Azapo Youth hits out at NYDA

2011-06-13 18:10

Johannesburg - The National Youth Development Agency will drag a historic event such as Youth Day through the mud, the Azapo Youth Organisation said on Monday.

"A few years back, with all the evidence at his disposal, President [Jacob} Zuma did what he seems to be mastering "through a blind eye" at obvious, corrupt and unscrupulous individuals in his youth movement and went on to launch the NYDA, a cocktail of disasters, the merger of Msobomvu and Youth Commission," Azanian People's Organisation Youth president Amukelani Ngobeni said in a statement.

"June 16 is the event which was organised and led by the Black Consciousness Movement and as the custodians of Black Consciousness in the country, we cannot afford to helplessly watch NYDA as they drag this historic event into the mud."

He said the Azapo Youth Organisation was taken aback that the NYDA was organising a Youth Day commemoration at the Orlando Stadium on Thursday.

June 16 commemorates the start of the Soweto uprising of 1976.

When the organisation received an invitation to the event it requested to be given a slot in the programme to say something.

"They refused because they know that we shall stand up and tell the world what exactly happened on the day.

"It is our responsibility as the youth of Azapo to stand up and tell NYDA and [the] ANC government to stop telling lies about June 16, stop claiming victories which you do not know how they came to be."

Ngobeni said June 16 was "our event" and NYDA it could not celebrate it without Azapo.

"We call on all young people in the country to stay away from parties organised by NYDA in the name of June 16."

  • Smindlo - 2011-06-13 18:34

    WTF is AZAPO youth? WTF is AZAPO?

  • Aquilian - 2011-06-13 18:39

    I believe in a youth that believe in themselves. But not if that youth refuses to work for their future, always demanding hand-outs. The path of arrogance, corruption.. and eventually famine.

  • Sean - 2011-06-13 18:41

    Good to see black leaders taking on the ANC

      World Traveler - 2011-06-13 21:23

      Yes, and the AZAPO guys don't put up with malema's bullsh!

  • USSA - 2011-06-13 18:44

    WTF is June 16? This last week 4 white people were brutally killed on their small holdings. Can we commemorate their memory as well???

  • onetickie - 2011-06-13 19:20

    The Youth League is a load of crap and an excuse for rabble-rowsers to get together to make trouble and re-ignite racial hatred. With an intelligent leader of SA this organization would have been banned years ago. They're nothing short of the "KKK" in reverse.

  • World Traveler - 2011-06-13 21:22

    The best thing about anc youth is THAT THEY GET OLDER! And go GREY!

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