Boesak warns of cheap political talk

2012-05-15 07:32

Cape Town - Former president FW de Klerk's comments about apartheid and the homelands were reminiscent of politicians who did nothing more than talk about reconciliation, anti-apartheid activist Allan Boesak said on Monday.

He said the activist Beyers Naudé had been right when he warned of people who committed themselves to reconciliation but did not follow through, making their promise "nothing but cheap talk".

"[Naudé said] the talk of reconciliation remains meaningless and even dangerous if words are not transformed into deeds... We look at the signs of an unfulfilled, unfinished, even somewhat forced reconciliation process."

De Klerk interview

In an interview on Thursday, De Klerk reportedly said that apartheid was morally indefensible inasmuch as it trampled human rights, but that providing a state where people with one culture and language could fulfil their democratic aspirations was not repugnant.

He reportedly denied that blacks in the homelands were disenfranchised.

"They were not disenfranchised, they voted. They were not put in homelands, the homelands were historically there. If only the developed world would put so much money into Africa, which is struggling with poverty, as we poured into those homelands. How many universities were built? How many schools?" he asked.

"At that stage the goal was separate but equal, but separate but equal failed." He said he later became "a convert" against the system.

Reacting to criticism of his remarks on Monday, De Klerk asked why he would have nostalgia "for that which I abolished and for that which I apologised?" adding: "I don't want to get into the twisted interpretation of what I've said."

He said he was optimistic about the country's future, despite its many "challenges".

"What is wrong in South Africa can be put right and I think that it's time we all join hands, stop shouting at each other and we work together to improve things."

Speaking in Stellenbosch to commemorate what would have been Naudé's 97th birthday, Boesak said South Africa's post apartheid reality was far from what Naudé envisaged.

Addressing a crowd in Durban in 1973, the activist and theologian had spoken of an unwavering belief that the black man would eventually be free.

SA still marginalised

Boesak said South Africa in 2012 was still marginalised, with a growing gap between the rich and the poor.

The "denial and insidiousness of racism" continued to reveal itself, he said. "It makes us believe that non-racialism is the failing dream of idealistic fools."

He said this generation had failed in realising equality, but that the next generation had more hope.

Asked about corruption in post-apartheid South Africa, Boesak said people should remember that corruption was as old as time.

"We should not act as if it's a disease that started in 1994. We see corruption as a problem with government, but we forget that corruption needs two parties - the one that comes with the bribe and the one who takes the bribe."

He described it as not only a political and economical problem, but also a "deeply moral issue" because money was being diverted away from the oppressed.

Boesak said that if politicians chose to follow through on their promises, they would begin to realise Naudés dream.

"His challenge still stands... it is time to transfer words into deeds. The time for pious talk is over."

  • Lyndatjie - 2012-05-15 07:45

    I had to laugh at the heading: "Boesak warns of Cheap Political Talk". Little cretin would obviously prefer to CHARGE for it!

      eric.vanvuuren - 2012-05-15 08:18

      "[Naudé said] the talk of reconciliation remains meaningless and even dangerous if words are not transformed into deeds... We look at the signs of an unfulfilled, unfinished, even somewhat forced reconciliation process." Have you ever...

  • Shaun McDermott - 2012-05-15 07:46

    who is this poepal Boesak???

      Reon - 2012-05-15 08:29

      Is it Papsak or Boesak?

      Antwahn - 2012-05-15 10:03


  • Peter - 2012-05-15 07:46

    Mr. Boesak what you say is true but you seem to be implying that FW does not want reconciliation yet he gave up power and was one of the few in the NP to help bring about change. The man is 76 if you dont like what he says ignore him. The fact that he has no power and is no longer in government yet you must still try to find a way to attack the man is a bit childish and worrying. Also "but we forget that corruption needs two parties" thats not true. There is plenty of corruption in African countries that are run by Dictators. Zim is a prime example of this.

  • Nigel - 2012-05-15 07:47

    ok, so you condone the corruption, sorry Boesak it sounds like you are lobbying for a job in the ANC

      Koos - 2012-05-15 08:17

      Big time!

  • Dennis - 2012-05-15 07:48

    Oh, is this afrikaans box still around ???

  • Marion - 2012-05-15 07:48

    International aid? Boesak? Jail?

  • Fredster - 2012-05-15 07:54

    Hey Allan, wassap man? long time no hear!!!

      Fred - 2012-05-15 08:29

      Would have been far better never to have ever heard from him again. He is like a perpetual rat trying to steal the cheese (again).

      Fredster - 2012-05-15 08:38

      Out of sight out of mind

  • Deon - 2012-05-15 07:54

    The ANC supports a two-state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict ( The Homeland System is not much different! In fact, it seems like a holiday camp compared to what the Palestinians are going through. Talk about two-faced! But what more could one expect from the ANC?

      Koos - 2012-05-15 08:18

      The don't want that in SA. Who are they going to blame and where is the money going to come from?

