Cosatu denies Vavi attack on Zuma

2011-04-06 15:24

Johannesburg - The Congress of SA Trade Unions denied on Wednesday a report that its general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi had "blasted Zuma" at a conference this week.

"Zwelinzima Vavi never made any reference to the president of the ANC and the republic, Comrade Jacob Zuma. He pointed out the strides made by the ANC government as well as some of the challenges that remain such as corruption, income inequalities, poverty and unemployment," Cosatu said in a statement.

It was referring to a headline on the Sowetan newspaper's front page on Wednesday which stated, "Zuma blasted by Vavi".

But Cosatu said: "We consider the headline as inaccurate and mischievous. Even the Sowetan's own report of the speech, by Kingdom Mabuza, on Page 4, to which the headline refers, makes no mention of any reference to the president by the general secretary."

Vavi made front page news in other publications on Wednesday for warning that the opposition Democratic Alliance's leader Helen Zille posed a threat to the ruling African National Congress in some areas.

"If we are not careful, and if we allow people to take our movement in the direction they are taking, very soon we may have to call someone President Zille - which will be an absolute nightmare," Vavi said, diverting from his speech prepared for delivery.

He said the ruling ANC was "infested with corruption and greed".

Cosatu insisted that the Sowetan publish a retraction and apology.

Last week, The Star and the Daily Sun newspapers had to publish front-page apologies after incorrectly quoting ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema as publicly criticising Zuma.

  • IThink - 2011-04-06 15:30

    Zuma, sound like your own comrades is trying to tell you something.. Vavi, tell it like it is but keep it simple so that Zuma can understand it.

  • BakkieB - 2011-04-06 15:32

    Think it is time to record all of these conferences, meetings etc. Written media seems to be continually "misquoting" people. Hate to say it but the print media better be careful or it could start losing credibility.

      Badger - 2011-04-06 15:44

      I agree. Next thing they will accuse the DA of being behind the incorrect stories in the newspapers. Anything for a few votes.

      Rob Gunning - 2011-04-07 08:14

      @Badger - They already do.

  • thinker - 2011-04-06 15:34

    As the say "when thieves fall-out"

  • The Observer - 2011-04-06 15:35

    Funny how it is always the same newspapers.

  • Badger - 2011-04-06 15:41

    Even if Vavi did not say it, it is the truth. Bunch of incompetent criminals!!!

  • scud - 2011-04-06 15:50

    Of course Vavi,like wee Julius,did not criticize Zuma,they merely lambasted the ANC and its corruption,inefficiency etc. Zuma just happens to lead the ANC.Where is the connection?

  • Mundu - 2011-04-06 15:53

    The only one's that it will be a nightmare for will be the corrupt ANC politicians (the whole bloody lot of them). The rest of SA could look forward to much better service delivery.

  • Mad Hatter - 2011-04-06 16:02

    political speak : Talk vaguely so you can apply a context later .

  • ji - 2011-04-06 16:02

    deny , deny , deny , de nai zuma

  • ArtGee - 2011-04-06 16:04

    Vavi: "Zuma, you and your Ministers are all PUSS'S" COSATU...."Vavi MEANT to say Zuma and his Ministers were PUSSY CATS"!!!!!

  • mhaga.sabe - 2011-04-06 16:11

    When journalists lie like this one from Sowetan, they must be fired immediately otherwise they are mis-representing media and the perception will continue that media is one sided against the ruling party and the Goverment!

      gizzy - 2011-04-06 16:51

      We don't know the context of that journalist's lie? Was he an ANC sympathiser that wanted to media to have egg on it's face? Was he an ANC insider that wanted ammunition against the media to strengthen the media gagging bill? Something is rotten in that whole saga. The man has gone into hiding but ANC cadres know where he is. Dirty politics at play!

      MathysTheart - 2011-04-06 18:47

      When a journalist writes something that is against the anc, the DA is to blame. When Cosatu is blamed for damages to public property during a strike, bloody agents of the DA are to blame. Why is it always the DA's fault?

  • Bheki - 2011-04-06 16:12

    We understand that writers by nature should be creative but should not be creative about truth especially on things that may put other people in the awkward position.

      Joann - 2011-04-06 17:00

      Not really, they are not saying on the headline "vavi attacks Zuma" no where in the article said anything of the sorts, the author just took certain things from his speech. If it was a complete lie then i'd say fine but what the man said was the truth but well written to get the consumer to buy, buy, buy!

  • Dog!! - 2011-04-06 16:13

    How can Zille be refered to as a "nightmare" if her DA party sets a fine example on how a province (WC) should be managed? This must be quite a bitter pill to swollow expecially for the ruling party. Clearly she is a threat to the ANC and at a large scale. It is not about apartheid/ discrimination etc. but pure good governance and service delivery! Nothing Malema and his comrades can live up to yet they have to revert to monkey tactics to disgrace the DA because they are unable to debate with intellegence. Mass reaction is suppose to prevail even if really stupid at times - ANC view. As usual even his property is a fine example of his skew mind, you have to breakdown everything before you can restart by building with money from bogus deals. Show me an example of a tender he could complete with pride and which is not in a total mess or shambles. Malema = monkey see but monkey can't do!!

      scud - 2011-04-06 16:56

      Well said--the ANC could not run a bath without somebody stealing the water and soap,so how can they run a country?/

  • Monde - 2011-04-06 16:20


      White sowhat - 2011-04-06 16:31

      and then what

  • mev - 2011-04-06 16:53

    Doesn't anyone find it a little strange how its only 'comrades' who get misquoted? What about all of the other politicians? How come I never read about them being misquoted?

  • Joann - 2011-04-06 16:56

    I see what they are doing... trying to make out that the media is incompetent and therefore pass that little law that they have on hold... Sneaky....

  • euro-african - 2011-04-06 17:03

    So, if a well run province (WC=DA) is a mightmare to you, then it stands to reason that "the ruling ANC "infested with corruption and greed" , must be an dream to you.

  • willieman - 2011-04-06 17:07

    just disband the allaince so that the reality should prevail.The current scenario does not work it is a fact.The problem is every body in this bond keeps on denying it.Sacp should stop been on the wings of others.We want to see the true reflection here.How can you be a memeber of 3 organisations at a time,especially political parties.

  • bongscy - 2011-04-06 17:12

    WOW ! THIS IS GREAT. ITS FUNNY THA T WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THESE MATTERS ALMOST 18 YEARS IN OUR DEMOCRACY. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THIS; POLITICS IS A DURTY GAME ESPECIALLY WHEN U R HOLDING THE TRUMP CARD, BECOS IF U R IN CHARGE IN POLITICS U CAN SAY WHATEVER U WANT AND OWE NO APOLOGIES, BUT IF SUMBODY SAYS SOMETHING it is a problem. what happened to the freedom of speech in sa? is Vavi not allowed to voice what he see happening within our part simply bcos he might disturb zuma's spirit? Vavi spoke out something that many within our organization wouldi'nt dare speak out. and just becos of the loyalties towards Pres Zuma many are very blind to see even when Zuma has messed up in some places. so when Vavi spoke, he spoke sense for the sake of us all. and by the way, what Vavi had sad was the truth which the anc cannot swallow

  • Rudi - 2011-04-06 18:01

    Ask the people from the Western Cape if it is such a nightmare to be living in a province governed by Helen Zill.

  • Gcinumzi - 2011-04-06 21:27

    True that about de corruption Mr Vavi- its ridiculous!!!!

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