Cope wants Cele replaced quickly

2012-05-25 18:01

Johannesburg - Suspended police commissioner Bheki Cele must be replaced quickly and with someone who is "incorruptible", the Congress of the People (Cope) said in a statement on Friday.

Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem said the police's reputation had been tainted by its history of controversial leadership and the number of senior policemen facing corruption, fraud, and murder allegations.

Bloem was responding to media reports that the board of inquiry into Cele's fitness to hold office had recommended he be removed.

The Mail & Guardian reported on Friday that the three-person inquiry unanimously recommended he be sacked.

This was dismissed by President Jacob Zuma's spokesperson Mac Maharaj.

"The president has received the report and is processing it, and until then he will not engage in speculation," Maharaj said.

Bloem said Cope called on the president to act with speed by making the inquiry's findings public and appointing a new commissioner.

Cele's spokesperson, Vuyo Mkhize, told The Witness that Cele would consider "all available avenues to challenge the validity of the report, including a review application to the High Court".

Zuma appointed the board of inquiry in November to probe Cele's fitness to remain in office, and allegations of misconduct relating to two leases for new police headquarters in Pretoria and Durban, which Cele signed with property tycoon Roux Shabangu.

  • Tamaranui - 2012-05-25 18:09

    Had such high hopes for this Comrade. He talked the Talk now he looks very Guilty. Charge him with Treason as well.......Replace this Traitor.

      eil33nn - 2012-05-25 18:38

      why charge him with treason? He is not a traitor, he is a thief! Send him to jail for fraud, the do get longer prison sentences than rapists

  • Barend - 2012-05-25 18:14

    Someone who is incorruptible? That person does not exist but you might find a person who can do his job first and then think about being corrupt. Something tells me this is someone you will not find in the ANC

  • george.michaelides.71 - 2012-05-25 18:14

    Bye corrupt ..........ok i wontsayit.........ah f@rk it...u chop....

  • Bomb - 2012-05-25 18:38

    Can the next chief NOT be a comrade, pleaaaaaaase. Hopefully a law enforcement professional with more than 25 years experience and a relevant qualification/degree. Must also pass a lie detector test and full background check as part of his/her security clearance process. Is that too much to ask. Stop this fckn re-deployment of incompetent cadres, you are destroying this country...HELL, MAN, here's your chance to start rectifying this craphole.

  • Cuanita Gevers - 2012-05-25 18:59

    Mary J Blige awesome....:)

  • George - 2012-05-25 19:26

    Can you imagine, an incorruptible member of the cANCerous society coming forth. Nothing but a career policeman with a proven record of at least 30 years policing should fit the bill. One politician in SAPS (Minister) is enough. Its a matter of life and death. The only sensible pronouncement Cele made was "Shoot to kill".

  • Bless Boswell - 2012-05-25 19:45

    How about a police commissioner from the DA's camp? Can't hurt... Can it?

  • george.pito - 2012-05-25 19:51

    Somehow corrupt or not at least he approved something. The whole BEE principle is corrupt. Now Cele at least approved some tenders. What happens now. BEE is ok even by the DA and in approving this we end up with a system where we do nothing but firing and compalining. In the end even a corrupt tender is better than none.

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