Agang doesn't go down well with youth

2013-02-21 22:31

Johannesburg - Nearly half of young South Africans think "Agang" is a stupid name for a political party, consumer insights company Pondering Panda said on Thursday.

Activist and businesswoman Mamphela Ramphele launched a "party political platform" with that name in Johannesburg on Monday.

"We launch this initiative under the name Agang or in the Nguni languages of our country, Akhani, which can be interpreted in English as 'Build South Africa'," she said.

Pondering Panda spokesperson Shirley Wakefield said young people aged between 18 and 34 were asked what they thought of the name before being told it meant "Build SA" in Setswana.

"Almost half (49%) thought it was a stupid name. In comparison, 25% thought it was okay, and 12% thought it was a good name."

Wakefield said the 1 902 participants were given only the three options to select from in the cellphone survey.

When participants were told the name meant "Build SA", the figures improved slightly, but 30% were still not in favour of the name.

Wakefield said the name chosen for a political party was part of its image and how it was perceived, which made it extremely important.

"Dr Ramphele has chosen a non-traditional name for her party, and while this does help differentiate her party, at this stage, it does not appeal to young voters."

Instead, the survey revealed, the youth were not in support of the name as they did not understand it.

"There is still time before the 2014 elections for Dr Ramphele to increase the visibility of Agang among youth, and define it as a party that supports their interests," Wakefield said.

They survey was conducted between February 18 and 20.

  • JDP - 2013-02-21 22:47

    "Agang" or "A gang", the name makes the new party sound like a bunch of hoodlums!

      mongwadi - 2013-02-22 08:17

      "Half of young south Africans" but you only interviewed about 2000 of them, maybe panda is a stupid name for consumer insights company.

      BatRMan959 - 2013-02-22 08:36

      It is a Stupid name... Means well, but sounds stupid... - Anyways, the youth will be voting ANC again in the next elections. - I urge all Black folk who are considering teh DA.. Read the general comments on N24 from the 90% DA voters and tell me if that you are not going to marginalised should they come into power.. The Western Cape is a G R E A T city (for white people) Our people there are in teh same position as they were pre-1994 - Sorry Minority.. I really couldn't care what you think.. You had your turn..

      BatRMan959 - 2013-02-22 08:42

      It is a Stupid name... Means well, but sounds stupid... - Anyways, the youth will be voting ANC again in the next elections. - I urge all Black folk who are considering teh DA.. Read the general comments on N24 from the 90% DA voters and tell me if that you are not going to marginalised should they come into power.. The Western Cape is a G R E A T city (for white people) Our people there are in teh same position as they were pre-1994

      bob.mcmillen.564 - 2013-02-22 09:17

      I agree, bad name choice, hope they change the name but more importantly I hope MR takes loads of votes away from the corrupt bunch of useless thieves calling themselves the ANC, I think MP will form a good relationship with the DA and hopefully together they can oust the rubbish and we can start to rebuild and move forward.

  • Gift Mpho Letsoalo - 2013-02-21 23:17

    who cares abt the name as long the party delivers what we expectd en promised

  • mantsho.tlali - 2013-02-21 23:43

    l thought the same thing, A stupit Name. I like Doctor Ramphele and what She stand for, but Part of me think She is a Tribalist, and I am suprised at this Name because She is a very Educated woman, She should know Better, the name is a turn off, South Africa is mixed nation, Why stand for one , The name in English will do. This party is not a good idea, its just a waste of time.

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-02-22 06:59

      Can you explain why you think a woman who was a vice chancellor of UCT, a managing director of the World Bank, and who has at last count, 7 degrees from a MChBc to a MBA is a traditionalist?

      Malizba Liz Mhlanga - 2013-02-22 07:05

      @mantsho I share same sentiment with u...u are spot on de name is a real turn off

      heini.falk - 2013-02-22 07:50

      Yea because "Building" South Africa is not the South African ANC way is it? Building is the only word never being practiced by the ANC or the YL. The only words that appeal to them are Steal, Brake Down, Corruption, Murder, Rape and the like but never Build because its a concept the ANC and the YL don't understand. Ofc they wont like something they don't understand

      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-22 07:56

      I agree, it is not a name for a party but a name for a farm or a cow or maybe even a business, but not a political party. She should stick to acronyms.

      africa.favouiteson - 2013-02-22 08:18

      So would you vote for her if she called it SANP? South African National Party? Or if It was South African National Union - Patriotic Front - SANUPF? do we vote for names of parties or peolpe running the party? African National Congress does it include white people since they are not referred to European Africans. What is in a name really?

