Cape communities scared, insecure - ANC

2011-06-07 22:30

Johannesburg - The battle to build a non-racial society "will be won and lost in the Western Cape", the ANC in the province said on Tuesday.

"Apartheid social engineering is far more expressed in our province with heightened fears within the white community, the insecurity amongst coloured compatriots and the frustrated aspirations of the African community," ANC Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile said in a statement.

He was speaking after a three-day provincial executive committee (PEC) strategic meeting in George to analyse the results of the 2011 local elections.

Mjongile said the PEC observed that the ANC's performance in the local polls had improved since 2006, which showed an "arrest in the decline" of the party's performance in the province.

It noted that the ANC had advanced because of the "implosion" of the Congress of the People and the rejection of the "marriage" between the Democratic Alliance and the Independent Democrats.

"Under the guise of good governance and a better service delivery record, a coded vocabulary of racism and sexism is rearing its ugly head in the political landscape of the Western Cape, undermining the gains we have made towards a non-sexist and non-racial society," said Mjongile.

"It has become undeniable that social fragmentation and a high level of inequality continue to define our society, where race and class are the most distinguishing features."

Mjongile said the PEC also noted that "no racial group is inherently racist, but the apartheid economy created an unsustainable exclusion of the majority".

He said the ANC would "lead the ideological battle" to contest the "philosophy" of the DA: that Cape Town and the Western Cape were "European outpost[s], surrounded by natives who want to take it back to the Stone Age, who are incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt".

"We therefore resolve that amongst the most urgent tasks, is to fight for economic freedom in order to change material conditions that led to the exclusion of the majority on the basis of race, class and gender."

Transformation would be central to the party's work in the province going forward.

The ANC would convene a conference on race and racism. Economic development was among its key programmes in the upcoming term.

  • ?????? - 2011-06-07 22:53

    Nou ja,wat kan ek se? Die ANC se kaanse hier in die weskaap is oor en uit,nou kom hulle met hierdie stront.Die DA en ANC geniet dit om met die kleurling man en vrou se kop te speel,sodat hulle stemme kan kry.Ons het die FF+,die swartes het die ANC en PAC,en wie het die kleurling man en vrou? Niemand nie. Dus belangrik dat kleurling ook 'n party begin,vir hulle mense.

      suckitup - 2011-06-08 01:50

      what a lot of bull the , I use to vote for the ANC and there was many that vote ANC and some still do but that time is over you vote for the a party that represent the people and better services,which the corrupt ANC cannot provide ,don't assume we are a bunch of stupids that cannot think. If the Da dont deliver I will note vote for them or the ANC

      Risen Ape - 2011-06-08 09:35

      Mr Mjongile, the ANC IS incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt and consists mostly of racists. That’s exactly why we don't want to be governed by you. And you sir are a liar for saying you've made gains towards a non-racial society. Why don’t you rather stop making a fool of yourself and go and have some fun in a sushi bar with your master Malema?

      Pencilgraffiti - 2011-06-08 09:37

      @SuckItUp - Thank You. I do not mind who anyone votes for as long as they think before they do it and do it objectively. The people we vote for are the people we employ to protect/serve/lead us. They have a job and if they don't do it they should be fired. - SuckItUp - You Rock! @Nou Ja - That mentality is the main reason for our country's problems. We are a unity

      CharlieSheen - 2011-06-08 09:52

      Ugh - and the track is still set on REPEAT. Can't they go to a meeting/conference and speak about anything other than all? I mean seriously, it's so clear that the only thing they hold on to, is the race card, since if people don't vote for black or white, they'd vote for the better party between the lot, and in that case, the ANC will loose the entire country. So it's race here, black there, white now, coloureds later - never speaking about what they're ACTUALLY going to do to better the lives of people. They speak of "Eish, we'll look at better delivery, and better housing" but do they even have a plan? Do they even know how they'll get things done? No they don't, so they just harp on about racism, distracting people from their incompetence to lead, govern and manage a municipality, let alone a country!

