Creecy gets tough on school late comers

2011-06-04 22:50

Johannesburg - If you are still walking to school at 10:00 then you are a truant and it is illegal, the Gauteng education MEC, Barbara Creecy, said on Saturday.

"Truancy is outlawed by the SA Schools Act and learners should be at bus pick-up points before 06:45am," said Creecy.

She was speaking to about 700 parents at an imbizo held at the Diepsloot Combined School hall on Saturday where she also launched Operation Wake up.

The imbizo follows a complaint that learners from Itirele-Zenzele Secondary School in Diepsloot regularly walked to school after 09:00.

She asked families to make sure their children were ready for school on time.

"We can't solve this problem alone. The learners don't sleep in our houses, they don't wake up with us in the morning.

"One of these days, together with the Department of Health and Social Development, we will round up these truants.

"We will give you a week or two to see if the situation normalises. If not, we will get tough."

Creecy said arriving late to school meant learners missed out on lessons that would benefit them, they disrupted discipline in class and were disregarding President Jacob Zuma's demand that teachers and learners should be in class, on time and learning for seven hours every day.

At the imbizo parents raised numerous disciplinary issues including "gangsterism on scholar buses, some learners carrying weapons to school and at home, as well as the need to build more schools in Diepsloot so that learners should not rely on scholar transport".

The MEC said she would establish a task team that would work with the community of Diepsloot to address all the issues raised.

The chairperson of the School Governing Body of Itirele-Zenzele, Lucas Loati, said a social project had recruited 50 security officials "to secure scholar transport pickup points, drive with learners to school and ensure that learners were not loitering in the school yard during school hours".

  • Sabsi - 2011-06-04 22:59

    the idea is good, but...

  • iareknersis - 2011-06-04 23:10

    What happened to the days when we were too scared to be late getting to school....

  • Rapier - 2011-06-05 00:08

    i tried to make an appointment with her to pass on some of my many years experience of teaching and mentoring. Not even the courtesy of a reply! TYPICAL ANC Officialdom. They have not got a clue - that is why the school system is falling apart in SA. I was not even looking for payment.

      AmandaWhereTo - 2011-06-07 16:40

      I also tried to email her and her department for a UCT study, also couldn't even bother to reply.

  • Antowan Nothling - 2011-06-05 03:26

    Human rights. Nice to have when you are a developed state but a brick wall to the movement of development in developing countries. It gets them bogged down in a sticky mess where the only solution lies with such nasties as corporal punishment, capital punishment etc. Catch 22.

      Zinki - 2011-06-05 06:54

      True Antowan. They know that if they get tough on their people and discipline them, they will lose votes.

      Alkie - 2011-06-06 12:05

      Zinki, they wil riot. Burn down the school. That is what the ANC did. They are only following in the footsteps of the ANC. They wont loose the votes.

  • Serias - 2011-06-05 05:49

    ANC...ANC....ANC.....ANC....ANC......Zuma has Std 3, why must they go to need......ANC...ANC.....ANC.....ANC........

  • BigD - 2011-06-05 06:33

    Learners know they can do as they want. Why work hard as they will get pushed through anyway. To get 35% to pass one only has to give 35% of effort and that shows in what the expectations are. This gross misconduct carries trough to the work place.

  • Tea party - 2011-06-05 08:27

    During my days of schooling we didn't have this sort of problem. If you were late, you would report to the head masters office for a good caning. If you would have been found with any dangerous weapons the police would have been called, and you also would have faced expulsion. Our teachers have become way too soft, in an area where we have delinquents as pupils.

      skoert - 2011-06-05 08:54

      Tea Party - it is not that teachers became soft; our hands are firmly tied. We work in a system where learners have rights and we don't. Go think about that before you accuse us of having gone soft.

      Budweiser - 2011-06-05 09:31

      I agree with both of you. Teachers have less rights than kids, but they still need to drastically jerk the reigns in, because we are heading towards the American inner-city levels of education, which is just short of dumb and dumber. I have seen those schools. Kids in high-school have difficulty counting past 20, but they can dismantle a 9mm in a minute, and shoot a 3-point hoop on demand 90% of the time.

      liesl - 2011-06-05 16:12

      I think it very much depends on the school. In my son's high school for instance they have to report at the Head's office even if just minutes late. If I pick him up for a doctor's appointment or whatever, we need a note from the head of the grade. So in some schools the discipline is still effective even if physical punishment is no longer practised. i like it, actually.

