Cope treasurer expelled

2012-02-19 21:35

Johannesburg - Cope Treasurer Hilda Ndude has been expelled after being found guilty of gross mismanagement of funds by the party's national disciplinary committee, it said on Sunday.

The expulsion had already taken effect, said Timothy Mahlangu, a spokesperson for the Congress of the People under the leadership of Mosiuoa Lekota.

In a statement, Cope said Ndude deposited party funds into her own bank account and those of her relatives.

She was found to have deposited R110 000 earmarked for Amazon Media into her personal account, and to have tried to put R72 240 intended for CC Properties into her son's account.

She was also found guilty of wrongfully approving and signing documents and authorising payments without invoices.

It was decided to suspended Ndude at the party's first congress national committee (CNC) meeting of the year at the end of January.

At the time, the CNC said it had resolved to institute a forensic audit of party finances in all the provinces and would work with the police to institute criminal charges.

It said Deirdre Carter would replace Ndude as national treasurer.

  • Marlene Black - 2012-02-19 21:52

    Expulsion, not suspension on full pay ... Wow! A huge leap in the right direction. May the ruling party take note and follow suit.

  • Sean - 2012-02-19 22:44

    Seems corruption is endemic to these areseholes - He was practicing in case he actually got an appointment

  • Ndira - 2012-02-20 08:08

    come on who still cares about COPE....We want to hear about the DA or ANC!!!!

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