Buthelezi betrayed by new party

2011-01-25 17:24

Durban - IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi felt "betrayed and disappointed" by the party's former national chairperson announcing the formation of a new party on Tuesday.

“The announcement by IFP national chairperson, Mrs Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, that she has abandoned the IFP to form a new party is a political matter which goes beyond my personal sadness, [to a] sense of betrayal and disappointment,” said Buthelezi in a statement.

Magwaza-Msibi and her backers on Tuesday announced they had cut ties with the IFP to form the National Freedom Party.

“The IFP has been tried and tested over many decades of struggle against apartheid and confrontations with the ANC. We cannot be bought. We cannot be bent. We cannot be swayed,” Buthelezi said.

The fact that the new party was registered months ago showed it received financial support from the same "political forces" the IFP intended to hold accountable and keep in check.

“It is no surprise that this type of transformation of the IFP and the effectiveness of the role we intend to play is undermined by what appears to be a well-orchestrated plot.”

  • reliverevilo - 2011-01-25 17:34

    1st Betrayed? all politicians are like bed hoppers how do you feel betrayed, it was a matter of time

  • misterjakes - 2011-01-25 17:52

    Divide and conquer...where did the ANC learn that from?

  • mmoledis - 2011-01-25 18:13

    IFP must work on a democratic rules so cause they are no longer powerful in Kwazulu cause of problems they caused themselves they must not point fingers to any party they are the one to be blamed. The new party formed from IFP shows that IFP is not a party to preach democracy and fairness cause they were not allowing members freedom to compete for leadership and that lead to the fall of IFP now.

  • James - 2011-01-25 18:17

    Buthelezi betrayed Magwaza-Msibi by wanting to die in power. He is the main reason why that party is back riding because he doesnt want new blood to take over

  • Francois - 2011-01-26 06:57

    Mr Buthelazy, you handed the ANC an undeserved two third majority in the 2009 election, because you don't have the vision to step aside when your time is up. As long as you cling onto power with violence and court cases and postponing your party's conference so that you can stay in the pounding seats, the more you are a cadre of the ANC. So please don't come up with this crap. The only reason you fought the ANC was so that YOU in person can have power (that was pre 1994) so you do actually not have a history of fighting the ANC, you have a history fighting for what is best for YOU in person. I must admit, I like that photo where you are looking quite pleased to speak with PW Botha way back when - why did you not kill the old fart then, if you are such a courageous fighter?

      Zakhele - 2011-01-26 09:02

      To help you Francios: Not only was he looking pleased with PW Botha, but he actually killed a lot of his fellow countrymen. This men killed my grandfather. Sunday 11 February 1990 Mandela is released. Saturday 17th February 1990 poison is arranged for my grandfather. Morning of the 20th Tuesday February 1990 my grand.. get poisined. He dies at 18h00 same day. He shouts,'Oh my Lord I wonder who is killing me!'. I sit there and I rewind all the events (including what had happened in the morning and last Saturday) leading to this fateful afternoon and I shout it is Buthelezi! His intestined all all chewed. His crime? He supported the underground operatives of the ANC. Till today there is no development in my grandfather's area. No electricity, no water, no government grants, NOTHING. Buthelezi and his people are stiffling up development. I can no longer watch you destroy people's lives. Go to hell Mr. Buthelezi. I guess you now know who I am (which will just serve to confirm that you know my story and sorrow) and I can tell you I don't give a damn how react to this! You can go screw yourself bugger! For those who don't know Buthelezi was a great friend of Verwoerd. King Zwelilthini's uncles will tell you a barrel load of Buthelezi ungle side during the days of dark and gloom for black people.

  • Simon - 2011-01-26 07:43


  • Neville - 2011-01-26 07:53

    Buthelezi Sell by date is over need new blood to move forward

      Francois - 2011-01-26 22:27

      Neville, I hope you mean it figuratively. Otherwise you might be implicated in a murder case when it happens, if it did not already happened. If I was you, I will just say "New leaders", but that may also pose a problem, because you will be alledging that Mangosoetoe was a leader.

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