Court stops swearing in new Cope MP

2011-03-29 14:18

Cape Town - Cope's Mbhazima Shilowa faction has temporarily prevented its rival Mosiuoa Lekota faction from filling Shilowa's seat in the National Assembly.

"Parliament was [on Tuesday] served with an interim interdict, minutes before National Assembly Speaker Mr Max Sisulu was scheduled to swear in new Congress of the People Member of Parliament Graham McIntosh," the institution said in a statement.

The interdict restrained Sisulu from swearing in any person nominated to fill the vacancy left by Shilowa's expulsion from Cope.

The interdict prevented filling the Cope vacancy until the finalisation of matters concerning Cope which were before the South Gauteng High Court and the Western Cape High Court.

The interim interdict, granted in the Western Cape High Court, was valid until March 31, after which it might become final.

"Parliament will respect the decision of the court," it said.

Cope Shilowa faction spokesperson Sipho Ngwema said in another statement that the Lekota faction "has purported to act for the organisation in various unlawful and unauthorised actions, forwarded the name of one Graham McIntosh to replace Shilowa as a member of the National Assembly".

This was done while all matters of leadership dispute were still pending.

"Surprisingly, Parliament seemed keen to proceed with the swearing in even though the matter had not been finalised and [as] such was in contravention of its own rules and undertakings," he said.

The interim order was another clear indication that the matter of the Cope leadership was still in dispute and the Lekota faction continued to "lie unashamedly to the public and itself", Ngwema said.

"Cope was keen to have the matter of [the] leadership dispute resolved once and for all last week in the Western Cape High Court, but the Lekota faction were happy for another delay and for the leadership confusion to continue," he said.

  • CheekySod - 2011-03-29 14:23

    "Parliament will respect the decision of the court," As if they had any choice.

  • Bottom line - 2011-03-29 14:30

    I had such high hopes for COPE but it 2 has turned out to be useless. This country needs an alternative to the ANC other than the DA because black people will not vote for the DA (unfortunately)

      Melly30 - 2011-03-29 14:36

      That is because they are scared they wont have their Freedom!!! Which is really sad!!! Things have changed... Times have changed!! We are all equal!

      DW - 2011-03-29 14:36

      You may actually be proved wrong. I have seen many black faces at the DA meetings and certainly many on these forums have stated that they will vote DA rather than ANC in the next election. For now you are probably right, however, that the DA wont get the majority of the uneducated black vote, and unfortunately this is the majority of the black vote. If more municipalities and regions can be won by DA to prove even more how accountable they are, there will be more evidence and reason for more blacks to vote for them. I really hope that this time they can make more inroads to prove themselves before the next government elections.

      Bottom line - 2011-03-29 15:10

      DW, I hope you're right.

      matla - 2011-03-29 15:34

      @ BT I agree with you NOT DA, still represent white interest. Its against affirmative action.Does not care about coloureds van die Ou Kaap. Come back home BT

      sense. - 2011-03-29 15:36

      I don't think anyone will want to return to Sodoma and Gomora leaving Kanan.

      clifford.pike1 - 2011-03-29 16:07

      COPE flopped in dramatic style once people realised that the party was comprised of Mbeki era leftovers, who had no future in the ANC under Zuma. Personally, I was really disappointed, but not too surprised. The DA should gain some ground these elections, but will probably find the going quite tough because of their white image - something they look like trying to rectify. Not sure about their choice for Jhb mayor - looks like a good prospect, but too young and inexperienced to convince enough people. His private school eloquence may count against him, ironically.

  • Baboon sheperd - 2011-03-29 14:46

    Return of the COPE Circus: Starring Shilowa, Lekota, Ngwema and Dexter.

  • v3 - 2011-03-29 14:55

    Cope's fighting reminds me of the knight in Monty Python who refused to stop fighting even when all his limbs had been hacked off.

      Kgwadi - 2011-03-29 15:41

      AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH, way to end the day.

  • vusi22 - 2011-03-29 15:23

    COPE belong to the ZOO

  • unblind - 2011-03-29 15:42

    Cope = Joke. Vote ANC!

  • mgv4life - 2011-03-29 15:46

    And the circus continues. As for voting for the DA, I refuse to be rainwashed into believing everything is back to normal. Once we've won economic freedom, I'll consider voting for the Desperate Alternatives. The DA seems to have done well in Cape Town, only because they treat Gugulethu and Cape Town as separate municipalities

      Currie_Mafia - 2011-03-29 16:18

      Umbrella ?

      Other Justin - 2011-03-29 17:14

      Ya OK, whatever, keep voting African Notorious Corruption then, good luck with that.

  • Straight Forward - 2011-03-29 15:53

    Don't swear him in, rather swear at him.

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-03-29 16:17

    COPE, I SH!T ON YOU & YOUR B@STARD LEADERS !!! May COPE rot in hell for hoodwinking the public.... DA Time Has Come...

  • maseratifitt - 2011-03-29 16:31

    I think some of the oke's on this website are highly qualified for swearing in government officials. It is a job one can do "for the love of the game".

  • Other Justin - 2011-03-29 17:12

    WOW, Cope is really in shambles. The only thing I can blame this on is that it was started by ex African National Clowns. Everything they touch turns to sh1te

  • Meanleader - 2011-04-03 11:59

    Anyone who hires Sam Shilowa deserves all the kak that comes with such a wonder of intellect . He is just good at organising riots and disruption , this is why the ANC made him a minister ... to shut the man up . Now COPE has finally realised what a shisstirer he is .. Goodbye Sam ... don't let the bus run you over on your way out !!!!!

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