Afrikaans bodies want to make SA work - ANC

2012-05-08 18:35

Johannesburg - The ANC has an obligation to understand the concerns of Afrikaans bodies in the country, secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Tuesday.

"Whether they vote for us or not, we have an obligation to understand where they are coming from, and their concerns," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

He was speaking after a meeting between the African National Congress and a group of 19 Afrikaner organisations.

Mantashe said they had voiced some concerns, and wanted to make a contribution to South Africa.

"People want to make a contribution in making South Africa work and making South Africa a better country to live in."

The Afrikaans language also featured in the discussions.

"What came out was that there is no intention of elevating Afrikaans at the expense of other languages," Mantashe said.

The ANC delegation included Mantashe, ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Tina Joemat-Pettersson and Deputy Public Enterprises Minister Enoch Godongwana.

More meetings of this nature would be held, Mantashe said.

  • Shirley - 2012-05-08 18:43

    Hold all the meetings you like but until it is anc policy to include ALL South africans in their decision making and deliver respect to ALL,this is just hot air! Talk is cheap-actions speak louder than words!

      Brett - 2012-05-08 18:50

      @scnzama you are a disgusting pig.

      Crracker - 2012-05-08 18:52

      @ scnzama Why?

      Piet - 2012-05-08 19:13

      Snamza, nice to hide behind a keyboard ne!

      ettienne.hattingh - 2012-05-08 19:25

      @scnzama. You are a disgrace. Comments like that just idicates that you are a stupid idiot.

      Poloyatonky - 2012-05-08 20:03

      sczama is tired of all you people's negativity. pisses me off too, can U just be positive about one thing about South Africa, the country we all love so much

      marius.koen2 - 2012-05-08 20:05

      Why must all the comments always be so negative and full of hatred?

      Patrick - 2012-05-08 22:18

      @Scnzama - Dude, it's supposed to be a 4 letter word not 5...

      Lerato - 2012-05-09 04:19

      @Shirley, how are they supposed to do that? Isn't it all about consultation? And here ANC is consulting a section that has and will never vote for them, they didn't even vote Mandela!

  • Ngaka - 2012-05-08 18:51

    Of all the concerns that the Afrikaans group raised in this meeting,I consider only that of Afrikaans language valid.

      Muisie - 2012-05-09 13:11

      Maybe you find FOOD SECURITY valid?...The ANC cannot steal on an empty stomach.

  • Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 18:51

    Yeah, What about your obligation to advance the previously disadvantaged citizens. Now you pander to one sector yet many still don't have a place to call home. Disappointing in the extreme,

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 18:58

      We have real problems.... No Water, remember No asphalted roads, remember We still living in da shack mate, remember........... From your Ivory tower can you see us???????????

      Dee - 2012-05-08 19:16

      Tamaranui!?! You seem to cross the floor more often than a politician my dear. And change countries too from what I recall of your previous posts?! Today you are 'disappointed' because Gwede talks to Afrikaaners? Let me remind me of my last response to your posting about 'ANC Wooing Afrkaander votes' : I'm beyond 'disappointment' and on to overall disgust.

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 19:35

      Unfortunately I can't help with your emotional status. I do consider it a fact that there so many more important issues that require attention yesterday. Corruption for one. I have never crossed the floor, I want a RSA society like the New Zealand society. Liberal....First world standards for EVERYONE. The masses are getting restless at waiting as indicated by the number of protests currently being experienced.

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 20:53

      We are RSA has tripled the GDP in the last eight years. Irrefutable International evidence states a different trend. Unfortunately 18 years is not enough however RSA is moving in the right direction. I beg to differ on your National status , I think every single RSA citizen has an obligation to advancing their country to a better future for the RSA citizens to come.

      Dee - 2012-05-08 21:08

      Tamaruani - thank you for several points of agreement - but on your objection to Gwede speaking to Afrikaaners : WHU IS 1 MEETING "PANDERING TO ONE SECTOR" ?? The one sector mainly pandered to is unfortunately a VERY small elite at one feeding trough - but I will give Gwede credit for at least listening to a sector of society who are probably still feeding this nation and paying taxes. Believe it or not, thay count too.

