Buthelezi: SA needs a shared dream

2012-01-08 22:37

Johannesburg - IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi on Sunday called on South Africans to adopt a shared dream for the country.

If South Africans were not able to see each other as South Africans first they had moved backwards since the ANC's founding in Bloemfontein in 1912, he said.

"Are those outside the ANC able to put our love of [the] country before whatever differences we may have with the ANC? And can the ANC accept that South Africanism means more than holding an ANC membership card?," he asked.

Buthelezi pointed out that he had formed the Inkatha Freedom Party with the approval of Oliver Tambo, who headed the ANC in exile, in order to provide a vehicle for political mobilisation and keep the ANC banner flying under a different connotation.

This accounted for the IFP adopting ANC's colours, songs and slogans.

"It felt natural to me, for I had grown up in the ANC," Buthelezi said.

But said Buthelezid his relationship with the ANC changed in 1979.

He could not agree to join the ANC's armed struggle and allow the IFP's structures to be used for that purpose.

He also could not endorse the ANC's call for sanctions and foreign disinvestment.

"While not affecting the white population, sanctions and disinvestment destroyed millions of job opportunities for black people which, twenty years later, we have not been able to regain," Buthelezi said.

Foreign investors who left in the 1980s had not returned to the country.

This he said, had compounded South Africa's difficult task of generating economic growth and unemployment.

  • ubhejane - 2012-01-08 22:54

    I don't agree with my Zulu Royal Highness. If we had to obtain our freedom in the manner he suggested, we would still be beaten and shot like animals by the Apartheid government. Thankfully our fathers didn't listen to him, being the Crown Prince of an oppressive Regime. His tactics and siding with the Nats have got him where he is today and that is running a floundering party and like a typical African dictator can't let go of the reigns. If however he had a brain after all he could have become the opposition South Africa so desperately needs. So whatever wisdom he might offer today, it happens to be 20 years too late.

      Boer - 2012-01-09 00:12

      Sorry man doesnt matter what government youre going to put in place in SA it will always be a dump. To much corruption. Thank God we dont live in ASGATLAAGTE.

      Callie Steijn - 2012-01-09 01:39

      @boer: Do you not agree that our complacency with the corruption, the comfort that us mere citizens are powerless to make a difference makes us just as guilty? I'm not saying we should take the law into our own hands but accepting defeat without trying is cowardice. I speak for myself alone when I say: I've lived a lie since the birth of our democracy. Keeping a low profile - enduring the hushed hope that the new rulers, justly voted into power by the majority of citizens of this country would fail and the whitey would save the day and then on to happily ever after. Identify, don't or deny. White people, in my insignificant opinion, have just sat back and become passengers in this country. Politicians aim to strengthen division. Black/white. Other racial groups not even important enough to be acknowledged? Tribal division... It's a plot to keep South Africans from mending wounds, putting to rest their differences and doing what is right. No more. I'll cast my ballot come the next elections but I'm not going to wait until then to try to make a difference from within. I don't need a political party to lead me - to tell me what is right or wrong AND ABOVE ALL I'm done getting fooled into making emotional reactions to anti-whatever-association comments from political puppets. I'm out.

      ubhejane - 2012-01-09 02:53

      @Unskinny! What a pleasure it was reading this post!!!! If I could thumbs up this post a 1000 times, I would. That is the spirit! I want to fight with a man like you by my side. Screw these rats that come on here and cry about their glory days of Apartheid. That failed because MOST whites with a brain voted against it!!!!!!

      Virginia - 2012-01-09 09:45

      @Ubhejane, you sound a very bitter person, has life not changed for you since 1994, surely you still cannot be angry about 'apartheid' its 20 years gone and worst things have happened since then, and beleive me no one in this country was shot like animals by the apartheid government, more people have suffered now then ever.

      The Real Unskinny - 2012-01-09 12:00

      @William: I couldn't blame an individual for wanting to take recourse if they were affected by violent crime. Vigilantism rarely stays focused. Sooner or later more often than not things deteriorate back to island group thinking along insignificant differences between people who are more the same than they aren't. If we, and I mean ALL South Africans who object to crime, were to take action - it would need to include the voices of everyone. Right now we're making more enemies than we're making friends. Bad way to start a revolution I'd say.

