Arms deal saga 'damaging SA'

2011-08-04 21:15

Cape Town - The Freedom Front Plus on Thursday again urged President Jacob Zuma to appoint a judicial inquiry into the arms deal.

In a letter to Zuma, FF Plus spokesperson Pieter Groenewald said the arms procurement programme of the late 90s had since its start, until now, led to several repercussions of alleged corruption and bribery.

"I am aware that other investigations were done but in the meantime very important information has come to light," he wrote.

One of the manufacturers of the Gripen fighter jets, Saab, had now publicly acknowledged that R24m was paid in bribes to people in South Africa through their former South African subsidiary, Sanip, which was controlled by BAE Systems.

"I am also aware that the directorate for priority crimes [Hawks] is at present busy following-up on these allegations."

Doubts had, however, already been expressed as to whether the case would progress further at all.

"You, as president, are on record that you would have said that the government is serious about the eradicating of corruption and that it will not be tolerated.

"The arms deal is not only damaging the image of the SA National Defence Force but also that of the whole of South Africa.

"In my opinion the only real solution is that there will for once and for all be a final investigation about the whole arms deal programme.

"In the light of this, I request you to appoint a commission of inquiry, preferably a judicial commission, to investigate this whole matter. Finality about the issue could be secured though such an investigation and the books can then be closed," Groenewald wrote.

  • Mundu - 2011-08-04 21:26

    I agree, the whole thing stinks and is the 500 lb gorilla in the South African "room". Of course Zuma was only kidding when he said he would eradicate corruption. How will he make his millions without corruption?

      THE.SRG - 2011-08-04 21:50

      the problem is Zuma doesnt care at all how he goes down in history...he only cares about now and all the money he can get!

      cliffarc - 2011-08-04 22:04

      - Hmm - as if this Anc govt. gives a hoot for the country's reputation or their thieving ,corrupt ways.

      Creeky - 2011-08-05 04:28

      ANC will NEVER allow the Arms Deal to be LAID OUT BARE.... Their Saints, MANDELA, SISULU, MODISE and other ANC ELITE will be EXPOSED as the BIGGEST BENIFACTORS of the Arms Deal BRIBERY!!!! God forbid the name Mandela gets TARNISHED!!!!

  • steven - 2011-08-04 21:35

    Zuma will not incriminate himself or any of his cronies, he don’t have the ba…/ backbone to stand up for the people of South Africa. He is a song and dance politician which is raping the coffers of this country. Career politicians is not representing the people but interest groups that paid a lot of money to get them where they are and this president will not give up his future income nor his stashed wealth.

  • michael.e.bowery - 2011-08-04 21:36

    Wasting your time. Zuma and his `friends Chippy Shaik and all those around him thru the front companies were up to their eyes in it. Read my book Shred when Read (Crest Publishing online)and After the Party.

  • Shivaskar - 2011-08-04 21:43

    ANC has done nothing but damage SA. BEE failed, Affirmative action disadvantages some, and sometimes puts incompetent people in positions of influence. Corruption is Everywhere, and goes Unpunished, the sure signed of a doomed economy. Someone has to pay for it and the people will while you enjoy the lavish lifestyle funded by the sweat of others. I motivate myself to stay in SA because I can make a difference, even if I only succedded at improving myself. Zuma, Malema, do the honorable thing. Put a gun to your head, make peace with yourself, ask the lord for forgiveness and pull the trigger.

  • mandla yende - 2011-08-04 21:43

    The arms deal? Very interesting. Tony Blair had the same BRIBE problem with the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. Tony Blair stopped the investigation by having some laws passedstopping nay investigation. The Germans had the same problem with us, the South Africans, and they declared through their "NPA" that the case is too complex and too huge to investigate and it would take years to complete. The German nation obliged.Now if you were living in Europe you would bribe anyone in Africa and be sure that you will get away with it, afterall their fiscus was boosted because we paid them extra for outdated weapons. It would take a miracle for Zuma to agree to this request unless he is a moron. Funny enough France, and the UK and Germany are still doing well as "democracies" in spite of being complicit in these bribes and deciding to stop any investigation thereof. Its only South Africa that will lose its credibility internationally but its strange becsause the bribe payers are exactly those prominent overseas countries. Now I dont condone bribes but its a very strange world indeed. And I dont believe the motive is altruistic.

      sipholess - 2011-08-04 22:14

      Mandla, you are standing up for your black brothers, corruption is rife in SA and you seem to be making excuses. Yes it happens in the EU, but in a nutshell the mechanism of good governance and service delivery work in those countries. The ANC have been bad medicine for a healthy counrty and wasted billions, individuals should be held accountable and are not ?

