Cosatu rejects Malema's olive branch

2012-09-06 20:59

Johannesburg - Expelled ANCYL president Julius Malema should not try to ingratiate himself with Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi, the union federation said on Thursday.

"The Congress of SA Trade Unions dismisses with contempt the attempt by ... Malema to ingratiate himself with the leadership of Cosatu by praising... Vavi," spokesperson Patrick Craven said.

In an interview with the Mail & Guardian earlier this week, Malema said: "I have nothing against Vavi and will always support and defend him as a brother and comrade... We speak one language with him. He is the only revolutionary remaining in Cosatu."

Craven rejected this statement.

"This is not only totally untrue, but is also a blatant attempt to create divisions within the revolutionary trade union federation and thus weaken the workers' shield and protector," he said.

Malema was responding to Vavi's criticism of him.

The M&G quoted Vavi as saying: "Suddenly politicians, far removed from the reality workers face... are positioning themselves opportunistically as the champions of the RDOs [rock drill operators].

"Their latest recruit is former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, a wealthy, essentially right-wing leader, who demagogically (sic) exploits any perceived weakness to encourage workers to leave their union, their only means of defence."

Malema has taken on the cause of protesting workers at Lonmin's Marikana platinum mine, in North West, who have been on strike for the past three weeks, demanding a monthly salary of R12,500.

On 16 August, police fired on a group of protesting workers, killing 34 and wounding 78. Another 10 people were killed earlier that week, including two policemen and two security guards.

  • karl.vanrooyen - 2012-09-06 21:14

    You just have to love it . Dog eat dog . Or more accurately .. RAt eat rAt. . Dogs are more trust worthy than this lot .

      oageng.lekete.7 - 2012-09-06 21:32

      The rats are only fooling the mouse like yourself,vanrooyen.Watch and learn politics.

      rontheogre - 2012-09-07 01:15

      Starting to look more and more like primary school politics, only people's lives are lost when a playground fight breaks out. Children seem to have more sense than these guys.

      jacques.otto.50 - 2012-09-07 12:43

      @COntroversy if this is SA poletics and you want us to learn it please keep it for you and your mates. This is a disgrace to all humans in this country. It is disgusting and lacks IQ. You think it is smart but it is so stupid and obvious what is going on that a third year old can see. You speak as if this is a learing curve. What a joke it is so pathetic and stupid to say the least. Then again the first rat that gets to the cheese on the rat trap alawys thinks he got the big score. So greedy to take it all he finds him self chopped in half. Malema is a dead man he just does not know it yet. ANC and Cosatu will take him out of existance

  • punungwe - 2012-09-06 21:20

    Malema is taking empty space in the leadership vacuum. He has stolen all the limelight in the Marikana saga because national leaders have been indecisive and seem to be unsure of themselves.

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 04:20

      he dd nt stil but drew attention bathong,stealing is sumthing else.

  • sphamandla.phakwago - 2012-09-06 22:02

    He used to rock the nt anymore

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 04:17

      so now u start 2 believ u r sexier, be it rock or roll he is stil alife

  • gawie.botha - 2012-09-06 22:05

    Malema is bussy "hijacking" the unions!

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 04:13

      yeh every1 can call it hijack but he is hijacking malfunctioning union 4 good reasons

  • tsitso.chabane - 2012-09-06 22:26


  • jurgen.eksteen - 2012-09-06 22:33

    Ten to one that is not even his olive branch he is using :p

  • thozi - 2012-09-06 22:38

    I believe Mr Vavi remembers very clearly, the ostentatious relationship that existed between Mr Zuma and this fat and disgusting slob called malema. Now that everyone knows the kind of rubbish malema is, no one should succumb to his hypocritical tongue - neither should Mr Vavi nor Mr Craven. It will not be long before even the miners themselves realise that they are dealing with a two-faced snake that has no interest in their welfare at all. He is just there to try to rebuild himself up.

  • crracker.crackerr - 2012-09-06 22:38

    Malema had chosen the Mussolini option. He just doesn't quite realize it so we keep it a secret. He made the most irresponsible undertakings imaginable to desperate Aurora miners. Malema told them he was going to appoint lawyers to ensure that the workers get paid - after about 4 years the saviour appears on the scene but only after his fall-out with the ANC leaders. We will see. He will have to find a way to run within 3 or 4 weeks from now when the misery really starts hitting those cash strapped miners - and let's once again remind ourselves that most of those arrested were not even employees of the mine. Some individuals are not only going to have to run for their lives from the miners in about 3 to 4 weeks' from now - if the mine doesn't re-employ them and lend them money before then - but they will have to account for some actions which must have required the furnishing of weapons and muti. Interesting times ahead.

