Cape Town councillors read riot act

2010-12-10 22:39

Cape Town - Cape Town city spokesperson Dirk Smit warned on Friday that city councillors faced disciplinary hearings if they did not obey summonses to appear in court for traffic fines.

He said he had "untested" information that there were currently 19 warrants of arrest issued for councillors, four of which were for one councillor and two for another.

Smit said he had asked the city's executive director for safety and security to check if his information was correct.

In a letter sent to all councillors on Friday, Smit said by not obeying summonses the councillors "will cause great embarrassment for the council.

"Such action will not be tolerated and it will leave council with no alternative other than to discipline such councillors," he said.

"I urgently call on all councillors to 'get their houses in order' and to attend to such outstanding traffic fines immediately."

He said that procedure when a person did not appear in the traffic court was to issue a warrant of arrest for contempt of court, but to hold it over for 14 days.

He would act "early next year" if the individuals had not sorted out the issue of the warrants.

  • Take_a_stand - 2010-12-11 06:48

    Cape Town - best city in the world!

      Geo Farmer - 2010-12-11 07:45

      Yes! I agree ... but biggest reason is that it is well managed!!!

  • Pop Idol - 2010-12-11 11:26

    @Take_a_stand, Cape Town is the best city in the world? HAHAHAHAHA,,Cape Town is built on the misery of slavery which isnt even recognised today..Cape Town is an apartheid city,with beautiful scenery mixed with poverty,its an ugly city all-in-all.

      White Baldy - 2010-12-11 11:53

      You are a w@nker

      Peter M - 2010-12-11 12:28

      Pop Idol, the Cultural History Museum was renamed the Slave Lodge and is a high profile heritage site. The square near Parliament, behind the Moederkerk, is now a memorial to slaves and their descendants. Check it out. There are various other such recently established slave heritage monuments in Cape Town. Cape Islam is, in its own right, and with its burial grounds and memorials, a living testament to those who were brought to the Cape from Indonesia as slaves by the VOC. There have been various exhibitions and conferences in Cape Town on the Cape's history of slavery, and various studies published. I agree that all whose lives are shaped by Cape slavery ought to honour this. I do not agree with you that Cape Town is heedless to slave history. This has little to do, though, with the article above. And poverty is an issue, but there are many families descendant of slaves that have long broken the chains of poverty.

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