  • Frans - 2012-05-15 08:01

    Oe hier skrik ek my oor 'n mik. Staan die man uit die dode op. A real opportunist if you ask me. Why don't you say anything about all the corruption going on in this country. Oh maybe because you were/are part of it?

  • Walter - 2012-05-15 08:02

    This coming from the cheapest politician in South Africa!!!

  • elkita.robbertse - 2012-05-15 08:13

    Boesak,you are just like De Klerk.Talk the same nonsense and look alike.So pack your boeksak and go and stay with De Klerk

  • Victor - 2012-05-15 08:13

    He should know if anyone !!!!!!

  • Harold - 2012-05-15 08:14

    Aparthied ended 20 years ago and so did Boesaks political life. Stay out of it Allan you have nothing to contribute to this debate. You have already done something dihonest by distorting Mr De Klerks comments. It is your party who are incharge so ask them what have they done for reconciliation.

  • Robin - 2012-05-15 08:18

    Who cares about your opinion jail bird thief!!!!

  • Julie - 2012-05-15 08:23

    I thought this useless piece of trash is still in prison?

  • Helmut - 2012-05-15 08:23

    So this stinker is still around

  • mastersvoice - 2012-05-15 08:25

    Hard to imagine this is the same criminal talking! Boesak is himself the perfect example of not practising what he preached!

  • aspruyt - 2012-05-15 08:26

    Geen woorde uit die skelm se mond sal ooit enige waarde he nie.

  • Ina - 2012-05-15 08:29

    I think Boesak should be the last person to talk about corruption. Didn't he do time for misappropriation of funds? Or am I missing the boat somewhere?

  • MSGRule - 2012-05-15 08:38

    "We should not act as if it's a disease that started in 1994. We see corruption as a problem with government, but we forget that corruption needs two parties - the one that comes with the bribe and the one who takes the bribe." Ha ha yes. One is the cousin/brother/father of an ANC member. Keeping bribary and corruption in the family.

  • Sharon - 2012-05-15 08:39

    So says a crook, typical!!

  • stefan.vanderspuy - 2012-05-15 08:42

    Alan who? He's a nonentity with no influence and should rather crawl back into the hole he came from.

  • Jane - 2012-05-15 08:44

    Alan Boesak, a convicted criminal. What could you possibly have to say that is worth listening to. Do you not have a basic understanding of the English language, can you not make sense of what FW was saying?

  • marumobongani - 2012-05-15 08:44

    when being realistic democracy never came out of (de clerks) goodness of his heart but fear of being shamed internationally and sanctioned he avoided a turn of the tide and sold us a dream of rainbow nation which is sh*t the true battle is far from over

      Steve - 2012-05-15 08:59

      You are right. The battle against corruption, theft and maladministration.

      Wilweet - 2012-05-15 09:56

      Bongani...that is absolutely not true. I as a young boy grew up with the same belief as FW and realised just after school that its a big mistake. Started then convincing people that we have to change....that was 1979. Go and check.....even Matanzima of Trankei thought initially it was a good idea. The realization only came later that its an impossible system which resulted in serious discrimination. In mye own opinion I did my share to break down apartheid....but from within the system. And in my opinion, we succeeded.

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-05-15 08:46


  • Christopher - 2012-05-15 08:55

    And what gives Boesack, a liar, thief and conman, any right to comment on any of this? Talk is cheap, but he stole from the church. The man belongs in jail.

  • Zion - 2012-05-15 09:00

    |g8iven this guy's criminal background it is still difficult to take him seriously.

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:48

      Janine, I wish I could have been there.

  • Westvaal - 2012-05-15 09:09

    Yes Boesak, you did not just talk about stealing, you transferred 'your words into deeds' to your promised(homeland )then o' shifty one....

  • Ron - 2012-05-15 09:10

    Does anyone actually listen to this thief anymore?

  • johan.schroeder - 2012-05-15 09:24

    You are a thief who went to jail . If it wasn't for FW De Klerk ,,,,where would SA been now ? But then again ... You cannot think so far that is why you needed to marry a white wife ! When will you steal again ?

  • Jenny - 2012-05-15 09:37

    Boesak jumping on the bandwagon; Malema doing the same shouting that Mdluli must go. They insult our intelligence by stating very loudly what most of us know. Unlike us unimportant honest citizens, we don't get any sort of platform to view our opinions - we have to write on these news-sites. Why can't these crooks do the same if they have something to say?

  • Roy - 2012-05-15 09:42

    Where does Boesak come,was he not jailed for theft? He should keep quiet and carry on with his preaching in church and stealing his congregations money and living a lekker life preaching the Devils word.

  • Andre - 2012-05-15 09:56

    Ai Boesak my ou vriend, haal die oogklappe van jou oe af en gaan na die oorspesialis om die was uit jou ore te spuit...elke dag moet ons die verwyte van jou ANC party aanhoor oor die sondes van apartheid en nou kom vertel jy FW moet die verlede vergeet!! What a statement!

  • Bibi - 2012-05-15 10:04

    Who is Boesak again?

