Cope's Phillip Dexter resigns

2011-09-03 08:25

Johannesburg - Cope spokesperson Phillip Dexter has resigned as the party's head of communications, the SABC reported on Saturday morning.

He would however remain a member of the Congress of the People and an MP.

Dexter reportedly sent his resignation letter as the party's spokesperson to Cope leader, Mosioua Lekota.

Party acting general secretary Deidre Carter confirmed that Dexter indicated his intention of stepping down as spokesperson, but reportedly told the SABC this was not yet been accepted by Cope's national committee.

  • Jon Vader - 2011-09-03 08:39


  • Rightway - 2011-09-03 08:43

    So what? your point is? Stupid writer.

  • Martin du Plessis - 2011-09-03 08:51

    WHAT we have here is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE!

  • MAWEMAWE - 2011-09-03 08:56

    DA is following on the footprints as they already awarded billions worth tender without proper procedures.

      falcon2020 - 2011-09-03 09:04

      Idiot - Thats why WC is the only province to pass audits on provinces...59 ANC municipalities, have not even submitted...

      Fed-Up - 2011-09-03 09:23

      MAWEMAWE what ARE you smoking? It must be the GOOD stuff! There was an ALLOGATION that tender procedures were not followed - Helen Zille welcomed a full investigation by the auditor general and said she would resign if the allegations were true - she explained that from hundreds of documents only one was taken out of context! The ANC on the other hand has proved time and time again that it is corrupt - the auditor general only cleared Cape Town in his report a DA run metro! Even the president when he was accused of corruption did not welcome a full investigation - oh no he spent heaps of money on lawyers to have the cases dropped. You clearly do not know what you are talking about!

      Bill - 2011-09-03 09:25

      Do you believe all the crap you are told! Can't you make any educated assumptions on your own??? Nope, doubt you can...!

      2WhiteStars - 2011-09-03 09:31

      You are a fool. Read the newspapers and see what ACTUALLY happened - not what your corrupt ANC has said has happened. And billions? Since when does the WC have an advertising budget of billions? You parrot what others say with no facts.

      saabnut - 2011-09-03 10:10

      Prove it!

      Peter - 2011-09-03 11:19

      You have to prove that

      Colin Dovey - 2011-09-03 11:34

      Helen Zille publicly, on 702 Radio, NAILED the Editor of the Sunday Times for publishing RUBBISH. He is the person you should be criticising, especially since all media have become the whipping boys of the ANC. She also had the guts to say that she would resign if the "claims" proved to be in any way correct. Which ANC Minister/Official etc has EVER offered to resign because of the rampant tender fraud and corruption going on? NOT ONE! Perhaps you should ask what is NOW happening at the SABC with the BILLIONS being stolen? Perhaps you should ask about the procedures being followed by the Police General? Perhaps you should ask about the ender processes involved with Malema? goes on and are just grabbing at straws in a VAIN attempt to tarnish the name of one of the best leaders SA has got - if she was black...and that is the reality of SA Today, she would EASILY be the President of this country - she has the integrity, and the .....well....balls :-)

      umhlopo - 2011-09-03 12:25

      u mamma whako pheta msende

      gatvol4corru - 2011-09-03 14:16

      eh,you did it again! Comrade! Now the people know your limitations and that this conversation is above your IQ

      umhlopo - 2011-09-03 14:21

      you must seraaslie change the sorce giving you your information ,try a primary school instead of mamma thembus kindergarden,now run along and blow your nose its running in your mouth

      Philip Darne - 2011-10-06 07:44


  • Dambuza - 2011-09-03 08:59

    what do they stil exist for? I wish our country was a two party system too, or mybe three. What do we have so many parties for? I gues everyone wants to be a leader, that's all to it, most of them have a lot in policy but they wouldn't come together.

      saabnut - 2011-09-03 10:10

      No- they all want a space at the trough...