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 21:33

      Why do you not ask the ANC why you do not get deliveries, why do you keep on voting for a party that steals the tax it receives. For the record, 40% of my income, plus 14% VAT, plus money I spend on security because the police are criminals, plus money I spend on medical aid because the hospitals are stuffed, plus money I spent on education because the education system has been destroyed, leaving me with just enough money to get me to work to start the cycle again. My friend, I cannot do more, and this is also applicable to half of other white South Africans, yet we are despised by the government and voters like you, why, why, why?

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 21:36

      We are all equal, There are no ""Elite"" Last time I checked I paid Tax along with the rest of the eligable, this happens in every country. We all bring skills to the table when it comes to advancing RSA. We all count , Dee. Everyone.......... I am all for bringing the country together however as many of the posts here concludes it's a smoke and mirrors illusion. The only winner here is the catering company . Nothing fruitful will come of it, these leaders could be more productive addressing the real issues.

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-05-08 21:42

      It was only one meeting Tamaranui. One meeting! lol

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-05-08 21:52

      Afrikaans bodies want to make SA work - ANC; Now, how is that disappointing?

      Wim - 2012-05-08 21:59

      If we are all equal, why did you get your job on the basis of your skin colour?

      Dee - 2012-05-08 22:40

      Tamaruani - you strike me as someone worthy of challenging - so please take it as a compliment that I ask you again : Why is it 'dissapointing in the extreme' that Gwede has a meeting with one sector of our society? And why would this constitute 'pandering to' that secor of society? Please re-read your original post. Were you not being a little prejudiced in what appears to be an ill considered 'knee jerk' reaction to Gwede 'deigning' to speak to a (white) minority group?

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-05-08 23:23

      The mere fact that the government asked Tina Joemat-Pettersson to join this meeting points out that they are well aware that this minority is a significant role player in providing the country with food. This is what this is all about! Food security is in everybody's interest.

      pieter0827006294 - 2012-05-08 23:32

      The mere fact that the government asked Tina Joemat-Pettersson to join this meeting points out that they are well aware that this minority is a significant role player in providing the country with food. This is what this is all about! Food security is in everybody's interest.

      Hugh - 2012-05-09 07:14

      The operativve phrase is "previously disadvantaged". Sorry mate but you do not attend the 'Black hole' civil society meetings. It sucks up money that is none productive using that same phrase. About the only thing civil society is good at is spending money and creating reasons why it should be spent. At least with the Afrikaaners there is some reason to give them support as they are a hard working, inventive race.

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-09 07:28

      Dee, I work side by side with every culture in this beautiful country of ours and the Afrikaner contingent that I work with don't perceive themselves as Elite. A explained earlier there are so many deficiencies that require attention before comforting the previously privileged.

      Rob - 2012-05-09 09:56

      Tamaranui: You often quote a truly amazing increase in SA's GDP since 1994. What is your source? I have checked several sites and I cannot see anything at all similar to what you are quoting. As far as I can tell GDP has remained between zero and 3% during that period with the past couple of years closer to 2% trending downwards. I guess that you can make anything you wish of numbers, and words are even more lets get to specific references. Try: Adjust the period to whatever you want to see And now explain yourself!

  • George - 2012-05-08 18:55

    What a profound insight. I am sure it came about as a result of numerous ministerial study tours overseas and a 5* bosberaad or two. And more meetings are promised. Lucky us, while compatriots are shot, raped, tortured, by the scum that is running amok under cANCer protection.

  • Mario Bisogno - 2012-05-08 18:57

    It's easy stop corruption

      DJPJVS - 2012-05-08 22:27

      Easy? How so?

      Bless Boswell - 2012-05-09 01:25

      Do cost of living audits on all ministers and the prez.

  • Christo - 2012-05-08 19:05

    Tell this to all the white afirmitive action men with out WORK how you will get it to work. Your ANC party are the biggest rasist party in the world and bigger than the Nanzi's. Your biggest problem is your leader, corruption and the goverment thiefs.

      fuzile.matoto - 2012-05-08 21:08

      @Leonard, I can sell him one I've got too many.

  • EricksonTL - 2012-05-08 19:10

    What about English people? We make up half of the white population in SA, but everyone forgets that we even exist.