  • Danie - 2012-05-15 10:52

    I wonder if we never had apartheid but in stead a black ANC rule from the start after WW2. Why would SA have turned out better than the rest of sub Saharan Africa, with African socialism that was so much in favor then. SA gold, but why could Nigeria , Angola's black gold and free black ruled countries not beat apartheid SA economic standard of living of our black community in April 1994? Did Apartheid not saved all South Africans includfing the black poor people from economic ruin?

      Andricca - 2012-05-15 11:09

      precisely my point - if you are using De Klerk and Verwoed's logic, surely you will never see anything untoward regarding apartheid - to you everything that shine is gold, even if it is shining to few at the expense of majority - what a twisted logic

  • Roberto - 2012-05-15 11:12

    Reading all the comments from whites attacking Boesak can not be left un challenged.I am colourd and proud who I am.White Afrikaaners are hard core racist so inclued many english whites.Whites have stolen for generations from blacks in terms of job reservation,limit they opotunities to excell in live,giving them evevry thing possible inferior that would limit they potensial in live.There so many to mention the worst under paying them that prevents the from haviong a proper family life.In the new Soputh Africa we know who steals or is corrup but in the old billions dissapearpeared with out trace and there was no white minister with out a farm.Boesek in my veiw in the strugle days was a hero and a powerful force to deal with while these Whites posting here voted for APARTHEID.So you dirty racist attacking Boesak please find a party to vote for whites only in this day and age

      Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:51

      Roberto, you are generalizing about whites and that is foolish. When Boesak studied in Holland and we were protesting he never joined. All he was interested in was appearing on television and then he made damn sure he was paid. So you can have this bit of opportunisitc human flesh and shove it.

  • cheryl.kristiansen - 2012-05-15 11:17

    i despise this man; this man who claims to be a man of god; this man who stole food from starving children. he is a pig and an embarrassment to this country. shut up boesak and crawl back into your hole. and remember, god know what you do outside the church as well as inside it

  • Bob - 2012-05-15 11:45

    Mr Boesak, you are an old has-been, why can’t you just flick that chip of your shoulder and join the human race..? Stop scratching for some limelight, get back into your box and stay put, unless you have something good or positive to say about anything.!! Support the process of change in our country you idiot,...stop looking for ways to take the credit all the time. Move on, got over it..!

  • martin.vandermerwe - 2012-05-15 12:12

    Another Infidel with have a brain, go and steal some more money, sit a while longer in prison, maybe then you have the credentials to become MP in the ANC Government

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-05-15 12:34

    Boesak warns of cheap political talk. "This is MY domain. I took a lot of money and told a lot of lies to get this honour. Everybody else should stay off my turf"

  • Jacqui - 2012-05-15 13:44

    Wait a minute. Didn't the ANC promise Boesak an Ambassadorship if he helps win the Western province back for them?.

  • louis.langenhoven - 2012-05-15 13:46

    ja jou ou donnerse skelm- talk of cheap political talk- die anderdag toe chikela begraaf word toe se die een - he was a human being like us- full of wrongs and mistakes....toe sluk ek amper my appel heel in want die hel weet die wrongs en mistakes wat hy gedoen het kan NIE onder dieselfde vaandel geplaas word as die wrongs en mistakes wat jan alleman doen nie. Dieselfde geld vir Boesak- so heed your own warning and shaddup!

  • braamc - 2012-05-15 17:58

    Anther criminal got something to say, voetsek man

  • Enlightened - 2012-05-15 17:59

    without being funny. whatever comes from a convicted criminal should not even be published. Then again, this IS South Africa so, why not?

  • Ro - 2012-05-15 20:38

    I am so sick of the ANC and their lacky dogs saying corruption has two parties. The fact is that civil servants wont do anything unless they get cash - it tales one. Further when they steal grants it takes one. Boesak you are and always will be a crook just like the ANC pigs. You jumped to COPE then back - you are a political whore. Why dont you shut up as your moral standing is zero.

      Rudzani Thangoane - 2012-05-16 09:29

      dude u dont call people names anymore its 2012 u myt end up like Jessica leandra and u sound very white and pulling punches well Careful bra!

  • Rudzani Thangoane - 2012-05-16 09:36

    convicted criminals is what ur parents told u they are,well those people were arrested for fighting a murderous apartheid system and some died for it and had their kids killed u r so brainwashed and rotten anatha white person speaking without insight and knowledge,mmh pity!

  • Rudzani Thangoane - 2012-05-16 09:40

    obviously all of u are white and brainwashed and no nothing better than racism ok well u obviously attacking boesak coz u agree with de klerk becoz of what u were taught agg anyway it seems s.a has a long way 2 go whites will be whites will be whites

  • John - 2012-05-18 18:47

    Not worth any comment.....

  • Lionel Williams - 2015-08-23 17:09

    Whites seem to have been brainwash or have sh....t in their brains dont they know most of whites have stolen property why cant they rem they evils thieving rascist pigs they were

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