Communities ditch ANC candidates

2011-04-25 14:35

Polokwane - The ANC is reported to have lost 13 wards in Limpopo's Giyani area as community members nominate their own candidates for the May 18 local government elections instead of accepting the party's choice.

"There have been a lot of defections because of a lot of dissatisfaction with how the ANC handled candidates chosen by the people to represent them," said independent candidate Gezani Sithole.

Sithole was an ANC member in Ward 16 in Mininginisi village until he resigned after complaining that the ANC Mopani regional office had sidelined him in spite of the support he had from the community.

One of Sithole's supporters, Wisani Mathonsi, told community members during a campaign that the ANC had failed to deliver on countless promises.

"We are tired of false promises. It make makes no sense that you buy a cow and then at the time of collection they show you a donkey and tell you to take it. There's a big difference between a cow and a donkey, and we are tired of getting a donkey," said Mathonsi.

"The community has made its decision. In this ward we vote for only on one person   and that’s Gezani Eddy Sithole," he said, to loud cheers from the supporting crowds.

Speaking out

Many community members said they were tired of being short-changed and that they would express their feelings at the polls.

"The people are expressing their anger over the swapping of candidates that took place in this region. They are now speaking out," said Sithole.

Provincial ANC secretary Joe Maswanganyi told African Eye News Service that former party members who resigned to independently contest the polls had not been overlooked within party ranks, but had long planned to leave.

"Those [former party members] who claim to have been overlooked are just making excuses. The truth is, they were looking for ways to run away from the ANC and this became an opportune moment for them," said Maswanganyi.  

  • Slapper - 2011-04-25 14:44

    Excellent news. There will hopefully more of it. Its about time that the voter sid "Enough now" and either switch or nominate a person/party that will deliver.

      ProudofPink - 2011-04-25 16:53

      Unathi You're showing that you don't have a clue what Logic 101 is. Get rid of the chip on your shoulder because it's turned into a forest. Must be so hard to walk around like that.

      gizzy - 2011-04-25 17:00

      Unathi, stop your stupid racist comments. It's got nothing to do with white or black. You're no better than those white racist scum that are commenting.

      BigMoose - 2011-04-25 17:20

      Buy a cow and they say up your ass.

      Rumbler - 2011-04-25 18:27

      Unathi - you are not barking up the wrong tree - you are barking in the wrong forest! Is too much not enough for you?

      Thouca - 2011-04-25 19:02

      agreed..this should not be about colour, continued voting along those lines is pure naive historical racism perpetuation, but the reality is it exists in our country but is now starting to be questioned, even amongst the hard is paramount, colour is not...VOTE FOR DELIVERY..NEVER MIND THE PARTIES NAME NOR THE COLOUR OF ITS LEADER!

  • Benzo - 2011-04-25 15:02

    Indeed good news. Hope the get the support they need to do the job they apply for in an appropriate manner.

  • ian.d.samson - 2011-04-25 15:05

    Good, good, it can only enhance opposition votes, and that's what this country desperately needs - a paradigm shift AWAY from the ANC and towards parties that will DELIVER on their promises, and not just deliver a whole lot of corruption and hot air (political rhetoric).

  • Greg - 2011-04-25 15:05

    At least they are independent and not affiliated to any party. Independents know how to look after their own areas and do not need party politics to cloud the issue.

  • Daniel123 - 2011-04-25 15:06

    "We are tired of false promises. It make makes no sense that you buy a cow and then at the time of collection they show you a donkey and tell you to take it. There's a big difference between a cow and a donkey, and we are tired of getting a donkey," said Mathonsi. Lol well said :-)

      captainm - 2011-04-25 16:21

      The people know the difference between a cow and a donkey! Took some time to learn but now they do. Do NOT vote anc!

      drowninja - 2011-04-25 16:35

      @Daniels. lol. So it means on the day they lay-buy and pay cow deposit seller would show them the cow's front profile. When they come to pay the installment 2nd month of the lay-buy they show them the cow on the left profile & ask him if it is the same cow & if he says no then they tell him is is but not the front profile like the 1st time. After payin the last instalment of the lay-buy & collects then they give him a donkey & tell them its a cow on the right profile? lmao. Thread is unraveling fellas, our people are waking up- yes it may not be DA, but any other alternative- like independents at National level. To all the rich White & Blacks, please support these goodly people & create jobs to bolster these goodly folks cause for the sake of our mutual kids folks. Yes There will be crime risks initially but the momentum will change things to a point the investments bear returns & people start realising that commiting crimes will not be viable compared to bending their backs under a FAIR baas John. Provide apprenticeship to us youth to show your willingness to the new unravelling thread, to abolish the abominable BEE & balance the playing fields & prove again like you had in the referendum that you mean it not only with your votes but your purse that change is neccessary. Then only after the regime change can we call for prosecution & audits against the crimes to the wealth of this nations! I hope Arch Bishop Tutu leaves to head another Truth & Moral Cleansing Commission!

