of SA.

  • Nigel - 2011-11-30 08:07

    even the Yl is fighting amongst themselves, malema has even managed to divide his own organization, & he pretends to champion the poor, he can't even lead his own bunch of boys.

  • Colin - 2011-11-30 08:56

    the umfaans have lost the plot

  • Maai - 2011-11-30 09:37

    I wonder if fatboy has eaten his 20 cattle yet? Maybe Bob will give him a few more?

  • Wayne - 2011-11-30 10:27

    Is this the same party, or is the ANCYL now an opposition party to the ANC, the way I see it, the ANC vs ANCYL fighting is worse than the ANC vs DA. Do these YL idiots think they are an opposition party to the ANC because it sure seems that way.

      Hans - 2011-11-30 10:49

      @Wayne, we can only hope.

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