      Other Justin - 2011-06-08 10:08

      What a load of poo. The DA is a coloured, black and white party, get over the racial divide, you are sounding like the cANCer...

      device - 2011-06-08 10:17

      Stnemmoc I agree fully with you that the ANC and DA do play games with the coloured voters during elections. and this is probably just another cheap ANC ploy to gain popularity in a province that they continue to loose. However the worst thing that could happen to South Africa would be a scenario in which every political party represents a certain race or ethnic group. That is not a real democracy is it? No party would have to actually perform well for votes, they would just have to maintain patronage links with powerful members of each racial or ethnic community. This is how "democracy" in the most of Sub-Saharan Africa works.

      jasmin.haumann - 2011-06-08 11:25

      se ek ook

      Charlie - 2011-06-08 11:47

      Whenever something works well in this country you can be guaranteed there will be an anc cadre close by to f*ck it up...anc = destroy, destroy, lie, steal, destroy, rape, corrupt, destroy!!! Where are the good moralled, educated black leaders??? Are there ANY???

  • willvp - 2011-06-07 22:53

    what a racist

  • Nelus - 2011-06-07 22:54

    Oh my, which party was the one who lead the racial election campaign... A lot of big words used, which leads to a lot of stated facts which doesn't make sense, and are inconsistent. But yes please "battle to build a non-racial society", I love your approach!

      paulf - 2011-06-08 06:12

      I say: The battle to build a non-racial society "will be won and lost in South Africa due to the ANC" South African Communities are Scared and Insecure due to the ANC!!!

      Charlie - 2011-06-08 11:48

      Whenever something works well in this country you can be guaranteed there will be an anc cadre close by to f*ck it up...anc = destroy, destroy, lie, steal, destroy, rape, corrupt, destroy!!! Where are the good moralled, educated black leaders??? Are there ANY???

  • Fed-Up - 2011-06-07 22:56

    yeah yeah - blame the whites....AGAIN! yawn!!!!

      ?????? - 2011-06-07 23:05

      Ons blankes is ook maar lekker rassisties jong,of het jy dit ook vergeet?

      1gascan - 2011-06-08 06:51

      Speak for yourself @nameless - I don't like it when other people speak for me... How can you claim that I am a racist because I am white? Get a grip and live in the new age.

      Schalk - 2011-06-08 08:19

      "European outpost[s], surrounded by natives who want to take it back to the Stone Age, who are incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt." Well, my friend, we did not want to believe that, but the ANC leaves us little choice. After 14 years, the rich-poor divide has increased massively, the life expectancy of South Africans has decreased by 10 years, we are the rape, murder and HIV capital of the world, 1 million skilled workers have left and 10 million illegal immigrants have entered. You need some pretty advanced incompetence, corruption and moral bankruptcy to take a country with such amazing natural riches and such a well developed economy to such great depths...

      16-12-1838 - 2011-06-08 08:37

      Ja Schalk,more like 2.5million skilled if you include the children of those people who have emigrated and 10 million UN-skilled. Hey there are only so many spaza shops needed in our economy! I am so sick of this "White bashing", these lazy incompetent and thieving fools make me sick. The rest of Africa is a total mess, it is there for all the world to see...yet our Govt want to follow the same path????? China is rubbing its hands with glee, then the darkies will feel oppressed. Us boers have got nothing on those guys, Apartheid will be like a holiday camp then.

      Other Justin - 2011-06-08 10:06

      Q: Why did the Titanic sink? A: Because it hit an iceberg. Q: Why was it apartheids fault? A: Because it was white.............You can only bash something so many times before it starts bashing back.......

  • Mario Davis - 2011-06-07 23:05

    ?"Cape communities scared and insecure"? Hahaha! No you idiots, we're smart! Big difference! Go try your cheap psychology elsewhere! And please....can we get over Apartheid?! It's wearing thin as an excuse for your incompetence and corrupt rule! The ANC really needs to ask themselves, how we as a nation will ever get beyond Apartheid, if they constantly remind us of it?! Eish!

      Neles - 2011-06-08 10:45

      you're not smart, you're divided. smart people are united.

      garth.frazer - 2011-06-08 12:37

      Thank U boeti

  • Bill - 2011-06-07 23:32

    Mjongile you talk crap! Wake up and smell the roses you clown!

  • croix - 2011-06-08 00:27

    Blah, blah, blah ..... warrah, warrah, fishpaste!! Go play outside, Mjongile!

  • James - 2011-06-08 00:56

    can the ANC just NOT accept that they are not the beginning and the ending of everyones ideals - that there are people in this world and country who see them as patently useless and the majority of the Cape fall into this category - suck it up ANC, you have been exposed in the Western Cape and now the rest of the country will start going that way soon.

