Cosatu, YCL back ANC decision

2010-03-15 17:06

Cape Town - Despite the fact that the ANC appears to be gunning for its argumentative allies in the tri-partite alliance, both Cosatu and the Young Communist League have welcomed what the national executive said at the weekend. 

Cosatu "warmly welcomed" the strong condemnation of the new culture of public spats, trading of insults and personalised attacks amongst its leaders.

"The statement echoes the words of the Cosatu central executive committee which condemned those
who are 'trying hard to take us back to the politics of labelling, name calling, back-stabbing, rumour and scandal mongering, marginalisation and closure of space for free and democratic debates.

"Cosatu has always rejected this style of politics and has never allowed its political disagreements to slide into personal insults and questioning of people's bona fides."

YCL backs action

The Young Communist League also welcomed the action taken by the ANC to act harshly against members of the alliance who engage in 'public spattering' and personal attacks.

"This much needed intervention will assist in curbing this foreign behaviour that has recently shown its ugly head within the alliance," the YCL spokesperson Gugu Ndima said.

"The YCLSA has been consistent in calling for the halt of such tendencies. We appreciate the leadership that has been provided by the ANC with regards to this problem."

However, Ndima made it clear that the young communists are not about to change their attitude entirely.

"This should not in any way be seen as a way to mute or silence robust engagement," she said.

"As President Jacob Zuma had stated in his address at the special national congress of the SACP last year December, robust debate is a necessity for the existence and strengthening of the alliance but in no way should this be seen as tantamount to disrespect of other comrades.

NEC's 'half-heartedness'

Craven also said the organisation is concerned at the NEC's half-hearted and vague commitment to be "decisive in acting against using the tender system to give business to individuals in ways that create the
perception that there is favouritism or corruption in the process".

"There is no firm commitment to investigate the many specific allegations in the media, such as Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane's decision to award a R30m rand tender to 'beautify' the highway leading to OR Tambo Airport without going through a proper tender process," he said.

"For the public to gain confidence in the tender processes, and to remove the perception that there is favouritism or corruption, the NEC should fully investigate this, and many other such allegations in the media."

Cosatu also said it fully backed the NEC's defence of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

"While we have some disagreements with the Finance Minister over monetary policy and wage subsidies, we have expressed agreement with many other sections of his budget speech, and we deplore the personalised attacks which have been made on him by the ANC Youth League."