  • candy.minaj.14 - 2012-09-07 00:17

    And they way you all scared of Malema, just a few words u already thinking he is dividing cosatu... Powerful he is, Viva Juju

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 03:58

      yeh whn eva he appear,all dogs run away frm the fence n start to blaff lol

  • davy.botha - 2012-09-07 00:34

    First of all what would we say is a living wage, Secondly if everybody earned a R12500 what would we pay for products and services.Why would local people want to start businesses if there manpower cost was so expensive and lastly why would foreign firminvest in South Africa to create more jobs for the 25% unemployed. Please there are far more attractive places in the world to invest. Do we not think of this. Example if a petrol attendend had to get R12500 the motorist will have to fork that out and that would mean our current petrol price will pale in comparison. Every action has a counter reaction. Lets live pie in the sky people!

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 03:51

      include the billions profit generated, use ur brain brother man or whoeva, they r using us down there and is not our lyf dt expensive is too. u must switch on.

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 03:55

      you are losing it, you are not in our page. Stop exegerating n ur examples also are out of the picture

  • mawetu.janda - 2012-09-07 05:29

    Cosatu has hit the nail on the head here.Malema(a MASTER DESTROYER) uses the misunderstading between VAVI and SDUMO DLAMINI (over Zuma's second term issue)to divide and destroy COSATU by establishing himself a close friend of Vavi. Vavi like MBEKI can't be used( without being aware)by Malema.

      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 03:45

      malema is doing 2 extraordinary and good thing at da same tym, dr is nothing wrong wth that,he is helpin innocent that you bright hv abadoned.

  • mlulami.dike - 2012-09-07 05:40

    Viva Vavi & Juju!!

  • brionyl.french - 2012-09-07 06:15


      mopalami1 - 2012-09-08 03:41

      why dont u swallow too.

  • Thobile Lugwadu - 2012-09-07 06:27

    I was a member of NUMSA which is affilliated to COSATU for over a decade. All i can tell patric craven and vavi is to go to hell with their empty rethoric. Your alliance with the ANC has made you to forget about your core constituencies and focus more on factional battles,fraud and corruption. For those semi-literate workers from SATAWU,NUM,NUMSA,SAMWU etc, you must bear in mind that COSATU has been hijacked by state employees, like POPCRO,SADTU,NEHAWU etc. They have the finest fraudstars in their ranks. The emergence of breakaway trade unions is good news for me.

  • lorain.maseko - 2012-09-07 07:23

    WHen exactly are they inteding to arrest malema? We've been waiting since last year.

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-07 07:52

    That's right Vavi. Show the idiot for what he really is. He's just an opportunist who hitches his wagon to the first available platform from which he can spew his hatred and ignorance, using uneducated people to advance his stupid ideologies.

  • arthur.salvado - 2012-09-07 07:56

    "uneducated people to advance his stupid ideologies"? Is that not what the ANC is/had been doing ? Why no drive to educate our children ? Keep them stupid, give them a boerewors roll and a vote is guaranteed, they learn well from the previous regime. Well done ANC. Now please go away

  • brian.watson.737001 - 2012-09-07 08:18

    What a twat!! Malema doesn't care about anyone else but himself. All his doing is attempting to place himself on a high pedestal once again. I hope it comes crashing down.

  • tshepo.maganedisa - 2012-09-07 09:12

    Whats wrong Patrick is the seat getting too hot for you?From this article Julius was praising Vavi not the useless COSATU that you are running,i wish to the see the day a strong opposition (union wise) come and unseat you because of you guys many jobs have been lost and the tension between workers and management have suffered a huge strain while you benefited in all of this situations.Shame on you with your childish behaviour

  • Parlo Damane - 2012-09-07 09:40

    arrest him on what charges. they reason they have arrested him is because there are no charges. Juju was only praising Vavi, its clear Vavi an crowd are attempting to stay in JZ good books

  • collen.masetla - 2012-09-09 07:48

    we all know that cosatu is divided already, so what the hell is this patrick saying? Malema is right because he even said vavi would have been the first to be in Marikana but due to pressure from some cosadtu fools, he can't. Now he appears like a sell out too and people on the ground are connected to only Julius Malema (this is whether you like it or not).\r\n\r\nImpala plats miners and Marikana miners both called for ONLY JULIUS MALEMA to address then and the third was Gold mine...all rejecting every anc, num or cosatu so called leaders...wake up idiotic craven...the less said about anc so called president the better.

  • lynne.barker.7 - 2012-09-18 18:41

    Malema will support Vavi for only as long as it suits him end of story!!

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