      Peter - 2011-09-03 11:23

      We just one that can govern, that are not corupt and hates gravey

  • LolPlonk - 2011-09-03 09:15

    @MAWEMAWE typical ANC response "billions" you idiot, it was a communication tender that went to Hunt Lascaris Advertising Agency worth not even close to "Billions" and no wrong do has yet been found in the investigation into the deal!!! In fact Hellen Zille said she would resign if any wrong doing was found. Hows that for putting your money where your mouth is? I bet you no other ANC member ever said that! They couldn't, because they all corrupt and would have to resign!!! hahahaha!! you are my Plonker of the day! Thanks for the laugh :)) Its been good, I look forward to seeing your posts in the future on other matters, ignorance can be funny sometimes.

      saabnut - 2011-09-03 10:15

      Well said, fellow scribe

      Peter - 2011-09-03 11:27

      The ANC will say that when they have compleatly closed down free speech

  • Piet Skiet - 2011-09-03 09:49

    Dexter was pretty useless as head of communications. No loss to the party

      somap2 - 2011-09-03 10:10

      Dexter IS usless.

      saabnut - 2011-09-03 10:16

      he was also useless when he was slurping the ANC's gravy.

      umhlopo - 2011-09-03 12:28

      give him a break - he was only looking for a job

  • nkhadi - 2011-09-03 10:02

    the guy is frustrated. ever since they defected from the ANC they never had peace. within few months he will be with the ANC, like sello moloto did. he can't cope with cope.

      Neil - 2011-09-03 13:26

      I just love the break up in the ANC. Malema will form his own party and take half of the ANC's votes, hence majority vote is something of the past and Zille will capitalize on this.. Lets see what happens, the way your stupid party is carrying on there will be white rule within the next ten years... BTW, I will vote for Zille blindly, just like you vote for the clowns that is just a nuisance. At least my vote goes to someone with a brain, not a party that has a peanut for a brain.

      JP Miller - 2011-09-03 14:20

      Maybe he'll move to the DA?

      JP Miller - 2011-09-03 14:22

      @Neil There is no way that Malema is ca[able of starting and running and ANC-like organization. All he wants to do is take over and run it into the ground (as his compatriots are doing.)

  • BryanJhb - 2011-09-03 10:23

    Its amazing that such a big deal is being made about the WC advertising tender especially as the AG has already given a positive opinion on the matter. By contrast nothing is happening about other matters where irregularities appear patently obvious including such things things as (1) arms deal (2) the substantial financial interests of the Limpopop Premier (3)Winnie Mandela speeeding and refusing to comply with instruction of law officers (4) The Gauteng premier not paying her speeding fines which run into thousands and (5) The Gauteng premier's alleged interference in a police matter involving her deceased son. And there are many more!

  • Musa Ngubane - 2011-09-03 18:13

    Not surprised, it's cold outside the ANC. Leave uncle Terror, next time he checks he will be leading nobody but himself.

      marcan - 2011-09-04 12:07

      @ Musa, one doesn't start or lead a political minority party, thinking it's easy. One should do it out of conviction that you can make a positive difference. You sound very much like a spineless, sycophantic supporter of the (mis)ruling party !

  • eradingoana - 2011-09-03 19:18

    The ANC has also just started, the thugs are cutting it into pieces.

  • Piet Skiet - 2011-09-04 11:01

    Lets vote on who is the most useless - Dexter or Mac Maharaj, who, as spokesperson for the president, ddint know who was acting president last week. I vote one vote each.

  • Yankee - 2011-09-04 12:52

    MAWEMAWE. The ANC run around the country but they are incapable of running the country. Can you not sense the banana peels we are all sliding on. I think you thoroughly enjoy the fruit wrapped in the banana peels.

  • Bok Fan - 2011-09-04 13:51

    Note that he kept his job as an MP. So now he will be paid a fortune for doing absolutely boggerall. These komrade kommies are kwaai klevva

  • Landile - 2011-09-09 14:20

    Soon Cope will be dead

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