Blame old SABC board - Cosatu

2009-08-17 21:06

Johannesburg - The blame for costly legal proceedings and the settlement paid to former CEO Dali Mpofu must firmly be placed on the shoulders of the former SABC board, Cosatu said on Monday.

Such expenditure was "highly regrettable" at a time when the SABC expected to lose R1bn in the 2008/2009 financial year, the trade union federation said in a statement.

It also named the former SABC board, chaired by Khanyi Mkonza as the culprit. The board had been "illegitimately appointed and was guilty of gross mismanagement".

Mpofu would be paid R6 738 160, plus an additional R900 055 which was legally due to him.

This was in addition to the R2.1m legal fees incurred by the corporation.

Mpofu could not be blamed for exercising his rights under the Constitution and the labour laws.

The present interim board should be commended for resolving a difficult situation "which was none of their own making".

Cosatu said it intended campaigning for the appointment of a new permanent board which would be "truly representative", able to reverse financial losses and forge ahead with creating a public broadcaster which genuinely spoke for the country's people.