      Daniel123 - 2011-04-25 17:15

      Was probably the best political speech I read in a long time Mr. Mathonsi

  • the_watcher - 2011-04-25 15:23

    " "Those [former party members] who claim to have been overlooked are just making excuses. The truth is, they were looking for ways to run away from the ANC and this became an opportune moment for them," said Maswanganyi. " Come election day I guess we'll see whether or not the community agrees with the party's choice or their own! I say well done to these wards for taking a stand!

  • Dave Benoni - 2011-04-25 15:31

    HOORAY!!! The poor people who have been fed lie upon lie,since 1994 have decided to take a stand. Tell your friends and relations that the ANC is NOT invincible, it just needs ordinary folk to think for themselves,and vote accordingly, instead of ingesting empty promises. Spread the word, the ANC IS NOT your friend. Regards Dave

      captainm - 2011-04-25 16:16

      The anc is not my friend!

  • za101 - 2011-04-25 15:32

    this limpopo is Malema's province hil ar oius

      captainm - 2011-04-25 16:15

      No it is not! malema does not have a province, the ancyl is not a political party.

      drowninja - 2011-04-25 16:38

      Well not his, apparently

      Donald Mathray - 2011-04-25 18:52

      You mean jui ar ous! same as stup ar ous

  • Pharo - 2011-04-25 15:41

    Watching the politics in the ANC is like watching a series of "Survivor". All the backstabbing and double speak that goes on. Nobody knows who to trust and then the one who thinks he is Bull******** the most people and has them all on his side, suddenly gets voted out unexpectedly! It's so entertaining!

      captainm - 2011-04-25 16:14

      Let the games begin!

      Iron John - 2011-04-25 20:50

      Rather, I would say watching ANC politics is like masturbating with a cheese grater. Somewhat amusing, but mostly just bloody painful.

      Cynical Sci - 2011-04-26 13:48

      That's just charming, Iron John. Thank you very much. I was about to go find something for lunch. Thanks again.

  • Nunya - 2011-04-25 15:51


      Tseleng - 2011-04-26 11:24

      The in-fighting is not between ANC & DA is ANC memebers chosen not by the people of the area they reside in. It's a problem when a Sandtonian wants to be a councillor in Soweto.

  • Jorene - 2011-04-25 15:54

    Are these independents not ANC members? If so, then this is the only way the ANC can be sure they do not lose municipalities to opposition parties. Come clean independents, don't pull the wool over the voters eyes.

  • Madelane - 2011-04-25 15:56

    Is the ANC arrogance, dishonesty, corruption, nepotism and self enrichment finally unraveling? Lets hope so and hope too that ir does not lead to mindless violence.

  • no_hidden_agenda - 2011-04-25 15:56

    I REALLY, seriously HOPE with all my BEING, that this will happen throughout the rest of South Africa. It's time that those ANC mofos lost power...

      Unathi - 2011-04-25 16:10

      ANC will win by bug margins and I am working hard to make that a reality.

      ProudofPink - 2011-04-25 16:56

      Unathi What is a 'bug' margin? We all know the ANC are a bunch of insects but you're taking it a bit too far. But it's good, keep voting for the ANC so you can keep on struggling.

      Daniel123 - 2011-04-25 17:20

      lol at bug. Should it not be buck(like in money). That I will say is possible. Because they love money!!!!!

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-04-26 09:37

      The margins will only be as big as bugs, apprently.

      Dumisani P - 2011-04-30 11:17

      @ Unathi - Sure you trying hard to help the ANC, Cause they probably paying for your Million rand mansion, A FEW Covertibles and A FEW wives, another overseas holiday etc. You cannot loose any of these ''TENDER'' luxuries can you!!