      CPChronicle - 2011-06-08 09:55

      Someone should show the people at ANC HQ what the definition of 'democracy' is- they seem to have it confused with military dictatorship.

  • Riaan - 2011-06-08 05:33

    Songezo spoken like a true trailer trash racist. If the black voters just pulled their heads out of their arses and saw the diffirence in delivery that the DA provides compared to the NON-delivery and corruption in 99% ANC held constituencies then they would vote for the DA as well. Thanks to the ANC feeding them empty promises and not to mention the free trip to Heaven, they vote for the corrupt and racist ANC.

      jasmin.haumann - 2011-06-08 11:31

      No my friend to theme it's not abt whose doing the job as long as they see a black man there they will keep on voting for the ANC even if our country becomes like Zim they will still vote ANC.Peanuts for brains waht can i say VIVA ADA

  • Krolie - 2011-06-08 06:05

    "a coded vocabulary of racism and sexism is rearing its ugly head in the political landscape of the Western Cape, undermining the gains we have made towards a non-sexist and non-racial society," said Mjongile" ANSWER:Get rid of Malema. Problem solved. "We therefore resolve that amongst the most urgent tasks, is to fight for economic freedom in order to change material conditions that led to the exclusion of the majority on the basis of race, class and gender." WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW?

      Smaal - 2011-06-08 08:52

      Simple really. Remember how the ANC wants to change the laws governing employment based on race so that the employment statistics reflects the country as a whole and not the region. The ANC will truck out coloureds, truck in blacks, deny more whites a future and effectively box in the cape. The ANC wants the capes resources by any means and unfortunately I have no doubt that they will get their corrupt criminal little fingers on the cape in time. This morning I was shown again what he brings with him when he invests a location. Everything around him dies and the place is transformed to what can only be described as a rubbish dump. When he moves he spreads darkness, where he settles everything good and decent moves out. God help the Western Cape.

  • Karoobloed - 2011-06-08 06:47

    Absolute bollocks. The ANC and the Far Right parties are the agents of racism in RSA today. Which party has a prominent leader who think it appropriate to still sing Kill the Boer, label Helen Zille a whore and all Whites as criminals? Which party has a spokesperson that feel there is an oversupply of Coloureds in the Cape? The ANC has in just over a decade strayed so far from the non-racialist ideals of the Freedom Charter, that the party should really consider a Charter update as well as a party name change too. Was the Charter really just a contrived ruse to get international support prior to finally implementing an agenda more in keeping with Mad Bob Mugabe style socio-economic engineering"? I still feel the best solution for RSA would be to be ruled by an ANC having shedded itself of the agents of hate, with restored educated and considered leadership - the kind that e.g. Ramaphosa or Sexwale could provide. However, at this point everything seems to point in the opposite direction - the ANC seems to have totally lost the plot.

  • Kevin - 2011-06-08 07:21

    Not scared, just educated to know that the anc are not capable of doing the job, there is huge corruption and they support the criminals when caught. How can any sane person support a government that is useless?

  • steve hall - 2011-06-08 07:38

    Isn't weed still illegal in South Africa? An ANC Cadre speaking about non-racialism? ("There is an oversupply of coloureds in the cape" "Kill the Farmer" and "All whites are criminals" comes to mind. The Capetonians are scared that the ANC will cart in more buses of their supporters and drop them in the middle of the mothercity with their yellow t-shirt and a chicken wing and dry chips, and empty promises and so steal the only province in South Africa that is actually run as a democracy. This poor man is also sufferring from delusions thinking that the ANC has any right to comment on the fight against rascism. PS Does the appointment of ANC councillors in their municipalities reflect the demography of South Africa - - - HA HA HA what's the chance of that happening - Idiotic statements by an idiotic man serving an rascist party that keeps getting voted in by the leeches of society that cannot do anything for themselves and just want it all for free

  • Esperanza - 2011-06-08 07:40

    Omw the ANC is sooooo pissed at having done so badly in the Western Cape

  • radarblip - 2011-06-08 07:42

    where do they come up with this sh*t?

      Spoofed - 2011-06-08 09:55

      Well it's probably a result of having their heads so far up their Asses

  • - 2011-06-08 08:29

    Mjongile, stop talking kak. You are a true ANC dumb idiot.