  • TaniaSandraSteyn - 2012-01-08 23:07

    Wise words. Ubhejani, the last thing we need in SA is an opposition focussed on tribal bias. That is why the DA is doing their best to change the perception that it represents Whites only.

      ubhejane - 2012-01-08 23:17

      The DA has my vote Tania, all the way. But I'm just one lonely voice in a jungle of hatred. Is this hatred justified? Yes. Will it help to vote because of a hatred? No. But nobody is listening. My voice is drowned by tribal dancing and cheering for a cause that should have long gone been buried and Millions haven't moved on past the day PW Botha sent his army in to kill us.

  • Callie Steijn - 2012-01-09 00:07

    "While not affecting the white population, sanctions and disinvestment destroyed millions of job opportunities for black people which, twenty years later, we have not been able to regain," Someone wake this self righteous prick up. International sanctions are the reason we live in a democracy today. Fun though it must be for the ANC and its insignificant little allies to blow smoke up each others ass and pretend to have overthrown the colossal tyranny with it's threats of terrorism against civilians and it's oh so fierce toi-toing, it's come time to stop living in it's little valhallaesque fantasy world, return to reality and take responsibility for it's elected duty.

      Callie Steijn - 2012-01-09 00:32

      Granted: I took the bait, let emotion get the better of good sense and took a cheap shot. It irks me though when a select group who live like kings claim to hold the title of grand saviour and champion of our country. Retorting with equal distortion doesn't help though.

      ubhejane - 2012-01-09 00:53

      @Kabelo. I have had countless conversations with my generation of whites. For most of them, what our fathers and grandfathers had to endure is something that just doesn't affect them at all. They were watching Disney movies while we were being killed. They didn't have freedom of press, so most of what was happening to us, they just simply never knew about. If they did, then they wouldn't come on here and in their very condescending manner, run us down. However, Unskinny does have a very valid point and that is that the time has come for us to take up our responsibility and serve our electorate. Our government has created a way of redistributing wealth which is counter productive and is to the detriment of the country. We can no longer afford the current tender process because it has opened to the doors wide open for every crook, black and white, to raid the state coffers. This should stop if the ANC is to survive another 10 years. When electorate is being arrested on the day of such a major event like today because of lack of service delivery, something is wrong. The ANC better wake up to the basic needs of the people before we have a revolution.

      Callie Steijn - 2012-01-09 01:19

      @ubhejan: fair point. Ignorance or being misinformed about what really happened in locations is just another way of altering history. I'm believe you when you say atrocities were kept from the Nats first class citizens. I'm ashamed to say I'm a little relieved. Living with, as I've said before, the legacy of treating people - fellow human beings as less than human is a burden of the conscience. Having lived then in the comfort you describe knowing the truth... Well... Ignorance is bliss.

      Garth - 2012-01-09 12:51

      I am apologising for not replying on this hallowed forum in the vein that the exalted John further down would prefer, but I saw something that begs comment: `. . . armed struggle which the anc in particular was meticulous in insuring that it was not aimed @ civilians . . .' Do you, oh believer in the fallacies that the anc calls truth, really believe that which you have written, or is it merely a misprinted phrase in a sentence of untruths? I name one incident: Magoo's Bar. And then, I ask that you go and find someone who was alive during the reign of the nats and ask about township violence and all it encapsulated. If that person is honest, then they shall inform you and the `rhino', that of the 55,000 people killed in SA from 1975 to 1990, the majority of deaths were as a result of black-on-black violence. You do the research and learn from the educated. LSM, whom you so freely insult, is educated and moving forward. You are bound to be left behind.

  • Eduard - 2012-01-09 02:47

    yes, we need a shared dream....about time you started talking

  • John - 2012-01-09 05:14

    Intellectual cohesiveness is one way of moving a nation forward……enlightenment it was called in Europe. If the citizen cannot distinguish oneself from the state or the ANC then it is the role of the intellectuals to educate the citizen. The ANC will never solve the issues of this country but rather the citizen….if the citizen is incapable of making the right choices then let the intellectuals enlighten the citizen. My challenge for the few intellectuals on this blog that can fathom the role of intellectual discussions make this blog a platform for political enlightenment. We need to stop the blog from one dominated by geriatric Neanderthals that are self seeking thumbs up as a way of acceptance by those challenged in areas in between one's ears.....and yet make the most noise......