      Dumisani P - 2011-04-30 11:19

      I am sure riAD will be able to take care of Unathi and his fellow ''bugs''

  • jaycee - 2011-04-25 15:58

    Let the elections happen. There are always these positive (and negative) stories before the time but it will be the results that count. I sincerely hope the ANC supporters will somehow push the wool away from their eyes so that SA can move realistically forward. What grieves me also is that non-paid passengers in the elections, ie the SACP and Cosatu, will get some of their members into government positions without testing their policies with the electorate. What kind of democracy does SA have? Bloody ridiculous! Wake up ANC supporters, you are being made fools of.

      Unathi - 2011-04-25 16:09

      What? we are awake and we removed white rule. The fools that leave ANC always comeback because they thin politics is a career instead of going to school.

      captainm - 2011-04-25 16:11

      The sacp and cosatu virtually have two votes in the anc. The ordinary anc member is short-changing himself by only having one vote in the troika!

  • captainm - 2011-04-25 16:08

    Viva Gezani Eddy Sithol! Viva!

  • marco - 2011-04-25 16:41

    The ANC has become The Biggest Galvanized Monstrosity in the whole of Africa the way they govern South Africa.Like all African countries and African politics,the ANC are retarded in their development,unbridled in their lust for power,steeped in official corruption,chaotic in their political engineering and are sprinting toward total collapse.Their expansion of corporate dominance has accentuated the steady descent into their near economic strangulation and political chaos.They've one and all acted as economic predators in South Africa,gobbling up national resources,distortlng national economic policies,exploiting and changing labor relations,committing environmental despoliation,violating sovereignties,and manipulating governments departments into anachronistic forms of mismanagement in offering services,houses and yellow T-shirts in return for votes. What would it take for the ANC elite to learn that they cannot exist in a parallel universe where the only truth that matters is the truth decreed by the ANC?To ask these questions is to ask what it would take to humble the ANC elite,to make them realise they cannot continue helping themselves to SA's national kitty without any sense of shame.It is to say that the ANC elite cannot continue to govern as if their political mandate comes directly from God. The ANC will become,like many former liberation movements,a sadder caricature of its former self.Do members of the ANC elite know this?One must suspect they do.Otherwise,why would they be so grubby in their approach to the spoils of office?Would they be so arrogant if they did not have a zero-sum approach to power?

  • Honcho - 2011-04-25 16:54

    Who needs another COPE? Many kleptocrats run away from the ANC after they are found out and form their own fifdoms who fizzle out within a year or two. So, to all the guys in Giyani and everywhere: bring it on. The ANC embraces and encourages democracy and freedom of association.

  • Donald Mathray - 2011-04-25 16:54

    Hi All There is a comrade that hails from Limpopo that recently went to canvass in the IFP backyard.Too bad he did not see it fit to ensure that his own back yard was organised and managed properly.Too much of the showmanship and playing to the whims and fancies of the youth have let the community down.It will be good to remember all the dancing and singing won't provide basic services to the poor. My prayer is that the community has people like Andries Tatane to lead them and take care of them.Best of luck comrades.May the people YOU have chosen take you to the promised land.

  • marco - 2011-04-25 17:06

    South Africa is effectively a one-party state.Parliament is controlled by the African National Congress,and the party can pass any law or even rewrite the country’s remarkable Constitution.Archbishop Desmond Tutu once pointed out a danger by saying that the ANC needed “a viable opposition” because “democracy flourishes where there is a vigorous debate. Democracy is best defined as the government of the people,by the people, for the people.In a democratic government,power is given to the people-not the other way around you ANC fools.This allows the people to have a direct say in who governs them,via the votes cast by every adult member of the population.As such it ensures that a government is made up of those who are truly representative of the people,satisfying the population of electing a government that will think about them,care about them and provide for them.Everyone of them despite their race,colour of skin,ethinicity,language etc.Furthermore,when power is given to the people,the people will be more careful when using their power as they will have to bear the consequences if the leader elected is corrupted or not a wise leader.South Africa,like other Democracies, needs real checks and balances whether on a practical or idealistic level.Stop screwing over sociopolitical minorities you ass****s.Any ideology that didn't involve ultra-libertarian minarchist principles would be ineligible to gain any power in government.Ideology and policy-base democracy keeps the majority happy by letting them force their views onto disagreeing minorities,and as such,from a moral perspective I could never consider it acceptable.