  • umlaut - 2011-06-08 08:32

    "We therefore resolve that amongst the most urgent tasks, is to fight for economic freedom in order to change material conditions that led to the exclusion of the majority on the basis of race, class and gender." It has already been changed--apartheid is gone--the material condition- Get going and work and produce food on the farms allocated to lazy individuals. Start businesses--geepers that the majority seems to have the minority brain power but they sit with majority power. Take some of the wasted billions and gravy train travellers's money and create jobs. You didn't create jobs by taking it away from whites-you replaced one white with 2 people and the replacements not doing the job, and getting 3 times the regular salaries.. This is doomed to hurt South Africa. You have lost it anc-get the areas that you control in order and show that you CAN RULE not that you CAN DROOL !!!!

  • thuthukag - 2011-06-08 08:53

    I blame white people for this weather in GP! Just when I had forgiven you for past injustices, you pull a stunt like this. mcm. Why don't you want us to be happy? Bring the sun back man!

      steve hall - 2011-06-08 09:19

      Thuthukag - I sincerely apologise on behalf of myself and my forefathers, for the sudden change in weather conditions experienced by yourself. Keep in mind though - when it rains it doesn't only rain on black people - so thinking about this logically by us whities taking control of the weather we are actually screwing ourselves in the behinds as well....... MMMMMMMMMM Now that's a comforting thought - 2011-06-08 09:26

      I'm sorry thuthukag but my garden needs the water and I can't afford the exorbitant water bills.

      Other Justin - 2011-06-08 09:58


      Thuthuka Gumbi - 2011-06-08 10:14

      Hahahaha, didn't think this one through, did you Mr Hall. Work in government much? @Kalabafazi, IMPOSSIBLE. All white people have money. What's a water bill, but pocket change? I'm happy to retract my statement and question if you fall under COJ.

  • Boertjie - 2011-06-08 08:59

    The anc had the power in local government for 5 years, and what did they do? They tried to enrich themselves like in all their current municipalities. Thank goodness the power was taken from them after 5 years of corruption and stealing, otherwise we were in the same position as the Eastern Cape!

      Charlie - 2011-06-08 11:49

      Whenever something works well in this country you can be guaranteed there will be an anc cadre close by to f*ck it up...anc = destroy, destroy, lie, steal, destroy, rape, corrupt, destroy!!! Where are the good moralled, educated black leaders??? Are there ANY???

  • ckrummeck - 2011-06-08 09:11

    "Under the guise of good governance and a better service delivery record"; is he admitting that the DA has good governance and a better service delivery record? I would agree! Would be great if the ANC could also "disguise" themselves with the same attributes. Again; the shift in voting trends in the WC has nothing to do with racism and sexism, but a response to "good governance" and "better service delivery". Which ever party provides those qualities will hopefully continue growing, whoever the party is.

  • Maddy-CT - 2011-06-08 09:22

    I can't say it better than Lesego Sechaba Mogotsi of the Azanian People's Organisation: "The ruling alliance must learn to accept its defeat in the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape with humility, in the same manner it would sing and dance with President Jacob Zuma at music festivals organised in other parts of the country. The ruling alliance is slowly becoming a bad loser in politics..."

  • Steen - 2011-06-08 09:31

    Mjongile is stating facts, he is not racist.

  • mamakalami - 2011-06-08 09:33

    Apartheid might be institutionally illegal, but it is still cast in stone in those who have found justification in its value. This blog for example has opened my eyes to the prejudices which exist in this country. I have always held the belief that we are all working towards a non racial society. Thanks to News24 I have realised that South Africa is still full of people who perpetuate beliefs that certain races are inferior to others thus their government electorates inferior. These people will do everything to push that agenda of superiority – they will demean, insult ridicule, and force their opinions on others. Apart from Nazism – Apartheid was the most brutal system in existence – its effects brutalised more than 30 million people within the borders. Its effects echoed even outside the borders.

      Moi1980 - 2011-06-09 08:16

      @Mamti - I also held the same beliefs and this forum also opened my eyes. I never realised how many of my fellow South Africans hate me, just because of my skin colour. I didn't realise that even though I was born into a poorer family than most and have worked hard for the little things that I have, many of my black brothers and sisters say that I am criminal, all because of the colour of my skin. I didn't realise that just because I am a white South African, I am immediately labelled a racist. Yes, News24 has definitely opened my eyes.