      Ngaka - 2012-05-08 19:13

      What about Pedi paople?

      Piet - 2012-05-08 19:14

      Well it is maybe payback fot the atrocities you committed 112 years ago......nah we moved on!!

      Lady - 2012-05-08 19:19

      If the English people don't voice out their concerns the government may assume that all is well with you guys.The Afrikaners are always complaining where they are not happy.We are all south africans we should put the past behind us and move on.

      EricksonTL - 2012-05-08 19:49

      GaePhetwane, as I understand it, Pedi people fall into the category of Black South Africans. It's an umbrella grouping, but they're not ignored at least. Piet, what about the current atrocities against WHITE South Africans? It's not only Afrikaners you know! Plus, I think you will find that the majority of the air force, navy et al that protected SA from the ravages of WW2 were of British descent... just saying. Lady, we can't help it that we're ignored. It just seems that we're lumped with the Afrikaners in everything - from history to the present. Sort of unnerving.

      DSBennie - 2012-05-09 07:43

      @Thoughtsandstuff protected SA from what exactly, It was the UK's war not ours, it was not ours to fight, any danger we where in was a result of the UK pressure dragging us into the world wars

  • nspaynter - 2012-05-08 19:14

    I am a white English South African and I also long to see South Africa work! I love my country and I don't want to live anywhere else. But I am very concerned about the racism which is being displayed by some black people. Affirmative Action needs to be redefined so that jobs are matched with the community racial ratios - at the moment there are businesses that are becoming 100% black and that is just as wrong as the old white domination. And we need more jobs. I read that another 74000 jobs have been shed and we're now up to 25% unemployment rate. We need to deal with crime. I have just been chatting with a SA friend now living in Reading UK. A SA shop has opened there to provided SAs with all the goodies they used to enjoy in SA. Even Chili bites! Come on. Let's stem the flow of skills and expertise from our country. Ditch China and let's start manufacturing our own goods.

      Blingani - 2012-05-08 19:43

      Like Like Like. You spot on.

      cloudiusc - 2012-05-08 20:02

      Well I don't normally read long statement but I read through out your comment because it has sense in it.I am a BLACK SOUTH AFRICAN and I would also love to see my country progressing but we spend too much time blaming each other for the past which we cannot change instead of influencing the future.I think South African are failing themselves.One of my Brothers from North Africa once said "South African have everything yet they complain about everything".Of coarse he was talking relative to where he comes from.In conclusion,unless we South African open our eyes and work together and stop hoping that poloticians will do the job,we will not get anywhere.If it was not for the Fifa Soccer World Cup to put pressure,we would not have been where we are

      Arvin - 2012-05-08 20:05

      Agreed !!!! One of the major problems in SA is that our labour laws are too strict with rates that some firms cannot afford. If our labour was cheaper, productive and not spoilt by laws that prevents businesses from employing 10 people instead of 5 at a high unproductive rate. We will win if all agrees but the Govt. messed it up.

      Arvin - 2012-05-08 20:07

      China is successful because of cheap, productive labour and laxed labour laws that creates enmployment. South Africans are generally lazy.

      Lerato - 2012-05-08 20:10

      @nspaynter we still need AA in SA to bring the country back to equilibrium. AA has never affected qualified previously advantaged, to say the truth I have never seen a qualified competent guy being excluded just because he is white. Unemployment rate among different races can confirm this. Educated white guys are not even affected a bit - I'm talking about the guys I went to school with, work with etc

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 20:17

      So Arvin, You would like RSA to go further into the 3rd world and keep the masses in poverty so a Minor % could prosper. No No No.......That's not what RSA needs,

  • Stefaans - 2012-05-08 19:23

    Rule number one in the comunist doctrine ,,,, Find out what the people wnat to hear, and then tell them, even if you dont mean it. Beware afrikaners........

  • braamc - 2012-05-08 19:33

    Always wanted to make this country work, guess who doesn't make it not work, the cANCer

  • Ken - 2012-05-08 19:33

    Off course the Afrikaners want the country to work, the real pity is that the ANC does not want the country to work!

