Credit cards for MECs under scrutiny

2012-08-07 15:40

Johannesburg - It is inappropriate to suggest that credit cards for Gauteng MECs be scrapped, Premier Nomvula Mokonyane said on Tuesday.

She told the legislature her office was reviewing benefits, which included credit cards.

"Having a credit card is optional... It is inappropriate at this stage to say let's do away with them."

Mokonyane asked that the province be given the opportunity to assess the benefits.

She was responding to a question by Democratic Alliance MPL Jack Bloom.

"Even Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan does not use a credit card. Would you consider voluntarily doing away with credit cards in your provincial government?" Bloom asked.

Former local government and housing MEC Humphrey Mmemezi resigned recently after allegations that he had misused his government credit card.

Bloom told the legislature that Education MEC Barbara Creecy and Transport MEC Ismail Vadi were the only two MECs who did not use credit cards.

He asked Mokonyane if she would give up her credit card.

She promptly replied: "No, I won't."

  • vivian.harris.73 - 2012-08-07 15:51

    It is inappropriate to suggest that credit cards for Gauteng MECs be scrapped, \r\nIts inappropriate that there are people suffering, uneducated, living like animals because of budgetary constraints and yet you MECs get to waste money like you want.

      Revelgen - 2012-08-07 17:14

      Yes, a R50 000 to R100 000 PER MONTH!!! limit on ANC ministers' credit cards - on top of ridiculously inflated salaries. Just unbelievable!!! WHY do we have a so-called 'government' like this that robs the poor daily to enrich their fatcat selves while people starve? It's plain ridiculous. Voters, wake up - this thievery is NOT going to change. Just ask Nomvula Mokonyane. The ANC MUST be voted out for all South Africans to have a decent future. I don't care what colour of people are in charge - just that they are honest. Which the ANC has proven it is NOT.

  • ambauli - 2012-08-07 15:57

    What exactly are these credit cards supposed to pay for? These people get HUGE salaries and ALOT of free stuff.

  • bophelo.malapela - 2012-08-07 15:59

    This Premier does not care MECs must live within their means and as a way of reigning politicians in, we need to stop all these benefits for politicians who underperform in the first place

  • patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-08-07 15:59

    Pay with your own card and claim it back. Not 10% would be spend then. To abuse taxpayers money, that is what they like.

  • crazyjourno - 2012-08-07 16:04

    Thieving crook

  • maseratifittipaldi - 2012-08-07 16:08

    Take a poll. Ask who knows about this R100 000 credit card limit thing for the MEC's. My bet is that less than 10% of the people in S.A. will know about this. So much for "The people shall govern". More like "The ANC shall steal". This should be publicized widely and if the people want to march, make the province ungovernable or whatever, they should do it for this reason : the unashamed rape of the country by ANC officials.

  • aeon.lamour - 2012-08-07 16:18

    Put all of them on trail for stealing from the taxpayer that provides for the less fortunate. Oh sorry... I forgot, our hard earned tax money only feeds the already fat MEC's. My bad... I forgot, they don't give a damn about their own people suffering in this cold without food or a warm bed to sleep in. Yet they will always blame it on the previous regime... Thieves!!!

  • arthurenlouise.tarr - 2012-08-07 16:19


  • kala.bafazi - 2012-08-07 16:20

    Here's a list of the things a MEC would need a credit card for: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10-

  • patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-08-07 16:25

    They all have fansy cars with petrol. Ordinary people take their own food to work to eat at lunchtime. If not and they buy, they pay for it, not the taxpayers. That is also a reason that most of them have a wheight problem.

  • papikie2 - 2012-08-07 16:29

    What is purchased with these cards vele? They are voted in to office to serve (well that's on paper). R100k is an quivalent of two low cost houses, enough to house +4 people for years

  • rowan.maulson - 2012-08-07 16:55

    Treat this benefit like the Private Sector... We are required to use our OWN credit cards, and then claim business expenditure back.

      patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-08-07 17:14

      That is the only way not to abuse it.

      sduplessis - 2012-08-07 18:02

      That sounds like a good plan.. BUT. Who will approve the claims? The same will happen. Just put a cadre in the claims department. Rotten to the core!

  • braamc - 2012-08-07 17:44

    Thieving ANC filth. F you

  • patricia.dewet.92 - 2012-08-07 17:57

    I am so sick and tired of stealing an confusion. They are always confused and do not know what people are taking about. If you steal you are confused and if you kill somebody you are confused. I am gatvol.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2012-08-07 18:30

    They feel nothing when they spend taxpayers money infact they enjoy it, this while their own people have nothing but are promised everything just for a vote. Its a pity the poor who are also the ones kept uneducated by the same people who promise them the earth can get to see or read all this. What a shame, and they blame everything on the minority. Friends, familie all politically connected getting rich at our expense.

      mphozana.manfred - 2012-08-07 18:42

      And you will feel nothing too if you were given the opportunity, so shut up n just pray

  • sisa.mtwana - 2012-08-07 22:51

    If you are greedy and not there to serve the people yes take the credit card. R100k could employ 10 to 20 people per month. When you are going to work tomorrow look through the widow of your expensive car (bought by tax pays) and think about all the poor people you see going without food, homes, medical care, no jobs, young people turning to committing crime, the no ending delivery protest etc. That you are to blame for this problems. The people will be looking back and thinking there goes that greedy person. Time for votes s/he will be looking for us that time . This is how the ANC lost the Western Cape. Self serving fools

  • kamohelo.moffat - 2012-08-08 12:16

    What greed!!!

  • kamohelo.moffat - 2012-08-08 12:18

    ...and then there's Zumaville! Do these clowns actually work?

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