  • sarelvdwalt - 2011-04-25 17:22

    Finally! Some news that the people are starting to realize that Democracy means "power to the PEOPLE" and not "power to the ANC".

  • RobertKay - 2011-04-25 17:24

    Good. Maybe the ANC will start to relise that democracy means you can vote for whom you think can represent your interests the best, and not for a useless, loyal party member, who is probaly a relative of someone high up anyway! The way the ANC want it is "you vote for the party and we decide who is best for the job.!"

  • mhlebe - 2011-04-25 18:30

    So tell me seriously where are the indepedant candidates going to get the knowledge and experiance to run a municipality . They will be in the same boat as the anc candidates.Shouldnt a candidate first be screened for a applicable CV before he is nominated irrespective for which party

      Alpha - 2011-04-25 19:22

      Good point. This is how we got in this mess in the first place. Here is hoping that all goes well.

      Mabhulwana - 2011-04-25 21:04

      The ones with experience messed up! Let us try human beings with integrity and honesty and see what happens. The one challenge I know is that the ANC remains in charge of the country and the purse strings - it is therefore is to with hold funds from these independent candidates to make them look worse than the ANC people that were removed. We really hope for the best! The most disheartening thing about these officials is the level of corruption they engage in. It looks like if someone is given R1 for a project, he uses the 85c for himself and leaves only 15c for the actual projet.

      AGENT - 2011-04-26 08:40

      @Joe, word wakker boet !!!, You are a weak link , get back in the garden and do your work you retard.

      Franklea - 2011-04-26 23:52

      Your ward Councillor is not elected to do your municipality's officials job. Municipalities employees work for the state not the ANC although in some instances the latter occurs. At best your ward councillor would look after his/her political party's interest in your community by ensuring the community's needs are attended to timelessly. How often does this happen in SA?? I don't know I'll let you be the judge of that.

  • Zion - 2011-04-25 18:41

    At long last there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. May that light glow stronger and the people see the truth. Viva Independants, viva. salvation comes from curious quarters.

      AGENT - 2011-04-26 08:38

      JOE , you are a prick.

  • Pharo - 2011-04-25 19:27

    It's another episode of "Survivor" my friends. The final decision lies with the Jury and the voters are the jury!

  • sainsaudi - 2011-04-25 19:31

    These people who have run away from the ANC are just a little miffed that they were left off the lists because they wanted their part of the money pie that the appointed people are going to get. They are not into this for humanity's sake. They don't give a damn about the people. It's all about enrichment. Finish and klaar! Those who vote for them in the elections will soon be storming down their doors demanding service delivery.Unathi, you're flogging a dying horse. The ANC is on its way to the dustbin of history. The people are tired.The blue wave is coming.

      gizzy - 2011-04-25 19:54

      And a lot of those independents are current ANC councillors! So, if they win and the Lithuli house ANC candidates lose, what's the be they will be welcomed back into the ANC fold and what's the bet that will jump at the opportunity! Politics ANC style!

      Mabhulwana - 2011-04-25 21:05

      very possible, indeed!

  • Sword&Cross - 2011-04-25 19:53

    "The danger to South Africa is not julius malema but a countries youth capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency of the YL. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a malema presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing and/or coerced to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than malema, who is a mere symptom of what ails South African youth. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The country can survive a julius malema, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their YL president. The REAL COST of a malema (and all zuma's) to SA citizens is as follows in Limpopo, and with far worse to follow soon down the line. h t t p://w w

  • Zakhele - 2011-04-25 22:03

    I am very sad to see the ANC disintegrating like this. It's all the fault of the foolish leadership. One just wonders how of the ANC will be left in 15 years' time. Zuma, Malema, Gorhan, Patel and Sexwale! We don't need you buying people's votes. Ditch all those RDP houses. Nobody needs them. People need jobs and not RDP houses. Stop those bloody children grants. Stop allocating all the money for handouts! Malema stop making noise and get to the niggy gritty of how to provide employmentf for the youth. Patel, you will not created jobs if you give all the money to IDC, NED, NYDA and Eskom. Give money to people who have brains and who have implementable plans to create employment. The level of stupidity and lazinesses at IDC is appalling! Go to IDC is see how the stuff runs around like headless chickens trying to explain financing criteria to us when we have projects that need finance and no flipping buzz words. IDC people will try explain to me that I need signed contracts or LOIs for markets for milk, beef, vegies and other greenies. Markets will not commit nor will they even write an LOI if I have't got capacity-especially financial capacity. No wonder why I had to bring these people meat (beef, chicken & pork) and go buy them vegies at Fruits and Veg in the rural area where I am currently on a holiday. We've just had gallons and gallons of rain. But I must buy food for people who sit in 15000 hectares of fertile soils an lands. What a shame on Zuma & Malema government!