      IR_Eddie - 2011-08-05 08:45

      @ Mandla - what about the poor masses in the country? The ones who are really suffering so that our politicians can live like kings on Blood money (I call it that cause that is exactly what it is - Taking the food out of the poor's mouth to enrich yourself)!

      v3 - 2011-08-05 08:47

      You make some valid points, but Blair's Labour Party supported the ANC. There is also a big difference between German/French/etc business individuals being involved in bribes and government officials. Our lot should actually be tried for treason, since they did not procure the best weapons possible for our defence force.

      mosali - 2011-08-05 09:15

      Mandla please tell me how you are going to explain to your children and their children that you were ok with the plundering by the people that you voted for as you did not give damn about their future as long as the wicked whites never rule again?

  • chaminuka - 2011-08-04 22:01

    The arms deal saga should be let to RIP. We have learnt from it. We should put in place measures to insure that it never happens again. The constant harping about it is giving SA a bad name. You lose some and make sure you win some.

      Neil - 2011-08-04 22:08

      Sorry Buddy, but I do not agree with you. How many apartheid criminals still have to stand trial for things that happened many years ago but ANC officials having their filthy little paws in every crime related pie must be left alone? To Hell with that! Zuma owes South Africans Answers, not excuses! Loving the way the DA and FF+ is a big thorn in the ANC's side.. Keep up the good work!

      tk - 2011-08-04 22:13

      You can put as many measure in place as you like, but if you have the right couple of guys that is bought you can get away with it. Need to firstly get guys with the right morals in the positions

      GT - 2011-08-04 23:03

      what have we learned? that you can get away with massive fraud and corruption so long as you are in the ruling party and corrupt the correct number of high ranking people. What I have learned is that there are very people currently occupying top spots that can be trusted.... and that is sad and disheartening, especially when the payroll taxes run each month.

      mosali - 2011-08-05 09:18

      what did you learn? please explain it to us stupid people that did not understand the lesson. the lesson the rest of us learned is that by not doing anything about it or anything else corrupt is giving SA the bad name

      Kenno - 2011-08-05 09:37

      @Chaminuka... Can I murder one of your family and you say "We have learned from it" A crime is a crime and the guilty must be punished. SA has an attitude of corruption being OK...Well it is not!

      The Wonderer - 2011-08-05 11:44

      We can't let it go Chaminuka, Zuma is guilty & he is in charge of this country. He vowed to fight corruption, so he has to investigate. The year we knew he was going to become president, our pastor in a church where there's people from all walks of life, just before the election, told us that he has a sister-in-law who works in the government and they had proof Zuma was guilty of many of the 700 fraud and corruption charges. He asked us all to pray for this man as he was about to become president.

  • Vela Stardust - 2011-08-04 22:14

    Ultimately the truth will be revealed. Those involved will eventually be exposed.

      sipholess - 2011-08-05 00:15

      Who will reveal the truth ? The ANC call the shots. Unfortunately the ANC have the wheel and that wont change for a very long time.

  • The_Socialist - 2011-08-04 22:18

    The arms deal was berried once and will be again, even though corruption is not right it is the African way and European Nations exploit this. Payoff the few and capitalize on their greed... Sorry to say it but maybe we are destined to join the other African nations at the bottom of the food chain squabbling over scraps left by larger nations all the while they rape our natural assets for foreign gain.

      Manyoza - 2011-08-05 08:26

      The sad part is that we had so much potential to be a really respected Nation, but sadly, due to our inability (lack of desire)to seriously tackle corruption and crime, we appear to be detined to hit the bottom of the food chain. We do not appear to really appreciate what we have here, and we take it for granted.

      daaivark - 2011-08-05 08:37

      Manyoza... thanks for one of the more sane and pragmatic comments in a while. I truly grieve for what has become of the nation for which so many of us held out so much hope with the birth of a liberated SA in '94. Where is that liberation? Liberation is about so much more than the right to vote. It is about a state of mind, and alas, we South Africans seem to fall far short of that ideal. My poor children. We fought to bring them what we thought would be a nation for everyone, but what do we have? A slimepit of greedy, dishonest elitists. What a tragedy.

  • Bill - 2011-08-04 22:23

    Right, do you really think Zuma is going to sanction writing his own "last rites" He is one of the most guilty of them all, in the arms deal saga...!

      GT - 2011-08-04 23:04

      Zuma is small fry in the arms deal. Really small fry. He has his issues to answer, but he was the great smokescreen.