  • Crazy Ivan - 2011-06-08 09:34

    Ha ha ha ha!! EISH! "who are incompetent, corrupt and morally bankrupt" - Yup, you pretty much summed up the ANC perfectly. The People have voted you out ANC, you dont want to serve the people, ALL your corrupt cronies want is the Western Capes saved Tax resources...the WC actually gets services here, we dont want the ANC and its bull, SO GO PLAY IN THE STREET!!!

  • Virginia - 2011-06-08 09:34

    The Western cape has always been different to the rest of SA. We always considered the old Transvall as being South Africa, different people, different ideas. We are not a black province, we only have a small percentage of black people who were mostly shipped in for 1994 voting, toherwise this is a coloured area. 80% of our black population lies between gauteng, KZN and eastern Cape. Stp complain ing ANC, Mrs Zille will sort all these problems out, if your and yours do not start putting spokes in the wheel,like you normally do.

  • latinlyrics - 2011-06-08 09:50

    What a bunch of idiots the ANC are! We didnt vote for you because you are rubbish and you dont deliver. Have you forgotten you were in the western cape in the first place and you didnt deliver! People in the western cape just arent as gullible as in other provinces you won! We dont beat our heads against a brick wall until it bleeds. Zille has run the province well... Municipal audits have never been a problem whereas most of ANC minicipalities have been guilty of mismanagement. My mother, who lives in an ANC municipal are, hasnt had clean drinking water for 10 years!!! In Cape Town we have 24 hour security patroling the streets... Learn ANC its called job creation and fighting crime!!! Where is that in JHB?? Since I left Sunnyside in PTA it has turned into a warzone!!! You should bve ashamed you are useless and when people dont vote for you, you blame apartheid... most voters were children during apartheid... it has nothing to do with why we dont vote for you. Improve, be better than the DA and you have my vote... Thats right a vote from a so-called Western Cape Racist. IDIOTS!

  • CPChronicle - 2011-06-08 09:51

    WTF! What is the education level of these people- how can something be won and lost? In the persuit of their own political ambitions all the politicians are doing is ruin any chance that SA has of becoming a none racial society, the local government elections set the country back 20 years in this respect. All this retoric is going to cause all manner of problems sooner rather than later. The country needs to ingnore these pointless excuses of 'public servants' (all politicians should analyize that phrase very closly) and get on with the job of improving our society, starting with a good quality education for all so that the next generation can see all this bull for what it is.

  • Other Justin - 2011-06-08 09:57

    Strange comments, considering the ANC were running the Western Cape for years before the DA took over. What did the cANCer accomplish in the Western Cape while they were in power except for corruption, bad service delivery and overall bad performance, especially to the poor. They are corrupt and incompetent and are suffering from sour grapes syndrome. When the cANCer refer to the 'majority', are they refering to the national majority or the provincial majority, they are two very different things. BEWARE the true majority of the Western Cape, they do not have your interests at heart, they only have their own pockets and secondly the national majorities interests at heart. The cANCer is a RACIST MONSTER!

  • gallus - 2011-06-08 09:57

    I do not mind whether the cat is ANC or DA as long as it catches the mice. But if the DA cat catches and the ANC fails then I want the DA cat! I trust you understand what I am saying, comrade Mjongile? If not, go to China and seek the explanation there.

  • Frank - 2011-06-08 10:06

    I voted only once for the ANC, Never again, Not unless there policy changes. And they stay true to the words they speak. They are a racist party, make promises they never keep. So i will voted DA Forever.

  • tut - 2011-06-08 10:06

    A case our sour grapes methinks? Nothing more than post mortem regret fuelled by the acknowledgement that perhaps the ANC is rather embarrassed at it's outright failure to unite itself in a region where voters have made mature and logical choices and have ignored the failed racial pre-election emotional hype strategy! This ANC is a farce Government backing itself on historical emotional support only and an outright failure when it comes to implementation. These comments dont come as any surprise.

