No booze please, we're the government

2011-12-04 16:30

Johannesburg - No more boozing at government Christmas parties, please.

Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini is urging government departments to have alcohol-free year-end functions.

Calling on her colleagues to lead by example, Dlamini also wants a ban on alcohol at all government functions.

"Charity begins at home. We also call on all government employees not to drink and drive," Dlamini told City Press on Friday.

Her department is leading government’s anti-alcohol and substance abuse festive season programme that will be launched in the Western Cape next Wednesday.

With the theme "Towards an alcohol & drug-free South Africa", Dlamini is calling on government departments - from the local police station in Springbok to President Jacob Zuma's office - to have a "dry" festive season.

This latest drive is part of an inter-ministerial anti-substance abuse programme.

The plan also includes a controversial ban on alcohol advertising that Dlamini said will be attended to in the first quarter of 2012.

'We want to instil responsibility. Government is asking all South Africans to take a stand against alcohol and substance abuse and to build better communities,” she said.

Setting the example, Dlamini already banned alcohol at functions hosted by her department last year.

"The festive season is supposed to be a happy time. But every year young people get killed or kill someone else when they drink and drive.

"Substance abuse contributes to many of our social ills. It plays a role in the spread of HIV/Aids through risky sexual behaviour associated with being intoxicated.

"And it plays a role in crime and violence against women and children. We have some of the highest foetal alcohol syndrome figures in the world," she said.

Dlamini's ultimate goal is an all-out ban on drinking and driving, where drivers would have "zero" alcohol in their blood.

  • Ben - 2011-12-04 16:40

    This time I will do exactly as you say because it makes sense

      Martin - 2011-12-08 10:59

      Apparently Ekurhuleni didn't get the message. They were ordering Champagne and Johnny Walker Black by the bottle at Ebotse on Monday. With my rates and taxes money.... They had a DJ who played the music so loud you could here it on the 18th tee. They basically ruined my father-in-laws private 70th birthday function in the adjoining room cause of the noise they made. Damn ridiculous that a prestigious golf club let them behave like that. Shocking actually

  • BJ - 2011-12-04 16:41

    they has to wait for Manto to die before suggesting this

      bongani.masina2 - 2011-12-05 00:27

      You are sarcastic to the bone.BJ.i wonder whose parent are you..sies awuna mahloni...Minister you have my support..its going to b tough..but with our least 50+% will b achieved in de long run

  • tony.kirby1 - 2011-12-04 16:42

    Great Idea, But who will police the new regulations. What about when they travel and try and claim drinks tab back with their travel expenses. Threats against the accounts officials and so on. But good luck to the Minister

  • Call_Of_Muti_3 - 2011-12-04 16:43

    Safe, reliable public transport is needed. People need an affordable alternative to overpriced taxis that operate at night. Minibus rape vans are not the answer.

  • TjoPPa - 2011-12-04 16:47

    Its like asking grade 12 pupils not to go to margate and celebrate

      Device - 2011-12-05 11:47

      Plettenberg Bay is far better

  • Sharkshoot - 2011-12-04 16:49

    An ANC function without alcohol is like KFC without chicken.

      Fred - 2011-12-05 04:15

      The importers of Johnny Walker will be pissed off at the huge loss of revenue.

      Device - 2011-12-05 11:50

      Its not really for ANC functions Sharkshoot, I believe its government.There's still gonna be plenty of drunk public officials except they will be emerging from their political party functions.

  • Martin - 2011-12-04 16:53

    Great Idea!!! The best one I have heard all year.

  • PieterWolf - 2011-12-04 16:56

    She lives in a dreamworld of a banana republic.... She must be the laughing stock of the cabinet...

  • an0nthinker - 2011-12-04 17:11

    Gonna save the taxpayers thousands!!

      MoAfrika - 2011-12-05 10:21

      im with you on this one, i could have not said it better myself. thanks :)

  • KCorsar - 2011-12-04 17:25

    Honourable Minister whilst I laud your stance and wholeheartedly support the objectives, I actually do not see this being remotely feasible to police and drive through - simply due to the fact that so many civil servants have no idea how to have a 'good time / celebrate' without getting totally hammered. I used to live closeby a hotel frequented by many Public Service Departments for functions of various ilks - never once could these be called teetotaller functions. But i wish you well and support the cause.

  • Jeffrey - 2011-12-04 17:30

    What does Jimmy Manyi have to say about this?

  • renesongs - 2011-12-04 18:23

    Oh well a step in the right direction now all Dlamini needs to do is inspire her colleagues not to drink excessively in parliament or before press briefing.

  • Elkieta - 2011-12-04 18:47

    They will get drunk before and no-one will ever know.

  • Lara - 2011-12-04 19:04

    What???? No Johnny Blue for the ministers? Sounds like a Leon Schuster movie.

  • braamc - 2011-12-04 20:10

    Can't afford the Chivas regal anymore?

  • braamc - 2011-12-04 20:51

    What, thought you celebrate Christmas everyday?

  • Ian - 2011-12-04 22:22

    the only times this bunch are booze free is when they pass out pissed out of there minds, dronkgatte

  • Susanna - 2011-12-04 22:57

    Dear Madame Dlamini, thank you for saving some of our tax payer's money!! NO alcohol will also lead to less guests showing up for functions, which means less transport costs will be claimed, which means less fuel will be combusted. This is wonderful news! Would you mind handing out prizes for spotting tipsy trespassers?

  • Brandon - 2011-12-05 02:40

    Give that man a Bells!

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-12-05 07:52

      Lol. But it is in fact a "she", so the joke loses a bit of sting.

  • godesha - 2011-12-05 06:15

    This is the first bit of sense I have heard from a government official's mouth.

  • pieterjacobushugo - 2011-12-05 09:27

    Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Clowns.

  • Johhnys_Place - 2011-12-05 10:06

    @Minister Bathabile Dlamini - I support your bid, but dream on... HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, not possible in government!!! Nice try though !!!

  • Garth - 2011-12-05 10:07

    Good for you Minister! Hope that you can make it stick. It is South Africa's hope that you get a lot of support from the rest of your party. I will not hold my breath in anticipation though. Sorry for the doubt, but past actions speak louder than politician's promises.

  • OSSY24 - 2011-12-05 10:36

    this guy is definitely not smarter than the fifth grade

  • mark.dennill - 2011-12-05 10:59

    We cant even get these drunkard buffoons to sober up for an important meeting now what makes anyone think they could do it at this time of year. i just feel very sorry for the lives they will change when they get into their luxury cars and go to the bottle store for more.

  • Preshen - 2011-12-05 11:26

    Lucky manto tshabalala-msimang will not be attending this party

  • Craig - 2011-12-05 11:35

    Fat chance.

  • Louise - 2011-12-05 17:10

    Well - GOOD LUCK!!!!!! HAHAHA

  • Andrew - 2012-01-31 23:59

    This I'll have to see, ANC parties withut Johnie Walker and heineken!! Can't wait for the ban on alcohol ads,so sick and tired of this hansa/vuyo ads and his idiotic friends.

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