  • Tronn - 2011-08-05 07:50

    just forget about politics for a moment. The fact is the South African Government placed orders for arms. It has come to light that a number of goverment ministers accepted bribes from the arms suppliers. Shaik was found guilty, but how could he have processed the orders without the involvement of the Minister of Finance and without the approval of the President? Therefore a crime has been committed. This makes those involved to be criminals. Criminals must face charges and be punished. The truth will never stay buried. It will come back to haunt those that are guilty.

      Manyoza - 2011-08-05 08:32

      Agree, agree, agree. It does not matter how the RSA gov tries to squash the exposure, and hide away from the facts, the simple truth is that there are Nations that have enough integrity and moral standing out there that will, sooner or later, reveal a NAME or TWO. What then ? Will the RSA gov and ANCYL call them imperialists and other names.

  • Piet - 2011-08-05 07:50

    Zuma and those involved don't care about me, you or even his own people. This and other waist-ed money could have helped a lot of their people, but no they need them to suffer so they can blame apartheid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrTruth - 2011-08-05 08:22

    Now add ANCYL and its stupid leader, the ANC itself and you get more damage and more damage and more corruption, it will never end all the time you get stupid voters keeping them in power. ***The people of SA deserve all they get, plus the attitude and racism of blacks and whites in SA will never change*** After seven years in SA what do I see? I will tell you, you will not like it, but it really is the truth if people bothered to take a good look. When I go in a supermarket mid morning with the older generation doing their shopping, I notice how the white ladies will move to avoid any close bypass with blacks WHY??? I find the attitude of the shop assistance BLACKS very rude and unnecessary. When on the road the worse drivers you get are white middle-aged males, who think breaking the law and drive like a complete idiot is ok. Then you get the racist attitude of the whites because they now cannot kick a black a*** and demand a days work for a rand. When stopped by a police officer the only thing on his mind is how much can I get out of this white pig. Then you add another hundred other unnecessary racist attitudes there is no hope. Now add the worse crime in the world there really is no hope. UNTIL you all put a stop to it and get real and forget the passed, you will never get anywhere. Open you eyes all of you and you will see I am right.

      daaivark - 2011-08-05 08:44

      Yours is a very shallow truth. You need to look a little further. Some of us are actually tryi9ng to get there, so please acknowledge that and give us our due.

      Exilestar - 2011-08-05 09:44

      Truth hurts Mr Truth, if you cannot change South Africa atleast change yourself, i'll do the same and so is the other guy.

  • v3 - 2011-08-05 08:45

    Jacob 783 did not lie, manipulate and evade justice to become president for the sake of the country. Quite the contrary.

  • MrTruth - 2011-08-05 09:26

    daaivark Yes some do try, I do business with some who really will not give up, but admit it is almost impossible. The trouble daaivark try to deal with the local councils and straight away you feel the tension and racism. Drive on the roads, its like a demolition derby with the manners of pigs. Bag and slip checks at stores as if you are a criminal. Bank charges the highest in the world. “My bank in the UK have not charged me one cent in 30 years” In most counties of the world the police cannot stop you without good reason, here they do, not to implement the law just to get money. In seven years I have been. Robbed seven times. Highjack and lost a car and almost my life. Home broken into 3 times and had a gun put to my head. Frightened by police. Told by a bank I am the wrong colour. Frightened by other motorist because I will not drive at 150 kph and they cannot pass. The list is endless really, but I am still here triyng. Perhaps I bring bad luck and should never of agreed to come here to create jobs and hope for a few. The point I am trying to make is not really shallow it is a fact that unless people change it will only get worse.

  • jayrozz6 - 2011-08-05 10:05

    im giving up on this guys, touch mafias, you cant crack them with juju opening his toilet every 6 seconds. you have done a lot to sink our ship, well done comrades

  • Whoa! - 2011-08-05 10:07

    What happened to transparency, accountability and working on behalf of the people that vote you in to the govt? The whole ANC govt should resign. They are all corrupt.

  • sheep - 2011-08-05 10:26

    This letter is hilarious, yes mr president please would you get your best team out there to find more proof that you're a criminal so that we can all know for certain yet still do nothing about it, FF plus, I don't know if you guys remember that it was zuma that was on trial for the arms deal corruption, I really don't think he's going to want to be back there after pulling all those strings to get him off.

  • Dan W - 2011-08-05 16:37

    Oh, to be an ANC politician on the gravy train (at the feeding trough)! Abuse/neglect of the disadvantaged/supportive masses? Who cares? Just dish up more denials, more lies.

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