      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-22 08:59

      Africa.fav. "What's in a name" you ask. Let me ask you this, what would your life be like if your mother called you "pubert" or "stinkass" or even "blacksheep"?. Would you be respected or would you have to work extra hard to get people to take you seriously? A lot is in a name buddy. Politics is about power, and a name should reflect that. What would you vote for, "agang" or "People's Liberation" short "PR"

      nu_un_clear - 2013-02-22 09:02

      Sorry, "PL" "Need coffee, brain not work, caffeine help little must"

  • Chillexnj - 2013-02-22 00:31

    I like the name Agang and I think we will get used to it as South African.Ramphela's speech was a touching one for me,

  • danie.strydom.7 - 2013-02-22 01:08

    A stupit Name. pot kettle black

  • Lebotse Nox - 2013-02-22 01:09

    I for 1 understand nd like Agang,don't be a stereotype thnkng al partys shuld hve abbreviation. This is realy a new good concerp to recapture al th lost votes frm th anc nd da.let th games begin

  • malan.forfar - 2013-02-22 01:24

    I honestly think stupids are those that shouts in meetings that they do not follow what the speaker is saying when the poor person is only expressing his/her opinion in his/her Afrikaans mother tongue, and I think stupids are those that in any packed meeting the speaker, speaking in any of the 9 official Bantu languages of South Africa, and for some reason the poor person has to have to translate in English for them. These are ignorant idiots and I am sure they are the “entitled ones”. They belong to the current South Africa and the bleak future that it is heading to and not in the dream country that AgangSA is visioning.

      jerry.medina.756 - 2013-02-22 01:54

      I couldn't have said it better Malan. ANC and DA are playing the scare mongering politics to gain vote and Dr Mamphele's initiative should be commended and supported by all patriotic South Africans.

  • Tlotlo Phele - 2013-02-22 04:52

    The meaning carries weight , shows the stereo type of the 33% pass rate generation

      psalm.proverb.3 - 2013-02-22 08:12

      LOL!! Well said.

  • Muffin_man_can - 2013-02-22 05:27

    I am very excited about what this party can achieve but have to agree dr. Ramphele could have come up with a better name..

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2013-02-22 05:57

      . And also not dress like Mother Theresa !!!

  • Thandy Moupo - 2013-02-22 05:49

    And where was this stupid survey conducted?

  • jaco.grobler.543 - 2013-02-22 06:12

    Nice one Pondering Panda, and News 24, what is your next brilliant survey report due ? May I suggest; 'What do pensioners between 75 and 80 think about the new PS4 game console' ?

  • Sefako Mokgalaka - 2013-02-22 06:17

    Not pandering panda again please. They have one agenda on their menu.

  • Terence Wessels - 2013-02-22 06:33

    What scares me is that the electorate of the country will not vote for Agang based only on its name, not considering policy or capability. Its how cANCer keep winning.

      Charles Frederik Robberts - 2013-02-22 07:54

      Sheep mentality

  • herman.letlalo - 2013-02-22 07:04

    a bad name indeed

  • Jimmy Millionwatts - 2013-02-22 07:07

    The name Pondering Panda doesn't go down with many people either.

  • bill.mckimm.9 - 2013-02-22 07:18

    SA is the land of the big ego and this lady has shown how big her ego is. She talks a good game but so do the ANC. Watch her disappear like mist before the sun. We are tracked in a racist quagmire fueled by the personal ambition of the heads of the ANC. Nobody in the ruling party has any understanding of what serving the country means and we can look forward to more of the same until the country explodes and this will be black on black violence and the whites will be spectators, watching everything they built destroyed by greed and self ambition.

      Charles Frederik Robberts - 2013-02-22 07:53

      Can't wait!

      themba.thwala.775 - 2013-02-22 08:21

      Die Boeremag gathering of two boereninjas who are gathered to wishfully bring about "black on black violence" in light of the fact that "Operasie Popeyes" has failed before it even started :)

  • compos.mentis.58 - 2013-02-22 07:22

    And that opinion is from people who struggle to write a comprehensive sentence??? Yeah right. They will not like agang because it means that they will be expected to work in future and not sit at home and burn shoes and money.

  • Mashuduk - 2013-02-22 07:27

    Ignorance is not bliss...South Africa is diverse with many languages and cultures, and if you don't understand translate it...

  • arthur.salvado - 2013-02-22 07:52

    OMG. What an unfortunate choice of name particularly in crime infested country with gang killings and drugs etc forever in the news. What was she thinking , never a clever moment in this gangster country.

      Charles Frederik Robberts - 2013-02-22 07:56

      Perhaps she was thinking about the A team but only knew of gangs

  • flynn.govender - 2013-02-22 08:07

    I guess if this party wins the elections, it will be a household name that everyone will know, lol. If Dr Ramphele want to make a difference and win the elections in SA, she must talk to the masses. The masses is the biggest threat to SA economy, they chose their leader based on colour and which tribe he/she come from

  • Masosha Mbongeni - 2013-02-22 08:10

    A bad name 4 sure .

  • Chibuli - 2013-02-22 08:46

    With 150 political parties, South Africa would be better off by abolishing party politics and implementing a true democracy in which the PEOPLE elect the government officials/ministers, etc - not some political party! That way our government officials would be accountable to the people of South Africa, not to their party which only represents its own interests and members.

  • KingPun - 2013-02-22 09:19

    I am a youth and still going for AgangSA, so make that 38%

  • jacqui.daanevanrensburg - 2013-02-22 10:49

    Let her get one of the rappers to rap that name and it will become popular overnight. Mind you it doesn't do anything for me either. Maybe Agani will be better.

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