  • Jaybee - 2012-01-09 07:48

    look who's talking, he should have said so in 80's when he was killing innocent people

  • Patrick - 2012-01-09 08:11

    share dream not in my life-time

  • Frank - 2012-01-09 09:00

    That dream turned into a nightmare and now they,ve stolen the bridle

      The Real Unskinny - 2012-01-09 11:55

      The problem with "they" is that we're back to alienating based along racial lines because of the failure of a few politicians. How does that help? Tit for tat is getting old. Dreams are for people who have time to sit around and nap. People who are serious about change have an objective.

  • Graziella - 2012-01-09 09:18

    The very slow pace of land and economic reform in SA , both of whcih are bitterly opposed not only by the economically elite but also by vested western interests, leaves so many aspirations not just unfulfilled, but also unlikely to be fullfilled - not today, not tomorrow - not ever. (The sterling fights that the elite put up against the proposed very modest reforms (in parliament, in the courts, and in the PR and lobbying business) reminds me very much of the fight put up by the plantation owners in the struggle in the west to abolish slavery). It is time that whites showed the same willingness and spirit of co-operation that the downtrodden have shown to them. Dreams are things that happen at night when you sleep. If they happen at day time when you are awake, they are called hallucinations.

      Blade - 2012-01-09 11:07

      Downtrodden? Why is the whole of Africa, over 50 countries a complete fiasco? Are the whites to blame for all of it? You are downtrodden by the giant chips on your shoulders. And by your own elected governments corruption and ineptitude.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 11:18

      Someday I'll write my book :) It would never get past the moderators on this site.

      Blade - 2012-01-09 11:23

      @Graziella thats ok you can always sell it for toilet paper.

      Graziella - 2012-01-09 11:55

      Do you have to attend a class somewhere to be this obnoxious? Or does it come naturally?

      Blade - 2012-01-09 12:09

      @Graziella it comes with putting up with you stugglers for over 40 years...

      The Real Unskinny - 2012-01-09 12:47

      @Blade: Sitting on the side and making comments on the failure of other African countries based on the absence of white awesomeness accomplishes nothing. I'm white but I don't claim to have invented anything ever. All our all so precious "white superior knowledge" was passed down to us. The rest of Africa didn't afford their previous masters the opportunity to share awesome "white superior knowledge". You sit on the fence and enjoy your superior whiteness. I'm sharing as much as I can as a South African. Race is so last season.

      Blade - 2012-01-09 13:35

      @Unskinny I dont speak of white awesomeness. Just the ability and willingness to work hard, refrain from overbreeding, refrain from blaming others for shorcomings and so on. If you see these attributes as awesome then you need to raise your standrds.

  • Virginia - 2012-01-09 09:41

    Well said Mr Buthelezi, ths is the first time a party leader has actually said something truthful. We are all South Africans, people have to learn to leave their cultures at home so that we can all be one nation. Its true that people are suffering to day because of sanctions brought about by the ANC, we know this was something that had to be done to bring this country to its so called knees, but in the long term it was not good. My wish that people would stop living by the colour of their skin and get on with who and what they are, have respect and tolerance for each other, especially when it comes to others religions. I have being reading a lot about atheists in the past week, keep religion off the pages its not a good subject to fight about.

  • Tsametse Mohlamonyane - 2012-01-09 11:48

    After a moving introduction, the IFP leader degrades to the politics of the stomach? How does he think liberation was going to come while the beast was never economically sabotaged? How did he think military retaliation was to be substituted with? Thee real content of his IFP stance that differed from ANC makes me wonder why he even bothered adopting ANC colors?

  • leonardjwright - 2012-06-16 18:07

    Evidently the IFP leader is so right and so wrong. I quote, "While not affecting the white population, sanctions and disinvestment destroyed millions of job opportunities for black people which, twenty years later, we have not been able to regain," It's affecting the whole nation, no matter what race. What a stupid comment.

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