  • TamaraSays - 2011-06-08 10:23

    Is it racist not to want to be ruled by a party that can't find their bums with both hands and a mirror? Is it racist to not want a bunch of crooks to be in charge? Please, ANC, you need to realise that YOU are the only racists that we really need to worry about in SA. Clean up YOUR provinces, before you moan about the one province that actually WORKS in South Africa.

  • Richard - 2011-06-08 10:36

    What a load of rubbish! Read the score board, pal. The DA rules the WC with a clear majority. Live with it.

  • mike taylor - 2011-06-08 10:36

    Does the ANC actually believe the drivel they spout? the DA has a proven record of service delivery and good governance in the WC, all the ANC governed ares are in crisis and the ANC spews politically correct garbage. Start governing properly in areas controlled by yourselves ANC and then maybe you can start criticising the DA and the Western Cape.

  • sainsaudi - 2011-06-08 11:36

    All the ANC can harp on about is race and racism, and of course, apartheid. They know nothing else. They cannot govern without being corrupt, they cannot educate without turning the nation's children into dumber and dumber, and they cannot follow through on their own policies without somebody benefiting enormously financially. So, the only thing they can do effectively is rewrite history and keep bringing the spectre of apartheid back from the grave. Mjongile has learnt well from his masters and can obscure the facts well. He uses presumption effectively by saying that whites are afraid and that the Coloureds are insecure. Of course, blamed on Apartheid social engineering. Then he mentions transformation! Transformation is exactly the same thing except that it deals with black social engineering by replacing the minorities with loyal cadres. His attitude is concescending. He ends off with another favourite of the ANC, and that is conferencing - on race and racism! At what cost to the state and on which terms of reference? Zille, on the other hand, has set up a skills and development forum to ensure that skill and talents are ceveloped for the future. A conference will include just another hbumch of well-heeled ANC kleptocrats who will be wined and dined at expensive restaurants and who will stay in 5 star hotel suites.Johnny Walker Blue and Moet & Chandon will be flowing and everyone will have a jolly old time, and the verdict will be that whites are still racist.

  • Goia - 2011-06-08 11:52

    Do I hear the sound of a loser here? Since the 80's the Western Cape has been(and will be) the best racially integrated society in SA.

  • MBruno - 2011-06-08 13:14

    It's official: Songezo Mjongile and his "comrades" are clinically certified to be delusional.

  • edd - 2011-06-08 13:55

    So...if Mpumalanga wins an election, the cANCer will say exactly the same thing!!!

  • MBruno - 2011-06-08 13:57

    Back in the early 20th century, when the Union of South Africa was established, there were two conflicting views on the future of the country amongst the white SA community. The Cape Liberals favored massive European immigration, miscegenation (i.e. the formation of a "coloured" community), and equal civil and political rights for all natives who assimilated into the western culture, irrespective of "race". The rural Boers from Orange and Transvaal on the other hand advocated the "separate development of the races" (hence, apartheid) and a South Africa that would be closed to the "uitlanders". Unfortunately for South Africa, we all know which point of view prevailed in the end. In hindsight, I blame the UK politicians of that time for letting the Boers get away with race-based franchise and a white-only parliament in the South Africa Act 1909. The Anglo-Boer war had been the British Empire's equivalent of Vietnam and the Brits were so eager to appease the Boers that they made the mistake of convincing themselves that they could settle the "South Africa problem" in the same way they handled the French in Canada, basically by striking a compromise between the English-speaking whites and the "Dutchies" and ignoring the broader native African population, which, at the time, was already over 70 % of the population of South Africa. Of course, that model was not sustainable in the long run.

  • Shai-hulud - 2011-06-08 14:10

    "South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others." - London Times

  • Zoooma - 2011-06-10 16:57

    "It has become undeniable that social fragmentation and a high level of inequality continue to define our society, where race and class are the most distinguishing features." "THERE'S AN OVER CONCENTRATION OF COLOURDES IN THE WESTERN CAPE" "WHITES ARE CRIMINALS" "DON'T COME HERE WITH YOUR WHITE TENDENCIES" Oh, that's how the ANC builds the non-racist society

  • Yvonne - 2011-06-10 17:55

    Shut Malema up - that's the solution

  • neuroman - 2011-06-21 13:30

    The only thing for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing If you believe that Julius Malema must be stopped, and that he is guilty of incitement to genocide, hatespeech, and an orchestrator of racial hatred and violence, then sign this petition, and help us to make the world see!

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