  • Blingani - 2012-05-08 19:50

    Wow Mr Mantashe has just discovered that now... Get rid of the Malema kind in your organisation, your vision will clearer and you will see more things that will make this country work.

  • Dooie - 2012-05-08 19:52

    The ANC has an obligation to understand the concerns of Afrikaans bodies in the country, secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Tuesday. The concern Gwede is... Well... The ANC. To be honest.

  • Walter Lamza Mogano - 2012-05-08 20:05

    I don't have a problem with the ANC but how they rule how can u manage ppl without consulting them, protection of information bill, Etoll that failed the UK in the last decades, amendment to the constitution that was past prior apartheid. ANC should hav consulted ppl irrespective of color or poor before implementing all this.

      berni.venter - 2012-05-08 22:16

      Good point Walter. There is a process called a referendum where the voting public can tell the ruling party what they want... Not one referendum in 18 years speaks volumes doesn't it?

  • SA - 2012-05-08 20:09

    SCNZAMA - its people like you that are keeping the HATE alive in South Africa - and you work for a government department, is this how our pubic services staff act - discusting to say the lease.

  • Mark - 2012-05-08 20:25

    Bottom line here is that the ANC have finally realised that they've stuffed it up and are now looking for help, from wherever they can get it. Well, going to be interesting to see what they're willing to offer after alienating so many people for so long whilst they looted the place.

  • Donovan - 2012-05-08 20:47

    Why all this hate on white Afrikaners? 18 years on in democracy and yet we still have stupid, petty racist comments from people who are clearly illiterate and who don't have the nation's best interests at heart. What happened to Mandela's vision of a united South Africa?

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 20:56

      Be honest Don, You have friends that think like this. You tell me how do we change this mindset???

  • jim.connolly.16 - 2012-05-08 20:55

    Nice one Gwede...SA needs maturity...time to grow up guy's. More of the same please Sir!!

  • petrofect - 2012-05-08 21:07

    'Afrikaner organisations' aint this another isolation? Mirror of BEE

  • Sibusiso - 2012-05-08 21:07

    Bravo ANC, Afrikaaners originate from South Africa, they make South Africa be South Africa, they shouldn't be excluded and they should also stop excluding themselves from making a difference in their mother country. And they have every right to promote and protect their language and culture.

  • Sibusiso - 2012-05-08 21:08

    Bravo ANC, Afrikaaners originate from South Africa, they make South Africa be South Africa, they shouldn't be excluded and they should also stop excluding themselves from making a difference in their mother country. And they have every right to promote and protect their language and culture.

  • Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 21:23

    We are the only country in the world where the majority needs to protect them against a minute majority by means if statutes, regulations and political measures. This can only be ascribed to an immense inferiority complex and no respect for oneself. To accept any form of handouts, be it quotas, EE, entrance requirements etc will only devalue the collective psyche. I find it amazing that black people accept the fact that there will always be a question mark over any achievements within an unfair system. The ANC had in a revengefull manner went after every institution that Afrikaners established through hard work and blood sweat and tears, this action reeks of desperation now that they have aleady reached their pinnacle of voter support. From here on it will systematically be downhill, just like the old NP, you do not represent ALL South Africans and will eventually pay the price for that, you are being found out by your traditional voter base, you will not rule untill Jesus comes, and uou already know that!

      Tamaranui - 2012-05-08 21:40

      ""This can only be ascribed to an immense inferiority complex and no respect for oneself. "" What did you think of yourself during the Regime???

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 21:41

      So you believe it to be in order to threaten a fellow South African? Someone that pays its taxes and make a valid honest contribution to the country? You are one of the people that do not understanding the meaning of racism, what on earth did I say that warrants such a response? Is the truth hurting too much?

      vmmoyo - 2012-05-08 21:48

      Derek,this is precisely my point as an ANC voter and supporter of its former glory leadership.The point you made about blacks having a sense of inferiority complex and a lack of self respect has to do with not understand our vote..that being said you can't run away from the fact that imbalances of the past can only be corrected by some policy measures and enforcements inorder to level the playing thing I don't agree with is the meeting that took place with the afrikaans group as a special hearing because it isolates the racial needs and thereby implies preferential treatment which is why I suspect the resentment and violence most whites face have to do with the fact that they still hold government ransom somewhat.This country is very diverse and does not have to have special hearings for any specific racial group and not the others if that's the modus operandi on running the country.And I agree with you on the ANC being caught out by the base voter and there will be hell to pay for it and I personally pray for a coalition government for a change and people will soon learn from it.

