Cele: Ranks gives Saps oomph

2010-04-12 18:12

Pretoria - Police are "enthused" about the change of ranks that recently came into effect, police boss General Bheki Cele said on Monday.

"I've never seen such zeal on the ground, there's so much oomph. They love those ranks," Cele told journalists in Pretoria.

The new ranks are constable, sergeant, warrant officer, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, brigadier, major-general, lieutenant-general and general.

President Jacob Zuma made the call to have ranks changed earlier this year.

Cele said militarising ranks would have a positive impact.

"There're no more inspectors. You can find inspectors at school and you'll find inspectors of water and all that, but not on the police force... and you will find senior superintendents in hospitals."

He said changing ranks would also bear fruit for those officers that had been in the same position for years without promotion.

"It will push them up... promotions will take place."

'No bloodbath during SWC'

Meanwhile Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said reports about a bloodbath during the World Cup as a result of AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder should not be taken seriously.

"People are making a mountain out of a molehill. There'll be no bloodbath in South Africa... there's just seas in South Africa," said Mthethwa.

"And warm baths," Cele quipped.

Last week, the online edition of the UK's Daily Star warned England soccer fans headed for the World Cup that they faced a "bloodbath" and machete-wielding gangs.

Mthethwa said they would not pay attention to tabloid media.

Terre'Blanche's murder was under investigation and the public should be patient and stop speculating.

"Information will come," he said.