  • goughdd - 2011-06-05 09:07

    Thank you Yusuf Abramjee, chairperson of National press Club who noticed the kids in the street mid-morning and went to the school to complain. Everyone can make a difference

  • Budweiser - 2011-06-05 09:17

    I understand the principals behind this idea, however there is one thing that the national education bosses are so far off the mark with, that even if every learner in SA gets to school on time, the quality of the lowered affirmative education combined with the very poor training of teachers, makes this focus point a minuscule part of the solution. Add to that all the bullsh&t politically correctness and the outright corruption in many rural and public schools departments and the schools themselves. Then there are the exaggerated (national and international) "kid-laws" allowing teenagers to partake in public spats with police amongst others (not to mention the removal of corporal punishment), and the department has proven its capability to fail miserably. This is a classic new SA move which once again resembles the green fly on a cow's hole...walking in circles without progress - just collecting sh&t on its feet.

  • sainsaudi - 2011-06-05 09:20

    The feminisation and juniorisation of the teaching "profession" is one of the greatest problems facing this occupation. Some schools have very few male teachers and many have young and inexperienced female teachers. It is also noteworthy that in many suburban schools there are luxury 4 X 4 vehicles parked in the staff parking areas. These are definitely not the cars that ordinary teachers can afford.They belong to people whose spouses own businesses or earn a lot of money. The point is that these kinds of teachers do not really need the jobs they have, but it is they who are unfortunately replacing the people who want to teach for the love they have for teaching and the passion.The bottom line is that these people do not really care about lateness or absenteeism, nor do they actually care about how they teach. They are more interested in getting together in the staffroom to gossip and mob teachers who are actually teaching.The crux of the matter is that professionalism needs to be brought back to the "profession" and there needs to be a change of attitude towards the hiring of teachers and principals. After having taught in a northern suburbs state school in JHB, I was appalled that many of the "teachers" there were underqualified, disinterested and prone to committing acts of workplace violence and harassment, and even the use of drugs during school-time. Fix the teachers first. Professionalise, and drop AA and EE. Teaching needs all its teachers, as do the pupils.

      Budweiser - 2011-06-05 09:27

      My sentiments exactly. Our school system has become a breeding ground for failure and is a national disgrace since 1994.

  • Lindetjie - 2011-06-06 10:45

    Bring back corporal punishment!

  • Alkie - 2011-06-06 12:05

    Why care. There parents dont care. They themselfs dont care. So why care? If they are late for school. Send them home. If they are late every day. Kick them out of school. Why must every body bent over backwards for the don't care attitude of people. If they dont care, why care??? The black communities wants everybody to take care of them. But they themselfs dont want to take responsibilty for there own attitudes and actions. The ANC has set a very nice example. The communities are just following in there footsteps.

      Tumi Radiokana - 2011-06-06 12:38

      I disagree with you there. "black communities don't care" Have u ever lived in a black community? Do you know what life was like there before ANC took over? I for one was born and bred there and believe u me, my family and the community I lived in cared about what we youngsters did with our lives. If they saw u in the streets getting up to no good, they had a right to discipline you and then tell your folks. Then we became to westernized for our if a community member tries to discipline their neighbour's child, they get reported for abuse, assault etc...all of this, a white man's idea. Now people are just too scared to even reprimand their own children.Another thing you need to consider about those "black communities" in particular, diepsloot, is that - those people live in shacks with no electricity or limited water. Now imagine yourself, living there. Waking up every freezing morning at 5am, no electricity or water or even a good breakfast and be expected to be at school on time and ready to perform? I am not making an excuse for them, Im just merely saying, before u can judge the "black communities" think about the circumstances in which some people live in and what YOU/ white government has done to try and help. When we see white children, getting high on drugs - nobody ever blames the "white communities". So please don't come up here and act like you know what goes on in those "black communities". Im from there, and I am flipping proud of my achievements...

  • RAEKWON - 2011-06-06 13:23

    our president cannot speak to our public without a written speech in front of him, and which i can bet my life its not even his preparation...i think we should get juli and jacob back to school to become literate 1st before leading this country!!!!

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