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 21:48

      @Tamaranui, what is your problem, how can I have an influence on your own abilities to achieve or not, by the way, this is the BIG LIE that every single white person in this country somehow managed to achieve something ONLY as a result of the so-called Regime, apparently none of us worked to get what we achieved it just fell into our lap.

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 21:55

      @vmmoyo, I do agree with the majority of your sentiments, but I do believe that one can only value oneself if success is achieved on merit, I for one will always doubt myself if I have been included in any activity if there is any unfair system that is prejudiced. The normal human endeavour is to be the best against all odds and the world is full of stories how people managed to become the best regardless.

      Lerato - 2012-05-08 22:01

      @Derek are you suggesting that all white S Africans are smart? The reason why I'm asking is if they are 10% of the population why don't they have a 10% representation in jobs like farm labourors, security guards, maids, gardeners? How many whites with no academic qualifications are in management positions?

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 22:49

      Lerato, you are putting words in my mouth. Off course not all whites are smart, just as not all blacks are pdi's. I also think you should get your facts right in terms of employment statistics. This is not a black or white debate in any event, simply whether my contribution is valued, as that of any ither taxpayer, if you are happy to pay over your tax money and getting no value for it, good for you! If you are happy not to be measured and excel against the best, also good for you, it diesn't make you competitive though and will not enable you to do things you can really feel proud of. If that was the case why do not just buy our degrees on the internet, why bother to pay the fees ti go and study?

  • pieter0827006294 - 2012-05-08 21:46

    "Afrikaans bodies want to make SA work" - ANC

  • Jacques - 2012-05-08 21:54

    I hope everyone takes heed. That's true. Just because some Nats and their buddies were Afrikaans and started Apartheid, we are all villified as 'the oppressors'. So next time you see an Afrikaans person complaining about the slaughter of our culture (which is only in its infancy) we're witnessing, it's not because he or she longs for the 'good old days', but perhaps he or she is doing out out of emotion, sentiment or principle. You know. Those things humans have.

  • butch.vanblerk - 2012-05-08 22:04

    but mr gwede - how the hell can we believe you ?

  • vmmoyo - 2012-05-08 22:05

    @ Derek,I guess we are in agreement then that todays meeting was unnecessary as a special \afrikaans group\ was met to discuss their isuses and by default as a white south african I assume you would not see this group representing your views in any shape or form because I don't believe they do like how the ANC does not always represent my views against whites and therefore as a fellow countryman I believe we have to get past our racial notions of measuring people and deciding for them.I still believe in getting what I work for and nothing more or less and this is the humble upbring I got to experience and I remain accountable to it.its time we have mature political debates without racialising them like now so that we can build this country as one and get past the past!

      berni.venter - 2012-05-08 22:23

      @vmmoyo for President! There are a number of young men that have such vision and promise on this forum. You guys need to get together, infiltrate the ANC and overthrow the old school ASAP! Your country is relying on you!

      Derek Gerber - 2012-05-08 22:37

      I agree.

  • Patrick - 2012-05-08 22:18

    @Scnzama - Dude, it's supposed to be a 4 letter word not 5...

  • Sam - 2012-05-08 23:21

    bring voerentoe apartheid an maak suid afrika werk

  • kevin.rack - 2012-05-09 05:58

    Do not allow the state to divide you on race. We all have the same common dreams and aspirations and we are born equal. We have seen the colonials use the divide and conquer strategy and now its been used against us all by power hungy chess playing politicians. We are workers striving to get the best outr of life. We have more in common than differences. We allow the state to divide with these craft plans. They sow fear and division to stop us from uniting and focusing on the issues at hand. All the racist here are falling for this trap, they know yet cannot stop themsleves.

  • Alf - 2012-05-09 09:07

    The title says it all "Afrikaans Bodies want do make SA work" - The ANC, lead by its President, want to rape and ruin the country as quick as possible. The two are poles apart!

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