Amnesty granted to former ANC, UDF leader

2000-08-04 15:26

Durban - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's amnesty committee on Thursday granted amnesty to Muzuvukile Curnick Ndlovu, a former leader of the African National Congress and the United Democratic Front in KwaZulu-Natal.

Ndlovu applied for amnesty for two incidents of sabotage in 1961 and 1963 near Durban, for which he served long prison sentences on Robben Island.

Nldovu was part of the leadership of the UDF in Natal in the 1980s.

The TRC also granted amnesty to Heinrich Enckhausen Bohmke, William David Louw and Moses Bushy Kelobonye for damaging the offices of the former Conservative Party in 1993 and for unlawful possession of explosives.

Ntsumbedzeni Alson Tshitahe was granted amnesty for arson attacks on government vehicles and school buildings in the Sibasa area in the former Venda homeland.

He was, however, refused amnesty for robbery and unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

July-Mabakoko Mtsweni, Speelman Mtsweni, Johannes Mahlangu, Phillip Mtsweni and Charles Skosana were granted amnesty for the murder of Emmah Mtsweni in January 1991 in the former KwaNdebele homeland.

The incident was sparked by the alleged bewitching of Mtsweni's parents, but the amnesty committee found the issue of witchcraft was but one of the factors which played a role in the murder. - Sapa