  • christoffel.nel - 2011-04-25 22:16

    I like the donkey vs. cow comparison. This analogy can become a revolutionary weapon.

  • Andries Pretorius - 2011-04-26 02:21

    The revolution has begun!

  • helen - 2011-04-26 06:12

    Hehehehe! The groundswell against false promises and self-enrichment is on the move. I hope this 'ripple' will yet become a tsunami.......

  • Blikskottel - 2011-04-26 06:15

    Anything that undermines the ANC is good for RSA and the people.

  • Mozetsana - 2011-04-26 09:40

    U r lying Maswangayi, I say VIVA to communities that are taking their townships back and practising their democracy. We are tired ANC needs a serious wake up call and Im glad people are getting out of dis terrible grip ANC have over us. VIVA Mabranch VIVA!!!!

      Fred - 2011-04-26 10:32

      Its does'nt a matter who the party is, or what colour or religion they preach, its time that the power is returned to the people, its time scumbag, thieving, bastard politicians understood that they are there to serve the people and not vice-versa, hopefully this will develop into a movement of people that retakes the power out of the thieving, incompetent clutches of bastard politicians.

  • Fred - 2011-04-26 10:15

    I absolutely love the cow and donkey comparison, fits politicians of all parties so well.

  • Kisha - 2011-04-27 15:41

    What doesn't make sense is that Mr. Sithole WAS the ANC member for Ward 16, and didn't deliver. So why are they voting for him again, irrespective of party?

  • Mmoledi - 2011-04-27 15:53

    Truly speaking if the ruling party can not listen to the people they will one day point a finger at some municipalities and then the country at large and say we were once ruling this country, they rather change their attitude and strategy when going to elections and listen to the people. It is not Limpopo alone having such kind of a problem whereby community candidates are changed for the benefit of those whom the party likes and when that goes down to communities then they became angry and result to other options of getting their candidates on ballot paper as such the ruling party then found itself left also with no option but to lose wards to individuals or oppositions.In North West also the same thing happens like for example in Madibeng municipality ward three where community did not chose their councillor candidate, the councillor was chosen with no community knowledge.We are tired of such tricks and the party, the ruling party must change their strategy and made their people do the right things by following right channels and listen to the peoples needs or communities, we are herding to national election soon and we do not want to see such things happening also, we as community we want a person to represent us being a person chosen by us and nothing else.

  • mlungisi - 2011-04-27 16:17

    Some people do not have a clue about the power of the majority. No one can cheat real democracy. You cannot cheat the masses!

  • SOOTHSAYER - 2011-04-28 11:57

    The fact is white people where given enough chance to rule this country, and they did k#k, the same with these people who want to stand as individual candidates and others are running to DA, they are as corrupt as they come.........fact is ANC is cleaning itself and the corrupt people are running to DA, Individual Candidates and COPE....... whites brought Apartheid and today people cry foul when they see AA and BBBEE policies, whereas these are a by-product of white supremists policies and agendae to rule and divide....fact is U may wish or pray to your devil to rule in this country again, God helps those who help themselves.......U didn't help your coz when u brought apartheid....DA is corrucpt as well, they removed anything that has BBBEE in their procurment policies in the Westren cape, fact is black & coloured will always be slaves of white masters in the Western Cape.......don't say u were never told, ANC will again rule in the WC and the DA is riding on the success of the ANC in the WC.....nothing more, 99% of companies that win tenders in the WC are white owned & fund the DA, the people are watching this space..........

  • Dumisani P - 2011-04-30 11:09

    The people have spoken! Straight from the horses mouth, so now the ANC cannot use the DENIAL, LIES AND IGNORANCE. The DA never said anything, this is an ANC crowd who quite rightly so, have lost their faith in the ANC.

  • Boer - 2011-05-29 22:17

    Brilliant. The anc is going down slowly.

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